Dinosaur Discs 78rpm Records for Sale
This list valid until August 4th 2017.
First Come First served. Record Prices in UK pounds exclude post.
Huge Mixed 10" Sales . HMV DB series . Columbia L series . Parlophone F series . HMV Dance B6000 series . 12 inch Classical
Records are sold on a First Come basis,
in strict order of receipt.
Please email.
Or you can phone (01692 631 540)
8.30am-4pm Mon-Fri,
or write to "D.Moore"
35 Lower Street Horning Norwich
NR12 8AA England

Sorry no credit cards. Cheques welcome.
PayPal accepted, but their fee is added to the cost.
Condition is graded by me visually. My condition code is
1=FIRST i.e. MINT (no such thing to be frank) but 1.1 is as near perfect as you'll get!
2=SECOND i.e. not perfect but with blemishes (more marked from 2.5)
3=THIRD RATE! - mostly of interest if a rare item!
FOR MORE PRECISION the numbers are divided into tenths
so 2.2 is a good playable copy with some faults or to old collectors E-/V+.
Anything over 2.2 has an increasingly tired and worn look but can be heard if you have the ears.
Abbreviations: EHC=edge hair crack. RC=Rim chip. nap=not affecting play. NR=Needle run.
EB= edge bite. dig=record has stop groove. RS= Rough Start.
Where records are in poor (2.5 or more) condition anyway some of these faults will not be stated.

Some common label abbreviations: Bcast=Broadcast, Br=Brunswick, Cap=Capitol,
Col=Columbia, Imp=Imperial, Lon=London, Rad=Radio, Reg=Regal, Win=Winner.

Information on
postal costs
, using double wall boxes.

My lists show:

My famous "Record Boxes" - bulk buys but not Junk!
A ready made selection of 78's. Please note that each Box doesn't contain rarities, but neither any that I'd call "very common."
Subject to availability. A general indication of what boxes contain is given below.
You can collect in person, with advance notice. Post/packing is extra.
The postal rate for boxes marked A is 9 for one box (only England, Wales, or Southern Scotland)
or smaller boxes marked B is 5 (UK only). Delivery may take up to two weeks, as I have to take bulk parcels to a collection point some miles distant.

Popular pre 1945: A mix of records from about 1925 to 1940, popular singers, instrumentalists of stage, radio and screen. Box 1A: Twenty 78's=4.50. Box 1B: Six 78's=2.
Post war popular 78's: Mostly 1950s, singers male/female, maybe a few late 1940s, or instrumentals etc. Box 2A: Twenty 78's=4. Box 2B: Six 78's=1.95.
Classical vocal 78rpm records. A variety of great singers and lesser known names, of operatic arias, classical songs. Box 3A: Twenty 78's=4. Box 3B: Six 78's=1.95.
Jazz/swing: 78s. Mostly late 1930s-1950s Box 4A: Twenty 78's=9. Box 4B: Six 78's=3.50.
Dance Band: 78's fox trots etc all pre 1950. Box 5A: Twenty 78's=8. Box 5B: Six 78's=2.95.
Acoustic 78s (pre-electric)= all these records are at least 85 years and up to about 100 years old Box 6A: Fifteen only 4
Victory 7 inch 78rpm records Box 7B: 15 for only 3.50
Eight inch discs: from the 1920's and 1930s dance bands Box 8B: Ten for 3.75
Eight inch discs: from the 1920's and 1930s personalities Box 9B: Ten for 2
Twelve Inch Classical: Box 10A vocal 78s: 12 for 4. Box 11A orchestral 78s: 12 for 2.50. Box 12A instrumental 78s: 12 for 3.

FOR COLLECTION ONLY, by prior arrangement (note these are LOOSE, some in sleeves)- The Ultimate Mad Collectors' Heap- approx 1000 78's a random mix of boxes (various sized records 7 inch, 8 inch, mostly 10 inch, plus 12 inch), only 99. Under 10p each! These are not heaps of what I consider junk, though there probably won't be major rarities either.
Cardboard sleeves (10 inch or 12 inch or mixed) 20 for 8 post paid (UK ONLY) - second hand, but generally good condition
















HMV DB Classical Vocal
with a few instrumental and orchestral, spanning the 1920s through to the 1950s.

Post and Packing is extra to the cost of the discs.
For these 12 INCH RECORDS in non remote areas of UK is as follows
1 to 4 records= 5
5 to 15 discs= 15
16 to 21 discs= 18
Insurance included up to 25.
I will quote individually for parcels sent to remote areas in Britain, or abroad.

Benjamin Gigli M'appari tutt' amor O Paradiso dall' onde uscito HMVDB109 2.9 5.00

Enrico Caruso O tu che in seno agli angeliAh si ben mio cell'essere HMVDB112 1.7 8.00

Enrico Caruso Che gelida manina Cielo e mar HMVDB113 1.8 5.00

Enrico Caruso O souverain o Juge o Pere Rachel quand du Seigneur la grace tutelaire HMVDB123 2.9 2.00

Enrico Caruso Ideale Spirito gentil HMVDB129 2 5.00

Tita Ruffo Lassu in Cielo Dite alla giovine HMVDB176 2.2 5.00

Emilio de Gorgoza Mi Nina Canto del Presidiario HMVDB187 2.2 5.00

Mattia Battistini Eri tu (+Sillich)Lo Vedremo o veglio audace HMVDB200 2.2 9.00

Mattia Battistini Tre sbirri ina carrozza Era la Notte HMVDB212 1.8 12.00

Mattia Battistini Amour amour Ideale HMVDB213 2.3 5.00

Mattia Battistini Si puo Un Nido di memorie HMVDB239 2.2 15.00

Maria Jeritza Allmacht'geJungfrau Einsam in truben Tagen HMVDB306 2 5.00

John McCormack Morning was gleaming with roseate Light Trumpeter HMVDB32 1.8 5.00

Giovanni Martinelli Salut demeure chaste et pure La Fleur que tu m'avais jetee HMVDB334 2.4 3.00

John McCormack Killarney Kathleen Mavourneen HMVDB342 1.5 4.00

Nellie Melba Caro nome che il mio cor festi primo palpitar Ah fors e lui che l'anima HMVDB346 2.2 6.00

Ignace Paderewski Aufschwung La Campanella HMVDB376 2 4.00

Sergei Rachmaninoff Liebeslied Waltz in E Flat major Chopin HMVDB408 2.3 4.00

Luisa Tetrazzini Ah fors e lui che l'anima Sempre libera degg'io folleggiane HMVDB531 2.5 2.00

Luisa Tetrazzini Ah non creda mirarti Ah non giunge unman pensiero HMVDB533 1.6 5.00

Dimitri Smirnoff Chanson Hindoue Air de Lensky HMVDB581 2.2 10.00

Dimitri Smirnoff Se il mio Nome saper voi bramate Giunto sul passo estremo HMVDB582 2.1 12.00

Dimitri Smirnoff O dolce incanto Mi par d'udir ancora HMVDB583 2 12.00

Pol Plancon Les Rameaux (E Caruso/MJournet)Crucifix HMVDB591 2.3 8.00

Amelita Galli Curci Son Vergin vezzosa investa di sposa Tutte le feste al tempio HMVDB641 2.2 3.00

Pol Plancon Grand Isi Grand Osiri Qui sdego non s'accende HMVDB6571.8 10.00 (No2Cat)

Ezio Pinza Se oppressi ognor da ria sentenza (+A Turchetti)Dal tuo stellato soglio HMVDB698 2.2 9.00

Enrico Caruso In terra solo Un di all'azzurro Spazio guardai profundo HMVDB700 2 9.00

Dimitri Smirnoff Pourquoi mon triste Coeur (+MDavidoff)Oh Tsarevitch I implore thee HMVDB753 2.3 12.00

Hermann Jadlowker Mogendlich leuchtend in rosigem schein Gralerzahlung ElecDB775 2 12.00

Leonid Sobinoff I love you Olga Whither have you gone HMVDB889 1.5 20.00

L Bori/T Schipa Sono andati Oh Dio Mimi ElecDB911 2.3 2.00

Theodore Chaliapine Son lo Spirito che nega Ridda e fuga infernale HMVDB942 2.2 2.00

Nellie Melba Claire de Lune Swing low sweet Chariot HMVDB989 1.8 10.00

John Barrymore Gloucester's Soliloquy Hamlet's Soliloquy HMVDB1177 2 8.00

Nina Koshetz Kaddish Eili Eili HMVDB1205 1.8 20.00

Fritz Kreisler Caprice Viennois Tambourin Chinois HMVDB3050 1.5 1.00

Theodore Chaliapine Prisoner Black Eyes HMVDB3463 1.5 1.00

Hjordis Schymberg Deh vieni non tardar Come Scoglio HMVDB6294 1.4 18.00

Jolanda di Maria-Petris La Maja Dolorosa Nebbie/Luna che fa lume HMVDB6438 1.4 18.00

VPO/Furtwangler Emperor Waltz HMVDB21174 2 6.00

Benjamin Gigli Autunno Ave Maria Gibilaro HMVDB21597 1.9 4.00

Jussi Bjorling Che gelida manina Vesti la giubba HMVDB21602 1.6 4.00

Halle/Barbirolli Espana HMVDB21615 2.4 1.50
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Columbia L series
Earliest issues listed first.
Classical Vocal Instrumental and Orchestral

Post and Packing is extra to the cost of the discs.
For these 12 INCH RECORDS in non remote areas of UK is as follows
1 to 4 records= 5
5 to 15 discs= 15
16 to 21 discs= 18
Insurance included up to 25.
I will quote individually for parcels sent to remote areas in Britain, or abroad.

Leopold Godowsky Concert Etude No2 Liszt Gnomenreigen ColL1150 1.7 20.00

Orch/Beecham Processional March Gounod Valse Triste ColL1162 1.6 15.00

A Sammons/WH Squire/W Murdoch Waltz March No 3 Schutt Andante from Trio Saint Saens ColL1169 1.6 12.00

Albert Sammons Prelude & Allegro Pugnani Garden Melody ColL1170 2.3 4.00

R Buckman/M d'Oisly No Eyes on Earth Strange Harmony ColL1174 2 3.00

Alice Nielsen Old Folks at Home In the Gloaming ColL1177 2.2 25.00

Orch/Wood Tannhauser Overture ColL1196 2.7 1.00

London String Quartet Quartet in A Major Schumann (2 discs) ColL1199 and ColL1200 18 2.2 10.00

Thorpe Bates Company Sergeant Major Lighterman Tom ColL1346 2. 2.00

Percy Grainger Polonaise in A Flat Major Prelude in A Flat Chopin ColL1352 2.3 8.00

Norman Allin Wanderer's Song Yeomen of England ColL1366 2.2 3.00

Percy Grainger Hungarian Fantasy Liszt ColL1368 2.3 8.00

Herbert Langley On Monday she sold Cod Fish (Orch/Goosens)Daughter of Mme Angot Overture ColL1370 2 10.00

Desiree Ellinger In Days gone by (C Stroesco/A Wynn)Bless me ColL1372 2.1 12.00

LSO/A Coates Le Poem d'Extase ColL1380 2.5 12.00

Orch/Harrison Shrawley Round Redstone Rock ColL1388 2.2 75.00

Orch/Harrison Pershore Plums Ledbury Parson ColL1389 2.2 75.00

Josef Hofmann Minuet in G Paderewski Rondo capriccioso ColL1391 2.4 9.00

Josef Hofmann Valse brillante Berceuse ColL1392 1.6 18.00

Frank Mullings Forging Song ColL1399 2.3 3.00

Josef Hofmann Erl King Prelude in G Minor Rachmaninoff ColL1416 2.5 9.00

LSO/Strauss Rosenkavalier waltz ColL1421 1.9 13.00

LSO/Strauss Salome's Dance ColL1422 1.9 16.00

Daisy Kennedy/H Harty Grieg Sonata Op8 ColL1440 1.7 25.00

Norman Allin But who may abide the Day of His Coming Why do the Nations ColL1453 2.2 2.00

NQHO/Wood Danzas Fantasticas ColL1467 and 8 (set of 2) 1.9 16.00 Ferruccio Busoni Prelude/Etude Chopin Prelude to Choral/Scotch Step ColL1470 2.1 40.00

LSO/Bridge Seascape/Sea Foam ColL1500 2 75.00

LSO/Bridge Moonlight Storm ColL1501 2.1 75.00

D Labbette/WH Reed Four Songs for Voice & Violin ColL1590 2.8 ie v worn 30.00

Orch/Holst Country Song St Paul's Suite part 3 ColL1649 2.2 10.00

RPO/Walter Meistersingers Prelude Act 3 Nocturne A Midsummer Night's Dream ColL1651 2 12.00

RPO/Walter Isolde's Love Song ColL1652 2.2 10.00

New Queens Orch/Bridge A Christmas Dance Poem No 2 ColL1678 2.1 75.00

Capiton Zaporojetz Drinking Song of the Flea ColL1991 1.4 5.00

Ernest Newman Chopin Nocturnes (L Godowsky)Nocturne in E Flat ColL2164 2 5.00

Orch/Stravinsky Petrouchka Grand Carnaval ColL2175 2 12.00

Joseph Szigeti Caprice No 24 Paganini ColL2207 1.5 8.00

Orch/Stravinsky Firebird Suite part 7 and 8 only ColL2282 2 4.00

Bronislaw Huberman Mazurka Romanza Andaluza ColL2332 2.2 9.00
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Parlophone F series
1930s/1940s - listed in issue order. FOR SALE

