Dinosaur Discs 78rpm Records for Sale
This list valid until March 18th 2017.
First Come First served. Record Prices in UK pounds exclude post.
Hundreds of 78s to sort through HMV BD series . Rex . Cameo (UK) . Guardsman . 12 inch Classical
Records are sold on a
First Come basis.
Please email.
Or you can phone (01692 631 540)
8.30am-4pm Mon-Fri,
or write to "D.Moore"
35 Lower Street Horning Norwich
NR12 8AA England

Sorry no credit cards. Cheques welcome.
PayPal accepted, but their
fee is added to the cost.
Condition is graded by me visually. My condition code is
1=FIRST i.e. MINT (no such thing to be frank) but 1.1 is as near perfect as you'll get!
2=SECOND i.e. not perfect but with blemishes (more marked from 2.5)
3=THIRD RATE! - mostly of interest if a rare item!
FOR MORE PRECISION the numbers are divided into tenths
so 2.2 is a good playable copy with some faults or to old collectors E-/V+.
Anything over 2.2 has an increasingly tired and worn look but can be heard if you have the ears.
Abbreviations: EHC=edge hair crack. RC=Rim chip. nap=not affecting play. NR=Needle run.
EB= edge bite. dig=record has stop groove. RS= Rough Start.
Where records are in poor (2.5 or more) condition anyway some of these faults will not be stated.

Some common label abbreviations: Bcast=Broadcast, Br=Brunswick, Cap=Capitol,
Col=Columbia, Imp=Imperial, Lon=London, Rad=Radio, Reg=Regal, Win=Winner.

Information on
postal costs
, using double wall boxes.

My lists show:

Swap Your Rarities: I will always consider offers of exchange of rare records (see my Wants page) for rarities from my own collection.
If you are very nice, I could even accept a good money offer for them.

My incredible "Record Boxes" bulk buys but not Junk!
A ready made selection of 78's. Please note that each Box doesn't contain rarities, but neither any that I'd call "very common."
Size and contents varies in these special offers which are very much in demand, and subject to availability. A general indication of what they contain is given below, but though you are welcome to ask about specific artists, I can't guarantee to include anything particular.

Post/packing is extra for these BOXES. The rate is 9 for one box (only England, Wales, or Southern Scotland)- or you can collect in person, with advance notice. Delivery may take up to three weeks, as I have to take parcels to a collection point some miles distant.

Box 1: Twenty 78's Popular pre 1945 = 4.50 A mix of records from about 1925 to 1940, popular singers, instrumentalists of stage, radio and screen
Box 2: Twenty Post war popular 78's= 4 Mostly 1950s, singers male/female, maybe a few late 1940s, or instrumentals etc
Box 3: Twenty Classical vocal 78rpm records = 4 A variety of great singers and lesser known names, of operatic arias, classical songs
Box 4: Twenty Jazz/swing 78rpm records= 9.50 Mostly late 1930s, 1940s and jazz and swing plus some 1950s
Box 5: Twenty Dance Band 78's= 8 fox trots etc all pre 1950. Box 6: Twenty 7 inch Victory = only 3
Box 7: Fifteen Acoustic (pre-electric)= only 4 all these records are at least 85 years and up to about 100 years old

FOR COLLECTION ONLY, by prior arrangement (note these are LOOSE, some in sleeves)- The Ultimate Mad Collectors' Heap- approx 3000 78's a random mix of boxes (various sized records 7 inch, 8 inch, lots of 10 inch, some 12 inch), only 249. Under 10p each! These are not heaps of what I consider junk, though there probably won't be major rarities either.
















"Record Boxes"
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Cameo Records

These are issues dating from the first war era. They were produced by Columbia, a cheap label from their Columbia and Regal issues. All were anonymous, I have identified a few of the artistes as you can see. They are actually quite rare, though you might not think so since you can see seventeen are for sale here. In fact over 1,000 different Cameo records were on sale altogether (not by me of course). Most have paper labels, purple, over the originals.

Anon ... Once again / Goodbye Sweetheart Goodbye Cameo C3 3 Cost=6.00

Band ... Conversation waltz / Voice of the Roses waltz Cameo C8 2.5 Cost=8.00

Band ... Love's Delight/ Clinging to Thee Cameo C9 2.6 Cost=7.00

Anon ... In the Shadows / I know the Place where we will rest Cameo C11 3 Cost=6.00

Anon ...Ailsa Mine / Nita Gitana Cameo C22 1.6 Cost=12.00

Duet ...Under the Yum Yum Tree/ All alone Cameo C33 3 Cost=7.00

Anon ...Wilt thou be my Dearest? / Charlie is my Darling Cameo C79 2.1 Cost=9.00

Anon ...The Longshoreman / We're homeward bound Cameo C84 2.5 Cost=8.00

Anon ... Stop Thief You stole my Heart away / Sit down You're rocking the boat Cameo C86 2.2 Cost=9.00

Stanley Kirkby ... Boys of the Ocean (title illegible) Cameo C87 2.5 Cost=5.00

Stanley Kirkby ... Ajgernon Go Hon/ Wedding of the Joy Ride Girl Cameo C90 2.1 Cost=6.00

Reed Miller ...The minstrel Boy (label removed) / A Life on the Ocean Wave Cameo C91 2.5 Cost=5.00

Anon... Now are we all here? Yes!/ Merry Wedding Bells Cameo C92 2.8 Cost=7.00

Anon ... Next Sunday at Nine / Burlington Bertie from Bow Cameo C95 2.8 Cost=4.00

Stanley Kirkby ... Kitty Dear/ When Summer Days are o'er CameoZ33 2.4 Cost=8.00

Anon... Somebody Else is crazy 'bout Me /She's waiting for you CameoZ46 2.4 Cost=8.00

Anon ... Who's your Lady Friend? /In Japanese Butterfly Land CameoZ49 2 Cost=10.00
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HMV BD series (1935-1947)
listed in catalogue number order.

Gibbons Water under the Bridge His Majesty the Baby HMVBD110 2.2 2.00

Trumbauer Blue Moon Down t'Uncle Bill's HMVBD119 2 6.00

Phil Napoleon You can't cheat a Cheater (Lunceford)Swingin' Uptown( HMVBD120 2.4 5

Reisman Easter Parade (Madriguera)You and the Night and the Music HMVBD122 2.1 2.00

Mackey Back to those happy Days One night in Napoli HMVBD128 1.7 2.50

Jackson Someone to sew your Buttons on Jack o' Diamonds HMVBD129 1.6 2.50

Jackson Lonely Heart How can I hold you close enough HMVBD131 1.4 3.00

Noble Soon Down by the River HMVBD140 2.2 4.00

Joyce What are you doing out in the Rain March Winds and April Showers HMVBD145 1.7 2.50

Ink Spots Swinging on the Strings Your Feet's too big HMVBD146 1.5 4.00

Noble Clouds (Duchin)After all HMVBD147 2.3 4.00

Goodman You're a heavenly Thing Restless HMVBD182 2 3.00

Reisman Here am I (Shilkret)Don't ever leave me HMVBD186 1.5 2.50

Mound City Blowers Never had a Reason to believe in you (Whiteman)Bouncing Ball HMVBD187 2.2 5.00

Noble Paris in the Spring Bonjour Mamselle HMVBD192 2.5 4.00

Hylton Lovely to look at I won't dance HMVBD200 2 2.00

Scott Wood Love is everywhere Look up and laugh HMVBD201 2 1.50

Hylton Footloose and fancy free I'll never say Never Again again HMVBD204 1.7 2.00

Jackson Red Sails in the Sunset Turn your Face to the Sun HMVBD207 1.9 2.50

Noble Why dream Why Stars come out at Night HMVBD210 2.4 4.00

Noble Double Trouble I wished on the Moon HMVBD211 2 4.00

Whiteman I'm in the Mood for Love I feel a song coming on HMVBD219 1.4 3.00

Jackson Love's just a Melody Valparaiso HMVBD222 2.5 1.50

Al Bowlly You opened my Eyes My melancholy Baby HMVBD228 2.3 12.00

Al Bowlly In a blue and pensive mood A little white Gardenia HMVBD230 1.4 10.00

Cicely Courtneidge Things are looking up Gentlemen the King HMVBD239 1.5 2.00

Duchin Isn't this a lovely Day Cheek to Cheek HMVBD246 1.3 2.00

Noble Top Hat Piccolino HMVBD247 1.7 10.00

Florence Desmond British Mother's Big Flight Mae Time HMVBD257 2.4 7.00

Harry Jacobson Piano Medley (2 sides) HMVBD258 1.7 1.50

Vivian Ellis Top Hat medley (2 sides) HMVBD261 2.1 1.00

Fats Waller Truckin' 12th Street Rag HMVBD262 1.5 3.00

Duchin You are my lucky Star I've got a Feelin' you're foolin' HMVBD263 1.4 3.00

Garber Music in my Heart (Coakley)East of the Sun HMVBD264 2 3.00

Cicely Courtneidge Sunshine Cruise Humpty Dumpty HMVBD266 1.3 3.00

Frances Day Show me the Way to Romance What is this Thing HMVBD267 1.8 3.00

Jackson Mickey's Son and Daughter My very good Friend the Milkman HMVBD281 2.3 3.00

George Scott-Wood Lulu's back in Town In a little Gypsy Tea Room HMVBD300 1.7 2.00

Norman Evans Joe Ramsbottom's Concert Auntie Ramsbottom's Visit HMVBD302 1.2 5.00

Jackson Klondyke Kate King's Navee HMVBD305 3 1.5 3.00

Hal Yates Dinner for one please James Homestead HMVBD307 1.2 2.00

Anon New Nursery Tunes for old Nursery Rhymes (2 sides) HMVBD309 35 2.2 4 1.00

Sam Browne Rhythm in my Nursery Rhymes Star and the Rose HMVBD330 2.1 2.50

Frances Day I don't want to make History Pretty Girl is like a Melody HMVBD356 2.5 4.00

Nicholas Brothers Keep a Twinkle in your Eye Your Heart and mine HMVBD373 2.4 5.00

Mickey's Grand Opera Orphan's Benefit HMVBD382 1.5 2.00

Little Red Riding Hood (2 sides) HMVBD384 1.3 2.00

Mickey's Moving Day Grasshooper and the Ants HMVBD386 2.4 1.50

Levy Head over Heels selection (2 sides) HMVBD400 1.5 1.50

Carson Robison Texas Dan Happy go lucky HMVBD407 1.3 2.00

Levy Pennies from Heaven selection (2 sides) HMVBD409 1.7 2.00

Al Bowlly Blue Hawaii Sweet is the Word for you HMVBD440 2.2 12.00

Vera Guilaroff Deep Purple Midnight in Mayfair HMVBD449 2.1 3.50

Louise Browne/R Royston Sheep were in the Meadow A little Cooperation from you HMVBD462 1.2 5.50

Bing Crosby Wrap your Troubles in Dreams Just a Gigolo HMVBD470 1.5 4.00

T Deane/D Marvin/J Cooper Song Hit Parade 1937 (V Lynn/J Cooper) (2 sides) HMVBD471 1.8 2.00

