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Review of the season
It was a busy 2019 for Horning, not only on the green! President Derek with some assistance, completed the splendid improved facility, the Visitors' Pavilion. Our green has looked healthy all season thanks to the hard work put in by Ralph and Craig. We also hosted the annual North Norfolk Touranment in August, our ladies providing a very fine repast afterwards.
As for the actual bowls: this season we joined the newly formed Norfolk Sixes League, and were rewarded by winning the knockout cup in a two legged final against Rollesby.
In the Duffield League, Horning finished first, top of the table, one point ahead of Buxton and Aylsham.
We were middle of the table in the North Norfolk, while in the evening Broadland League, we just managed not to finish bottom.
But the results are not all that matters. We enjoyed some splendid matches, complete with some delicious teas, and visited a few new venues, Runham, Erpingham and Felmingham.
All in all, the club is in good shape financially, with membership at around 22, and joining fees at 22pa the lowest, surely, in the county! We can look forward with excitement to 2020!

Next events: November 22nd: AGM. January 1st: Midwinter Shield. April 4th 2020 Open Day

Details of 2019 Club Matches . . Reports on Club special events . . 2019 Club Championship
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John Corden Cup September 15th
An exciting finish to this roving cot event, with the result only decided on the very last end played. Craig and Ralph tied for fourth with a score of 27, one behind third place John S with 28. David M played Laurie in the final game in which Laurie triumphed by scoring two on the final end. Well done to Laurie Saunders with 32 points

President's Cup Sept 7th
An extraordinary four games of pairs, each with different partners, resulted in a five way tie for second place. Scoring 25 shots each were early leader Ralph, Derek M, Jim T, John B and David M. But by one shot, the winner was our youngest member who deservedly took the President's Cup with 26 points! Well done Craig Bassam.

Winspear Shield - June 23rd
A close fought contest with several pairs hopeful of winning at the tea break with two games to go. In retrospect, the key match was in round 3 when early leaders John S and Craig met Jack and David M. They were 2-1 up, but then suffered a mini collapse to lose. Even in the final round, three teams were hopeful of winning the shield, but Jack and David sealed the win with a full house six shots on the final end. They got 34, while John and Craig amassed 25. Ralph and Christine scored 23, Sonny and John B 19, David C and Trish 18

April 27th - Swan Cup
Our first tournament of the new season. The temperature had dropped markedly resulting in a turnout of only ten players. But despite the cold, we enjoyed a competitive afternoon with Ralph and David M emerging as clear winners with a shot score of 30. Runners up with 22 were Jack and one of last year's winners, Christine. John S and Trish got 20, John B and Craig 18, and Laurie and Maureen 13. Every pair won at least one game, and with the bonus of a lovely tea plus a warming drink, a good time was had by all

Midwinter Shield January 1st 2019
Seven members competed, with Sonny adding his support from the side. On rink 3 David, Ralph and Christine played six ends, after which the two men tied at 3 shots apiece. In a one end shootout, Ralph played better and won that game. On rink 4, John B, John S, Craig and Mervyn (not Mervyn King) competed, but after five ends it was clear there could only be one winner of the group- Craig.
So the two end final was between Ralph and Craig, old Ralph just triumphing over young Craig
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Sept 16th: Sixes League: Horning 7 Felmingham 2
Rink 2 akip John S 14-6. Rink 3 John B 17-5. Rink 4 skip Ralph 8-10.
Horning's season concluded by completing the double over Felmingham. John Bond in the singles match enjoyed a convincing win. Life is a game of two halves, rather like bowls, and that was the case on the other rinks. Ralph's block shot into a 6-1 lead only to get pegged back and pegged back. By contrast John S and David M fell 0-6 down after only three ends, though you'll spot that our opponents never scored again. End of season sees us finishing high in the Sixes League.

Sept 13th: NNorfolk League: Stalham 2 Horning 6
Rink 2 skip Ralph 24-20. Rink 3 skip JohnS 19-16 . Rink 4 skip Jack 16-19.
Horning completed the North Norfolk league with a win at Sunny Stalham. It lifts us two places to a final position of a modest sixth in the league. Wins today for Ralph, Mike and Maureen, as well as JohnS, Craig and Gilly

Sept 12th: Sixes League: Felmingham 2 Horning 7
Rink 1 Ralph .4-18. Rink 2 John S 13-11. Rink 3 skip DavidM 16-3.
John on rink 2 maintained his 100 record in this competition with a close win in the singles: he was two down with two to play, but won those final ends and as it happened, this turned the match in our favour. For on rink 1, we were trailing disastrously. It was all down to DavidM and JohnB who finished last, going in to the final end, the overall team scores were tied, so it was all to play for. They held two until John brilliantly took the cot back to hold two. Some blockers from our skip prevented them quite gaining the shot they required