Valaida- I can't dance I've got Ants in my Pants I wish I were Twins ParF118 2 2.00

Nat Gonella- Tiger Rag Nagasaki ParF161 1.6 2.50

Roy Lullaby of Broadway Words are in my Heart ParF174 2 1.00

Carroll- Gypsy loves Music On the good Ship Lollipop ParF181 1.7 3.00

Nat Gonella Hot Lips Blow Gabriel blow ParF193 2 2.50

Nat Gonella St Louis Blues Farewell blues ParF209 1.8 3.00

Nat Gonella- Lazy River Black Coffee ParF210 2 3.00

Mills- Cavalcade Lovely Liza Lee Rhythm Lullaby ParF219 2.5 5.00

Roy Sweet & slow Don't be afraid to tell your Mother ParF280 2 2.00

Joe Paradise- Limehouse Blues Solitude ParF288 1.6 3.00

Roy- Cheek to cheek Piccolino ParF298 2.8 1.00

Winnick- I wished on the Moon Sweetest Music this Side of Heaven ParF321 2.2 2.00

Len Bermon- About a quarter to nine Medley ParF336 1.8 2.50

Winnick Some other Time On Treasure Island ParF341 2.3 2.00

Nat Gonella Georgia Medley Georgia Rockin' Chair ParF346 2.2 3.00

Washboard Serenaders- Black Eyes Nagasaki ParF358 2.2 5.00

Leslie Hutchinson- Lights out These foolish Things ParF373 1.8 1.50

Len Bermon Sing before Breakfast Medley ParF374 1.7 2.50

Paradise- Memories of you Squareface ParF380 1.5 3.00

Nat Gonella Music goes round & around Sweet Music Man ParF386 1.8 3.00

Harry Chapman & His Music Lovers- When Budapest was young Tell me again ParF398 1.8 4.00

Henderson Twins Shirley Temple medley (2 sides) ParF431 2 6.00

Len Bermon Wah hoo Dancing Feet ParF451 2.2 2.50

Winnick Alone again Melody from the Sky ParF487 2.3 1.00

Roy Oh you sweet Thing Shine ParF500 1.6 3.00

Nat Gonella Harlem Hokum Blues Ride Red ride ParF503 1.7 4.00

Winnick A pretty Girl is like a Melody You ParF508 2 2.50

Abrams Nobody's Sweetheart After you've gone ParF512 2.2 7.00

Joe Paradise I've got the World on a String Mood Indigo ParF533 1.7 3.00

Ike Hatch When it's Sleepy Time down South Georgia on my Mind ParF578 2.1 2.50

Joe Paradise I ain't got Nobody Georgia on my Mind ParF580 2.7 1.50

Roy A fine Romance Way you look tonight ParF587 2 2.00

Roy I left my Sugar standing in the Rain I've found a new Baby ParF589 1.8 3.00

Ike Hatch Rhythm's OK in Harlem With a Banjo on my Knee ParF662 2.2 4.00

Jane Carr Sunbathing Singing Lesson ParF715 2.4 2.00

Clapham & Dwyer- Tennis (2 sides) ParF717 1.2 3.00

Roy- Boo hoo Rita the rumba Queen ParF750 1.7 3.00

Gonella- Swing that Music Jes' natch'ully lazy ParF754 2.1 2.00

Carroll- In the sweet long ago Moonlight and Shadows ParF773 2.2 2.00

Blackie and her Boys- Unsophisticated Sue (Santa Paula Serenaders)Nagasaki ParF846 1.8 8.00

Carroll- In Cherry Blossom Lane You're looking for Romance ParF859 2.4 2.00

R Frankau/T Handley- If you pretend you're blue Scientifically of course ParF865 1.3 2.50

Bennett and Williams- Silly isn''t it (2 sides) ParF930 2.2 3.00

Tessie O'Shea I'm ready I'm willing I know the Sailors do care ParF1079 1.7 3.00

J White Love walked in How'dja like to love me ParF1137 2 6.00

New York University Band Anchors aweigh Bab el mandeb/NY University Marching Song ParF1153 1.8 2.00

Roy San Sue Strut King Porter Stomp ParF1158 2 3.00

Nat Gonella Lambeth Walk Blackpool Walk ParF1199 2. 2.00

Kyser Music Maestro please I'm gonna lock my Heart ParF1222 2.5 1.00

Ferrie A tisket a tasket Pedro the Cocktail Shaker ParF1229 2.5 3.00

Duchin- A Stranger in Paree I wanna go back to Bali ParF1255 2.22.00

Silvester- Lambeth Walk Dance Instruction: Lambeth Walk ParF1287 1.6 1.50

CH Middleton- Come into the Garden (2 sides) ParF1298 1.7 5.00

Cardew- Penny Serenade Cinderella stay in my Arms ParF1316 2.1 2.00

H Robinson Cleaver/P Rossborough- Carefree selection That certain Age selection ParF1317 1.4 1.50

Nat Gonella Two sleepy People Umbrella Man ParF1332 2.4 2.00

Roy Alexander's got a Swing Band now Sha sha ParF1375 1.4 3.00

Hutch Deep Purple Masquerade is over ParF1412 1.9 1.00

Frank Rayston Lambeth Walk after Verdi Beethoven Mozart Lambeth Walk after Chopin Liszt ParF14342.3 2.50

Darewski Honolulu Boomps a Daisy ParF1499 2 2.00

Darewski Army Navy & Air Force When the Sergeant Major's on Parade ParF1500 1.3 3.00

Roy FDR Jones On the Outside looking in ParF1523 2.1 2.50

Joe Daniels Man who broke the Bank at Monte Carlo Nellie Dean ParF15581.5 3.00

Capt J Schofield Sinking of SS Kensington Court Wings over the Navy ParF1561 2.1 12.00

Gilbraith - Talk to me Tea for Two ParF1566 3.3 1.00

Darewski- No no Nanette selection Doll medley ParF1573 1.5 3.00

Jack Warner Up & down the Railway Lines My Brother in the Life Guards ParF1577 2.2 2.00

Roy- Adolf They can't black out the Moon ParF1583 2.1 3.00

Jack Warner Bunger up of Rat 'Oles Are you havin' any Fun ParF1647 1.3 4.00

Jack Warner My Love Parade Neath the Shanty Town Moon ParF1677 2.4 3.00

Roy She had to go & lose it at the Astor You made me care ParF1698 1.2 4.00

Kenway and Young Very tasty very sweet Three Bears ParF1716 2.1 3.00

Bennett and Williams Fiddling Fun (2 sides) ParF1723 1.5 5.00

The Classics- Bees' Wedding Boccherini Minuet ParF1724 2.2 1.00

Heidt G'bye now Be honest with me ParF1995 1.7 4.00

Geraldo Zip a dee doo dah Old lamp Lighter ParF2200 2.2 2.00

Mayerl Nola Dusky Aristocrat ParF2441 2.4 1.00

Phil Green- Saloon Bar Rag Let's go to the Pictures ParF2444 1.8 2.00
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HMV B Series B6000 Dance plus a few jazz (1931 to 1934)- listed in issue order. For sale.