Revnell and West We're still single today Steamboat Trip HMVBD473 1.8 3.50

Munro Hide and Seek selection (2 sides) HMVBD474 1.6 1.50

Frankel Damsel in Distress selection (2 sides) HMVBD486 1.8 1.50

Al Bowlly Bei mir bist du schoen Marie HMVBD493 2.2 10.00

Elsie Carlisle Little Drummer Boy So many Memories HMVBD499 2.2 3.00

Munro Rosalie selection (2 sides) HMVBD502 2.2 6.00

With a smile and a song Dig-a-dig-dig/Heigh ho HMVBD514 37 1.1 1.00

I'm wishing/One song Whistle while you work HMVBD515 37 1.11.00

Some Day my Prince will come Yodel song HMVBD516 1.1 1.00

Al Bowlly Sweet someone Sweet as a Song HMVBD543 2.1 10.00

Arthur Askey Bee Song Chirrup HMVBD552 2 1.50

Betty Driver So little Time Oh ma ma HMVBD575 1.7 3.00

Hylton Watermelon Pete Down South HMVBD603 1.6 1.50

Al Bowlly Romany Lonely HMVBD666 1.5 12.50

Al Bowlly South of the Border What do you know about love HMVBD706 2.2 10.00

Levy Story of Vernon and Irene Castle (2 sides) HMVBD721 2.6 1.50

Arthur Askey How ashamed I was Kiss me Goodnight Sergeant Major HMVBD757 2 1.50

Arthur Askey Willow Tit Willow Crash Band I want to go Home HMVBD766 1.5 2.00

Hylton All Clear medley Black Velvet medley HMVBD783 1.6 2.00

Pat Kirkwood You've done Something to my heart Drift HMVBD793 2.5 2.50

When you wish upon a Star Give a little Whistle HMVBD821 2 1.00

New Mayfair Novelty Orch (vcl Betty Kent)Teddy Bears Picnic (vcls S Browne/Scott-Wood)Moonbeam waltz HMVBD871 2.2 2.00

Eddie Carroll Harlem Lady craves Attention HMVBD879 2.1 2.00

Elizabeth Welch Much more lovely Nearness of you HMVBD889 42 4.00

Al Bowlly/J Mesene Only for ever Ferry Boat Serenade HMVBD892 1.7 12.00

Farmyard Symphony (2 sides) HMVBD910 2 1.00

Arthur Askey Stuttering Sergeant Thanks for dropping in Mr Hess HMVBD934 1.8 2.00

Bunny Doyle Gladiator Garden near the Gas Works HMVBD943 1.2 4.00

Joan Merrill Twiddlin my Thumbs As if you didn't know HMVBD975 42.4 2.00

Gaye and Nevard Rose O'Day Lament to love HMVBD990 2.5 2.00

Arthur Askey Flu Germ Ant HMVBD1002 2.3 1.50

Abbott and Costello Laugh Clown laugh (2 parts) HMVBD1009 1.6 15.00

Hutch Where in the World This is worth fighting for HMVBD1013 1.6 2.00

Nightingales and Bombers (2 sides) HMVBD1016 1.4 2.00

Love is a Song Little April Shower HMVBD1021 1.7 1.50

Dinah Shore Body and Soul Chloe HMVBD1026 1.4 2.00

First Nighter This is the Army Mr Jones I left my Heart at the Stage Door Canteen HMVBD1063 1.4 3.00

I Benson If I had my Way Tell me the Truth HMVBD1064 2.5 3.00

Hutch Rhapsody in Blue selection HMVBD1116 1.4 2.00

Winnick Sweetest Memories nos 3 and 4 HMVBD1138 1.3 3.00

Winnick It's the bluest kind of Blues my Baby sings Too many Irons in the Fire HMVBD1152 1.4 3.00

Richmond and His Swing Steamboat Bill Captain Nipper HMVBD1155 1.5 1.50

Fats Waller My very good Friend the Milkman Shortnin' Bread HMVBD1218 1.7 2.00

Fats Waller Send me Jackson Jingle Bells HMVBD1229 1.7 2.00

Fats Waller Little curly Hair in a High Chair Stayin' at Home HMVBD1235 2.3 2.00

Roy Rogers Me and my Teddy Bear Buffalo Billy HMVBD1267 1.7 2.00

Roy Rogers There's a Cloud in my Valley of Sunshine A Four legged Friend HMVBD1286 1.3 3.50

Mackintosh Sittin' in the Sun Number One HMVBD1294 3 1.00

Hylton Schoolboy Howlers (2 sides) HMVBD5005 1.7 2.00

Jackson Gypsy Violin Some other Time HMVBD5010 1.6 2.00

Fox Rhythm in my Nursery Rhymes Marilou HMVBD5014 2.5 1.50

Hylton She shall have Music Do the runaround HMVBD5017 1.6 2.50

Greenwood You were there Family Album HMVBD5019 1.5 2.50

Fats Waller I'm gonna sit right down and write myself a Letter Woe is me HMVBD5031 3.2 1.00

Hylton There isn't any Limit to my Love This'll make you whistle HMVBD5037 2.3 1.50

Fats Waller Dinah When Somebody thinks you're wonderful HMVBD5040 2.2 1.50

Noble Let's face the Music and dance Let yourself go HMVBD5047 36 1.6 12 8.00

Ballyhooligans Nobody's Sweetheart Whispering HMVBD5041 2.4 2.00

Darktown Strutters Everybody's doing it I never knew HMVBD5050 2.1 4.00

Ballyhooligans I got Rhythm I'm nuts about screwy Music HMVBD5056 1.6 4.00

Fox These foolish Things Touch of your Lips HMVBD5059 1.3 3.00

Noble Blazin' the Trail Where am I HMVBD5072 2 5.00

Loss Got to dance my Way to Heaven Scene changes HMVBD5084 1.6 1.00

Noble When I'm with you But definitely HMVBD5091 2 4.00

Hylton Fleet's in Port again Free HMVBD5102 2.5 1.00

Fats Waller There goes my Attraction I'm crazy 'bout my Baby HMVBD5120 2 3.00

G Elliott Love made the Song Music in May HMVBD5121 32 2.00

Fats Waller S'posin' Sing an old fashioned song HMVBD5135 2 3.00

Hylton Midnight blue Organ Grinder's Swing HMVBD5137 1.2 3.00

Noble Easy to love I've got you under my Skin HMVBD5147 1.4 12.00

Benny Goodman You're giving me a Song and a Dance (Lombardo)When my Dream Boat comes Home HMVBD5152 2.2 3.00

Fox You do the darndest Things Baby Wanderers HMVBD5173 2.2 2.00

Noble Chinatown my Chinatown Let's swing it HMVBD5186 2.1 5.00

Bissett Rainbow on the river On a little Bamboo Bridge HMVBD5188 2.7 1.50

Duchin Someone to care for me Moonlight and Shadows HMVBD5202 2.2 1.50

Hylton Dart Song Love bug will bite you HMVBD5207 2 1.50

Fox Fifty million Robins can't be wrong Merry go Round broke down HMVBD5239 1.5 2.50

Harris Wake up and live I'm gonna kiss myself goodbye HMVBD5241 2.2 1.50

Munro Vieni vieni Le Touquet HMVBD5242 2 6.00

Shefter S O S Chopin's Ghost HMVBD5273 2.8 3.50

Munro She's my lovely I'm happy when you're happy HMVBD5280 2.2 6.00

Noble Little old Lady Now HMVBD5287 1.8 10

Harris I'm a little Prairie Flower Girl in the Hansom Cab HMVBD5289 1.6 3.00

Frankel If it's the last Thing I do Donkey Serenade HMVBD5296 3 2.00

Harris You can't stop me from dreaming After all these Years HMVBD5302 1.7 2.50

Frankel So many memories Foolin' myself HMVBD5308 2 3.00

Munro Me and my Girl Lambeth Walk HMVBD5324 1.2 3.00

Donovan Tis I myself Rose of Tralee HMVBD5372 2.5 1.50

Fats Waller Ain't Misbehavin' Don't try your Jive on me HMVBD5415 1.4 2.00

Geraldo Heart and Soul When Mother Nature sings her lullaby HMVBD5427 2.5 3.00

Geraldo Pe Serenade Never break a Promise HMVBD5428 38 1.4 10.00

Geraldo Is that the Way to treat a Sweetheart Colorado Sunset HMVBD5438 1.4 8.00

Geraldo Summer's End Any broken Hearts to mend HMVBD5443 2.7 2.50

Geraldo One Day when we were young I'm in love with Vienna HMVBD5449 2.2 3.00

Geraldo To Mother with Love I miss you in the Morning HMVBD5473 2.5 3.00

Harris FDR Jones Over and done with HMVBD5515 2.4 1.50

Hylton (+A Askey)Haw-Haw Little Boy Bubbles HMVBD5549 39 1.8 10 3.00

Hylton My melancholy Baby Darktown Strutters Ball HMVBD5550 2 3.00

Winnick When you wish upon a Star Turn on the old Music Box HMVBD5573 1.8 12

Ken Johnson Tuxdeo Junction Ida HMVBD5576 1.8 6

Ken Johnson Blow thou Winter Wind It was a Lover and his Lass HMVBD5592 1.7 10.00

Glenn Miller Star Dust Imagination HMVBD5612 1.3 3.00

Glenn Miller Slow Freight Bugle Call Rag HMVBD5633 1.8 2.00

Loss It's always you HMVBD5669 2.3 1.00

Glenn Miller Under blue Canadian Skies Adios HMVBD5727 2 2.00

Barreto Nango Tropical Magic HMVBD5732 1.3 1.50

Loss Pedro the Fisherman Marlene HMVBD5821 1.5 2.00

Dixieland Jazz Group Memphis Blues (+L Horne)Careless love HMVBD5827 1.5 2.50

Loss My beautiful Sarie Marais Together HMVBD5874 1.5 1.00

Glenn Miller American Patrol Moonlight Serenade HMVBD5942 1.5 2.00

Skyrockets Orch Boogie in C Neighbours complain HMVBD5963 2.6 3.00
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1930s/1940s 'The King of Records'

Gene Kardos Gold Diggers Song (Martin)Shadow waltz Rex8004 1.8 2.50

Campbell On with the Show (2 sides) Rex8007 1.8 2.00

Wilbur Learn to croon Isn't it heavenly Rex8017 2.3 1.50

Rollini if I had Somebody to love (Green Bros)An old Man with an old Pipe Rex8035 2.5 4

Leslie Sarony Laughing waltz Old White's Whiskers Rex8039 2 3

Sandy Powell Sandy the Film Star (2 sides) Rex8041 1.5 2.00

Leslie Sarony Why build a Wall round a Graveyard I took my Harp to a Party Rex8063 2.1 2

Leslie Sarony Wheezy Anna's Wedding Day Monkey on a String Rex8069 1.8 3

Wilbur Jay Wilbur's Festive Party (2 sides) Rex8070 2 2.00

Wilbur We all go riding on a Rainbow Wind's in the West Rex8072 1.8 2.50

Lloyd Good Morning Glory Did you ever see a Dream walking Rex8087 2.4 2.00

Lloyd Shanghai Lil Honeymoon Hotel Rex8088 2.7 1.50

Florrie Forde Selection of Hits part 1 Selection of Hits part 1 (unissued take) Rex8093 2.5 10

George Robey A little Idea of my own It's the first Time I've ever done that Rex8095 2 4.00

Laddie Ray Musical Comedy Memories (2 sides) Rex8100 2 1.00

Payne Wagon Wheels Coffee in the Morning & Kisses in the Night Rex8121 2.2 1.00

Jack Payne Over on the Sunny Side No more Heartaches no more Tears Rex8122 1.6 2.00

Wilbur In a Shelter from a Shower In Town Tonight Rex8124 2 2

Carson Robison Darling Nellie Gray Home on the Range Rex8130 2.5 2.00

Wilbur You oughta be in Pictures Sittin' up waiting for you Rex8152 2.9 2

Betty Bolton Out in the cold cold Snow (F Richardson)Love Life and Laughter Rex8156 2.2 4

Charlie Higgins With me Gloves in me 'And She's leading me up the Garden Rex8157 2.3 2.50