Sept 11th: Duffield League: Plantation Park 2 Horning 6
Rink 2 skip John S 25-9. Rink 3 skip Laurie 16-13. Rink 4 skip Ralph 12-15.
The scoreline was slightly skewed by Plantation's inability to field a full complement of nine players. John S, John B and Christine easily won, but Ralph's block struggled: from 1-13 down they made something of a comeback and would have achieved parity when they held five, only for their skip to produce shot of the day... The tightest game was on rink 3, with Laurie, David C and Jim who kept swapping leads until we broke away from 9-all. They made a spirited comeback but we took the points

Sept 10th: Sixes League: Horning 7 Plantation Park 2
Rink 2 Ralph 13-2. Rink 3 John S 13-11. Rink 4 skip Laurie 10-13.
Horning won, though in an atmosphere that wasn't always in the friendly spirit in which our game should be played. But for the most part, the games were congenial enough with Laurie's block going down on the final end by three. By contrast, JohnS was tied going in to the final end, which he thankfully won. Ralph, Jack and Christine were as dominant as the score suggests

Sept 9th: Sixes Cup Final (second leg): Horning 40 Rollesby 28
Rink 2 Laurie 15-10. Rink 3 skip Ralph 10-9. Rink 4 JohnS 15-9.
Having won the first leg by twelve shots, Horning took the cup winning by the same margin at home. JohnS triumphed in the singles, while Laurie and late replacement JohnB had an equally emphatic win on rink 2. Ralph with DavidM and Christine had a far tighter match, but also won by the odd shot. Thus after a fairly unremarkable season, Horning at least emerged with some silverware, though of course, it's the taking part that matters most

Sept 6th: Sixes League: Horning 9 South Walsham 0
Rink 2 Ralph 13-6. Rink 3 John S 15-7. Rink 4 skip Sonny 13-6.
A clean sweep with John S winning the singles, Ralph and John B triumphant in the pairs, and Sonny Craig and Gilly dominant in the triples. It was a dull grey afternoon, but the bowls were indeed scintillating!

Sept 5th: Sixes Cup Final (first leg): Rollesby 20 Horning 32
Rink 2 Sonny 8-10. Rink 4 skip Ralph 11-7. Rink 5 skip John S 13-3.
Horning take a surprising but pleasing lead into the second leg after winning on two of the three rinks. Sonny narrowly lost his singles, the match was tied going in to the final end! Ralph Laurie and David M catapulted into an 8-nil lead after only two ends, thereafter containing the opposition until the last end, in which they held two until Ralph's firing bowl tipped the scales our way. John S and Christine enjoyed a win by ten shots restricting their opponents to three singles in the twelve ends played

Sept 4th: NNorfolk League: Aylsham 8 Horning 0
Rink 2 skip John S 17-19. Rink 3 skip Sonny 17-18. Rink 5 skip Jim 13-19.
Horning departed with nul points after an exciting match in which the highlight was the camaraderie between the two teams. Rink 5 made a slight rally once they were 1-15 down, rink 4 ditto, scoring four on the final end, one short of forcing a draw. Closest match was actually on rink 2 where we caught up from seven behind to see the scoreboard reading after 17 ends, 17 all. Alas, though we were initially holding, they grabbed the points. All in all a series of lucky wicks helped them to the win- I write that as they claim to read this nonsense on our site. And it is nonsense since we all had our fair share of luck on the day. And it is a fact that they have leaped above us in the league table

Sept 3rd: Duffield League Finals:
Horning were represented by two blocks, John S John B and Christine, pictured, who won their first two matches, but lost in the final round to the eventual winners from Aylsham. Ralph Craig and David M also participated, and won one match

Sept 2nd: Broadland League: Filby 5.5 Horning 1.5
Rink 1 skip Laurie 8-25. Rink 3 skip DavidM 16-16. Rink 4 skip Jack 20-19. Rink 5 skip BarryM 18-22.
In our final Broadland match of the season, we hardly covered ourselves with glory. Rink 5 put up a dogged fight, so all credit to them for that. On rink 3, David with Craig and Christine were a dismal eight shots in arrears before rallying strongly to snatch a draw. Jack Sonny and Merv were always ahead, and survived a scare or two to take an excellent hard earned point

Aug 30th: St Benets Trophy: Neatishead 6 Horning 2
Rink 1 skip Ralph 6-26. Rink 2 skip Jack 18-13. Rink 3 skip John S 13-16. Rink 4 skip Laurie 13-21.
As is the custom, Horning lost their chance of winning the trophy by succumbing to a Neatishead team that never looked in any trouble on the outside rinks. It was a different story on rink 2, with Jack, Sonny and Merv grabbing our only win, coming from behind with the home team stuck on the dreaded score of thirteen. It was nip and tuck for the first half on rink 3 but then they pulled away. However we fought back from seven behind and were within half a shout, or maybe a quarter, of pulling the fat out of the fire on the final end. But it was not to be and Neatishead retain the trophy for the umpteenth time m then on never looked back