Arden-Ohman Sleepy Town Express (Troubadours)You didn't have to tell me HMVB6002 2.4 1.00
Ambrose I surrender dear Laughing at the Rain HMVB6009 2.1 2.00
Vallee When you fall in Love fall in Love with me (Lown)Running between the Raindrops HMVB602 1.9 3.00
Hylton Bweavin' on de Window When the Moon comes over the mountain HMVB6027 2.3 1.50
Ambrose Moonlight Saving Time Poor kid HMVB6030 1.8 2.00
Noble Lazy Day Beside a Dutch Canal HMVB6031 2.1 6.00
Vallee My Cigarette Lady You're just a Lover HMVB6033 2.2 1.50
Arden-Ohman Nina Rosa My first Love my last Love HMVB6034 3 1.00
Ambrose Pardon me pretty Baby Faithfully Yours HMVB6038 1.8 3.00
Ambrose Leave the Rest to Nature I found you HMVB6039 2 2.00
Noble I'd rather be a Beggar with you Roll on Mississippi roll on HMVB6040 1.9 7.00
Arnheim One more Time (Weems)When you were the Blossom of Buttercup Lane HMVB6047 1.9 6.00
Ambrose I'm thru with Love I'm an unemployed Sweetheart HMVB6049 2.2 2.00
Arden-Ohman Can this be Love Fine and Dandy HMVB6050 1.8 2.00
Vallee Two little blue little Eyes (High Hatters)Just a blue-eyed Blonde HMVB6052 2.0 4.00
Noble Belle of Barcelona Pagan Serenade HMVB6054 2 5.00
Noble There's something in your Eyes Just a dancing Sweetheart HMVB6056 2.4 5.00
Noble When it's Sunset on the Nile Blaze Away HMVB6057 2.2 5.00
Hylton Ain't that the Way it goes Little old Church in the Valley HMVB6059 2.2 1.50
Ambrose Little Girl Wrap your Troubles in Dreams HMVB6062 2 2.00
Ellington Echoes of the Jungle Limehouse blues HMVB6066 1.6 7.00
Ambrose Nevertheless Smile darn ya smile HMVB6067 2.4 1.00
Ambrose They didn't believe me You were the only girl HMVB6077 1.7 2.00
Vallee I'm keepin' Company Makin' Faces at the Man in the Moon HMVB6082 2.7 1.00
McKinney's Cotton Pickers Talk to me (Mills Blue Rhythm)Minnie the Moocher HMVB6087 2.1 9.00
Noble Rhymes (2 sides) HMVB6090 2 1.50
Noble On a cold and frosty Morning Guilty HMVB6097 1.5 7.50
Ambrose Who am I For the Sake of the Days gone by HMVB6105 2.1 1.50
Ellington Sweet Jazz of mine Stevedore Stomp HMVB6106 2.1 4.00
Whiteman When it's Sleepy Time down South Old Playmates HMVB6107 1.6 5.00
Ambrose Close your Eyes Joey the Clown HMVB6109 2 2.50
Noble One little Quarrel I was true HMVB6118 2.3 6.50
Ambrose You're blase Mona Lisa HMVB6125 2.15 1.00
Reisman Bend down Sister (Arnheim)Nothing too good for my Baby HMVB6126 1.8 5.00
Ambrose Once aboard the Lugger My Mystery Girl HMVB6129 2 1.00
Ambrose Dancing in the Dark One more Kiss and then Goodnight HMVB6132 2.8 1.00
Hoagy Carmichael Georgia on my Mind (Ellington)Mystery Song HMVB6133 2.1 7.00
Ambrose Home My Heart is bluer than your Eyes HMVB6134 1.6 3.00
Ambrose Just Friends All of me HMVB6138 2.6 1.00
Ambrose To be worthy of you You try somebody else HMVB6139 2.2 2.00
Ambrose Now's the Time to fall in Love In the Jailhouse Now No 2 HMVB6140 3.2 0.80
Ambrose Trees Sleep on HMVB6142 1.6 2.50
Reisman If I have to go on without you Night was made for Love HMVB6152 2.3 1.50
Shilkret Delishious (Reisman)Someday I'll find you HMVB6156 3.2 1.50
Ambrose Old Man Bluebeard Riddles HMVB6165 2 1.50
Ambrose Day by Day Auf Wiedersehen my Dear HMVB6170 2.6 1.00
Arden-Ohman I got Rhythm Embraceable you HMVB6174 2.3 1.50
Denny Goodnight Moon (Arden/Ohman)When we're alone HMVB6177 2.8 1.50
Ambrose Turning of the tide Dream sweetheart HMVB6180 2.3 1.50
Ambrose Is I in Love I is Too many tears HMVB6181 2.2 2.00
Noble Give me a Tune (Waring)You're the one HMVB6182 1.8 7.50
Azpiazu A Penny for your Thoughts Marianna HMVB6185 2.3 2.00
Ambrose Stop the Sun stop the Moon When Yuba plays the Rumba on the Tuba HMVB6190 1.8 2.00
Shilkret By Special Permission of the Copyright Owners I love you (Noble)Dreams that don't grow old HMVB6192 3 2.50
Noble We've got the Moon and Sixpence Put that down in writing HMVB6203 2.4 6.00
Ambrose Humming to myself Soft Lights and Sweet Music HMVB6205 2 2.00
Black Ev'ry Time my heart beats My Lips want Kisses HMVB6207 2.5 4.00
Ambrose Sun has got his hat on Clouds will soon roll by HMVB6210 2.5 2.00
Noble Please don't mention it Pagan Moon HMVB6219 2 8.00
Kardos Crazy People Who beside me HMVB6226 2.1 3.00
Ambrose After tonight we say Goodbye At Eventide HMVB6229 2.7 1.00
Ambrose I can't believe it's true Masquerade HMVB6231 1.5 2.50
Noble Ain't ya comin out tonight She was only somebody's daughter HMVB6235 2.2 3.00
Noble Looking on the bright Side You're more than all the World to me HMVB6237 2.5 5.00
Noble Mad about the Boy Younger Generation HMVB6238 2.8 5.00
Noble There's another Trumpet playing in the Sky (2 sides) HMVB6241 2 3.00
Ambrose It was so beautiful Listen to the German band HMVB6242 2.1 1.00
Ambrose We just couldn't say goodbye Song of the Harp HMVB6243 2.3 1.00
Noble I'll do my best to make you happy Love is the sweetest Thing HMVB6245 2.5 5.00
Noble Marching along together Song of the Bells HMVB6249 2.3 5.00
Noble Don't say goodbye You just you HMVB6251 2 6.00
Mound City Blowers Tailspin Blues (Ellington)Creole Love Call HMVB6252 2.4 5.00
Ambrose Let's put out the Lights I guess I'll have to change my Plans HMVB6261 2.5 1.50
McKinney's Cotton Pickers After all you're all I'm after (Ellington)Jubilee Stomp HMVB6262 2.2 5.00
Noble Jug and Bottle (2 sides) HMVB6268 2.8 2.00
Noble Old Moore's Almanac (2 sides) HMVB6269 2.1 3.00
Whiteman I'll follow you How deep is the Ocean HMVB6275 2.9 1.00
Ellington Double check Stomp Sweet Dreams of Love HMVB6277 1.7 7.00
Noble Please Here lies Love HMVB6283 1.9 9.00
Noble Try a little Tenderness Always in my Heart HMVB6284 2.2 1.50
McKinney's Cotton Pickers Rocky Road You're driving me crazy HMVB6286 2.1 6.00
Washboard Serenaders Kazoo moan (Rhythm Boys)Tiger Rag HMVB6289 2.2 13.00
Isham Jones One little Word led to Another (Bestor)My Darling HMVB6300 1.5 6.00
Washboard Serenaders Tappin' the Time Away Stomp (Snooks)Japanese Sandman HMVB6303 2.1 15.00
Waring Fit as a Fiddle (Bestor)To the Rhythm of the River Rhine HMVB6304 1.6 4.00
Noble Just an Echo in the Valley A little Street where old Friends meet HMVB6305 1.8 9.00
Weber Let me explain Rosa mia HMVB6309 2.3 1.00
Noble Wheezy Anna Butterflies in the Rain HMVB6316 1.8 6.00
Noble My Heart's to let When you've fallen in Love HMVB6323 2.5 7.50
Denny Twenty Million People Moon Song HMVB6324 2.4 3.00
Noble Moment I saw you There's Something about a Soldier HMVB6325 2.2 6.00
Weems At the baby Parade (Olsen)Girl in the little Green Hat HMVB6327 1.4 4.00
Noble Three Wishes Let me give my Happiness to you HMVB6332 2.2 6.00
Armstrong I hate to leave you now (McKinney)Hello HMVB6335 2.4 10.00
Denny I've told ev'ry little star Song is you HMVB6340 2.15 2.00
Ellington Blues I love to sing Hot Feet HMVB6343 1.7 5.00
Louis Armstrong High Society I've got the World on a String HMVB6345 2 4.00
Noble Old Spinning Wheel Waltzing in a Dream HMVB6348 2.3 6.00
Reisman Stormy Weather (Bestor)You must believe me HMVB6349 3 1.00
Bestor Shuffle off to Buffalo (Conrad)I love to see the Evenin' Sun go down HMVB6350 2.3 4.00
Noble Hiawatha's Lullaby I shall still keep smiling along HMVB6359 1.7 9.00
Noble Spanish Eyes That's what Life is made of HMVB6361 1.8 8.00
Washboard Rhythm Kings I'm gonna play down by the Ohio Fire HMVB6362 2.8 4.00
Duchin Hold me I can't remember HMVB6363 2.3 2.00
Noble Seven Years with the Wrong Woman All over Italy HMVB6364 2.1 7.00
Noble Peter One tiny Tear HMVB6372 2 2.00
Noble I've got to sing a Torch Song Pettin' in the park HMVB6375 2 8.00
Reisman Gold Diggers Song (Noble)Shadow waltz HMVB6376 2 7.50
Bennie Moten Moten's Swing (H Allen Jr)Patrol Wagon blues HMVB6377 2.3 9.00
Noble There's a Cabin in the Pines If you'll say Yes Cherie HMVB6379 3 3.50
Noble It's Sunday down in Caroline Si petite HMVB6381 2.3 5.00
Armstrong Dusky Stevedore Mississippi Basin HMVB6387 2.2 5.00
Bennie Moten Lafayette (Waller)Ridin' but walkin' HMVB639 2.1 8.00
Jackson Whistling under the Moon Ding dong ding HMVB6393 2.3 1.50
Noble Trouble in Paradise Mademoiselle HMVB6394 2.4 6.00
Noble It's bad for me How could we be wrong HMVB6396 2.2 7.00
Noble Oh Johanna Happy Ending HMVB6397 2.2 7.00
Reisman Night and Day I've got you on my mind HMVB6398 1.7 1.00
Whiteman Ah but is it Love My Moonlight Madonna HMVB6399 2.2 2.00
Reisman Smoke Rings (+Astaire)Heart of Stone HMVB6403 2 7.00
Noble Experiment Snowball HMVB6408 1.4 10.00
Noble Who's afraid of the big bad Wolf I was in the Mood HMVB6411 2.5 1.50
Noble Thanks Goodnight little Girl of my Dreams HMVB6413 1.6 9.00
Jones It isn't fair This Time it's Love HMVB6414 2.2 4.00
Jackson We'll all go riding on a Rainbow Wind's in the West HMVB6415 2.2 2.00
Reisman (+Astaires)Hoops Louisiana Hayride HMVB6419 2.5 6.00
Bestor Mickey Mouse and Minnie's in Town Who's afraid of the Big Bad Wolf HMVB6420 1.7 2.50
Noble My Hat's on the Side of my Head This Town's too quiet HMVB6421 2.4 5.00
Noble Hand in Hand Laughing waltz HMVB6423 2.4 5.00
Noble Tiger Rag Japanese Sandman HMVB6425 2 5.00
Noble When you were the Girl on the Scooter La-d-da-di-da HMVB6432 2.3 7.00
Noble My Song goes round the World Song without Words HMVB6438 2.4 3.00
Noble Close your Eyes Did you ever see a Dream walking HMVB6441 2.8 4.00
McGovern We all went up up up the mountain Mrs Rush and her Scrubbing Brush HMVB6446 2.4 3.00
H King April in Paris (Coakley)Good Morning Glory HMVB6452 3.2 1.00
Noble Who walks in When I walk out Unless HMVB6453 2.2 6.00
Calloway Little Town Gal Lady with the Fan HMVB6456 2.4 7.50
Noble Have a Heart It's Time to say Goodnight HMVB6459 2 8.00
Noble This little Piggie went to Market Midnight the Stars and you HMVB6461 1.8 9.00
Duchin Coffee in the Morning Kisses in the Night (Bestor)Masquerading in the name of Love HMVB6462 2.2 2.00
Noble Over on the Sunny Side In Town Tonight HMVB6463 2 4.00
Noble Wagon Wheels Spin a little Web of Dreams HMVB6469 1.4 6.00
Noble Hour ago this Minute What now HMVB6470 2.3 8.00
Garber In other Words we're through (Whiteman)True HMVB6481 1.9 2.50
Noble Little Dutch Mill Very Thought of you HMVB6482 2.8 5.00
Vallee Dancing in the Moonlight (Bestor)A Thousand Goodnights HMVB6486 2.7 1.00
Noble I love you truly The Show is over HMVB6492 2.3 5.00
Noble At the Court of Old King Cole Night on the Desert HMVB6496 1.8 9.00
Hoagy Carmichael Lazy River (Henry Allen Jr)Swing out HMVB6500 1.7 11.00
RKO/Steiner Carioca (Vallee)Sleepy Head HMVB6506 2.5 2.00
Noble Happy Moon Country HMVB6507 2.2 6.00
Noble Remember me All I do is dream of you HMVB6508 1.6 9.00
Noble I never had a Chance It's all forgotten now HMVB6509 1.4 12.00
Whiteman Love in Bloom (H King)The Breeze HMVB6513 1.2 9.00
Noble Sing as we go Love wonderful Love HMVB6514 1.8 6.00
Noble Isle of Capri Grinzing HMVB6519 2.2 3.00
Noble Dreaming a Dream (Jackson)Sitting beside o' you HMVB6520 2.4 5.00
Jackson Kiss me Dear You turned your Head HMVB6522 2.3 2.00
Reisman Not for all the Rice in China (Sol Bright)Heat Wave HMVB6524 2.7 2.00
Joyce I never slept a wink last Night Love for ever I adore you HMVB6543 1.3 4.00
Whiteman Smoke gets in your Eyes (Duchin)Learning HMVB6540 2.4 4.00
Joyce I never slept a Wink last Night Love for ever I adore you HMVB6543 2.5 1.50
Jackson Don't you cry when we say Goodbye What a little Moonlight can do HMVB6547 1.5 3.00
Mackey Who's been polishing the Sun No a thousand Times No HMVB6553 2.8 2.00
Coakley Let's give three cheers for Love (Coburn)Stay as sweet as you are HMVB6558 1.8 2.00
Jackson Dancing with a ghost I'm on a See Saw HMVB6565 1.7 3.00
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Mixed 78s for sale
listed alphabetically- all sorts here from rock to jazz, dance to classical, dear old Charles Penrose to Hawaiian etc etc etc.

2 Gilberts When my sugar walks down the street (T Gilbert)Toy drum major RegG8392 2 3

5 DeMarco Sisters Two hearts two kisses Dreamboat Br05425 2.4 4

A Palet Gallarini (accordeon) Poet and Peasant Overture (2 sides) VocX9449 2.1 3

Abe Lyman's Sharps and Flats Farewell blues Twelfth street rag Br1340 3 4

Adam Faith What do you want From now until forever ParR4591 2.3 30

Adrian Rollini Bouncin in rhythm Weather man HMV B8660 2.2 5

Aircraft Apprentices from Halton Halton songs- Slang song beech leaves ColRO5 2.8 5

Al Dexter Blow that lonesome whistle Casey I'm setting you free King875 1.9 5

Al Jolson Let me sing and I'm happy If I only had a match Br03866 2.3 4

Al Kealoha Perry and His Singing Surfers Ka ili lau o ke koa Liliu e Vic26029 2.2 5

Al Perry Singing Surf Riders Molokai nui ahina Pua rose MacGregor5009 2.2 9

Al Perry Singing Surf Riders Kani uina E kolu mea nui MacGregor5002 2.6 7

Al Starita Thinking of You Up in the clouds Col5307 2.4 4

Al Starita (sax) At dawning Swan Col3769 2.3 3

Alan Turner Heart bowed down Love's old sweet song RegG6295 2.8 2

Albert Burdon Albert before the Means Test Committee RegMR1120 2.2 3

Albert Harris/Ivor Mairants Yankee Doodle plays a fugue Autumn harvest Br02350 2.4 6

Albert Richardson Buttercup Joe Old sow Zono5178 2.2 3

Albert Sammons Devil's trill sonata (4 sides) Col4818/9 pair= 2.2 6

Albert Sammons Londonderry air Molly on the shore ColD1586 2 5

Albert Sammons/Gerald Moore Liebesleid Songs my mother taught me ColDB911 2 3

Albert Whelan Jolly good company Children's Christmas party DecF2688 2.2 4

Albert Whelan Whistling bowery boy What vur do ee luv oi Zon266 2.4 5

Alexander Prince Spread out lads Tam O'Shanter RegG7512 2.3 5

Alexander Prince Belphegor Scotch reels Win2055 2 3

Alexander's Accordeon Band heatherland Sterno1305 2.2 2

Alfred Beres Famous waltzes of the world BcastB102 1.5 2

Alfred Piccaver Because Until DecM426 2 5

Alfredo Chinese moon My carmenita Win4521 2.8 3

Alfredo Charmaine C'est vous Win4711 2.4 4

Alfredo If I had a talking picture of you Turn on the heat Win1299 2.4 3

Alhambra Theatre Band/Ansell The Bing Girls are There selections Win3102 2.7 2

Alvin Kateolani Evening in the islands Cockeyed mayor of Kaunakakai BellLKS196/5 2.2 5

Ambrose Till tomorrow Puleeze Mister Hemingway RegMR769 2.4 3

Ambrose Falling leaves Little steeple pointing to a star DecF7848 2.2 2

Ambrose South Sea Island magic It's a sin to tell a lie DecF6095 2.2 2

Ambrose Oh what a surprise for the duce Best things in life are free DecF7691 2.2 2