Wilbur Josephine Mauna Loa Rex8167 2 2.00

van Eps Old covered Bridge (ARC)Night on the Water Rex8168 2.1 1.50

Venuti Build a little Home (van Eps)Little Dutch Mill Rex8169 1.5 5

Leslie Sarony Waitin at the Gate for Katy Coom pretty One Rex8183 2.4 2.00

Florrie Forde Let's all go into the Ballroom/Has anyone here seen Kelly It takes an Irish Heart/Hold your Hand out Naughty Boy Rex8189 2.6 2.50

Payne Moon Country Little Man you've had a busy Day Rex8205 32 2.00

Elkins May I (Osborne)Love thy Neighbour Rex8207 2.8 1.00

Florrie Forde Goodbyee/Priceless Percy I want to see the old Home again/Till we meet again Rex8222 1.9 6.00

Payne Over my Shoulder When you've got a little Springtime in your Heart Rex8227 2.1 1.50

Frances Langford Nasty Man Hold my Hand Rex8231 2.6 4.00

Wilbur Princess Charming selection Evergreen selection Rex8242 2 1.50

Payne I'll string along with you Little Valley in the Mountains Rex8261 2 2.00

Wilbur It's all forgotten now Easy come easy go Rex8250 2.2 1.50

Leslie Holmes Lollypop Major Keep on doin what you're doin Rex8253 2.5 1.50

Chick Bullock All I do is dream of you (G Price)I never had a Chance Rex8267 3 1.00

Peggy Cochrane Medley (2 sides) Rex8298 1.8 1

Payne Jack Payne Memories (2 sides) Rex8299 1.8 2.50

Nick Lucas Moonglow Carry me back to the lone Prairie Rex8306 2.5 3.50

Leslie Sarony Bashful Tom I'm courtin' Sairey Green Rex8309 1.8 3

Two Leslies Teas light Refreshments and Minerals In the Land of Inky Pinky Dinky Doo Rex8322 1.7 2.50

Payne Heat Wave Smoke gets in your Eyes Rex8330 2 3.00

Benny Goodman Stars fell on Alabama (Bullock)When the new Moon shines Rex8335 2.9 1.50

Leslie Holmes Who's been polishing the Sun I like the Way you say goodnight Rex8359 1.6 2

Wilbur London on a rainy Night Roll along covered Wagon Rex8363 2.6 1.00

Tolchard Evans Kunz Radio selection of Evans' waltzes (M Ewing)Kunz selection of Ewing's Tunes Rex8364 2 2.00

Phyllis Robins My Kid's a Crooner No a thousand times no Rex8378 2.4 2.00

Eddie Cantor That's the Kind of a Baby for me Making the Best of each Day Rex8389 2.2 1.00

Eddie Cantor Mandy An Earful of Music Rex8390 1.7 2.00

Hollywood DO Winter Wonderland Object of my Affection Rex8396 2.6 2.00

Wilbur Easter Parade You & the Night & the Music Rex8436 1.7

Payne Jubilee Celebration selection (2 sides) Rex8455 1.4 5.00

Band of Welsh Guards+F Richardson Let us sing unto their Majesties Land of Hope & Glory Rex8456 1.3 5.00

Kunz March Winds and April Showers Cherokee Rex8458 2.4 2.00

Sandy Powell Sandy's own Broadcasting Station (2 sides) Rex8468 1.7 1.50

Kunz St James Park Vienna in Springtime Rex8472 2.4 2.00

Leslie Holmes Spring has come to Town When it's Thursday Night in Egypt Rex8490 1.6 2.50

Billy Bennett Call of the Yukon League of Nations Rex8493 1.5 4.00

Payne Marie Louise Guards Parade Rex8510 2.5 1.50 Etc Reginald Dixon On with the Show selection (2 sides) Rex8515 2.5 0.50

ARC Band You're the Top I get a Kick out of you Rex8523 2.6 2

Florrie Forde For old Times Sake/Daisy Bell Nellie Dean/After the Ball Rex8528 2 4.00

Popeye I'm Popeye the Sailor Man Blow the Man down Rex8536 1.8 5.00

Phyllis Robins Lullaby of Broadway Rehearsing a Lullaby Rex8537 2.2 2.00

Bidgood On with the Show (2 sides) Rex8548 2.2 4.00

D Peers/T O'Shea etc 1935 Blackpool Revue part 3 part 4 Rex8553 2 2.00

Kunz Louisiana Fairy Tale Red Sails in the Sunset Rex8560 1.8 2.00

Bullock I won't dance Lovely to look at Rex8563 1.7 1.50

Bullock I'll never say Never Again again Fare thee well Annabelle Rex9564 2.3 1.50

Kunz Moonspun Dreams If you ever need a Friend Rex8594 2.4 1.50

Bertha Willmott Look up and laugh Love is everywhere Rex8600 2.2 3.00

Max Miller Confessions of a Cheeky Chappy (2 sides) Rex8604 1.4 6.00

Kunz Dream Shadows In the Middle of a Kiss Rex8624 1.8 2.00

Kunz Army fell for little Isabel Misty Islands of the Highlands Rex8639 2.1 2.00

Chick Bullock Take me back to my Boots & Saddle East of the Sun Rex8656 1.9 3.00

Payne Aladdin (2 sides) Rex8666 1.3 2.00

Kunz Thanks a Million I'm sitting high on the Hilltop Rex8682 1.7 2.00

Wilbur Music goes round & round Marilou Rex8692 2.2 1.50

Payne Broken Record My Shadow's where my Sweetheart used to be Rex8694 2.2 1.50

Wilbur A Couple of April Fools Beautiful Lady in Love Rex8740 2.1 2.00

S Phillips Eeny meeny miney mo Woe is me Rex8742 2.2 4.00

Wilbur West Wind If I should lose you Rex8765 2.3 2.00

Brandwynne I'd rather lead a Band (J Johnson)Let yourself go Rex8766 2.1 3.00

Joe Haymes I'se a Muggin' (J Johnson)Goody goody Rex8777 2.2 4.00

Alice Faye I've got my Fingers crossed Spreadin' Rhythm around Rex8779 1.7 5.00

Original Hoosier Hot Shots I like Bananas because they have no Bones Wah hoo Rex8797 3.2 2

Larry Adler Goody/Lost You hit the Spot/Touch of your Lips Rex8805 1.6 2.00

Joe Haymes I wanna woo Polly Wolly Doodle Rex8815 2.2 4.00

Wilbur Round the World with The Music goes Round (2 sides) Rex8820 2.2 2.00

Kunz A pretty Girl is like a Melody Would you Rex8824 1.6 2.50

Original Hoosier Hotshots Nobody's Sweetheart Is it true what they say about Dixie Rex8835 2 5.00

Boswell Sisters Dinah It don't mean a Thing Rex8873 3.2 1

Ruth Etting Holiday Sweetheart Who'll buy my Song of Love Rex8881 2.5 3.00

Cab Calloway Are you in Love with me again When you're smiling Rex8885 1.5 6.00

Sandy Powell Sandy flies the Atlantic (2 sides) Rex8898 1.4 2.00

J Shilkret San Francisco (Johnson)You turned the Tables on me Rex8918 32.1 2.50

Bobbie Comber Let's have a Tiddley at the Milk bar Join me in a Love Song Rex8927 2.3 1.50

Kunz Swing time selection (2 sides) Rex8943 1.5 2.00

Kunz Rhythm on the Range selection Everything is Rhythm selection Rex8945 2 2.00

Anon Poor Little Rich Girl selection (2 sides) Rex8947 2.4 1.50

Lopez Talking through my Heart You came to my Rescue Rex8955 36 1.4 9 4.00

Bing Crosby Blue Prelude Home on the Range Rex8957 36 1.5 8 3.00

Cotton A nice Cup of Tea Sing Something in the Morning Rex8993 2.7 2

Band Welsh Guards + F Richardson Coronation Bells Land of Hope & Glory Rex9025 2 6.00

Lawrence September in the Rain What will I tell my Heart Rex9053 2.2 2.00

Wilbur Hello Blackpool medley (2 sides) Rex906 1.7 2.00

Cotton Fifty million Robins can't be wrong Carelessly Rex9077 2.3 3

Cotton Hometown Waltz of the Gipsies Rex9108 2.2 1.00

Lawrence You're looking for Romance I'm looking for Love Sunset in Vienna Rex9120 7 1.5 3

Wilbur Shall we dance selection (2 sides) Rex9125 2 1.50

Popeye Let's all sing like the Birdies sing Teddy Bears Picnic Rex9172 1.6 5.00

Merrin Lily of Laguna/Waiting at the Church Veleta Rex9185 2.5 1.00

Wilbur Little old Lady Whispers in the Dark Rex9188 1.3 3.00

Cotton House with the little green Tiles Don't forget the old Folks at Home Rex9216 2.3 3.00

Cotton Me & my Girl Lambeth Walk Rex9232 1.4 2.00

Popeye On the good Ship Yacki Hicki doo la Man on the Flying Trapeze Rex9238 2 5.00

Popeye Barnacle Bill the Sailor Merrygoround broke down Rex9314 2 5.00

Cotton Red Maple Leaves Music Maestro please Rex9371 1.8 1.50

Kirchin Chestnut Tree (A England)How to dance The Chestnut Tree Rex9434 2.4 2.00

Wilbur I hadn't anyone till you Georgia's gotta moon Rex9440 2.3 2.00

Rabin I got love Chesnut Tree Rex9474 2 1.50

Kirchin Park Parade (Adele England)How to dance Rex9501 1.6 2.00

Popeye Boogy boogy boo 3 little Fishies Rex9562 2 5.00

Cotton Wish me Luck There'll always be an England Rex9632 1.4 2.00

Elsie Carlisle Nursie Nursie Till the Lights of London shine again Rex9693 2.5 3.00

Two Leslies It's a hap-hap-happy Day Goodnight Rex9721 2 3.00

Elsie Carlisle Oh Johnny oh Mr Jones Rex9734 1.5 3.00

George Elrick Arm in Arm Light up your Face with a Smile Rex9773 1.8 3.00

Geo Formby Jr Chinese Laundry Blues My Ukulele Rex9878 3.1 3.00

Geo Formby Jr Sitting on the Ice in the Ice Rink Why don't Women like me Rex9887 1.2 8.00

Fox Oh Monah Georgia on my Mind Rex9892 1.8 2.00

Elsie Carlisle Oh what a Surprise for the Duce When the Blackbird says Bye Bye Rex9904 1.7 4.00

Freddy Gardner 10am Blues Someday Sweetheart Rex9935 1.6 5.00

Geo Formby Jr I went all hot & cold Wedding of Mr Wu Rex9959 1.7 5.00

Rabin I'd know you anywhere I ain't got Nobody Rex998 2.3 2.00

Cotton Mister Brown of London Town Dolores Rex10031 2.1 4.00

George van Dusen Special Party record (2 sides) Rex10079 2.5 3.00

Elsie Carlisle You're in my Arms Why don't we do this more often Rex10092 2.9 2.00

Sandy Powell Lost Policeman in the Blitz (2 sides) Rex10095 1.9 6.00

Anne Shelton I'll be with you in Apple Blossom Time Some sunny Day Rex10104 1.6 4.00

Elsie Carlisle Rustic Rhapsody Rose O'Day Rex10106 2.3 3.00

Wilbur How about you He stole my heart away Rex10122 1.5 2.50

Cotton When the Robin sings his Song again Cookhouse serenade Rex10158 1.5 6.00

Cotton Pony Express Bottle Party Rex10190 2.2 4.00

Cotton This is the Army Mr Jones I'm mad at myself Rex10191 2.2 4.00

Elrick We don't know where we're going Nobody else but you Rex10202 3 2

Ambassadors How many Hearts have you broken Up Rex10212 2.3 3.00

Cotton There's never been so many bonny Babies Choc'late Soldier from the USA Rex10216 2 5

Cotton Cockney Rhyming Song My favourite Dream Rex10217 2.1 5

Cotton Till all our Prayers are answered Accentuate the Positive Rex10221 2 6
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Guardsman Records

Each nearly 80 or up to 105 years old.
Please note many because of their age are in below average condition- see condition code before price.