Aug 28th: NNorfolk League- Horning 6 Overstrand 2
Rink 2 skip John S 21-18. Rink 3 skip Ralph 26-13. Rink 4 skip Sonny 13-22.
Horning achieved a notable win over champions Overstrand on a hot afternoon. However it should be noted that Overstrand were a player short on rink 3 which clearly contributed to the result, though it was still down to Ralph, Laurie and Craig to secure the victory. Thank you to Trish who stood in for their absent player in the second half. It should also be noted that rink 4 recovered from a disastrous 2-18 scoreline, to assist our overall shot score. Best of all, on rink 2 John S with Jack and John B recovered from 1-9 down, with a six and a four gaining the lead and fro

Aug 23rd: NNorfolk League- Horning 2 New Road 6
Rink 2 skip Ralph 12-14. Rink 3 skip Sonny 19-14. Rink 4 skip JohnS 10-18.
New Road brought a strong team and in the hot sun we rather wilted. Our only win came thanks to Sonny David M and rookie Gilly who defied the heat to take our only points

Aug 22nd: Broadland League- Horning 6 Filby 1
Rink 1 skip DavidM 13-16. Rink 2 skip Sonny 29-10. Rink 3 skip Ralph 18-14. Rink 4 skip Jack 21-12.
Congratulations to tonight's winners: Sonny David C and Maureen had an easy win. Ralph Craig and Christine nearly slipped up after an early lead, but pulled away to comfort. Jack, Barry and Trish were also comfortable, only David's block failed to master the tricky turns of rink 1

Aug 21st: Duffield League- Rollesby 2 Horning 6
Rink 2 skip Laurie 12-10. Rink 4 skip John S 11-19. Rink 5 skip Ralph 18-9.
Horning completed the Duffield double over Rollesby with Ralph Craig and Trish forging ahead to a clear win after an early dogfight. Laurie and the two Davids repeated their trick from the previous evening, by changing the batting order and turning a 1-6 deficit into a slender win

Aug 20th: St Benets Trophy: Barton Turf 4 Horning 4
Rink 1 skip Jack 14-20. Rink 2 skip Ralph 31-10. Rink 3 skip Laurie 19-17. Rink 4 skip John S 9-19.
Honours even, though for a long time that never looked likely. All the matches around half way bore very lop sided scorelines, our only lead came thanks to Ralph, Sonny and Craig who went on to win comfortably. Rink 1 came close, but never quite caught up, and rink 4 recovered from a feeble start but also lost. On rink 3 Laurie and the two Davids had parity after six ends, before a run of the bowls saw them eight behind with four to play. We snatched a shot on the next two ends but the score indicated 11-17 with two ends to play. A remarkable turn round saw us score five on the penultimate end, and with their confidence shot, in the fading light, Barton conceded three on the final end to give us a win, and overall a tied match

Aug 19th: Broadland League- Horning 6 Hickling 1
Rink 1 skip Laurie 21-19. Rink 2 skip Ralph 14-21. Rink 3 skip John S 18-12. Rink 4 skip Jack 23-12.
Raise a cheer as Horning and the foot of the league are strangers again. An emphatic win against Hickling did the business. The tightest game was Laurie with BarryM and Maureen, who established a good lead on the dastardly first rink, only to find that whittled away. But a final rally saw them home. Ralph's block fell way behind, but then revived and were within three when they dropped a four and that was that. More straightforward were the wins for the two Johns and David M, Jack with Richard and Sonny

Aug 18th: NNorfolk League Tournament
Horning hosted this annual event, with our entry consisting of skip Sonny Probett with John Saunders and Craig Bassam. The weather was kind and the bowls good, with three of the ten teams unbeaten after two rounds. In the final round, these three teams had mixed fortunes: a Neatishead team conceded eight on one end and went down 1-12. Horning's team (pictured nearest camera) narrowly lost to the other lot from Neatishead. That left one of Overstrand's two teams as the only unbeaten side, and they rightly claimed the trophy. Five teams finished up with two victories apiece. Special thanks to our ladies who provided us with a fine beano afterwards

Aug 16th: NNorfolk League- Erpingham 6 Horning 2
Rink 2 skip Derek 17-12. Rink 3 skip John S 14-20. Rink 4 skip Jim 11-22.
The rain held off for most of the match though at the death it had started to tip down. Our only points came thanks to Derek DavidM and Richard, though in the end it was the green that defeated all of us

Aug 13th: Broadland Charity Shield semi final (second leg) - Stalham easily beat Horning.
A night to forget, Stalham's overall shot score could only be computed by use of a calculator, suffice it to say it was in three figures, and our shot score was less than half theirs. To survive in the Broadland League we clearly haven't got what it takes

Aug 12th: NNorfolk League- Happisburgh 2 Horning 6
Rink 4 skip Sonny 37-10. Rink 5 skip Jack 15-19. Rink 6 skip John S 23-5.
Our patchy season continued with a win on the tricky Happisburgh green. Sonny David M and Christine were helped by two sevens, while John S, Mike and David C lost only five ends, by one shot each time