Ambrose Nobody's darling but mine In the chapel in the moonlight DecF6241 2.3 2

Ambrose Moonlight becomes you My devotion DecF8246 1.7 4

Ambrose White cliffs of Dover By candlelight DecF8102 2 5

Ambrose Love here is my heart It could happen to you DecF8488 1.8 3

Ambrose Singing hills When our dreams grow old DecF7551 1.7 3

Ambrose Go home and tell your mother What good am I without you HMVB5942 1.5 6

Ambrose Why was I born Love me forever DecF5653 2.2 4

Ambrose 11 more months and 10 more days HMVB6119 2.3 4

Ambrose I can't believe it's true Masquerade HMVB6231 2.5 4

Ambrose Oh Monah Save the last dance for me HMVB6127 2.4 3

Amy Johnson Story of my flight (Band RAF)RAF march past ColDB189 2.2 20

Andre Kostelanetz Tiger rag Swamp fire ColDB1837 2.2 2

Andrew Alona's Novelty Four That lovin hula Pa Ahana Col1788-D 1.6 6

Andrews Sisters House of the blue lights Them that has- gets Br03701 2 3

Andy Cummins' Hawaiian Serenaders Kaimana hila Blue lei Col38000 2 6

Andy Parker Ruby red lips Texas belle CapCL13216 2.2 4

Anita Carter Faithless Johnny Lee Heartless romance Col21242 2 14

Ann Penn Precious little thing called love That Monte Carlo song HMVB3086 2.4 4

Anna Neagle Kiss me goodnight Little dash of Dublin DecF5649 2.5 17

Anne Shelton Absent friends Seven stages of man PhilPB679 2.4 4

anon Ring a ring o roses etc Here we go round the mulberry bush etc NurseryC6 2.5 3

Anona Winn Always For love of you RegMR1352 2.3 4

Anona Winn/A O'Sullivan My sunny Monterey Luana RegMR601 2.1 3

Anton Karas Anton Karas medley DecF9308 2.3 3

April Stevens Aw c'mon And so to sleep again HMVB10152 1.3 4

Archie Anderson Annie Laurie Land o the Leal RegG5280 2.2 4

Ariel Band Eternal father Abide with me Ariel718 3 2

Arnold Foldesy(cello) Melody in F Hungarian dance no2 HMVB2601 2.6 3

Arschensky (violin) Valse bluette Meditation Thais Picc358 2.4 3

Art Gilmore Waltz of the flowers CapCJ123 orig sleeve 2.1 5

Arthur Askey Bee song Chirrup HMVBD552 2.1 3

Arthur Askey Bee song Chirrup HMVBD552 2 5

Arthur Chesney Riding on a Camel Bunkey doodle i doh Pic451 2.2 4

Arthur Edwardes Sing me to sleep Zon42290 (7") 2.8 20

Arthur Lyon My heart belongs to the girl With my guitar and you Pic676 2.5 2

Arthur Raymond Accordeon Band My evening star Passion flower RegMR784 3 1

Arthur Roseberry Breakaway Big city blues ParR390 3 7

Arthur Tracy With every breath I take June in January Pan25651 2 5

Arthur Young/Grappelly Ma he's making eyes at me In the mood DecF7450 2.2 4

Artie Shaw What is this thing called love In the still of the night ParR3032 1.6 4

Artie Shaw Traffic jam Serenade to a savage HMVB9006 2.2 3

Ashmoor Burch Tally ho Laughing cavalier HMVB8308 1.5 4

Associated Glee Clubs of America John Peel Bells of St Mary's ZonoGO70 2.2 4

Athenaeum S Orch Finlandia Picc5002 2 2

Auguste van Biene Phantom melody Broken melody Win3355 2.2 3

Aulikki Rautawarra Den Forsta Kyssen Saf Susa ParRO20575 1.4 6

Band Reminiscesnces of Sullivan (2 parts) Eclipse 109 (rare pre 1914 label) 2.5 8

Band That mysterious rag Policeman's holiday Win2199 2.6 4

Band and Bugles HM Royal Marines Prelude to the morning Sunset ColDB2739 1.4 1

Band HM Welsh Guards Chelsea pensioners Aldreshot Tattoo Rex8291 1.5 1

Barbara Mullen Gartan mother's lullaby Danny boy HMVB9223 2 3

BBC Wireless Mil Bd Black domino overture ColDB25 2.2 1

Beatrice/Margaret Harrison Morgen O sanctissima HMVB3471 1.8 3

Ben Albert/Harry Fay When pa listens in Village concert ParE5399 2.7 3

Ben Davies Pretty Jane GandT2-2502 RS 2.6 106

Ben Light Begin the beguine Siboney OrioleLB1083 2.3 2

Ben Malone You'll never miss your mother till she's gone I don't work for a living DecF2575 2 3

Ben Selvin When I'm looking at you Rogue song ColCB71 2.3 4

Benny Carter By the watermelon vine I've been inlove before Br03232 2.4 3

Benny goodman Oomph fah fah Clarinade ParR3010 1.9 3

Benny Goodman I found a new baby As long as I live ParR2961 1.7 3

Benny Goodman Always Japanese sandman HMVB8450 1.7 4

Benny Goodman Whispering My melancholy baby HMVB8533 2 3

Benny Goodman (+R Clooney) Memories of you It's bad for me PhilPB547 1.9 4

Benny Lee Learnin the blues Something's gotta give EmbWB136 2.8 2

Berlin Concert Orch Zampa overture ImpBcast4019 2.3 1

Berlin PO/Melichar Orpheus in the Underworld DeccaPO5085 2 1

Berlin PO/Melichar Caucasian Sketches (Ippolitov-Ivanov) (5 sides) Flight of bumble bee DecPO5069/70/92 (set of 3) 1.7 3

Berlin SOpOrch/Melichar Rigoletto fantasia Polyd24270 2.2 2

Bernard Bresslaw Mad passionate love You need feet HMVPOP522 2 2

Bernie Peacock My blue heaven Dog days VogV2168 2.1 12

Bert Firman Sometimes i'm happy Hallelujah Zon5017 2.1 4

Bert Firman Mysterious eyes Valencia Zon2707 3 4

Bertha Willmott/George Buck Mum and Dad and the nipper RegMR720 2.5 5

Bertini Isn't it heavenly What's the use Ecl507 1.8 2

Betsy Lane Shepherd/ Elizabeth Lennox Hiawatha's melody of love (GW Ballard)Daddy you've been a mother to me Edison50686 2.3 13

Betty Balfour etc My old Dutch - scenes from the film RegMR1437 2.4 4

Betty Bolton She jumped on her push bike My private affair Imp2622 2.5 3

Beverley Sisters Hurry home to me Yell for your mama ColDB2891 1.4 2

Beverley Sisters Doodle doo do Come home to my arms DecF10813 2.2 4

Bickershaw Colliery Band Washington Grays Blaze away HMVBD726 1.8 1

Bill Akamuhou Hawaiian Scotsman/Roaming in the Gloaming Kuu ipo BellLKS142/3 2.3 5

Bill Akamuhou Dias South Sea island magic Little grass shack Bell369/8 2.1 7

Bill Aliiloa Lincoln Wailana Little brown gal Waikiki506 2.2 6

Bill Aliiloa Lincoln Beyond the reef Pua be still Waikiki503 (beautiful label) 1.5 6

Bill Boyd Sunset trail to Texas I wish you knew the way I feel RegME64 1.5 9

Bill Carlisle Sparkling blue eyes Wabash cannon ball Dec46045 1 blister sd 2 o/w 2 9

Bill Cox Where the red roses grow Lay my head beneath the rose Pana25605 2.5 5

Bill Haley Hot dog buddy Rockin throught he rye Br05582 2.3 5

Bill Haley Rip it up Teenager's mother Br05615 2.5 5

Bill Haley Saints rock n roll R-o-c-k Br05565 2.7 4

Bill Haley Saints rock n roll R-o-c-k Br05565 2.8 4

Bill Johnson What is a horse What is a dog DecF9778 1.8 3

Bill Robinson Ain't misbehavin Doin the new low down Br1112 sadly condition only 3.5 7

Billie Anthony Tweedle dee Shake the hand of a stranger ColDB3592 2 6

Billie Anthony Ten little kisses Banjo's back in town ColDB3648 1.3 4

Billy Bennett Green tie on the little yellow dog Nell Col4004 1.9 4

Billy Bennett She's mine Napoleon RegG9021 2.5 3

Billy Bennett Bookmaker's daughter Foreign legion RegMR1724 2.4 4

Billy Bennett She was poor but she was honest Don't send my boy to prison ColDB164 2.4 6

Billy Bennett Christmas Day in the cookhouse Please let me sleep on your doorstep tonight ColDB658 2.3 3

Billy Bennett Napoleon She's mine RegG9021 2 6

Billy Cotton White Christmas Jingle jangle Rex10157 2.7 3

Billy Cotton Sunny skies Ramona Pic108 2.2 4

Billy Cotton Over on the sunny side Ol pappy RegMR1258 2 5

Billy Cotton You ought to see Sally on Sunday We'll all go riding on a rainbow RegMR1140 2 5

Billy Cotton That lovely weekend I know why Rex10086 2.3 5

Billy Cotton Sailor with the navy blue eyes When the roses bloom again Rex10119 2.4 4

Billy Cotton Do I Yes I do Rose O'Day Rex10085 2.5 4

Billy Cotton/Western Brothers She was only somebody's daughter RegMR658 small dig 2.2 8

Billy Daniels Love is a lovely thing That old black magic LonL1003 2.1 5

Billy Daniels Mom-e-le Smile MercMB3142 2.3 7

Billy Mayerl Say it with Carols ColDB668 2.4 3

Billy Mayerl Please handle with care Balloons ColDB1035 2 3

Billy Mayerl All of a twist Eskimo shivers HMVB2130 2.1 2

Billy Mayerl Wedding of the painted doll Wistaria Col5416 1.8 3

Billy Merson I know there's someone waiting In the days when knights were bold Win3348 2.6 6

Billy Merson Gladiator Gondolier Pic139 2 6

Billy Starlight Pearly white earrings Open up the throttle PhilP37007 2.2 15

Billy Starlight Roses and crinolines Train whistle blues PhilP37001 2 9

Billy Whitlock Purple heather King Charles gavotte DuoM144 gouge start sd2 3 3

Billy Williams Date with the blues I'm gonna sit right down VogQ72266 2 3

Billy Williams I don't know how you do it I shall have to ask my mother Colis661 2.3 5

Billy Williams Clogs and shawl When father papered the parlour Cinch5039 2.3 3

Billy Williams In the land where there are no girls Soap and water Cinch5036 2.3 4

Billy Williams When father papered the parlour Since father joined the territorials Zon1683 2 5

Billy Williams Blame it on to poor old father I can't keep still tonight RegG6020 2.2 3

Billy Williams Here we are again Mrs B Phoen040 2.6 3

Billy Williams Poodle dog Tickle me Timothy Hom6660/1 2.5 9

Billy Williams Wake up John Bull I'll lend you my best girl RegG6001 2.5 3

Bing Crosby White Christmas Let's start the new year right Bruns03384 2.3 5

Bing Crosby We'll make hay while the sun shines Waltzing in a dream ColDB2074 2 2

Bing Crosby White Christmas Let's start the new year right Br03384 2.5 4

Bing Crosby Mississippi mud/I left my sugar Sweet L'il/Ain't she sweet HMVB4424 1.9 6

Bing Crosby Sleepy time gal No other love Br05558 2.1 4

Bing Crosby Home on the range Blue prelude Rex8957 2.3 6

Binnie Hale A nice cup of tea Love me a little today ColDB1686 2.5 13

Binnie Hale Spread a little happiness (+B Howes)I'm a one man girl Col5334 1.7 3

Black Diamonds Band Camp Concert Zon1572 2.5 3

Black Diamonds Band Christmas memories Sabbath morning Zon2386 2.2 2

Black Diamonds Band Sybil selection Zon2144 2.1 2

Bob and Alf Pearson Baby show 7 veils ParF2384 1.8 4

Bob and Alf Pearson I lost my heart in heidelberg Just humming along Imp2715 2.2 2

Bob and Jeanne Careless hands Don't gamble with romance Br04089 2.4 4

Bob Crosby King Porter stomp Sugar foot stomp Br03940 2.2 4

Bob Dale Man from Laramie Yellow rose of Texas EmbWB150 2 2

Bob Hope/S Ross Thanks for the memory Two sleepy people Br02697 2.7 4

Bob McGimsey (whistling) Sweet Adeline Mother Machree HMVB3329 2.3 2

Bobbie Comber Barnacle Bill the Sailor Return of Barnacle Bill Rex8447 2.3 4

Bobby Breen Rainbow on the river Flower song DecF6301 1.8 5

Bobby Darrin Bullmoose Dream lover LonHLE8867 2.1 20

Bobby Helms Standing at the end of the world My special angel Br05721 2.3 7

Bobby Howes Hide and Seek medley She's my lovely HMVB8675 1.7 7

Bobby Mcleod and his Band Black dance Wee pickle tow PhilYB9506 2.1 5

Bobby Wayne String of broken hearts They were doin the mambo MercMB3151 2.6 5

Bosnian No1 Indantry Band March of the Bosnians Royal marine march Hom754 3 2

Boswell Sisters That's how rhythm was born Mood indigo ColDB1960 2.3 4

Boswell Sisters Every little moment Way back home Br02033 2.4 5

Boswell Sisters Shout sister shout Roll on Mississippi Br1136 2.5 9

Bram Martin (cello) Loch Lomond Annie Laurie Zon5712 2.2 2

Bransby Willaims Three bears Jack and the beanstalk Col3062 2.2 6

Brian Lawrence Songs of Bing Crosby DecF5304 2 6

Bronislaw Huberman Carmen fantasy Br10254 2.2 12

Browning Mummery Madelina Beneath thy window Zon5440 2.2 3

Bruce Trent Bells of St Mary's Forever amber DecF8637 2.3 4

Bruno Seidler-Winkler Orch Bad'ner Madl'n Wiener bonbons HMVEG6624 1.4 2

Buddy Knox Devil woman Hula love ColDB4014 2.2 13

Buddy Williams Mountain barbecue Riding down the valley RegG25069 1.8 5

Buddy Williams Face on the bar room floor Wingie the railway cop RegG24545 1.7 11