Wills & Laurence Two Finches Bird's Carnival Guar225 1.8 1.50

Robert Carr Beautiful Bird Sing on In the Valley where the Blue Birds sing Guar227 3 1.00

Mary Williams Love's old Sweet Song The Rosary Guar228 3.2 1.00

Band El Capitan Stars and Stripes Guar236 2.8 1.00

Pamby Dick Waltz of Scotch melodies Plantation Melodies Guar242 3.1 1.00

Thomas Jackson Your Eyes have told me so Come sing to me Guar244 2.6 1.00

HM Irish Guards Band Victoria Cross March Bullfighters' March Guar283 2.2 1.00

Jack Charman Somehow Sometime Someplace (F Harland)When I lost you Guar305 2.1 3.50

Pamby Dick To the Woods Circassian Circle Dance Guar314 2.7 1.50

Descriptive Voyage on a Troopship Guar326 4 (ie damaged) 0.50

Billy Whitlock Keep on March Keep on March Guar342 2.6 1.00

Mary Williams Where my Caravan has rested Little grey Home in the West Guar345 2.8 1.50

Violet Weldon Eileen Alannah Kathleen Mavourneen Guar346 2.3 2.00

Jack Charman Hold your Hand out Naughty Boy (W Thompson)Take me in your Arms & say you love me Guar353 2.3 5.00

Band National Emblem March Conqueror March Guar364 1.5 2.50

Alf Willis Pom Tiddley om Pom What cher my old Brown Son how are yer? Guar373 2.5 4.00

S Cullen 'cross the Mason Dixon Line (L Collins)Get out & get under Guar375 2.8 1.50

H Newton You're the most wonderful Girl My Heart still clings to you Guar389 2.3 1.00

Sketch Tommy Atkins in the Trenches Guar420 3 3.00

C Barr Sunshine of your smile (S Holland)Un peu d'Amour Guar445 2.8 1.00

String Orchestra Fascination Waltz Amoreuse waltz Guar446 2.5 1.00

T O'Connor You've got me & I've got you You're here & I'm here Guar454 2.7 1.00

John Ansell Mary from Tipperary Where are the Lads of the village tonight? Guar460 3 2.00

S Holland Kitty Lee Someone wants you Guar471 2.1 1.00

John Ansell When the Angelus is ringing (M Wallace)Till the Boys come Home Guar472 2.5 2.00

Harry Cove We're all North Country Lads and Lasses What happened in the Summertime Guar473 2.2 4.00

Fanning & Fortune While they were dancing around Waiting Guar475 3 1.00

Alf Willis The End of my old Cigar My old Iron Cross Guar476 2.5 4.00

G Wentworth Dear old Saturday Night Be my Pal Guar487 3 1.00

Fanning & Fortune He's a Ragpicker Goodbye Virginia Guar488 2.7 2.00

Fanning & Fortune Night Time down in Dixieland You great big wonderful Baby Guar501 2.7 2.00

Sketch Departure of Kitchener's Army for France Landing of Kitchener's Army in France Guar511 2.8 4.00

W Randall As long as I've got the 'eart I like your Town Guar513 2.5 2.00

Eric Knowlman Girl I love Somewhere in France dear Mother Guar524 2.7 1.50

Spencer Holland Send a Line to Mother When the Boys come Home again Guar537 3 2.00

Billy Whitlock Killarney's Kicks Fairy Kisses Dance Guar554 2.6 1.00

Billy Whitlock Erin's Pride Messengers March Guar562 2.9 1.00

Fanning & Fortune Are you from Dixie? Down Home in Tennessee Guar569 3 2.00

John Ansell What you've never had you never miss (A Mackenzie)A broken Doll Guar571 2.1 3.00

Billy Whitlock On the lake Baby Love Guar575 2.8 1.00

Billy Whitlock Chuckles I had to laugh at once Guar583 2.5 3.00

John Ansell What you've never had you never miss (J Donaldson/N Freeman)You stole my Heart away Guar585 2.4 2.00

Fanning & Fortune Oh you little Bear There's a little Baby up in the moon Guar586 2.7 3.00

Barrett & Sullivan Blighty (L Baker)Home Bells are ringing Guar612 2.3 1.00

Billy Whitlock Dancing Dan Jig A Drop of Scotch Guar655 2.6 1.00

Hilda Bertram (piano) Rustle of Spring Rhapsody No 4 Liszt Guar687 2.7 5.00

N Haines/R Lionel Aloha Oe Can't you see I mean you? Guar718 2.6 1.50

E Osborne Just my love Someday I'll make you love me Guar768 2.3 1.00

G Wentworth Sergeant Brown Goodbyee Guar786 3 2.00

Fanning & Fortune Keep your Eye on the girlie you love For me and my Girl Guar794 4 (ie damaged) 0.50

Three Freds When you have Time to remember Music on our Surrey Farm Guar833 2.5 5

Robert Carr I think of you Bells of St Marys Guar842 3 1.00

B Welsh Oh it's a lovely War Swing me in the Moonlight Guar843 3.2 2

Robert Carr The Heart of a Rose Bells of St Marys Guar862 2.7 1.00

JH Squire's Karsino Orchestra Maxina Inspiration Guar872 2.9 1.00

Jack Charman Kkkaty I'm going back to the girl I left behind Guar883 2.5 4

Orchestra Missouri Waltz Irresistible waltz Guar886 3 3.00

Harry Durrant Give me the Moonlight Many Happy Returns of the Day Guar899 2.7 2.50

Jack Charman At half past nine My Californian Girl Guar902 2.5 4.00

Robert Carr Memories Remember Me Guar904 2.6 1.00

Pamby Dick De'il amang th' Tailors Flowers of Edinboro Guar912 2.7 2.00

Jack Charman Sporty Boyee When we used to gather at the Old Dun Cow Guar917 2.3 4.00

Francis & Farringdon How yo' gonna keep 'em down on the Farm Ja-da Guar918 2.4 2.50

Francis & Farringdon Down in Virginia On the Level you're a little Devil Guar920 2.3 3.00

Robert Carr Bells & Blue Ribbon Why didn't you tell me Guar924 3 1.00

Tom White Fiddlesticks Old Moses Guar931 2.5 2.50

Robert Carr There's a Halfway House to Heaven I'm glad I can make you cry Guar940 3 1.00

Fred Gibson Hold my Hand I've got the Wind up Abe my Boy Guar944 2.5 3.00

Lionel Rothery I want to go down the Dear Old Strand What are the Wild Waves saying Guar951 2.2 2.50

Fred Gibson Kelly's come back to the Isle of Man No more Bully Beef & Biscuits Guar953 2.8 2.50

Francis & Farringdon Mulligan's Picture Show Farmer Giles Guar955 2.4 2.50

Barrett & Sullivan Indianola Can you tame wild Wimmin Guar958 3.4 1

J Black As we danced my Mammy & me You'd be surprised Guar998 2.2 4.00

R Thurston Memories at Eventide I'm forever blowing Bubbles Guar999 2.5 14 3.00

Jack Charman I know where Flies go When that Harvest Moon is shining Guar1000 2.7 4.00

Trio That tumbled down Shack in Athlone (Quartette)Darling Nellie Gray Guar1003 2.5 1.00

Harry Raderman Band Dardanella (Band0Wyoming Guar1007 2.7 2.00

Robert Carr City of Laughter City of Tears In sweet September Guar1064 2.5 1.00

Robert Carr When Big Ben's Chimes ring out (Hart & Shaw)Down the Trail to Home sweet Home Guar1066 2.2 1.50

Green Bros Band Kismet (H Raderman Band)Anytime anyday anywhere Guar1073 2.7 3.00

Harry Raderman Band Whispering Avalon Guar1086 2.9 2.00

Billy Jones I'm gonna do it if I like it Jinga bula jing Guar1126 3 1.50

R Donaldson There you are Then I want a Boy Guar1132 2.5 3.00

Jack Charman Coal Black mammy Down Yonder Guar1141 2.5 4.00

E Manzi Doreen Sunny Spain Guar1146 1.9 1.00

LB Kingsley Regrets Serenade Drigo Guar1147 2.4 2.00

Dance Band My Lady of the Lamp Pucker up & whistle Guar1152 2.5 1.00

Robert Carr If I wait till the End of the World Tears of an Irish Mother Guar1160 2.6 2.00

WG Ellis I passed by your Window (C Hart)Old Pal Gu1185 3 1.00

Dance Band By the Sapphire Sea Mr & Mrs Guar1187 3.2 1.00

Jack Charman I'm getting better every Day I want some Money Guar1204 2.2 5.00

T Edwards My sweet Hortense What happens after the Ball Guar1231 3.1 1.00

Robert Carr Arabian Moon Caravan Guar1238 2.2 1.00

P Howard Beaver Carbolic Guar1242 2.8 3.00

Dance Band Dancing time Just for awhile Guar1268 2.8 1.00

Dance Band Lovely Lucerne Three o'clock in the Morning Guar1274 1.3 1.50

F Harding I do like Blackpool Rock Where was Virginia creeping to Guar1339 2.7 2.50

Dance Band No no Nora Midnight Rose Guar1389 2.8 2.00

Billy Whitlock On the Lake Keep on march Guar1498 2.1 2.00

G Maxwell Bringing Home the Bacon (M Rinder)A New Kind of Man Guar1592 1.8 3.00

Harry Trevor Bagdad (D Sheppard)All alone Guar1656 2.7 1.00

D Freeman Carmen Fantasia Faust Fantasia Guar1749 2.3 1.00

D Freeman O sole mio Slumber Song Guar1755 1.5 2.00

Tango Band Golden Tango Girl O sole mio Guar1855 2.5 2.50

D Sheppard Always The World is waiting for the Sunrise Guar1866 1.2 2.50

T Lawrence Oh Charley take it away I must have 40 Winks Guar1935 2.5 1.50

Bidgood Band Love me My Irish Home Sweet Home Guar1941 2 1.00

D Sheppard/F Nicholls When it's Twilight on Missouri Tie me to your Apron Strings again Guar1946 2.2 1.00

Murray's Green Gables Band Lonesome & Sorry (Royal Troubadours)When the Red Red Robin Guar1953 3 2.00

T Christy Mary Lou Her Beaux are only Rainbows Guar1973 2.3 1.50

T Lawrence The more we are together (G Maxwell)What can I say after I say I'm sorry Guar1999 1.6 2.00

Bidgood Band Lavender waltz Because I love you Guar2004 1.2 1.50

Harry Trevor Just a Rose in old Killarney Whistle away your Blues Guar2009 2.4 1.50

Harry Trevor Bid your Troubles all goodbye (D Sheppard)Take in the Sun hang out the Moon Guar2021 1.7 2.50

Four Aces Everything's made for Love I've got the Girl Guar2043 2.7 1.50

Ferdinando Band Blue Skies (Bidgood Band)Paree Guar2052 3 2.00
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For Sale
This list is in random order, there is literally, well almost literally, every genre you can think of, in 78rpm record terms, maybe even the one you are searching for. This is like searching thru piles in a junk shop, or on a well known internet sales site, only some of this is fairly superior 'junk,' I hope you might agree. If you don't, then you must be mighty hard to please!