Aug 9th: Duffield League- Horning 2 Banningham 6
Rink 6 skip Mike 11-22. Rink 7 skip John S 17-13. Rink 8 skip Ralph 9-15.
Another home defeat, another low, with Mike's block 2-13 down at the interval, fighting slightly after this to win the second half, but hardly enough to secure plaudits. Ralph's block were drawing at 4 all after eight tight ends, but then were turned into mincemeat. Our only win came from the two Johns and Maureen, thus saving us from an embarassing home whitewash

Aug 8th: NNorfolk League- Horning 2 Stalham 6
Rink 6 skip Derek 16-18. Rink 7 skip John S 9-22. Rink 8 skip Sonny 19-13.
Defeat at home against the team at the foot of the league is not exactly encouraging. Derek's block held the lead for much of the game, but fell away near the end. Our only victory came from Sonny and the two Davids, who were always ahead

Aug 7th: Sixes League- South Walsham 2 Horning 7
Rink 3 skip Jack 16-9. Rink 4 David M 5-17. Rink 5 skip Ralph 13-6.
An exciting climax to the evening after Ralph Sonny and Craig romped home by seven shots despite conceding three on the final end. It set up a classic finish with Jack last to finish (as usual), playing with John B; the team shot scores were equal. We were holding, then their skip got what might have been the winning shot, but it was so close it would need to be measured. Jack made sure with getting shot bowl with his final effort, and in the end we won by two

Aug 6th: Duffield League- Spixworth 6 Horning 2
Rink 3 skip John S 8-18. Rink 4 skip Ralph 12-18. Rink 5 skip Sonny 14-9.
Our only win came thanks to Sonny, David M and Mike who trailed 3-8 at the tea interval, but were obviously fortified for the second half. The opposite was true of Ralph's block who were 11-4 up at the half way stage

Aug 5th: Broadland Charity Shield semi final (first leg) - Horning 64 Stalham 73
Rink 1 skip DavidM 19-12. Rink 2 skip Jack 22-20. Rink 3 skip Ralph 7-27. Rink 4 skip JohnS 16-14.
Despite winning on three of the four rinks, Horning lost this one by dint of their inferior shot score. Our successes came on the unloved rink 1 with David BarryM and Merv who were always well in control. Jack, Christine and Neil were eight shots behind but fought back for a fine win. The closest game was on rink 4 with John S, John B and David C, always close, we however always kept the edge. The second leg away at Stalham looks a formality

Aug 2nd: Broadland Cup semi final (played at Potter Heigham)- Runham 84 Horning 69
Rink 2 skip John S 20-14. Rink 3 skip Jack 10-32. Rink 4 skip Ralph 22-12. Rink 5 skip Laurie 11-26.
Horning were dumped out of the cup at the semi-final stage- who ever remembers losing semi finalists? Maybe if we could have fielded our strongest team, the result might have been different! Instead, we were down on all four rinks after a few ends, and rink 3 received a pasting. Thus our victory was never possible, although thankfully the other blocks rallied and at one stage we were only two shots overall behind. That was thanks to John S who played brilliantly along with David C and Christine. Ralph David M and Trish also won, and Laurie's block achieved parity before a dismal collapse. So we will have to concentrate on the league

Aug 1st: NNorfolk League- Southrepps 6 Horning 2
Rink 1 skip Jim 4-27. Rink 2 skip John S 15-11. Rink 4 skip Derek 12-25.
Jim's block looked in serious danger of not scoring, until they managed to snatch a shot on the fifteenth end. Thereafter they forged ahead and no doubt might have won if the match had been over twice the length! Derek's block tried to master rink 4 with bowls turning against bias, but were unsuccessful. Our only points came courtesy of John S, David C and Christine, who salvaged a little pride from what was nevertheless a pleasant afternoon

July 31st: Broadland League- Hickling 6 Horning 1
Rink 1 skip Laurie 17-20. Rink 2 skip Ralph 9-26. Rink 3 skip John S 7-34. Rink 4 skip Jack 25-19.
With this defeat, Horning suffered the humiliation of descending to the bottom of the Broadland League (division 2). How are the mighty fallen! Only a few years back, there we were, challenging for the top honours in division one. Tonight was something akin to tragedy, with two heavy defeats on rinks 2 and 3. Rink 1 was nip and tuck until the final few ends, which Hickling won to grab a win. Only Jack, Craig and Christine saved us from a complete whitewash, and in fact their win was more decisive than the scoreline suggests

July 30th: NNorfolk League- Horning 4 Neatishead 4
Rink 6 skip Jack 11-27. Rink skip 7 John S 28-7. Rink 8 skip Laurie 15-18.
Horning only won on rink7 with John S, David M and Craig, but the team's superior shot score, meant that we tied the match, despite losing on rinks 6 and 8. Jack's block rallied after falling 2-19 down, ditto Laurie's block who went from 2-9 down, to almost achieve parity, before narrowly losing the final two ends.