Buddy Williams Ben Hall the bushranger Away out on the plain RegG25417 RS o/w 2 5

Bugler Godard Army trumpet and bugle calls (Coldstream Guards)Maple leaf for ever HMVB356 2.3 8

Burl Ives Lady from Laranie Pig ColDC519 2.2 4

Burl Ives Worried man blues Mr Froggie went a courtin ColDC470 2.3 7

Burl Ives/Andrews Sisters Blue tail fly I'm goin down the road Br03971 1.5 5

Burnett and Rutherford Curly headed woman Ramblin reckless hobo Col15240-D RC into few grvs o/w 2.2 4

Cab Calloway Willow weep for me Ghost of a chance ParR2941 1.7 3

California Ramblers Girl friend (Rich)Blue room Col4461 2.3 5

Carrie Herwin Daddy Violets Col2350 2.2 2

Carroll Gibbons Midnight in Mayfair With thee I swing ColFB1644 1.6 2

Carroll Gibbons Deep in the heart of Texas How about you ColFB2800 2.2 3

Carroll Gibbons Piano parade of 1938 ColFB2081 2.2 3

Carson Robison Twenty one years Naw I don't wanta be rich Imp2642 2.2 4

Carson Robison Hot time in New Orleans Song of the prairie Pana25328 2.2 6

Caruso Questa o quella Di tu se fedele HMVDA102 2 5

Caruso For you alone HMV4-2122 (pink label) 2.2 3

Caruso Tu ca nun chaigne Noche Feliz HMVDA574 2.4 10

Casa Loma Orch China girl (McKenzie and Condon)China boy ParR1033 1.6 6

Casino orch Christmas fantasy Christmas symphony Col2241 2.5 2

Cavan O'Connor My heart is always calling you You me and love RegMR1552 2 2

Cavendish Novelty Orch Blue Danube Skater's waltz MayfairC2004 1.4 1

Cedric Sharpe Traumerei Simple aveu HMVE299 2.2 3

Celebrity Trio Love's last word is spoken cherie Song of paradise RegMR1348 1.7 1

Celestin's Tuxedo Band High society When the saints go marching in Esq10-442 2.1 5

Charles Amalu Soft green seas Malihini mele Victor24685 2.2 7

Charles Cinway Twilight shadows Kiss in the dark Pathe021003 2.4 5

Charles Coborn Man who broke the bank Two lovely black eyes Col5665 1.8 12

Charles Coborn Man who broke the Bank at Monte Carlo Two lovely black eyes Col5665 2.2 5

Charles Hackett Love sends a little gift of roses Col Tricolor 79518 2.2 9

Charles Kama Back to Honolulu Breeze RegG23764 2.2 4

Charles Manning Granada Orch Ye merry blacksmiths Espana RegMR1902 2.2 2

Charles Penrose Giddy curate My birthday Zon2026 2.5 3

Charles Penrose Laughing policeman Laughter and lemons ColFB1184 2.5 5

Charles Penrose Laughing Policeman's party Laughing policeman's baby ColDB305 2.2 4

Charles Penrose Laughing curate Laughing major Col4117 2 5

Charles Penrose Laughing policeman You've got to laugh RegG7816 2.5 5

Charles Penrose (as C Jolly) Laughs A merry little laugh RegG7896 2.3 3

Charles Penrose (as Merry Andrew) Laughing Pat In love Zon1582 2.4 3

Charles Penrose (Uncle Charlie) The Brown family jack in the Box or Fun in a toy shop HMVAS42 2.5 6

Charles Tree Admiral's broom HMV4-2607 2.3 5

Charleston Chasers Someday sweetheart Wabash blues Col4419 2.1 7

Charlie Barnet All the things you are Ill wind CapCL13281 2.2 8

Charlie Barnet And so do I (Bob Chester)Rhumboogie RegMR3410 3 6

Charlie Gracie Wandering eyes I love you so much it hurts LonHLU8467 2 3

Charlie Higgins Down in the fields where the buttercups grow Running up and down our street Bcast738 2 4

Charlie Higgins Where the violets are blue-oo Mother's walking round in ftaher's trousers Rex8012 scrs sd2 o/w 2.2 5

Charlie Higgins Charlie in Spain I'm a daddy at 63 Bcast764 2 5 (his classic)

Charlie Higgins Navvies jazz All poshed up with me daisies in me 'and Rex8361 nd 2.5 5 rare

Charlie Kunz Without a word of warning From the top of your head Rex8640 2 3

Chas Draper (clarionet) Air varie Air from Rigoletto Homo4428 NR sd2 o/w 2.3 4

Chick Bullock If I had a girl like you (I Kaufmann)Little white lies Imp2328 2.4 3

Chick Webb Liza A tisket a tasket Br02614 2.3 2

Chick Webb (Ella Fitzgerald0 Ella I found my yellow basket Br02687 3 3

Chris Barber Chimes blues Merrydown rag DecF10417 1.7 4

Christopher Robin (son of AA Milne) Now we are six HMVB2980 2.1 10

Chuck Thomas Dixieland Band Oh gee say gee you ought to see my gee gee from the Fiji isles Rose of the Rio Grande CapCL13222 1.4 5

Cicely Courtneidge Double damask I'll give her a ring HMVB4314 1.8 2

Cicely Courtneidge High Street Africa Three little hairs Br208 1.8 40

Cicely Courtneidge Home HMVB9354 1.6 4

Cicely Courtneidge Bees are buzzin It's bound to be right on the night ColDB2805 1.7 4

Cicely Courtneidge Vitality If only he'd looked my way ColDB2806 1.9 4

City Police Band of Birmingham (!) Mummy hobble (fox trot) In a Persian market RegG7716 2.8 3

Clara Butt Annie Laurie Kathleen Mavourneen ColPB3 2.1 4

Clara Butt` Eileen Alannah My ain folk ColX341 1.7 4

Clarkson Rose Grandfather's whiskers We're all coming back again Zon2884 2.4 4

Clarkson Rose Riley's cow shed Shine Zono2466 2.5 4

Claude Thornhill You're not so easy to forget Just plain love Col37558 1.9 7

Claude Thornhill Love for love Warsaw concerto Col37940 2.2 5

Cliff Carlisle Dang my rowdy soul Goin down the road feelin bad Pana25601 2.3 13

Cliff Carlisle/W Ball Box car yodel Just a lonely hobo Pana25414 2.2 13

Club Royal Orch Sheik All that I need is you HMVB1331 2.4 4

Coldstream Guards Band O sole mio Bells of St Malo HMVC55(Indian) 2.5 1

Coleman Hawkins It's the talk of the town (Norvo)Under a blanket of blue CapCL13405 2.1 3

Colwell Brothers Morgan poisoned the water hole No down payment- easy terms Col21164 1.9 5

Commodore Grand Orch A sailor's adventure Wedding of the rose Win5513 2 2

Commodore Grand Orch In a bird store On a local train journey Bcast3244 2.2 1

Conchita Supervia Paloma De la Serrania ParRO20129 2 3

Conchita Supervia De la serrania Paloma ParRO20129 2 6

Count Basie Bill's mill Fire eats HMVB9557 2 3

Count Basie 9:20 special Basie boogie ParDPE51 2.1 4

Count Basie St Louis blues Cafe society blues ParR2970 2.3 3

Courtland and Jeffries Kkkkatey There's a tramp upon the highway HMVB1006 2.1 2

Cowboy Copas Feudin boogie (M Montgomery)Raggin the banjo King844 2.1 15

Crosby Baia You belong to my heart DecBM03587 2.2 4

Crosby I've got plenty to be thankful for Lazy ColDB30150 2.6 3

Crosby I found a million dollar baby I'm thru with love Br1197 2.5 6

Cyril Stapleton Orch Nick nack paddy whack Inn of the sisth happiness DecF11094 2.2 2

Czech PO/Talich Slavonic Dance No 14 Slavonic Dance No 15 (Dvorak) HMVB8519 1.6 1

D Payne That wonderful mother of mine Kingdom within your eyes Olympic141 2.7 3

D Shore/BClark Baby it's cold outside My one and only Highland fling Col38463 3 5

Dan and his Skiffle Boys South side shake (Dan Burley/Pops Foster)Dusty bottom CircleJ1020 2 8

Danceland DO You say the nicest things In the old world garden in the park DanceDL513 2.3 2

Danceland DO Agnese Part of my life DanceDL509 2.3 2

Danceland DO My gipsy heart My fireside heaven DanceDL508 2.6 2

Danny and the Juniors At the hop Sometimes HMVPOP436 2.2 5

Danny Kaye I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts Peony bush Br04416 2.1 3

Dany Dauberson Amours perdues Ceux qui s'aiment Odeon282.608 2.5 4

Dave Barry/Sara Berner Out of this world with flying saucers LonHLU8324 2.4 17

David Mackersie (hammond organ) Berceuse negre Stormy weather DecC16198 2.2 3

Dayton Harp Morning after the night before Fast women slow horses and wine Gilt Edge 5028 slight RS o/w 1.9 5

De Groot and Piccadilly Orch Old Spanish song les Millions d'Arlequin HMVB2368 2 0.80

Dean Martin Outta my mind Volare CapCL14910 2.4 5

Debroy Somers Meet the navy Yvonne ColCB676 1.6 4

Debroy Somers My Marguerita I'll keep you in my heart always ColCB290 2 5

Deep River Boys That's right Honey HMVPOP263 2.2 4

Delmore Brothers I'll be there Steamboat Bill boogie King1023 2.3 8

Denny Dennis When mother nature sings her lullaby There's rain in my eyes Rex9439 1.9 2

Denny Dennis Rosita It's a lovely day tomorrow Rex9739 1.7 4

Denny Dennis Amapola Dolores Rex10011 2.2 4

Descriptive Steamboat medley Farmyard medley Col 1028 2.2 4

Dick Henderson In our love canoe Since I've found you Imp1735 2.25 4

Dick Henderson My inspiration is you In old Vienna Imp1966 2.3 3

Dickie Valentine Rock n roll party ` DecF10820 2.5 3

Dinah Shore Lavender blue Forever and ever ColDB2529 2.2 4

Diplomat Novelty Orch When the red red robin Bye bye blackbird Win4485 2.4 5

Dizzy Gillespie Two bass hit Stay on it HMVB9646 2 3

Django Reingardt/ Stephane Grappelly If I had you Tornerai DecF6721 slight RS 1.9 5

Django Reinhardt/Stephane Grappelly Blues (Reinhardt etc)Bouncin around SwingSW54 several deepish scrs 2.6 17 rare!