Records from a few pence to 100

Jack White Band: Moonlight & Mimosa/ Blighty... Regal MR3323= 1.7 3xx reduced to 2

Bebe Daniels and Ben Lyon: Little Swiss whistling song/ Deep Purple... DecF7046= 2.2 1.50

The Duchess: London L1170= 2.0 1

Morton Fraser's Harmonica Gang: Caravan/Chelsea... HMV JO441= 2.2 5

Stan Freberg: Tele-vee-shun/ Banana boat... CapCL14712= 2.0 2

Talbot O'Farrell: If I can't sing about my mammy/ The day that O'Rafferty's daughter got wed... Winner4093= 2.5 2

Maurice Elwin: Cowboy serenade/ Pretty Kitty Kelly... Zono5914=2.0 1.50

Bill Haley... Bruns05317= 2.2 only 1.50

Elvis: Don't be cruel/ Hound dog... HMV POP249= 2.2 5

Robert Radford: O Isis/ O Star of Eve... ZonoGO17= 2.45 1

Ambrose Orch: Puleeze Mister Hemingway/ Till Tomorrow... RegMR769= 2.0 2

Max Darewski Band: Tea for two/ I love the moon... Zono 2548= 1.8 but ND sd 1 1

Carolina Club Orch (Hal Kemp): Under a Texas moon/ Shine on harvest moon.. ParR660= 2.1 3

Juan S Garrido Orch: Hamp's Boogie Woogie/ Potpourri Bailes Mexicanos... Peerless 2238= 2.7 RCnap sd1 2.50

Triawd Y Coleg: Triawd y boarth/ My grandfather's old penny farthing (in Welsh)... DecM629= 2.2 2.50

Ray Anthony Orch: String of pearls/ What is this thing called love... CapitolC5193= 2.2 1

Benny Goodman: Clarinet a la king/ The Earl... Par R2843= 2.2 1.50

Judy Garland: I'm nobody's baby/ Buds won't bud... Br03038= 2.2 5

Casa Loma Orch: Smoke rings/ Always... Br02547= 1.7 3

Ted and May Hopkins: The squire... Winner 4135= 2.2 2

Ted and May Hopkins: A Welsh courtship... Winner 4005= sold

Benny Goodman: Six Flats/ Why don't you do right?... ParR2864= 2.2 1.50

Benny Goodman: There'll be some changes/ Jumpin at the Wodside... ParR2916= 2.0 2

Noel Coward: The stately homes of England/ Where are the songs we sung... HMV B8722= 1.7 2.50

Fats Waller: Fat and greasy/ Darktown strutters ball... HMV JO116= 2.2 3xx reduced to 2

Flotsam and Jetsam: New worlds for old/ Two different men... ColumbiaDB624= 2.2 2

Gigli: Funiculi/ Suonno... HMV IR364= 2.1 2.50

John Mills (film star) and Louise Browne: Nonny no/ I'm on a see-saw... HMV B8279= 1.9 2.50

Jerry Colonna: Too fat for the chimney/ Sleigh bells in the sky... Br05212= 1.7 1.50

Chas Austin & Co: Parker at the Derby... Coliseum 1360= 2.5 2

Doris Day: PhilPB497 = 2.0 1

Fred Astaire: Dearly beloved/ Shorty George... Br03429= 2.2 2

Henry Ainley: HMV B3492= 2.2 RC nap 1

Eleaonra de Cisneros: Printemps qui commence/ Samson & Delilah (label blank sd2)... Edison82529= 2.2 10

Kirkby and Hudson: You'd never know that old home town of mine/ Where the black eyed Susans grow... Ariel 316 asted over Winner 3170 (Ariel label only on sd 1)= 2.5 4

Mackenzie Rogan's Military Band: Graceful dance/ Gypsy rondo ... DuophoneB5146= 1.9 3

Mackenzie Rogan's Military Band: Tarantelle de la poupee/ Pals of yesterday ... DuophoneB5085= 1.9 3

Mackenzie Rogan's Military Band: Princess Ida selection/ Mikado selection ... DuophoneUB2066= sold

Gerhard Gregor (organ): Smart and charming/ Oh Marie... Polydor 6050= 2.3 1

Christopher Stone comperes A Night at the Old Tivoli Music Hall. Authentic recordings of JW Rickaby, Arthur Lennard, Florrie Forde etc... Winner 5604= 2.0 only 3

Jacques Charon: Les deux amis etc/ La jeune veuve... Selmar SC43= 1.9 5

La Nina de Los Peines: Buleria/ Media Granadina...Columbia DF299 (Levy's sticker on sd 1)= SOLD

Jack Coutney (organ): Winner 4611= 2.3 50p

Bert Weedon: Stranger than fiction/ China boogie... ParR4113= 2.3 1

Spike Jones: I'm in the mood for love/ Secret love... HMV JO407= 2.3 3

Euryl Coslett: Blodwen f'anwylyd/ Unwaith eto'n nghymru annwyl... QualitonRD3102= 2.2 3

David Price: Bugail Aberdyfi/ Cartref... QualitonRD3105= 2.2 3

Penclawdd Choral Society: QualitonRD3155= 2.1 2

Cor Penillion Glannau Glaslyn: QualitonRD3119= 2.3 2

Nancy Bateman and Euryl Coslett: Hywel and Blodwen/ O Gartref yr Eryr ... QualitonRD3107= 2.5 2

Skewen Choral Society: QualitonRD3112= 2.2 2

Pendryus Male Choir: QualitonRD3145= 2.3 2

Jack A Wil: Ty fy nhad/ Cyfrif y bendithion... QualitonGM2245= 2.0 6

Bunk Johnson: HMV B9517= 2.0 2

Benny Goodman: HMV B8535= 2.2 1.50

Horace Vernay: Don't go down the mine/ Miner's dream of home... Ariel 295= 2.0 1.50

Blue Mountaineers: Moon/ Let's put out the lights... Broadcast3260= 2.2 2

Teddy Wilson Quartet: ParR2741= 2.0 1

Black Knight's Jazz Band: Summer set/ Hal Munro: Slow boat to China... EmbassyWB380= 2.1 2.50

Vera Lynn: Nightingale sang in Berkeley Square/ Little king without a crown... DeccaF7507= 1.9 5

Glenn Miller: Nightingale sang in Berkeley Square/ My prayer... HMV BD5850= 2.0 2

Maurice Cole: Norwegian bridal procession/ Bohemian dance... AcoG15661= 2.1 3

Maurice Cole: Scherzo Chaminade/ Trois Ecossaises no 3... AcoG15738= 1.9 4

Ben Davies: I know of two bright eyes/ I'll sing thee songs... ColDB1430= 2.0 3

Gervase Elwes: Battle hymn/ Sonnet XVIII.. ColD1374= 2.1 (one pimple sd 1) 3

Gervase Elwes: By Wenlock town/ Gifts... ColD1428= 2.0 3

Malcolm McEachern: Golden city of St Mary/ Young Tom o'Devon... VocalionR6128= 2.0 3

Malcolm McEachern: Showman/ Tavern song... VocalionR6135= 1.7 3.50

Malcolm McEachern: You along o' me/ Bells of the sea... VocalionR6116= 2.2 2

Malcolm McEachern: Blow thou winter wind/ In cellar cool... VocalionR6030= 2.1 2.50

Destournel: Be still blackbird/ Gleaner's slumber song... VocR6091= 2.0 3

Eric Marshall: In the great unknown/ Sometimes in my dreams... VocR6031= 2.2 1.50

Holme Valley Male Voice Choir: Soldiers chorus/ Pratty flowers... Columbia 3484= 2.1 4

Harry Fay: Fares please/ Meet me at the corner of the street... Zono 1861= 2.6 1.50

Gervase Elwes: Brittany/ Listen to the voice of love... Col D1426= 1.7 3

Caruso: HMV DA117= 2.5 50p

Percy Heming: Wanderer's song/ Absence... VocalionX9115= 2.2 1.50

Jack Charman: Turned up/ I'm goin south... AcoG15427= 2.1 3

Maurice Cole: Duetto/ two Chpin etudes... AcoG16088= SOLD

Maurice Cole: River gardens/ Rigaudon... AcoG16065= 1.7 8

Maurice Cole: Air de ballet/ Arabesque and intermezzo... AcoG15507= 1.7 3

Percy Grainger: Columbia D1664= 2.0 2

Cecil Dixon: Country gardens/ Shepherd's hey... Col DB1713= 1.4 2

Raymond Newell: Mary had a little lamb & Jack and Jill/ Upidee... Col DB1342= 1.9 3

Orchestra: Chinese wedding procession (2 sides, same both side)... Victor 0252 (unusual Victor Pict-ur-Music label)= 2.0 6

Victor Orch with male quartet: Graham-Paige march (s/sided)... Victor Special (matrix41289)= 2.0 3

Sing me to sleep/ Love's old sweet song... Music Master Record serial 1007= SOLD

Romance/ Albumblatt... Music Master Record serial 1026= 1.9 3

Reve d'artiste/ Black eyes... Music Master Record serial 1025= 1.9 3

Shipmates o' mine/ Song of the highway... Music Master Record serial 1022= SOLD

Londonderry air/ Ave Maria... er Record serial 1019= sold

Red Nichols Five Pennies: After you've gone/ The Sheik... Bruns 1104= 2.2 2.50

Mezz Mezzrow... HMV B8646= 2.2 1

Stanley Kirkby: The flag that never comes down/ Here we are again... RegalG6820= 2.5 1.50

Billy Cotton: Rex9472= 2.3 1.50

Jay WIlbur: You're in my arms/ You stepped out of a dream... Rex10078= 1.9 2

Greta Keller: Thanks for the memory/ Once in a while... DeccaF6640= 2.2 2

Yerkes Jazarimba Orch: Ain't we got fun/Vernon Club: Look for the silver lining... Col 3054= 1.7 2.50

Mistinguett: Il m'a vue nue/ Ca c'est Paris... Par R3451= SOLD

Louisiana Rhythm Kings: Sweet Sue/ Squeeze me...Br03282= 2.0 2.50

Roy Fox: DeccaF2834= sold

Dan Dailey and Andrews Sisters: Clancy lowered the boom/ I had a hat... Br04088= 2.1 1.50

Mel Blan: I taut I taw a puddy tat/I'm glad I'm Bugs Bunny... CapCL13407= 2.1 1.50

Lord Beginner: Victory test match calypso/ Sergeant Brown... Melodisc1133= 2.3 2.50

Paul Whiteman Orch: It won't be long now/ Manhattan Mary... HMV B5555= 2.2 2

Hockien Chang Chow- Chinese Record... Qwek Swee Chiang Record 3050-C/D (Teck Chiang Long Co Singapore) in original slightly tatty sleeve= 1.9 15 (manufactured by Edison Bell)

Harry Bluff: Tax the bachelors/ I'll saw his see-saw down... John Bull 40710/1= 2.2 2

'Apach's Dance'/Espanita... Homphon 6133/11198= 2.2 1

Fred Popplewell: Be thou faithful selection... HMV Private Bb16165= 2.1 4

George Formby: They can't fool me/ It's in the air... RegMR2891= 2.2 3

Natzy Biltmore Orch: Moonlight/ Merry Melody Men: Pucker up... Colis1416= 2.2 1.50

Coliseum Orch: Air Louis XIII/ Menuetto... Colis1772= 2.2 1
Coliseum Military Band: St Julien/ Garde du corps... Colis1672= 2.3 1

Vienna Dance Orch: Ecclesbourne Glen/ Courtship... Colis 1520= 2.5 1

Max Bygraves: That dear old gentleman (s/sided sample)... HMV POP262= 2.2 50p

Lily Laskine: Concerto for harp and orchestra (4 sds)... HMV K7621/2= 1.8 6

Pathe Military Band: Savoia-Roma/ Richard Wallace march... dubbing of Pathe 5342/6230= 2.0 1.50