July 29th: Sixes League- Rollesby 7 Horning 2
Rink 2 skip Laurie 5-14. Rink 4 John Bond 6-13. Rink 6 skip Sonny 18-4.
Horning went down by two shots overall to Rollesby, winning on the end rink with Sonny, David M and Christine. Our five on the final end was not quite enough to equal their shot score

July 26th: Sixes League- Banningham 2 Horning 7
Rink 1 skip Craig 7-8. Rink 2 Laurie 15-8. Rink 3 skip Sonny 18-8.
The last bowl was being rolled as the heavens opened- no more play would have been possible, but we got the match finished with a narrow defeat on the final end on rink 1. Laurie won his singles game by a good margin, while Sonny, David M and Christine had a convincing win on rink 3. Before their final bowl we were holding six, but their skip, his bowl no doubt influenced by the thunder steered in to win him the final end with a fine shot.

July 25th: Duffield League- Horning 7 Rollesby 1
Rink 6 skip John S 19-13. Rink skip 7 Sonny 12-12. Rink 8 skip Jack 21-9.
Here's a novelty: an afternoon league match with a 7 o'clock (pm!) kick off, because of the heatwave. Mind you, it was still very warm as the match was played out amid the clicking of numerous glasses (lemon, orange, lime that is). Horning won on rink 6 with John S, David C and Christine, and on rink 8 with Jack, Craig and Maureen

July 24th: Broadland League- Horning 2 South Walsham 5
Rink 1 skip JohnS 15-14. Rink 2 skip Ralph 7-26. Rink 3 skip Laurie 26-10. Rink 4 skip Jack 10-24.
Another Broadland loss, this time we did win on two rinks but our overall shot score was inferior. John S, John B and David C won, though the opponents were a player short. Laurie David M and Sonny enjoyed a more convincing win. But overall, this could even mean we end up bottom of the league- so beware!

July 22nd: NNorfolk League- Mundesley 0 Horning 8
Rink 3 skip John S 13-7. Rink skip 4 Sonny 23-2. Rink 5 skip Mike 14-10.
On an afternoon with temperatures reaching thirty, it was belatedly agreed to shorten the match, as per the tules. John S, John B and Maureen scored a five to ease them to a win, Sonny David M and Craig included a seven in their score, while Mike, Neil and Richard conceded a six on the last end but still won

July 19th: Broadland League- Runham 6 Horning 1
Rink 1 skip Derek 9-32. Rink 2 skip Jack 16-19. Rink 3 skip John S 23-14. Rink 4 skip Sonny 13-18.
Incredible but this was out first Broadland League match for over six weeks! A pity it ended up a wet and miserable affair. Our only success came via John S, John B and David C. Sonny and David M were playing two against three so did well after starting 0-8 down. Ralph came out of semi retirement to help make up the numbers

July 17th: Duffield League- Horning 8 Plantation Park 0
Rink 6 skip Laurie 16-15. Rink 7 skip John S 20-10. Rink 8 skip Sonny 24-9.
A clean sweep against the champions must be a Result! All three matches were tight at the tea break, not more than a shot or two in it- all in our favour. But we romped away on rink7 with the two Johns and Maureen, and on 8 with Sonny Craig and David M. The only tight finish was on 6, with Laurie Mike and David C winning by the slenderest of margins. Ralph provided a bunch of grapes, a few of which mysteriously rolled on to the green

July 15th: Duffield League- Horning 6 Aylsham 2
Rink 6 skip John S 18-19. Rink 7 skip Jack 19-8. Rink 8 skip Sonny 12-7.
Rink 6 had one of those very close games, with us in the lead at the tea break, then falling four behind. Going in to the last end we were back in the lead by a shot, alas that final end meant that the two Johns and Richard lost by one. Rink 7 was a simple win for Jack Craig and Maureen, while Sonny Laurie and Mike also triumphed on Rink 8. Craig captained the team for the first time

July 8th: Duffield League- Horning 5 Buxton 3
Rink 6 skip John S 21-16. Rink 7 skip Laurie 12-16. Rink 8 skip Jack 16-16.
A closely fought contest, with Horning coming out victors by virtue of a better overall shot score, one shot better in fact (compare our very last Duffield match on July 5th when the opposite occurred). John S, John B and Maureen had a see saw game, falling six shots behind, then stretching to a 10 point lead. Jack, standing in for Ralph, with Trish and Craig had a really tight game, the lead changing hands no less than six times before the final result was a draw

July 5th: Duffield League- Aylsham 4 Horning 4
Rink 1 skip Laurie 17-16. Rink 2 skip John S 20-16. Rink 3 skip Ralph 14-20.
As the scoreline suggests, this was a closely contested game, with Horning winning two blocks, but Aylsham achieving a better shot score, well better by one actually. Ralph's triple fought a close game, but after holding a 12-10 lead, collapsed as even the best players can do. John S David M and Barry A ambled to a 14-3 lead at the tea break, after which time, the foot came well and truly off the pedal, and going in to the final end, only led by one. On Rink 1 Laurie Mike and David C had a struggle to start but then gradually caught up to achieve parity going in to the final end. That we won