Dolores Ventura Piano tuner's rag Fluter's samba PolygP1078 1.6 4

Don Lang Cool baby cool Witch doctor HMVPOP488 2.1 15

Don/Lou Robertson Gamblin fever On the hudson day line LonL629 slight RS o/w 1.7 4

Donald Peers Lavender blue On the 5.45 HMVB9772 1.4 2

Donald Peers Out of a clear blue sky I'd've baked a cake HMVB9903 1.4 2

Donald Peers Clancy lowered the boom Dad's birthday waltz HMVB9787 1.3 2

Doreen Harris Pretending Sweetheart we'll never grow old HMVBD1146 2.3 3

Doris Day You my love Ready willing and able PhilPB402 1.8 3

Doris Day I'll be around Lullaby of Broadway ColDB2933 1.5 3

Doris Day Secret love Deadwood stage PhilPB230 2.2 2

Doris Day At sundown Never look back PhilPB488 1.8 3

Doris Day Ready willing and able You my love PhilPB402 2.1 3

Doris Day If I give my heart to you Anyone can fall in love PhilPB325 2.25 4

Doris Day Hold me in your arms There's a rising moon PhilPB401 2.1 7

Doris Day Ten thousand four hundred and thirty two sheep You love me ColDB2887 2.2 4

Doris Day/Buddy Clark That certain party My darling Col38353 2.1 10

Doris Day/Johnnie Ray Candy lips Let's walk that-a-way PhilPB157 1.5 5

Dorothy Gill I'm called little buttervup (Pinafore) Silvered is the raven hair (Patience) Picc410 2.5 3

Dorothy Squires Say goodnight but not goodbye Snowy white snow and jingle bells ColDB2605 1.6 4

Dorothy Squires Things go wrong If you love me PolygP1077 2.4 6

Dorothy Squires I'm walking behind you Is there any room in your heart PolygP1068 2.3 6

Dorothy Squires Sorrento and you From your lips to the ears of God PolygP1076 2.3 6

Dorothy Squires It's a pity to say goodnight I'd like to get you alone ParF2146 1.9 4

Douglas Byng Flora McDonald At the ball DecM415 2.6 4

Douglas Byng Boadicea Mrs Lot DecF5752 2.2 5

Douglas Byng Miss Otis regrets Lizzie the pre war flivver DecF5249 2.4 5

Duchin Merry go round broke down (Lombardo)Toodle-oo HMVBD5232 2.4 4

Duke Ellington Sultry sunset Jam-a-ditty ParR3052 2.1 2

Duke Ellington Harlem speaks Chicago DecM438 2.1 4

Duke Ellington Mystery song (Carmichael)Georgia on my mind HMVB6133 2.5 2

Duke Ellington Battle of swing Dinah's in a jam ParDP267 2.6 3

Duke Ellington Moonlight fiesta Cat walk VogV2088 2 4

Duke Ellington Limehouse blues Echoes of the jungle HMVB6066 2.2 3

Duke Ellington Tulip or turnip Flippant flurry ParR3070 2 3

Duke Ellington All day long Tyrolean tango CapCL14260 1.7 3

Duke Ellington Band call Isle of Capri CapCL14132 1.6 3

Duke Ellington Flamingo Girl in my dreams tries to look like you HMVB9206 2.2 3

Dusolina Giannini Vilia (+M Wittrisch)Lippen schweigen HMVDA4446 1.6 6

Dusty Rankin Picture that hangs on the wall Currabubula RegG25369 2.2 4

Dutch Sweing College Everything's wrong and nothing's right High society TempoA53 2.6 3

E Crossley Jesus I come Star of Bethlehem Belt1098 2.2 2

Eamonn Andrews Shifting whispering sands ParR4106 2 2

Eamonn Andrews Wyatt Earp High wind ParR4234 2 5

Earl and Bell Sing sweet Juanita My Ohio home PerfP383 1.8 4

Earl and Harty Some girls do and some girls don't He's a ring tail tornado Okeh06586 2.5 14

Earl Bostic Cocktails for two When your lover has gone ParR4104 1.5 3

Ed Kenney and Dede Morgan Lei of memories Hawaiian5 (label defaced sd 2) 2.5 6

Ed Lloyd I've got to sing a torch song Trouble in paradise Rex8018 2.2 4

Ed Russell Up in the mountains Dandy yodeller ParE6216 2 5

Eddie Calvert Bells of home Nocturne for trumpet ColDB3303 red white blue label 1.6 4

Eddie Cantor Margie Ma he's making eyes at me Br03880 2.1 3

Eddie Condon Friar's point shuffle Nobody's sweetheart Br03055 2 3

Eddie Condon Friar's point shuffle Nobody's sweetheart Br03055 (minor blister o/w) 1.8 3

Eddie Grossbart Tell me I'm forgiven Elizabeth Win5230 2.4 2

Eddie Grossbart It happened in Monterey Springtime in the Rockies Win5164 2.2 4

Eddy Arnold Easy on the eyes Anything that's part of you HMVMH165 1.6 9

Eddy Arnold My mother's sweet voice There's been a chnage in me HMVMH162 1.5 9

Eddy Arnold I'd trade all my tomorrows Older and bolder HMVMH180 1.3 9

Eddy Arnold You know how talk gets around Nearest thing to heaven HMVMH110 1.2 8

Eddy Arnold Hep cat baby This is the thanks I get HMVJO422 2.6 6

Eddy King Paradise Day by day Sterno980 2.2 3

Edgar Coyle Mountains of Mourne Letter from Mary of Mourne Col2009 2.2 2

Edgar Crossley O holy night (Reginald Dixon, tenor, not THE RD!) Holy City Belt368 RS sd1, NR sd2 2 2

Edith Day Sabre song Roamnce Col4388 2.3 3

Edith Lorand Orch Menuett Perpetuum mobile ParR1696 2.5 1

Edith Lorand Trio Herd girl's dream Cavatina ParE5057 2.5 3

Edmund Hockridge It's love Stranger in paradise ParR4011 1.4 4

Edmund Hockridge This same heart No other love NixaN15048 1.6 3

Edmund Hockridge Woman in love Never turn back NixaN15067 1.7 3

Edwin Fisher Adagio Minuet HMVDA1389 2.2 5

Egon Petri To be sung on the waters Trout HMVB3508 1.8 4

Einar Ekberg (barit) Silent night It came upon a midnight clear Silver tone SS204 2.4 3

Eli Hudson(piccolo) Birds of the field Danse des Satyrs HMVB147 2.7 2

Elisabeth Schumann Sailor's song She never told her love HMVDA1850 1.3 4

Elisabeth Schumann Vollmond strahlt aus Bergeshohen Forelle HMVDA1852 1.5 3

Ella Fitzgerald This love of mine Jim Br03281 2 5

Ella Fitzgerald Lonesome gal 2 flying men in a flying saucer Br04717 2.4 6

Ella Shields Baa lambs Burlington Bertie from Bow RegG7037 2.2 12

Ellery Band Salome intermezzo Song of the village women Col1857 2 1

Elsa Merlini La Felicita Piccolo chalet ColDQ2514 2.2 6

Elsie and Doris Waters Park yourself close to me In the parlour when the company's gone ParR507 1.9 3

Elsie Southgate and Dorothy Kashmiri love song Till I wake Zon1995 2 1

Elton Britt That's how the yodel was born My heart was made for you HMVJO401 2 10

Elvis Heartbreak hotel I was the one HMVPOP182 edge bite not quite into grvs o/w 2.2 4

Emmy Bettendorf Romance Traumerei ParR887 1.8 3

Enzo de Muro Lomanto Questo o quella Donna e mobile Col5060 2.3 5

Eric Delaney Cockles and mussels Say si si NixaN15046 2.3 3

Eric Winstone Laura Anywhere HMVBD5893 1.5 3

Ernest Butcher (+M George)On Ilkla Moore baht 'at Leeds old church ParR911 2.4 6

Ernest Pike In lavender time Why should I cry over you RegG7891 2.2 2

Ernest Pike Is life a boon HMV3-2848 2.3 5

Ernest Pike Fair land of Poland ZonX42987 2.5 6

Ernest Young Sons of the sea Veteran's song Phoenix0105 2.4 1

Ernie Mayne There you are then Road beef of old England Win2593 1.8 9

Ernie Mayne A great big plonking kiss We used to gather at the old Dun Cow Win3285 3 5

Ernie Mayne Love You can't get many pimples on a pound of pickled pork Win2680 2.8 6

Ernie Mayne My girl's got long hair I've never wronged an onion Win4384 3 7

Erskine Butterfield Jelly I dreamt I dwelt in Harlem Br03546 2.6 3

Ethel and Mary Williams Barcarolle Hoffmann Estudiantina Phoenix028 2.3 2

Ethel Merman Doin what comes natur'lly Moonshine lullaby Br03769 2.2 2

Eton College Musical Soc Eton boating song (3 Etonians)When the cock begins to crow HMVB2774 2.3 1

Eve Boswell Down by the sugar cane Keeping cool with lemonade ParR4181 2.4 4

Eve Boswell Why ParTEST 1.4 7

Eve Boswell Yes I'll be here Beloved be faithful ParR3343 2.3 4

Eve St Clair Swing low sweet chariot Deep river Filmo319 (flexible red) 2.5 7

Evelyn Knight Lucky He can come back any time he wants to Br04631 1.6 2

Evelyn Knight I remember the cornfields You're always there Br04459 1.6 4

Evelyn Laye Our love My life belongs to you ColDB1867 1.5 5

EW Rushforth (bells) Stephanie Narcissus Zon1951 2.7 2

F Cooper/H Payne Welcoming him in ZonX44122 2.7 6

F Harold Rio Rita You're always in my arms Sterno287 2.5 2

F Thomas Rose Marie (P Phillips)Your kiss told me Colis1747 2.8 3

Fanning and Fortune Tanks that broke the ranks out in Picardy In my dear old home town Guardsman698 2.2 5

Fanny Brice I'd rather be blue My man HMVB2975 3 4

Fats Waller Original E flat blues Eep ipe wanna piece of pie HMVBD906 2 3

Fats Waller Fair and square Winter weather HMVB10234 1.9 3

Fats Waller Keepin out of mischief now Tea for two HMVB8625 2 5

Fats Waller Last night a miracle happened What a pretty miss HMVB10050 2.2 4

Fats Waller If it isn't love Believe it beloved HMVJF15 2.2 5

Fats Waller You've been reading my mail Honey hush HMVB10191 2.1 4

Flanagan and Allen Music maestro please How do you do Mister Right ColFB2046 2 3

Flanagan and Allen Free Home town ColFB1781 2.1 2

Flanagan and Allen Where the arches used to be Life begins again ColFB1131 2.2 3

Flanagan and Allen Home town Free ColFB1781 2.1 3

Florence de Yong Remembrance Diane Bruns140 2.5 5

Florence Saville Poor wandering one (M Evans)Lost chord Zono35 2.6 3

Florrie Forde He loved her- who did Olga Radio1281 1.9 4

Florrie Forde Priceless Percy with the one pip up Soldiers like it Zon1906 3 4

Florrie Forde Maggie Jane Let's pretend we're having a jolly good time Imp2455 2.2 4

Florrie Forde Just a wee deoch an doris Take me on the joy wheel Zon688 2.7 6

Florrie Forde Soldiers like it Priceless Percy with the one pip up Zon1906 3.2 4

Florrie Forde Bird in a gilded cage Are we to (2 sides) like this Imp2660 2.4 7

Florrie Forde Who's the girl you're going to meet tonight Where ar ethe lads of the village tonight Zon1444 EHC 3 2

Flotsam and Jetsam Little Joan Maud Marie Col4680 1.5 6

Flotsam and Jetsam Piano Impressions + British pantomime Mrs Peer Gynt ColDB358 2.1 4

Flotsam and Jetsam Sing a song of England A musical confession ColDB559 2.2 4

Folk Dance Orch/Vaughan Williams Never love thee more Maid in the moon/Chestnut ColDB183 2.4 7

Frances Alda Ancora un passo or via O mio babbino caro HMVDA136 2.3 5

Frances Langford I'm getting sentimental over you So many memories Br02537 1.4 7

Frances Langford/Rudy Vallee This can't be love Shortest day of the year Br02883 2.1 7

Frank and James McGravy No hiding place down there (Sister Lucy) Dip me in the folden sea Br3958 2.5 3

Frank Crumit Abdul Abulbul Amir Gay caballero DecF5385 1.7 3

Frank Harris Lay my head beneath a rose (F Baur)Ross, a kiss and you Col01268 (Australian) 2.2 6

Frank Leo Arry and family at the zoo Zon1553 2.1 7

Frank Luther Barnacle Bill the sailor Gay caballero Br3927 2.2 3

Frank Luther/C Robison Silvery Arizona moon Twenty one years Pana25147 1.9 5

Frank Luther/Zora Layman Silly song/Dwarfs' song One song/Whistle while you go DecF6651 2.4 2

Frank Newman (organ) Granny's photo album Voice in the old village choir Bcast855 1.7 2

Frank Sinatra I am loved Once in love with Amy PhilPB734 2.4 4

Frank Westfield Orch Waldmere Passing moods ParE6119 1.7 1

Frankie Carle Only a rose One dozen roses ColMC3371 1.3 7

Frankie Laine Champion the wonder horse Ticky tick PhilPB607 2.4 4

Frankie Laine Sunday kind of love Mule train OrioleCB1120 2.6 3

Frankie Laine Only if we love Moonlight gambler PhilPB638 2.3 1

Frankie Lymon Paper castles Teenage love ColDB3910 1.6 8

Frankie Lymon Goody goody Creation of love ColDB3983 2.7 3

Frankie Vaughan Stealin My boy flat top PhilPB544 2.3 7

Frankie Yankovic and His Yanks Charlie was a boxer Blue skirt waltz ColMC3376 1.7 7

Fred Beck and George Buck mrs Iggins at the Picture Palace RegG9117 2.4 4

Fred Douglas Back to Colorado Why did you call me wonderful one RegalG8302 2.3 2

Fred Douglas I'm getting better every day (Gilberts)Caravan RegG7857 2.2 2

Fred Douglas Goodnight How now brown cow RegG8667 2 5

Fred Douglas I'm getting better every day (Gilberts)Caravan RegG7857 2.1 3

Fred Elizalde Nobody's sweetheart Singapore sorrows ParR1201 RCnap sd2 2.5 10

Fred Elizalde Singapore sorrows Nobody's sweetheart ParR1201 2.4 12

Fred Farrell Yiddisher yodeller Mountain high EclSC71 2 6

Fred Gibson Don't do that to the poor puss cat I scream you scream we all scream for ice cream Bcast242 1.7 3

Frederic Lake I married a wife Phantom army DomA170 2.2 2

Frederick Benson By jingo He'd say oo lala oui oui Tower141 2.7 3

Friar's Soc Orch Panama Tiger Rag Br02212 1.6 4

Fritz Kreisler Rosamunde Larghetto HMVDA1137 1.5 1

G Davis Tell mother I'll be there (Choir)A few more years shall roll Belt152 2.2 2