AJ Alan: Percy the Prawn (2 sds)... WG Wallace record for Freemasons Hospital CP140/1 (different to Regal Zono issue) SOLD

Amedeo Bassi: Recondita Armonia/ Ch'ella mi creda... Historic Masters HRS1060= 2.0 but HC thru 1

Marlborough Dance Orch: Let me dream again/ George Beaver: Dancing with my baby... Boots flexible disc31286/75= SOLD

Compton Mackenzie: Rogues and vagabonds... DominionB5= 1.8 but EHC for first third of disc 5

Maurice Cole: En automne/ Polichinelle ... AcoG15087= 1.8 3

Maurice Cole: Naila wz (2 sds)... AcoG16111= 2.0 2

Maurice Cole: Water wagtail/ Serenade Chaminade... AcoG15963= 1.8 5

Palace Guards Band: La boheme selection (2 sides)... MelotoS1822= 2.2 2

Marini's Hawaiian Trio: Moorish dance/ Momi= 2.0 4

Chas D Smart: Kentucky lullaby/ Student Prince wz... Vocalion SAMPLE M0403/4= SOLD

Caruso: Noche Feliz/ Tu ca nun chaigne... HMV DA574= 2.0 3

Nat Gonella: Capri caprice/ Sheik of Araby... Par F317= 1.7 one very minor dent 1.50

Nat Gonella: Tea for two/ Limehouse blues... Par F1302= 1.7 2

Ted Lewis: When my baby smiles at me/ She's funny that way... Br02830= 2.4 1.50

Jack Teagarden: Dark eyes/ Hundred years from today... Br03365= 1.9 2.50

Valerie von Martens: Man darf nicht zu schwarz seh'n/ Es war ein Madchen und ein Matrose... Electrola EG6604= 2.4 5

Zarah Leaner: Gebundene Hande/ Eine Frau von Heut'...Par R2458= SOLD

Sophie Tucker: Last of the red hot mamas/ Sweet music... HMV B3586= sold

Paul Whiteman: Wedding of the birds/ New tiger rag... Col CB163= 2.1 minor RCnap 2

Comedian Harmonists: Hoppla jetzt komm ich/ Es fuhrt kein andrer Weg zur Seligkeit... Electrola EG2516= 2.4 6

Glenn Miller:Under blue Canadian skies/ Adios... HMV BD5727= 1.8 2

Harry James: Sweet Georgia Brown/ Ciribiribin... Col DB5060= 1.8 few very lt scrs= 1.50

Judy Garland: Here's what I'm here for/ Man that got away... PhilPB366= 2.0 2.50

Jack Jackson... HMV B6537= 2.2 1

Bill Farrell: Circus/ Thru a long and sleepless night... MGM247= 2.2 4

HM Cots Guards: Hallelujah chorus... G&T406= cracked but playable 1

Stanley Holloway: Brown boots/ Yorkshire pudding... ColFB2526= 1.3 4xx reduced to 3

Peggy Cochrane: Ritual fire dance... Decca SAMPLE DR20756= 2.3 2

George Sanders etc: Regency rakes/ Heather Thatcher etc: There's always something fishy about the French... HMV B8133= 2.4 4

Ray Noble: Very thought of you/ Little Dutch mill... HMV B6482= SOLD

George Formby: Grandad's Flannelette nightshirt/ Mr Wu's a window cleaner now... RegMR3301= 2.1 4xxx reduced to 3

Master Christopher Robin: Now we are six (2 sides)... HMV B2980= 2.2 2

Mugsy Spanier: HMV B9008= 1.7 1.50

Dick McIntyre: On the beach at Kualoa/ Kehaulani... Decca2634= 2.5 50p

Benny Goodman: Par R2770= 2.0 1

Dizzy Gillespie: One bass hit/ Things to come... Par R3051= 1.9 1.50

Royal Military Band: French anthem/ Belgian anthem... Coliseum 647= sold

Johnny Hamp: Black bottom/ Fred Hamm: Sugar foot stomp... HMV B5173= 2.3 3

Nat Shilkret: Get out and get under/ Whiteman: My pet...HMV B5504= sold

Orch Symph de Paris conducted by Pierre Chagnon: L'Arlesienne incidental music (10 parts)... Columbia 4988-92 rare set= 2.0 first disc has a minor IHC no trouble (five discs) 10

Duke Ellington: Clarinet lament/ Echoes of Harlem... Br02222= 2.0 3

Charlie Gracie: I love you so much it hurts/ Wanderin eyes... London HL8467= 1.8 1.50

Don Lang: Six five special/ School day... HMV POP350= 1.9 2

Vipers Skiffle: Railroad steamboat/ Streamline train... Par R4308= 1.8 2

Giacomo Lauri-Volpi: Ah non mi ridestar/ Giunto sul passo extremo... Fonotipia 152020/15= 1.7 35

Selma Kurz/A Preuss: Trinlied... G&T2-44462= 1.7 40

Selma Kurz: Parla... G&T53491= 1.7 30

Buddy Holly: Peggy Sue/ Everyday... Coral Q72293= sold

Earl Beatty: Empire Day message (date c1936)... Permarec 1.7 (private pressing good surface, rear bare metal) 25

Johnny Dankworth: I hear music/ The slider... Esq10-163= 2.0 some slight steeling 2.50

Delmore Brothers: I'm leaving you/ Honey I'm ramblin away... Decca 46043= 1.7 few very minr pimples 5

Teichiku picture label (female artiste)= 1.9 minor LC 3

Vasantha: Dola langaguru para/ Mae gammane... HMV WN164= 2.2 1.50

Die Linzer Buam: D'Sumsenbacher/ Sautner landler... Elite Special 8725= 2.1 2

Sammy Shields: English cup final ... Zono 638= 2.7 1

Watcyn Watkins: Port of many ships/ Trade winds... Vocalion X9432= 2.4 1.50

Wilhelm Hesch: Hier imirdischen Jammertal/ Keine Ruh beiTag und Nacht... Gramophone Conert 3-42976/7= 2.0 but minor HC thru 3

Temple Choir: A few more years/ Art thou weary... Winner Black Bell label 2765= 2.3 1

Count Basie: HMV B9593= 2.0 1

Andrews Sisters: Chattanooga Choo Choo/ For all we know... Br03290= 1.9 2

Nat Gonella: Star dust/Mister rhythm man... ParF132= 1.8 1.50

Leslie Sarony: Why build a wall round a graveyard?/ I took my harp... Rex8063= 1.9 2

Two Leslies: I'm a little prairie flower/ Let me go back to the farm... RegZonMR2593= 2.1 2.50

Tessie O'Shea: ColDB2232= sold

Eve Boswell: Par R3784= 2.1 50p

Connie Boswell: Me minus you/ I'll never have to dream again... Br1382= 1.9 2.50

Elsie Carlisle: Hut sut song/ She had those dark and dreamy eyes... Rex10021= 2.0 3

The Crickets: CoralQ72279= SOLD

Vic Damone: Ebb tide/ If i could make you mine... Oriole CB1226= 1.9 1.50

Billy Daniels: Day in day out/ How deep is the ocean... Oriole CB1136= 1.8 2

Kig George V: Speech at opening of world monetary and ecnmic conference... HMV special RB4468= sold

Peter Dawson: Toreador song... Zono X42917= 2.3 dig 1.50

Arthur Young/ Stephane Grapelly/ Beryl Davies: Ma/ In the mood... DecF7450= 1.6 5

Duke Ellington: HMV B9305= 1.8 2

Dixieland Jazz Group vocal Lena Horne: St Louis blues/ Beale STreet blues... HMV BD5819= 2.2 2

Shirley Bassey: Fire down below/ You romeo... PhilPB723= 1.9 2.50

George Barrere (flute): Gondoliers/ Salut d'amour... Columbia2664= 2.1 1.50

Pable de Sarasate: Zigeunerweisen...HV E329 (No 2 Catalogue)= SOLD

Larry Brennan Band +Dixon: Was love a dream/ Just a year ago tonight... RegZonMR1166= 2.2 1

Fats Waller: Armful o' sweetness/ Do me a favour... HMV JF7= 2.2 3

Fats Waller: Gladyse/ Valentine stomp... HMV JF4= 2.2 4

Jack Shilkret: Africa/ Waring: June night... HMV B1894= 2.3 1.50

Raie da Costa: Viktoria and her Hussar medley... HMV B3957= 2.2 2

Frank Crumit... HMV B10327= 1.7 1

Gene Krupa: Tuxedo Junction/ Drummin man... ParR2750= 1.5 2

George Fromby: Leaning on a lamp post/ Hi tiddly hi ti island... RegMR2490= 2.0 2

Jane Froman: You'll never walk alone/ One little candle... CapCL14658= 1.9 2

Adam Faith: What do you want/ From now... ParR4591= 2.0 20

Connie Francis: Lipstick on your collar/ Frankie... MGM1018= SOLD

Ella Fitzgerald: Hard hearted Hannah/ Pete Kelly's blues... Br05473-= 1.8 4

Johnnie Francis: I still believe/ Madonna... DecF10380= 2.1 3

Connie Boswell: Wishing/ Sunrise serenade... Br02770= 2.0 2.50

Welsh Miners Quartette: Excelsior/ Minstrels: For you alone... Metropole 1008= 2.2 1.50

Ambrose: Blue skies are round the corner/ Umbrella man... DecF6914= 2.0 1.50

Billy Cotton: Don't you ever cry/ Too romantic... Rex9823= 1.7 3

Carroll Gibbons: Too romantic/ Moon and the willow tree... ColFB2441= 1.8 1.50

Oscar Rabin: My sister and I/ Daddy... Rex10054= 2.1 2

Oscar Rabin: Halfway down the street/ I'll never smile again... Rex9857 =1.9 1.50

Billy Cotton: When they sound the last All Clear/ Hut sut song... Rex10048= SOLD

Bill Haley... Br05615 = 2.2 1

Glynis Johns: More than you know/ Love at last... ColDB3003= 1.6 4

Julie Andrews: I could have danced all night/ Without you... PhilPB846= 2.2 3

Billy Cotton: Humpty Dumpty heart/ How green was my valley... Rex10136= 1.6 SOLD

Max Miller: Um-ta-ra-ra/ Every Sunday afternoon... HMV BD541= sorry sold

Paul Whiteman Orch: Trav'lin' light/ Old music master... CapCL13845= 2.2 1.50

Roger Williams: World outside/ Pianon concerto no 1... LonHLR8758= 2.1= 1

Billy Ward and The Dominos... LonHLU8465= 2.1 1

The Keynotes: Let's go steady/ Chincherinchee...DecF10745= 2.1 1.50

An Impression of the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace... Decca F1945= 1.8 5

Gene Kelly: I got rhythm/Love is here to stay... MGM424= 1.8 2

Yodelling Boundary Rider: Day I left daddy alone/Original Ned Kelly song... RegZonG23895= 2.1 2.50

Sarah Vaughan/ Billy Eckstine: Passing strangers/ Door is open... Mercury MT164= 2.1 4

Jack Payne Band: Home/ My mystery girl... RegMR519= 2.2 1.50

Terry Dene: White sport coat/ Man in the phone booth... DecF10895= 1.7 2

Johnny Mercer: (+Whiting)Baby it's cold outside/ (+Stafford) Conversation while dancing... CapCL13158= 2.0 2

