Dinosaur Discs 78rpm Records for Sale
For sale - post and packing is extra.
Please email or write to "D.Moore" 35 Lower Street Horning Norwich NR12 8AA
Sorry no credit cards. Cheques welcome.
PayPal accepted, but their fee is added to the cost.
My bargain Record Boxes FOR SALE - bulk buys but not Junk!
Collect in person, with advance notice, or you can arrange for your own courier.

1,000 (approx) DANCE band records mostly 20's and 30's 175.
300 (approx) JAZZ 30's TO 50's 75.
Mixed genres, no real rubbish. 1,000 for 150 or 5,000 for 650.

Auction - you bid invited for these, first good offer accepted - or please ask for photo, condition info etc
John Forsell: Julsang auf Adam... HMV 2-83552 condition 2.3
Didur: Coppelius Song /Vi Ravviso... Pathe Actuelle 025066 condition 1.8
Didur: Veau d'Or/ Whistle Song... Perfect 11516 condition 1.8
Selma Kurz: O glucklich Land... HMV43886 condition 2.0
Selma Kurz.. Styrienne ... Berliner 43014 condition 2.3
Charles Santley: To Anthea ... HMV2-2864 (No 2 Catalogue) condition 1.6
Vialtseva: G&T23453 condition 2.0
Edouardo de Reske: Infelice... Columbia Grand Opera 1221 condition 2.2
Marcella Sembrich: Fruhlingstimmen... Columbia Grand Opera 1365 condition 2.2
Leon Lafitte: Un Ange... G&T32100 condition 2.5 bumps
Leon Lafitte: La Donna e Mobile ... Columbia 50379 condition 2.2 blisters

(Condition codes 1= mint, 2= average, 3= poor)