G Thompson (bells) Carnation intermezzo Venetian bells Win3722 2.2 2

Gale Storm Why do fools fall in love I walk alone LonHLD8286 2.3 6

Gaumont Palace (Paris) Orch Theatreland cocktail ColFB1985 2.3 4

Gene Autry Blue yodel no 5 Noone to call me darling RegG22149 2 14

Gene Autry Easter mornin Bimbo PhilPB273 2.3 4

Gene Autry Don't waste your tears on me (+J Long)Old Missouri moon RegG25125 2.2 10

Gene Autry Mary dear You are my sunshine RegMR3588 1.5 8

Gene Autry Sierra Sue Blueberry hill RegMR3404 1.3 9

Gene Autry/J Long Answer to 21 years (F Hendley)Answer to Big rock candy mountain RegG22174 1.8 10

Gene Krupa Leave us leap That drummer's band ColDB2290 2.1 4

Gene Steele Rise em cowboy Rio Grande moon Conq9337 2.5 9

George Baker In summerttime on Bredon Top o' the hill HMVB1957 2.2 2

George Buck Ain't it grand to be blooming well dead Win5475 2.8 2

George Cavanah John Willie come on ZonX42809 2.8 3

George Formby Why don't women like me Running round the fountains in Trafalgar Square DecF3524 1.7 6

George Formby I went all hot and cold My ukulele DecF3752 2 5

George Formby Mad march hare You don't need a licence for that ColFB3251 2.5 6

George Formby I'd do it with a smile Barmaid at the Rose and Crown RegMR3567 1.2 9

George Formby Swing it George RegMR3103 1.4 7

George Formby Hi Tiddly Hi Ti Island Dan the dairy man RegMR3432 2.1 5

George Formby Grandad's flannelette nightshirt Mr Wu's a window cleaner now RegMR3301 2.2 5

George Formby Rhythm in the alphabet Our sergeant major RegMR2890 1.4 7

George Formby Up in the air and down in the dumps She's got two of everything RegMR3761 2.6 5

George Formby On the beat I'm the ukulele man RegMR3358 1.7 7

George Formby Count your blessings and smile Oh don't the wind blow cold RegMR3316 1.9 5

George Formby It could be We've been a long time gone ColFB3262 1.6 8

George Formby Bless 'em all No 2 Thanks Mister Roosevelt RegMR3441 2 10

George Formby Rhythm in the alphabet Our sergeant major RegMR2890 2.9 8

George Formby You can't love two girls at the same time Cookhouse serenade RegMR3663 2.8 7

George Formby Sr Get behind I lifted the latch and walked in Zon1909 2.8 14

George Gershwin Someone to watch over me Maybe Col4539 2.3 7

George Guest Sussex by the sea Tommy's tournament JumboA75 2.6 2

George Lewis Willie the weeper Mama don't allow TempoA94 1.8 5

George Lewis Martha Pallet on the floor TempoA99 1.7 4

George Morgan Put all your love in a cookie jar Room full of roses ColDB2587 1.3 5

George Morgan All I need is some more lovin Rainbow in my heart ColDC464 1.4 5

George Robey The face Just the reverse Col3773 2.3 5

George Robey Sing-sing Nerves Col3110 2.4 7

George Robey Green fly on the little yellow dog All for the best Col3273 2.7 7

George Robey Quite alright Thing-um-my-bob Col4460 2.1 10

George Robey You've a very nice day for it too Hey ho what might have been Col 2644 2.9 9

George van Dusen A wee drop o scotch Yodelling cowboy Rex8112 1.8 4

Georges Chepfer Premiere communion du gamin Odeon238.046 2.3 5

Georges Milton L'auberge du cheval blanc Thanks ColDF992 2.1 8

Gerald Adams Daisy bell Break the news to mother RegMR143 2.5 3

Gerald Scott When you and I were seventeen Yearning Pathe1903 2.1 4

Geraldo Velvet glove All my life PhilPB215 2 4

Geraldo Swing Septet Russian salad Sea food squabble ParR2839 2.3 4

Gerry Grant Around the world We will make love EmbWB240 2.5 3

Gerry Mulligan Fun house Mullenium Esq10-341 1.6 4

Gerry Mulligan Nights at the turntable Frenesi VogV2157 2.1 2

Gertie Gitana Nellie Dean Silver Bell Rad1576 1.5 6

Gertie Gitana My dear Marie Mein Schneider Zon1334 2.5 7

GH Elliott Chocolate major Mamie May Zon635 3 2

GH Elliott We'll have a jubilee in my old Kentucky home There's a syncopated man in the moon RegG7235 2 5

GH Elliott Lily of Laguna I used to sigh for the silvery moon ColDB2990 1.6 6

Gigli Silent night Adeste fidelis HMVDA1874 1.3 1

Gigli Ti voglio Ninna nanna HMVDA1608 1.7 2

Gigli Se vuoi Mamma HMVDA5397 1.7 3

Gigli serenata malinconica Non conosciuto vo con gli amici o pur HMVDA1925 1.7 4

Ginger Rogers Piccolino Cheek to cheek DecF5747 1.3 12

Giovanni Martinelli Di tu se fedele il flutto m'aspetta O ben tornato amore HMVDA523 2 7

Gisele MacKenzie Boston fancy Hard to get HMVB10914 2.4 4

Giselle MacKenzie Goodbye sweetheart Jolie Jacqueline CapCL13728 1.7 8

Gladys Moncrieff Dream lover March of the grenadiers Col01791 (Australian) 2.3 6

Glandon Roberts In lavender time Little town in old County Down Pathe1640 2.1 4

Glen Rice and His Beverly Hill Billies Ridge runnin roan` Lonesome valley Pana25611 2.4 8

Glenn Miller Sleep song Sweet Eloise HMVBD5779 2 4

Glenn Miller Serenade in blue Kalamazoo HMVBD5808 2.2 3

Glenn Miller Humpty dumpty heart This is no laughing matter HMVBD5749 1.8 4

Glenn Miller That old black magic At last HMVBD5811 2.1 4

Glenn Miller Jersey bounce Georgia on my mind HMVB10235 2 10

Golden Gate Quartet Listen to the lambs Nicodemus ColDC593 1.6 6

Gordon Parsons Dusty plains Lovely Australian girl of mine RegG25328 1.4 10

Gracie Fields I taught her how to play br-oop Love in bloom HMVB8243 1.7 1

Gracie Fields I want a chump chop and chips Church bells on Sunday morning DecF9194 1.6 3

Graham Bailey Cat Grandfather Kringle HMVB10169 1.3 4

Grammophon Orch Kroatenmarsch aus Baron Trenk Trenkmarsch Gram2-40938/9 2 4

Greta Keller Somewhere along the way That is Paree ParR3569 2.3 6

Griller String Quartet Quartet in G (Cundell) (six sides) HMVB4442-4 set of three= 2.3 18

Guido Gialdini (whistling) La boheme Parla VF1015 2.5 2

Guy Lombardo Taking a chance on love Corn silk Br03187 2.2 3

Guy Mitchell Crazy with love Singing the blues PhilPB650 2 2

Guy Mitchell Unbeliever C'mon let's go PhilPB766 2.2 6

Guy Mitchell Rockabilly Got a feeling PhilPB685 2.3 4

Guy Mitchell My heaven and earth What am I doin in Kansas city PhilPB330 2.2 1

Gwen Catley Bell song HMVB9541 1.3 1

H Brady Used to you Little pal Har980 2.3 5

H Payne Down Honolulu way Turn back the universe Zon1750 2.3 4

H Payne When the bells of peace are ringing All the world will be jealous of me Zon 1809 2.6 4

Hank Blue velvet band Blue for old Hawaii RegG23846 LC 2.2 2

Hank Snow Music makin mama from Memphis` Highest bidder Vic20-4346 1.7 9

Hans Carste Auf wiedersehn An der Waterkant HMVEG7439 3 2

Hans Kindler (cello) Melody in F (Rubinstein) Cygne Vic45096 2.3 9

Happy Hoagy Carmichael I'm just wild about Harry Lazy river VogueQ72095 2.8 5

Harmony DO (USA) Bam bamy shore Normandy RegG8518 2.2 3

Harold Wilde Nirvana Flight of ages Twin183 2.4 1

Harold Wilde Meeting of the waters Oft in the stilly night Twin290 2.5 2

Harold Wilde Three roses Wonderful world of romance Zono1956 2.8 2

Harold Williams Four Cautionary Tales and a Moral (Belloc- 5 sides) Stock rider's song Col3224-6 (set of three) overall condition= 2.2 16

Harold Williams Little songs for little voices Col3178 2.4 6

Harry Bidgood Wedding of the painted doll Broadway melody Unison394 2.2 3

Harry Bidgood On with the show 1931 Bcast726 2 3

Harry Bidgood This is heaven Pagan love song Bcast2514 2.3 4

Harry Bidgood Wedding of the painted doll Glad rag doll Bcast2505 2.3 3

Harry Bluff There's another feller looks like me (sd 2 labelled same as sd 1 but matrix 41035) John Bull41033 2.5 3

Harry Bluff Other department please Our wedding Win2004 2.3 4

Harry Dearth Old Barty Bulls won't bellow ColDB299 1.5 3

Harry Fay Mary O'Brien Old top hat that father wore ParE5385 3.3 2

Harry Fay On the good ship Yacki Hicki Doola Stick around for the new Jazz band Zon1877 3 3

Harry Fay Yip-i-addy-i-ay (Y Noble/E Wilson)Mary Col 1145 2.5 5

Harry Hudson Jolly good company For the sake of the days gone by Radio1574 2.3 2

Harry Hudson Why Let's dream a little onger Rad894 2.2 3

Harry Jacobson I'll always be in love with you Do something Pic331 2.3 5

Harry Jacobson Stop press medley HMVB8291 2.4 3

Harry James Indiana Record session ParR2883 2.2 2

Harry James Stomp and whistle Ya better stomp PhilPB371 2.5 6

Harry Klein I can't get started I'm comin Virginia JazzToday1502 small blister o/w 1.6 4

Harry Lauder O'er the hills to Ardentenny O-hi-o ZonoGO51 2.1 2

Harry Lauder Bonnie Leezie Lindsay ZonX42983 2.2 3

Harry Roy Out for no good I'll string along with you ParR1883 2.4 2

Harry Roy Dark town strutters ball Farewell blues RegMR3388 2.2 4

Harry Roy I left my sugar standing in the rain Steppin out at midnight DecF8474 1.6 4

Harry Roy (as vocalist) Music maestro please Georgia's gotta moon ParF1260 2.3 6

Harry Secombe I'll make you mine One love one lifetime HMVB10512 1.4 7

Harry Torrani Take me back to my boots and saddle Twenty miles to nowhere RegMR1907 1.4 3

Harry Weldon He's a pro Police will have me before long RegG7045 2.1 5

Hawaiian Guitars and Ukulele Trio Paloma Valse bleue Col2897 2.2 1

Hawkshaw Hawkins I'm a lone wolf I hope you're crying too ParDP336 slight RS o/w 2.1 4

hays and Jones She said and I said Where do you work-a John Win4607 2.5 2

Hector y su Orq de Jazz Baion chiquito Baion del desierto HMVGV188 1.5 4

Heddle Nash To a wild rose+Diaphenia Two eyes of grey ColDB1365 1.7 4

Heinz Schachtner Verdammt in alle Ewigkeit (2 parts) ElectrolaEG8093 2 5

Helen Forrest Anywhere Every day of my life Br03605 2.3 3

Henry Allen Dinah Lou Rosetta ParR2886 2.5 3

Henry Hall Say the word and it's yours Everything's in rhythm with my heart ColFB1195 1.7 3

Henry Hall Copsala Dashing marine ColFB1018 1.4 4

Henry Hall This lovely rose Hiawatha's lullaby ColCB633 1.7 3

Henry Hall Mosquitos' parade Whistling Rufus ColDB1441 2.25 4

Henry Hall Does Santa Claus sleep with his whiskers Without that certain thing ColCB693 2.2 4

Henry Lytton Laughiing somg (M Farkoa)I like you in velvet HMVB453 2.8 5

Henry Rivers (+Rose Ellis)Home to our mountains (+Alice Lilley)Miserere RegG9348 2.4 2

Henry Salvador (guitar) Maladie d'amour Clopin clopant Polyd560.039 1.8 4

Herbert Hainton's Orch Feria suite no 3 Souvenir de printemps Sterno1079 RS 2.3 2 rare!