Hutch: I want to be bad/ Button up your overcoat... ParR468= 2.3 1.50

Eddie Elkins Orch: May I/ Osborne: Love thy neighbour... Rex8207= 1.9 1.50

Hue Lee... Columbia DB2837= 2.2 2

Madame Deering: Ora pro nobis/ Ave Maria... Zono472= 2.1 2

Denise Lor: If I give my heart to you/ Hallo darling... ParR3893= 2.2 1.50

Noel Coward: Nina/ Matelot... HMV B9434= sold

Bar Harbour Society Orch: Oh Katherina/ Oh Joseph... Grafton9095= 2.3 2xxx reduced to $1.50

Zelie de Lussan: Lili... Victor81002= 1.6 one small blister 40xxx reduced to 35

Zelie de Lussan: Rosy Morn... Victor81008= 1.7 50

Elena Gerhardt: In stille Nacht... HMV Bb7882-3... 1.6 4

Elena Gerhardt (Mikish piano): Wie sollten wir/Neue Liebe... HMV 2-43181 white label pressing= 2.0 8

Lionel Rothery: When Irish eyes are smiling/ It takes an Irish heart... Pathe 9013= 2.0 4

Lionel Rothery: Make me the king of your heart/ Never min... Pathe9015= 1.9 4

Savoy Orpheans: Red roofed chalet/ Sunset down in Somerset... HMV B5347= 2.3 1.50

Harry Bidgood (as Sumner): Just a little closer/ Singing a song to the stars... Broadcast2610= 2.0 1.50

Roy Fox: I don't want to go to bed/ What would happen to me... DecF3333= 2.0 2

Jack Payne Orch: Old Italian love song/ All hands on deck... ColCB8= 1.5 5

Debroy Somers Band: Ev'ry little while/ I'll be lonely... Col 4785= 1.9 2.50

Fred Rich: Calling me home/ What about me... Columbia 4764= 1.7 3

Kentucky Free Booters: In my bouquet of memories/ Together: Picc118= 2.4 1.50

Emil Clare: my idea of a girl/ Married v Single... Cinch5060= 2.3 4

Debroy Somers Band: In the hush of the twilight/ Do you... Columbia 5000= 1.7 2.50

Fred Rich: Man I love/ Dolly Dimples... Col 4786= 1.9 2

Debroy Somers: I never dreamt/ Shady tree... Col 4896= 1.6 4xxx reduced to 3

Debroy Somers: One more night/ Wide open spaces... Col 4906= 1.6 3

Kalua Hawaiian Players: Orange grove in California/ It's hard to say goodbye... DecF5007= 2.0 1

Kalua Hawaiian Players: Under the tropical moon/Palisa... DecF5107= 1.9 1

Kalua Hawaiian Players: Drifting and dreaming/ On our parting day... DecF5190= 1.8 1

Lani McIntyre: Only a rose/ Lover come back to me... DecF6516= 1.9 1 >

Alfred Apaka Hawaiians: Aloha oe/ Across the sea... Bell 232/3= sold

Jacob Keliikoa's Hawaiaans: Samoa of Samoa/ Pokini: Iniki malie... Bell 516= 2.0 2

Billy Williams: Meet you one dark night/ SDave a little one for me... Coliseum302= 2.2 2.50

Melville Gideon: Tonight dear/ Hang out the stars in Indiana... ParR1093= 2.0 1

Jack Jackson: I bought myself a bottle of ink/ Faith... HMV B6526= 2.0 2

Phoebus Military Band... Phoebus3008=SOLD

Stanley Kirkby: I wonder if you miss me sometime/ (rear side has label removed)... Pelican P39 = 3.0 edge bite 1

Organ Solo: Odeon Worthing- Gay Divorce selection/ Odeon Kingston- You -love... Cinecord03= 2.3 5

Sideny Bechet with Lyttelton Band: Sleepy time down south/ Who's sorry now... Melodisc 1104= 2.2 3

Gordon Parsons: Rodeo is on/ Letter I'll never get... RegZonG25358= 2.0 2

Buddy Williams: Over hilltop and hollow/ Overlander trail... Reg ZonG25052= 1.9 2

Benno Moiseivitch... HMV E265= 2.2 1

Tommy Solomon: Old timer's hula/ James Moikeha: Maui girl... 49th STate 90= sold

Stanley Kirkby: Old rustic bridge/ All that I ask is love... Lyceum068= 2.5 2.50

Philip Ritte: Come into the garden Maud/ Thora... JohnBull 40462/0= 2.2 1.50

Eli Hudson (piccolo): The Wren/ Dragon fly... Winner3110= 2.5 1.50

James Johnston: Star of the County Down/My love's an arbutus... Boosey and Hawkes V2102= SORRY SOLD

Anon: Rocker fox trot/ Until (blues)... Potomac=SOLD

Edward Lloyd: Bonnie Mary o' Argyle... Gramophone Concert3-2938= 2.0 2.50

Orchestra: Druid's prayer/Valerie... Empire1005= 2.5 1

Cloister Singers: In going to my naked bed/ I go before my darling... Super Art MAC19/20= 1.9 5

Jac van Kempen (tenor): Dann werden die Gerechten leuchten/ Aller Seelen... Gramophone Concert3-42870/2= SOLD

14 Tromboniers: Eileen Alannah/ Life and death... VF1287= sold

Hal Morteno (ukulele- American recordings): Maui/ Hawaiian hulas... Guardsman1978= 2.1 2

Giselle MacKenzie: Hard to get... HMV SAMPLE B10914= 1.5 4

Edmund Hockridge: Man from Laramie... PAR SAMPLE R4051= 1.3 4

Edmund Hockridge: Stranger in paradise... PAR SAMPLE R4011= 1.3 4

Dick James: Summer sing song... PAR SAMPLE R4164= 1.4 2.50

Columbia Orchestra: Chariot race march/ New colonial march... Col D43= 2.4 2

Wingy Manone... HMV B9313= 1.6 1.50

Morton Downey: I'm pally with Sally again/ Isn't it heavenly... Broadcast3341= 2.5 1

Duke Ellington... HMV B9292= 1.6 2

Hollywood Dance Orch: Just a memory/ Sheridan Entertainers: Dancing tambourine... Winner4775= 2.2 1

George van Dusen: It's holiday time again/ Murphy's wedding day... Rex8641= 1.9 1

John Gielgud etc: Fanfares, excerpts.... HMV Special SCB1 with attractive photo of King George VI Royal family on blank reverse= 2.2 8

The Happiness Boys: Constantinople/ Chilly pom... PerfectP302= 2.5 1

Glenn Miller: Melancholy lullaby/ Blue moonlight... HMV BD5822= 1.9 2

Harry Fay: Military representative/ ANy complains? No... Zono1878= 2.4 2

Glenn Miller: Million dreams ago. Starlit hour... HMV BD5929= 2.0 2

Ben Selvin Orch: Hollywood revue of 1929/ Broadway melody medley... Col 5627= 1.9 1.50

Glenn Miller: Farewell blues/ Say si si... HMV BD5602= 1.8 2.50

Alfred Heather: Mary/ Pembroke: Pair of sparkling eyes... Winner 2016=2.5 1

Duke Ellington: Mood to be wooed/ Carnegie blues... HMV B9448= 1.8 2

Robert Ingram: By the light of the silvery moon/ Mamie May... Winner 2011= 2.3 1

John McCormack: Harp that once through Tara's halls/ Believe me... HMV DA306= 1.9 2

Jack Charman (as Ted Yorke) I wish it was Sunday night/ Where does daddy go... Winner2323= 2.3 2.50

Gigli: Come raggigo di sol/ Violetta... HMV DA1895= 1.6 2

Chaliapine: HMV DA962= 1.9 1.50

Frank Holder with Johnny Dankworth: Stop proceed with caution/ Mambo in the moonlight... ParR3928= 1.9 2.50

Tommy Handley: Airman don't put the wind up me/ Will anybody here have a drink... RegMR76= 1.9 2.50

Tommy Handley: Disorderly room... Zon2900= 2.1 1.50

Gertude Lawrence: Limehouse blues... Decca UNPUBLISHED TESTS GB3520-2 and GB3520-3 two single sided discs= 1.7 25

Gertude Lawrence: Parisienne Pierrot... Decca UNPUBLISHED TESTS GB3521-2 and GB3521-3 two single sided discs= 1.5 25

Gertude Lawrence: Impossible you... Decca UNPUBLISHED TESTS GB3465-2 and GB3465-3 two single sided discs= 1.6 25

Gertude Lawrence: Now you're here... Decca UNPUBLISHED TESTS GB3464-2 and GB3464-3 two single sided discs= 1.6 25

Gertude Lawrence: Love over all... Decca UNPUBLISHED EXP 95-1 = 1.7 25

Peter Dawson: Glorious Devon/ Drum major... HMV B3280= 1.5 1.50

Eddie Goddard: I'd rather be by the fireside/ My motter... Columbia 1324= 2.2 2.50

Harry Fay (as Charlie Collins): Tafyf's got his Jenny in Glamorgan/ Keep the kettle boiling Mary... Zono1650= 2.3 2

Black Diamonds Band: Yankyana jazz fox trot/ Blue blazes fox trot... Zono1941= 2.2 1.50

Black Diamonds Band: The vamp fox trot/ Blue Dardanella fox trot... Zono1992= 2.2 1.50

Peerless Orch: Caper Sauce one or two step/Echo des Alps... Zono1412= 2.1 1

Harry Fay: I can't stop loving you now/ I'd like to be on the farm... Zono2024= 1.7 4

PA Hope tenor: Green grow the rushes oh/ Just a wee deoch an doris... Zono706= 1.9 1

John Amadio (flute): Witches dance/ Papillon... Zon 2126= 1.9 damp marks 1.50

Harry Champion: Carroty/ Daisy's daisy roots... Zono901=SOLD

Robert Carr: Leanin'/ Welsh Miners: Song of the Jolly Roger... Metropole Special Record (no label etched details)= 1.9 10

Michael Bohnen: If power divine for once were mine/ Drinking song Freischutz... Brunswick 15074= 1.7 small blister sd 1 5

Elena Gerhardt: Vergebliches Standchen/ Cacilie... Vocalion B3115= 1.6 10

Celestina Boninsegna: King of Thule/ Jewel song... Columbia D8080= 1.7 5

Olly Oakley: Spirit of the glen/ (+Kirkby) Stay in your own back yard... Winner2185= 2.1 2

Charles Smart (organ)... DeccaF10252 white label= 2.0 1

Vox Orchester: Alt Berlin/ Ehrenwache... Vox1001= 2.1 3

Norman Allin: I'm a roamer: Orchestra: Valse des fleurs... Columbia PLS1 special issue= 1.8 3

Harold Williams: Hainst the power/ J Edgar Humphreys (organ): Andante and allegro... Columbia PLS2 special issue= 1.6 5

Victor Conway: They didn't believe me/ Any old night... Beka1011 (with Beka Grand card sleeve)= 2.2 2

Frau Heymann-Engel & Juan Lruia: Reich mir die Hand mein Leben... Imperial Grand Opera89025= 2.5 18

Herbert G Turner: Ishtar/ Go lovely rose... Victor Private Record PR699= 2.0 3

English Train: starting, in motion, and stopping/ American train ditto... Columbia YB6 (sound effects record) 2.2 5

Frans Vesper: Funf Stucke fur dad Laufwerk.. Columbia DC571= 1.4 10

Plunket Greene: Poor old horse/ Garden where the praties grow... ColDB1321= 1.7 5

Pianola dubbing: Contes bleus/ Lolita (Chaminade)... PRS4= 1.8 2

Pianola dubbing: Promenade/Rondeau allegre (Chaminade)... PRS5= 1.8 2

Choir: Master shipwright/ Holiness & You'll get there- including an epilogue by Christopher Stone... HMV B31= 1.5 4

Zonophon Ensemble: Erstrumung von Luttich... Vaterlandische Zonophon Aufnahme17935 (rare wartime picture issue)= 2.0 30