July 4th: NNorfolk League- Neatishead 6 Horning 2
Rink 1 skip Laurie 16-12. Rink 2 skip Sonny 10-19. Rink 3 skip John S 12-19.
This was our first visit this season to our nearest neighbour, and not the most enjoyable of afternoons, due entirely to the very warm temperature. Our only win came from Laurie Craig and David M, who, from 1-7 down fought back to achieve an unassailable lead. On rinks 2 and 3 we cannot be blamed for melting in the heat

July 2nd: NNorfolk League- Horning 6 Erpingham 2
Rink 6 skip Sonny 21-12. Rink 7 skip Ralph 25-10. Rink 8 skip Laurie 11-18.
Horning overcame newcomers Erpingham with two strong wins. Sonny David M and Richard broke away from 7 all for a comfortable win, while Ralph Craig and Trish had an easier time, being 18-1 up at the tea interval. Laurie's block started weakly but hopes revived momentarily when they registered a six on the first end after the tea break, but alas they didn't quite catch up

June 29th: Norfolk Sixes Cup (2nd leg) - S Walsham 35 Horning 24
Rink 2 skip Ralph 9-9. Rink 3 John B 8-18. Rink 4 skip Laurie 7-8.
Despite losing the match, we emerged triumphant on the two leg aggregate score! But it was a close thing, we won by four shots. The last rink to finish was Ralph, Sonny and Craig who held on for a good draw, thus ensuring we move forward to the next round.

June 26th: St Benets Trophy- Horning 8 Barton Turf 0
Rink 1 skip John S 23-11. Rink 2 skip Jack 17-15. Rink 3 skip Laurie 23-7. Rink 4 skip Ralph 15-12.
The scoreline was unkind to Barton, since three of the games were pretty close. On rink 1, the two Johns and Merv were tied at 10 apiece, before we surged ahead with a total of eleven on the next three ends. Jack, Richard and Maureen had a see saw match, the lead changing hands frequently, but came out on top. Laurie David and Trish had a quieter life, but on rink 4 Ralph, Sonny and Craig took an early lead only to be pegged back to 12 each going in to the final end, which we won, to make a clean sweep of our local colleagues

June 24th: NNorfolk League- Buxton 6 Horning 2
Rink 1 skip David M 23-15. Rink 2 skip Ralph 12-21. Rink 3 skip John S 15-19.
They say it's a game of two halves. This certainly was. David, Mike and John B went 0-6 before a slow but solid fightback to eventually grab our only win. The opposite happened on rink 2, who raced into an 8-0 lead before collapsing, even despite changing skips. Rink 3's disaster was even more spectacular. All looked rosy when they took a 15-5 lead. But never count your chickens!

June 21st: NNorfolk League- Horning 4 Southrepps 4
Rink 6 skip John S 9-33. Rink 7 skip Ralph 16-14. Rink 8 skip Laurie 16-14.
A closely fought contest... except on rink 6! Ralph, Sonny and Maureen were always ahead, but never by enough to feel comfortable. Laurie and the two Davids went ahead 8-3, but then succumbed to nemesis just before the tea interval, at which time the scoreboard showed 8-9. However the tea revived us, and we nipped back into the lead, and held on, like Ralph's block, to win by two

June 19th: Broadland Charity Shield (second leg)- Horning 90 Runham 66
Rink 1 skip Terry 18-20. Rink 2 skip Jack 32-10. Rink 3 skip John S 14-23. Rink 4 Laurie skip 26-13.
Horning had a one shot deficit to make up after the first leg on May 29th. Though at one stage it looked touch and go, in the end we emerged comfortable winners. Terry's block came back well from 2-12 down, to tie at 18 apiece. But their skip did a fine shot with his final bowl on the penultimate end, and grabbed a deserved win. John S's block started fine, but fell by the wayside. Laurie, Craig and Sonny were several shots in arrears when a six boosted their morale and they went on to score double their opponents. Jack, Richard and Maureen won but it should be said that the away team were a player short. If Runham had had a full complement, then maybe rink 2 might have been equal, making our victory one by only two points. However that would have been enough to clinch victory! My photo came during the only ten seconds of sunshine, for the most part it was rain, drizzle and more rain

June 17th: NNorfolk League- Overstrand 8 Horning 0
Rink 1 skip Ralph 6-42. Rink 2 skip Jim 12-21. Rink 3 skip John S 17-18.
I sensed the evil eye was upon us- one player got in a muddle over lifts and had to drive the twenty miles on his ownsome. Another, on the first end, unaccountably picked up an opposition bowl which was heading straight for the jack. An innocent mistake, but it reinforced my forebodings. After 15 minutes, glancing at the scoreboards made for dispiriting viewing: home team first: 9-1, 9-2, 9-3. From here, Rink 2 sunk without trace, conceding seven on the final end. Rink 3 at least made some sort of game of it, but Rink 4 offered our best endeavours, fighting hard and taking the lead with the last end to go! Nuff said

June 13th: Sixes League- Horning 8 Banningham 1
Rink 2 skip Ralph 13-9. Rink 3 John B 11-11. Rink 4 skip John S 14-12.
After three rained off matches in a row, it was good to get back into action! John Bond drew his singles match with a fine recovery from 1-6 down: he scored two shots on the last end to earn us a point. John S and David M experienced a bad patch moving from 3-1 up to 3-10 down. We changed skips and got a four, then a demoralising (for them) six, to win the game. Ralph Laurie and Christine started with a five and never really looked back after that

