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I have an extensive selection of 78rpm recordings ranging from popular to jazz, classical to the obscure, most types of music 1898 to 1967, a few speech, plus rarities. Please email me what you would like transferred on to CD/mp3, and I'll let you know if I could help.
Please note: Records are recorded with NO CRACKLE removed. Some are scratchier than others, these are not state of the art CDs! Or you might say that they sound something like they would have done on an old electric radiogram. However I do use modern equipment, a Stanton turntable.

Nearly all titles are available for CD transfer except from some items (mostly 1960s 78s) still in copyright. CD's are only available when the 78rpm recording is out of copyright.

COST of a Dinosaur Discs CD
Cheques payable to "D.Moore" to 35 Lower Street Horning England NR12 8AA. Payment by cheque, but you can use PayPal for an additional 1 fee per CD/mp3.
2 record sides/tracks= 10, up to 4 record sides=16, up to 10 sides= 28, up to 20 sides= 39
alternatively mp3 tracks can be sent to your email: 2 record sides= 8, 4 record sides=12, 10 record sides 22.
You decide what tracks and how many you want!

CD POST/PACKING (jiffy bag) is extra. To Britain = 2. Rest of Europe = 3.50 UK pounds / Elsewhere= 5 UK pounds.

New additions (June 19th)

California Ramblers.. Charley my Boy/ (Band)Mandalay~~ Bell290

California Ramblers .. Smilin / Bow wow blues ~~ ColA3554

California Ramblers .. Take a little One Step / On such a Night ~~ Col91D

California Ramblers .. You're in Kentucky / Hula Lou ~~ Col92D

California Ramblers.. Shine/ It had to be you ~~ Col127D

California Ramblers .. Eliza / I want to see my Tennessee ~~ Col223D

California Ramblers .. Where's my Sweetie hiding / Why couldn't it be poor little me ~~ Col278D