Pouishnoff: Quand il pleut/ Overture in D major... ColumbiaD1459= 1.7 3

Malcolm McEachern: Witch of Bowden/ Spanish gold... Vocalion X9512= 2.0 4

Heinz Herschmann (piano): Songs without words nos 9 and 19... Neglected Masterpieces NM4 (Oriole Records)= 1.6 8

Arthur Askey: The Worm/ Knitting... HMV BD739= 1.6 2.50

John McCormack: Come where my love lies dreaming/ Funiculi funicula... HMV DA310= sold

Caruso: Mattinata... HMV pink label52034= 2.1 2

Quintette of Hot Club of France: Tears/ Rose room... HMV B8718=2.0 5

Maurice Cole: Sonata in D minor/ Hark the lark... AcoG15896= 2.1 2

Maurice Cole: Automne/ La Source... AcoG15768= 1.6 3

Grammophon Orkester Copenhagen: Du har jo en lille Streg paa/(side 2 label removed)... GC7-280032= 2.2 3

Stanley Kirkby: Scross the sands of time/ Joan of Arc... Winner white TEST 3245= 2.3 2.50

Chantecler Orchestra: Florentiner wz/ Valse brune... Chantecler 56698/15304= 2.0 8

Billy Peach: The talking budgerigar... Rex9815= 2.0 1 (must be one of the earliest examples of this wretched type of record)

Harold Black: Our Fleet/ Here's to the day... Jumbo1215= 2.2 3

Leslie Mitchell: Abdication HRH The Duke of Windsor... CP1727/8= 2.2 10

Butterfly Record- unknown titles (label removed sd 2): this is a record made for the Burma Butterfly Company number 116 by Edison Bell= SOLD

Rufus John: The Red Flag/ The International... Lansbury's Labour Weekly=SOLD

Maurice Cole: Pas des amphores/ Humoresque... AcoG15612= 1.6 3

Maurice Cole: Danse creole/ Pierrette... AcoG15331= 1.6 3

The History of the Lyre Bird... Herschells Pty Ltd= 1.6 5

Sir Harold Spencer Jones (Astronomer Royal): A mon ami Michel (date 1947)... HMV S14053-B= 2.0 25

Alexander Prince: Martial moments... RegalG8984= 2.0 dig sd 2 1

Florrie Forde: Cheer up Mary... ZonoX43140= 2.5 6

John McCormack: Because/ My dreams... HMV DA305= 2.0 1.50

Chaliapin: Pilgrim's song/ Siberian prisoners' song... Victor (Special Record for Gramophone Co)1004= 1.6 5

John McCormack & Werrenrath: The moon has raised/ Crucifix... HMV DA172= 1.7 2.50

Billy Cotton: Run rabbit run/ Girl who loves a soldier... Rex9633= 2.1 2

Orchestra Mascotte: Dubinuschka... ParR486= 2.1 1

Pee Wee Hunt: Coney Island washboard/ Mama's gone goodbye... CapCT3275= 2.2 1.50

Fred Murray: I want a holiday with a real nice girl/ The world's all right, it's the people living in it...RegalG7840= 2.3 small EHC= 50p

Eli Hudson (piccolo): Silver birds... HMV9030= 2.3 2

Eli Hudson (piccolo): Variations of Keel Row... Gram Concert9040= 2.3 4

Jimo Akanbi (sung in Yoruba): Coronation/ Ajibowu... HMV JZ6= 2.5 SOLD

Malcolm McEachern: Only an old rough diamond/ Time to go... Columbia 4893= SOLD

Fred Douglas: Hello old what's a name/ Georgia... RegalG7805= 2.0 1.50

Polyphon Military Band: Miserere/ Minuet no 1... Klingsor 8764= 2.2 4

Robert Carr: Let me kiss those tears away/ I shall never cease to love you... VictoryB40= SOLD

Hugh Ogilvie: Hail Caledonia/ An old fashioned chap... Beltona1253= 2.8 1.50

Band of Irish Guards: Harry Lauder's songs/ Popular songs... Polyphon8770= 2.4 2

Gene Krupa... Col DB2316= 1.6 1.50

Albert Grobe: Pussycat's hristmas...Young Peoples Records727= 2.4 1.50

Maggie Robertson: Jock o' Hazeldean. Ca' the ewes to the knowes... Rena1433=2.2 2

Violin Flute and Harp Trio... Rena 1099= 2.0 1

Harry Thornton: Teoman's wedding song/ Ho Jolly Jenkin... Rena 1064= SOLD

Coleman Hawkins: Spotlite/ Say it isn't so... HMV B9605= 2.2 1

Hank Williams: I can't help it/ Baby we're really in love... MGM471= 1.8 but EHC 50p

Nat King Cole: Dreams can tell a lie/ Ask me... CapCL14513= 2.2 1

Tony West: I'm knee deep in daisies/ Geoff Roberts: I'm sitting on top of the world... Scala758= sold

Lord Beginner: Queen Elizabeth calypso/ George Browne: I was there at the coronation... ParMP120 SOLD

Carmen Macrae... Bruns05738= 1.8 1.50

Giusppe Campanari: Non piu andrai/ Se vuol ballare... Columbia white SAMPLE A740= 1.8 5

Lionel Jeffries Band: Toy drum major/ Band: Nightingale... DuophoneB5077= 2.5 1.50

Ariel Military Band: Fire and sword/ Colonel Bogey... Ariel 205= 2.1 1

Little Richard: Rip it up/ Ready Teddy... London HLO8336= SOLD

Jack Albin Band: You're driving me crazy/ Lloyd Newton Varsity Eleven: Swett Jennie Lee... Imperial 2408= 2.3 1.50

Teddy Brown: Light Cavalry/ Blue Danube... Imp2563= 2.2 1

Jack Charman: Turned up/ Horsey keep your tail up... Winner3994= SOLD

Norris Dixon &Walter Dixon: That Dixie rag/ On the Mississippi... Winner 2293= 2.5 1.50

Luton Red Cross Silver Prize Band: Fraternity/ Jamie's Patrol... Winner3893= 2.2 1.50

Southern Rag A Jazz Band: Crooning/ Coal black mammy... Winner 3625= 2.2 2

The Elliotts: Who's the girl/ Wake up little girl... Winner3777= 2.2 1

Hurlingham Club Orch: Ka lu a/ Band: Dapper Dan... Winner3735= 2.2 1.50

Stan Greenng Orch: Savoy cottish medley/ American medley... Imperial 1307= 2.4 1 (label states Electric Recording, but this is utterly incorrect!)

Pat O'Dell: Amy (tribute to Amy Johnson)/ Ain't it grand to be home again... Imp2291= 2.3 1

Teddy Brown: Light cavalry overture/ Poet and peasant... Imperial 1718= 2.2 1

Palladium Orch cond Horace Sheldon: Cabaret Girl selection ... Scala 583= 2.2 2

Hayes & Croft: What do you want to make those eyes at me for/ Down Texas way... Coliseum1069= 2.2 1

Ted Knox: Twice one are two/ See you later= Scala 554 SOLD

Ella Fitzgerald: Don't you think I ought to know/ My happiness... Bruns03934 1.8 few lt scres 2

Jerry Lee Lewis: Whole lotta shakin/ It'll be me... London HLS8457= SOLD

Fats Domino... London HLU8330= SOLD

Herbert Payne: By the side of the Zuyder Zee... ZonoX42549= 2.4 1

Hank Snow: Golden Rocket/ Rhumba boogie... HMV MH151= 2.3 2.50

Benny Goodman: Clarient a la king/ The earl... ParR2843= 2.0 1.50

Benny Goodman: Good Enough to sleep/ A smooth one... ParR2816= 2.0 1.50

Benny Goodman: Air mail special/ Tuesday at ten... ParR2827= 2.2 1.50

Theresa La Cava: Noche Feliz... Teytone=SOLD

Else Jena: Vaer du mig naer/ Jun een Dag... Feli B1= 2.3 couple of blisters 3

Marguerite Viby with Teddy Petersen Orch: Tingeling fur mig/ Hvad er jeg uden dig... PolyphonHA70005= 2.2 4

Kai Mortensen Orch: En lille bitte Vogn/ Sommerdat... Tono SP4406= 2.2 5

Ulla Billquist: Jag drommer om en Varmed dig (White Christmas)/ Som du vill ha mej... Tono SP4268= 2.2 two small blisters side 2 5

Gudrun Torup: Lykken til dig/ Froken April... Tono SP4231= 2.2 5

Holger Hansen: Tak/ Naar der kommer en baad med bananer... Tono SP4412= 2.2 $5

Lulle Elbojs Orch: Tco tico/ My guy's come back... Tono SP4423= 2.3 5xxx now 4

Edvard Persson: Sol over Klara/ De' skall vara en malare till de'... Columbia DD485= 2.2 4

Marcella Sembrich: Der Nussbaum... Victor G&T VM43657= 2.0 very minor EHC's sealed 30xxx now 20

V Petrov/ Petrov & Rostovsky- Faust: Beka 45344/5= 2.2 30

Marcella Sembrich: Aria Traviata... Columbia 1366= 2.3 some marks 95

Charles Santley: Vicar of Bray... G&T 2-2963= 2.1 40

WS Sharonoff: With tired steps... Columbia 35041= 1.9 125

N Figner Zono X2-62952 (coupled with) Davidov: X2-62482= 2.1 95

Van Dyck: Pourquoi me reveiller... Pathe797= 2.0 50

Van Dyck: Chant d'amour... Pathe795= 1.8 50

Elena Gerhardt: Musensohn/ Morgen...Vocalion B3112= 2.1 8

Peter Dawson: Bedouin's love song... Nicole5658= 2.2 80

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Buying Records
Records are sold on a First Come basis (see note 1 below).
email. or write: Cheques payable to "D.Moore" 35 Lower Street Horning Norwich NR12 8AA England.
Payment can also be made using PayPal. Contact my email address above before sending payment as sorry, I do pass on the PayPal fee to you.
You are welcome to collect your records BY PRIOR ARRANGEMENT.
You are welcome to phone (01692 631 540) regarding any queries, but I cannot take payments over the phone.

Within the UK (but not abroad), safe arrival is guaranteed or your payment will be refunded for any damaged records purchased. Records are covered in bubble wrap and despatched in a special double wall card box. I want your 78 to arrive in one piece. I have 50 years experience, and believe you cannot cut corners in this area.
Post and Packing is extra to the cost of the discs: for 10 INCH RECORDS (and smaller) in England is as follows
4.50 ...1 record
5 ...2 to 6 records
10.... 7 to 20 records (allow ten days approx for delivery)
15.... 7 to 20 records (approx 3-4 working days delivery)
(NOTE: maximum for one parcel is normally about 20 discs)
For 12 inch records, please see page with such discs for rates.
Important note on INSURANCE: these prices include insurance in UK only to a maximum value of 20 (max 6 records at cheaper postal rate) or 100 (up to 20 discs at 15 postal rate). If your parcel is worth more than this amount, please ask if you want full insurance cover.

Postal Prices to remoter parts of Wales, Scotland, N Ireland may be different.
ABROAD: I will obtain the best quote and let you know the cost. Please note that insurance is not available for items sent out of Britain.

NOTES: 1 In the event of any items being already, sadly sold, why not procide an alternative choice? Pages are updated periodically, but inevitably it could be that that elusive record you want may possibly have been sold.
2 Records are normally dispatched within 7 days of your order with payment being received.
3. In the rare event of damage to items in the post, ENSURE YOU RETAIN the parcel and contents and inform me within 7 days of delivery. Claims cannot be accepted outside this time scale.
4. For customers abroad- I recommend Paypal. Or you can send US dollars or euros cash at current exchange rate.
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