June 7th: Duffield League- Horning 2 Spixworth 6
Rink 6 skip Ralph 4-22. Rink 7 skip John S 16-14. Rink 8 skip Mike 12-14.
As the rain began to fall, so our chances of victory faded. Never any hope on rink 6, but on rink 8 Mike's block had caught up from 7-13 behind to within one shot on the final end. Now they held four, but then their skip struck, and we went one down! John S, Christine and David C were 15-9 up with two to go when the rain hurtled down. We lost the end by five, and suddenly all was tense going into the final end. We held our nerve to gain our only points

June 3rd: Broadland League- Horning 6.5 Stalham 0.5
Rink 1 skip Jack 20-18. Rink 2 skip Terry 15-15. Rink 3 skip John S 23-13. Rink 4 skip Ralph 21-12.
Less than a fortnight back, we had scrapped only half a point against Stalham on their green. Now the roles were reversed, and Horning emerged victors, with Stalham only scraping half a point. Ralph Sonny and Craig romped away into double figures before their opponents even got on the scoreboard. Ditto John S with John B and Trish, though in their game Stalham did rally to within three shots before we went on to win by ten. Jack with Barry and Maureen had one of those seesaw matches, never much in it, with the lead changing hands frequently. Going into the final end, the score was 18 apiece. We nicked the final end to claim victory. Our half point came from Terry, David and Christine. Terry returning after a long absence soon showed his old skills, and though we were behind for nearly the whole time, we were only two down going into the final end. On this we held two as the skips went to the mat and we clung on for the draw

May 30th: Duffield League- Buxton 6 Horning 2
Rink 1 skip John S 10-19. Rink 2 skip Ralph 4-27. Rink 3 skip Laurie 25-19.
On seeing the result, I can only quote from the bible, Ezra 9:3, 'I ripped my clothes, I ripped hair from my head and chin, and I sat in stunned silence.' We were absolutely thrashed. Except for Laurie, Jack and Maureen who salvaged our only points, in particular thanks to a six just before the tea break, which made all the difference. Ralph's block succumbed utterly, John's block was 2-13 down at the break, so at least salvaged a modicum of pride in the second half. But the once great players that adorned Horning's green have deserted, where are they now? SOS - come back all is forgiven!

May 29th: Broadland Charity Shield- Runham 76 Horning 75 (first leg)
Rink 1 skip Jack 9-30. Rink 2 skip John S 30-11. Rink 3 skip Laurie 23-15. Rink 4 skip Ralph 13-20.
An icy cold evening of mixed fortunes. On the plus side, the two Johns and Barry provided us with a healthy advantage, and Laurie David and Trish also secured a win. But in the Shield, it's points that count, and in this Runham beat us by a solitary shot ("every shot is important"), and so take the narrowest of leads into the return leg

May 28th: Norfolk Sixes League: Horning 2 Rollesby 7
Rink 2 pairs skip Laurie 4-14. Rink 3 triples skip Sonny 7-11. Rink 4 Singles John B 12-10.
Not a good opening league match in the Sixes. Sonny's block were 7-4 up but blew it, losing the final three ends. John B's singles was the most exciting game, with him picking up from 5-10 down to win the final five ends. Our one success but a poor result overall

May 24th: NNorfolk League- Horning 8 Aylsham 0
Rink 6 skip John S 17-13. Rink 7 skip Jack 19-10. Rink 8 skip Ralph 21-18.
A first whitewash of the season- to us! John S, David and Mike enjoyed some good running of the bowls but by winning seven ends in a row clinched victory. Jack Laurie and Christine were never behind and won comfortably. Not so Ralph, Sonny and Craig who started like an express train, 14-0 up after 4 ends, before the opposition accustomed themselves to the rink. In the end it was touch and go with us holding a one shot lead after 15 ends. The sixteenth end was tied, but a tense final two ends saw us win them by one each

May 22nd: Broadland League- Stalham 6.5 Horning 0.5
Rink 1 skip Ralph 17-19. Rink 2 skip John S 12-19. Rink 3 skip Jack 19-21. Rink 4 skip Laurie 16-16.
Another Broadland defeat, with only the beautiful sunny evening yielding any compensation. Ralph's block had a very poor start, and were 1-10 down before they got going, and impressively caught up only to collapse at the final hurdle. John's block was never ahead, while Jack's held the lead for most of the game, but disappointingly lost at the finish. Preventing an utter whitewash were Laurie, David and Christine, who however also collapsed at the end, relinquishing a six point lead on the final four ends

May 20th: NNorfolk League- Horning 2 Mundesley 6
Rink 6 skip Laurie 10-17. Rink 7 skip JohnS 8-19. Rink 8 skip Ralph 24-8.
A second successive home defeat with Ralph Craig and Sonny once again our only winners, and convincing winners too. John S's block held a 5-2 lead but thereafter struggled. Ditto Laurie's triple who after end 7 were 7-3 up, but then waited until the final end before scoring again!

May 17th: NNorfolk League- Horning 2 Happisburgh 6
Rink 6 skip Laurie 8-23. Rink 7 skip Ralph 23-13. Rink 8 skip John S 13-19.
Our only success came courtesy of Ralph Craig and Sonny. Well done them! On a bleak windswept afternoon, Laurie's block struggled manfully, and trying very hard, were defeated by the skill of the opposition and a lot of luck perhaps. JohnS's block trailed badly but pulled up towards the end, winning the second half, not that that counts for anything

May 15th: NNorfolk League- New Road 4 Horning 4
Rink 2 skip Ralph 14-15. Rink 3 skip John S 25-14. Rink 4 skip Jack 20-25.
In the end, although we won only one of the three games, our overall shot score was superior and netted us a draw. Ralph's block had a mighty tight game until they surged ahead with a 5. Alas, they couldn't quite hold on, and losing the last two ends, went down by the odd shot. Jack's block started poorly before grabbing a seven point lead. Conceding a seven is never likely to help you win, and that's what happened here. John S with Bob and Richard were our sole winners, and by winning one end with a six, another with a five, another with a four and one with a three, they ensured our overall shot score was five better than theirs

May 13th: Broadland League- Horning 6 Runham 1
Rink 1 skip Jack 10-21. Rink 2 skip John S 17-12. Rink 3 skip Ralph 20-15. Rink 4 skip Laurie 32-12.
The evening sun shone as Horning enjoyed a straightforward victory, only Jack's block on tricky rink 1 failing to overcome the opposition. JohnS, Barry and Mervyn fell 1-5 behind but then surged ahead. Ralph with Craig and Maureen enjoyed a ding dong battle, the lead changing hands several times before we clinched victory. We were a player short on rink 4, and Runham sportingly lent us one of their reserves. In the end Laurie DavidM and our sub triumphed

May 10th: NNorfolk League- Horning 6 Buxton 2
Rink 6 skip John S 21-13. Rink 7 skip Ralph 13-15. Rink 8 skip Laurie 17-14.
All three games were close, though Ralph's block succumbed by losing their final three ends. Laurie, Mike and Trish fell 2-10 down but clawed their way back to tie at 11 all, then twelve all, then 14 all going into the final end. John S, Craig and David C were tied at 10 apiece before scoring a six on end 16 and the rest as they say is a win for Horning

May 9th: Broadland League- S Walsham 5 Horning 2
Rink 1 skip David 18-13. Rink 2 skip Ralph 9-23. Rink 3 skip Jack 18-23. Rink 4 skip Laurie 19-18.
The shades of night had fast fallen when Jack's block finally completed their game, having gamely recovered from a poor start to come close to the opposition, but alas not quite their equal. However although we won two matches, the overall shot score was in Walsham's favour and they bagged the three points for this. Some compensation were wins for David, John B and Richard who in a tight game, made a decisive spurt when scores were 11 all; Laurie, Christine and Trish made a shaky start but once they had read the green, crept into a narrow lead which they clung on to

May 4th: Norfolk Sixes Cup (first leg)- Horning 40 South Walsham 25
Tirples: Rink 2 skip Sonny 20-3. Singles: Rink 3 John B 14-6. Triples: Rink 4 skip Ralph 6-16.
In the inaugural Norfolk Sixes match, Horning secured a reasonable lead to take into the second leg of the cup. Sonny Laurie and David had a comfortable win on the tricky rink 2, with two fives and a four among our shots in the uphill direction. John Bond was Horning's representative in the singles and enjoyed a convincing win. Ralph's block found it tricky going on rink 4. The match was watched over benevolently by the league founder, Nigel Rudling and interrupted by a heavy sleet shower- see Craig's chilly photo

May 2nd: St Benet's Trophy- Horning 6 Neatishead 2
Rink 1 skip Ralph 13-20. Rink 2 skip John S 25-15. Rink 3 skip Laurie 17-11. Rink 4 skip Jack 23-15.
Our traditional opening fixture of the season saw us romp home with a convincing win, though it wasn't as easy as the scoreline suggests. Ralph's block were 1-10 down but fought back to within two shots before falling away at the death. John S, John B and Richard also trailed 1-10, but rallied splendidly for the clearest victory. Laurie David and Mervyn enjoyed a very close game, with scores tied at 11-11 with three ends to go. Jack Christine and Maureen forged ahead with a six, then never looked back. Thanks to Trish and the ladies for a delicious tea to finish

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Horning Singles Championship 2019

David Moore v Christine Moore - match shared

Christine w/o Sonny (ill)
David M 17-4 John S

Sonny 11-3 Ralph
David M w/o Barrie M
Christine 9-2 John B
John S 7-3 Mike

Sonny 15-0 Trish
David M 11-3 Craig
Mike 8-4 Jack
Christine 7-2 Laurie
Ralph 9-2 David C
Byes: John B, John S, Barrie M

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