Herman Wasserman Guitarre Melody in F Rubinstein DomB36 2 6

Herman Wasserman prelude in G minor Rachmaninoff Hedge Rose/Danse negre DomB13 2.1 5

Hermann Jadlowker Am stillen Herd M'appari HMVDA432 some scrs sd2 o/w 2 8

Hildegarde Fritz Scene changes ColFB1466 2.5 2

Hildegarde I dream too much Eeny meeny miney mo ColFB1308 2 3

Hildegarde For me for you Darling je vous aime beaucoup ColDB1556 1.5 3

Hildegarde Ten pretty girls So rare ColFB1758 2.3 4

Hildegarde Scene changes Fritz ColFB1466 2.4 4

HM 1st Life Guards Band Christmas time in Merry England VocX9136 2.5 1

HM Coldstream Guards Band Imperial alliance G&T2-187 2.3 5

HM Coldstream Guards Band Minuet no 1 Paderewski Spring song HMVB103 1.6 0.50

HM Coldstream Guards Band When the great day comes (Novello) Great little Army HMVB826 3 3

HM Coldstream Guards Band On Jhelum River HMVB229 2.2 4

HM Grenadier Guards Band Siamese patrol Amparita roca ColDB1712 1.9 0.50

HM Grenadier Guards Band Coronation march and hymn Guards patrol ColDB1692 1.7 1

HM Irish Guards Band Land of hope and glory National song selection EclSC158 (Silver Jubilee label) 2.4 4

HM Scots Guards Band Soldiers' chorus Faust Pilgrims' chorus Tannhauser Col2446 2.2 1

Hobo Jack Turner Bum song Hallelujah I'm a bum Harmony705 2.2 6

Homer and Jethro Cold cold heart no2 Alabama jubilee HMVB10258 2.1 5

Hugh Campbell Leezie Lindsay & Wee Hoosie Wee Cooper o' Fife & Piper o' Dundee GreatScottA183 2.6 9

Hughes Macklin Danny boy Bonnie wells o' Wearie Belt663 3 5

Hughes Macklin When other lips (Basil Lloyd)I knew Col2969 sl pressing fault sd 2 2.2 3

Humphrey Lyttelton Memphis blues Maple leaf rag ParR3257 1.8 3

Humphrey Lyttleton Bad penny blues Close your eyes ParR4184 2 5

Hutch Night and day Dusty shoes ParR1647 2 3

Hylton When the guardsman started crooning on parade Everything stops for tea JMVBD5006 2.4 4

Ida Cox Hard time blues Take him off my mind ParR2948 1.8 5

Ingrid Almquist Lullaby for Johnny Song of the rain HMVB10256 1.7 3

Irving Gillette Down in dreamy Honolulu town (Louise and Ferera)On the beach at Waikiki Pathe1147 2.2 6

Isidore Schwiller Light Orch Waldteufel memories HomoD1370 2.2 2

Issy Bonn Sweetheart we'll never grow old Someday you'll want me to want you DecF8677 2.1 2

Issy Bonn Let bygones be bygones Before you break my heart DecF8618 2 5

J Aku Czardas Jalousie Aku101 2.3 6

J Aku My little buckaroo Always - tea for two Aku100 2 7

J Hanrahan (bell) Dimity Sappho Win4086 2.2 3

Jack and Evelyn Introductions Col 1918 2 4

Jack and Jill Have you ever been lonely Sittin in the dark RegMR852 2.4 3

Jack Blake What can I say after I say I'm sorry Moonlight and roses Col4128 2.1 3

Jack Buchanan Weep no more my baby (E Randolph)Sun is round the corner HMVB8110 1.6 4

Jack Buchanan Everything stops for tea From one minute to another Br02125 2 6

Jack Charman I'm going back to Dixie Ragtime violin VF1252 2.4 4

Jack Doyle My irish song of songs Mother Machree DecF3555 2.3 4

Jack Hylton Life begins at Oxford Circus Put on an old pair of shoes HMVBD142 EHC o/w 2.7 1

Jack Hylton La-di-da-di-da I'm hitching my wagon to you DecF3780 2.2 4

Jack Hylton Scatterbrain Oh Johnny HMBBD5555 2.3 3

Jack Leon's Symphonic Band Amoretten Rosenkavalier wz Picc305 2 3

Jack Morrison Oh Maggie what have you been up to Mucking about the garden Bcast453 1.5 2

Jack Payne Beside an open fireplace She's my slip of a girl ColCB17 2.2 4

Jack Shilkret Africa (Waring)June night HMVB1894 2.2 3

Jack Simpson Pennies from heaven Broadway melody 1940 DecMW32 2 4

Jack Smith How cute can you be Something old something new Majestic7182 2.4 5

Jack Smith Me and my shadow Oh golly ain't she cute HMVB2496 2.4 3

Jack Smith Whole world is singing my song Everybody kiss your sweetheart Cap300 2.5 5

Jack Turner Walkin a chalk line Shoot I reckon I love you RCA20-5682 2.5 6

Jack Wallis (guitar) Ragamuffin rag Palillos HMVPOP108 1.2 3

Jack Ward (piano) Advent melodies PilgrimP138 1.8 1

Jack Warner Bunger up of rat oles Up and down the railway lines ColFB2504 NR sd2 o/w 2 6

Jack Warner Up and down the railway lines My brother in the life guards ParF1577 2.1 4

Jackie Coogan Presenting his dad (2 sides) HMVB2893 2.7 14

Jan Savitt Vol vistu gaily star El rancho grande Br02882 2.3 5

Jane Itai Tokyo serenade Tokyo Ka-chin-ka musume 49thState1013 2.1 7

Jas Brown (melodeon) Irish jigs Scottish jigs Zon716 2.1 3

Jay Wilbur A star fell out of heaven Sometime somewhere we'll meet again Crown272 2 3

Jay Wilbur I never knew the meaning of love When a lady meets a gentleman down south Crown304 1.5 3

Jay Wilbur Bugle call rag Nobody's sweetheart Crown89 1.9 3

Jay Wilbur Ever so goosey (US band)Good little bad little you DomA124 2.5 3

Jay Wilbur She was only somebody's daughter Imp2756 2.1 2

Jay Wilbur Gold diggers of 1933 Rex8049 1.8 3

Jay Wilbur Schoolboy howlers Rex8667 2.3 3

Jay Wilbur Nursery rhymes Rex83123 2.8 1

Jay Wilbur King's horses (+Bowlly)Adeline Imp2355 3 3

Jay Wilbur Your heart and mine It's a sin to tell a lie Rex8846 2.2 4

Jay Wilbur Where are we now Fleet's in port again Crown265 2.5 3

Jay Wilbur I'm sure of everything but you Won't you please think it over Ecl394 2 5

Jay Wilbur Oh mamma mia There goes my dream Rex9758 2.5 4

JC Scatter Keep your feet still Geordie henney Neighbours below Imp2148 2.1 7

Jeanette MacDonald Smoke gets in your eyes Sweetheart waltz HMVB9510 2 5

Jeanette MacDonald Reviens Dear when I met you HMVB3953 1.7 5

Jeanette MacDonald Vilia I love you so HMVB8247 1.5 3

Jeanette MacDonald Romany life Giannina mia HMVB9550 1.4 3

Jelly Roll Morton Shreveport stomp Deep Greek blues HMVB9220 2.2 3

Jelly Roll Morton Winin boy blues Oh didn't he ramble HMVB9217 2.2 3

Jelly Roll Morton Original rags Mamie's blues VogV2119 1.9 6

Jenny Howard Fall in and follow the band Sally Win5345 2.1 5

Jesse Crawford Old pal Dreamer of dreams HMVB1992 2.4 4

Jesse James Southern Casey Jones Lonesome day blues VocV1037 1.5 8

Jessie Broughton Alice blue gown Castle of dreams Zon2037 2.2 3

Jessie Matthews It's love again Tony's in town DecF5982 1.7 3

Jessie Matthews Just a memory My heart stood still Bruns135 2.2 20

Jessie Matthews Dancing on the ceiling Just by your example ColDB1403 1.3 4

Jessie Matthews/S Hale Hold my hand Turn on the music ColDB760 2.5 8

Jim Dale etc Top Ten Special (2 sides) ParR4356 2.4 8

Jimmie Lunceford Baby are you kiddin Honeydripper Br03622 2 3

Jimmie Lunceford Liza Uptown blues ParR2828 2 5

Jimmie Rodgers Fifteen years ago today Hobo's meditation RegMR3313 1.5 9

Jimmie Rodgers Moonlight and skies Rock all our babies to sleep RegMR2200 1.4 8

Jimmie Rodgers Frankie and Johnny Everybody does it in Hawaii Zon5577 2.5 4

Jimmy Boyd Little train a chugginin my heart I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus ColDB3365 2.4 4

Jimmy Dorsey Bar babble Yours Br03234 2 3

Jimmy Durante Little bit this little bit that I'm the guy who found the lost chord MGM118 1.7 2

Jimmy Parkinson Hand in hand Great pretender ColDB3729 1.4 5

Jimmy Wakely My heart cries for you Tellin my troubles to my old guitar CapCL13446 1.5 6

Jimmy Young Faith Kiss of fire PolygP1041 2.2 2

Jimmy Young Moon above Malaya Faith can move mountains DecF9986 2.3 6

Jimmy Young How can I leave you Too young PolygP1013 2.3 4

Jimmy Young Chain gang Capri in May DecF10694 2.6 4

Jimmy Young If anyone finds this I love you Sand and the sea DecF10483 2 8

Jimmy Young So many times have I cried over you Because of you PolygP1018 2.3 5

Jo Stafford Somebody Star of hope ColDB3014 2.1 4

Jo Stafford Beautiful isle of somewhere I found a friend PhilPB175 1.5 5

Jo Stafford One little kiss Wind in the willow PhilB22036 1.9 4

Joan Regan Boy with the magic guitar Don't take me for granted DecF10710 2.2 3

Joan Small I'm burning my bridges Small talk ParR4086 2.4 3

Joe Belmont Listen to the mockingbird (M Lufsky)Nightingale's warble RegG7018 2.4 2

Joe Belmont's Group of Real Feathered Songsters Chorus of canaries RegMR69 2 3

Joe Loss One look at you HMV OEA9121-1 2.2 5

Joe Loss V stands for victory Pals HMVBD5700 1.9 2

Joe Venuti Running ragged (Armstrong)Basdin street blues ParR531 1.6 4

Joe Venuti Running ragged (Armstrong)Basin street blues ParR531 1.7 4

Johann Strauss Orch Radetzky march Clear the course ParF1073 2 2

John Almeida's Hawaiians Mi nei (John/Pu Almeida)Papakolea HTP HT169/170 2.3 10

John Barbirolli (cello) Broken melody (Quartette)Adagio Winner2148 2.5 35

John Firman Salon Orch Medley of popular tunes RegZonT6223 2.3 3

John Harrison If with all your hearts G&T3-2293 2.4 4

John Harrison My sweetheart when a boy G&T3-2143 2.5 6

John K Almeida Sweet Leilani Kona hema oka lani 49th State 60 2.2 3

John Lemmone (flute) Andalouse Victor60027 2.4 15

John McCormack Silver threads among the gold HMV4-2215 2.1 2

John McCormack Cloths of heaven Song to the seals HMVDA1851 1.5 5

John McCormack/F Kreisler When night descends HMV5-2263 2.3 3

John Sebastian (harmonica) Stompe a la turca Malaguena HMVB9601 1.4 3

Johnnie Ray Street of memories Build your love PhilPB721 2.2 2

Johnnie Rivers Sunshine mail Riding down the trail RegG25303 1.7 16

Johnny Bond Tennessee walking horse Dick sober and sorry ColMC3419 1.8 5

Johnny Boyd Mean mama boogie Cherokee ColMC3400 2 8

Johnny Brandon Tomorrow High as a mountain PolgP1131 2.2 4

Johnny Dankworth Younger every day Swonderful ParR3788 2.2 2

Johnny Dankworth I get a kick out of you Easy living ParR3719 1.8 3

Johnny Duncan Last train to San Fernando Rock a billy baby ColDB3959 1.8 2

Johnny Duncan Last train to San Fernando Rock-a-billy baby ColDB3959 1.6 4

Johnny Kaonohi Pineapple Fair Hawaii Kakoh RegMR3529 2.2 3

Johnny Wade Don't sing Aloha when I go Terang Boelan RegG25059 1.6 10

Johnny Wade Isa lei Sweet hawaiian sands RegG25002 1.8 9

Johnson Clark Poacher's son RegT6191 2.2 5

Johnston Brothers Very precious love Yours DecF10996 2.1 2

Joni James How important can it be This is my confession MGM811 2.3 8

Josef Marais and his Bushveld Band Meisiesfontein There's the Cape-cart Dec18231 2.7 4

Joseph Smith Honeydew medley one step Honeydew waltz medley HMVB1215 2.4 5

Joseph Szigeti Minuet (Beethoven) Corvocado (Milhaud) ColD1527 2.1 6

Josh White Goin home boys Trouble Col 35560 2.2 12

Judy Garland Better luck next time (Astaire)It only happens when I dance with you MGM174 2.3 4

Judy Garland Man that got away Here's what I'm here for PhilPB366 2.2 7

Judy Garland/Fred Astaire Couple of swells I love a piano/Snooky/When the midnight choochoo MGM173 2.1 3

Judy Garland/Gene Kelly When I wore a tulip For me and my gal Br03432 2.2 5

Judy Garland/J Mercer Friendship (Mary Martin)Katie went to Tahiti Br03393 2 12

Julia Culp Mon coeur s'ouvre a ta voix HMV7-33023 2.3 5

Jumbo Mil Band Zig zag seln Jumbo1512 3 2

June Allyson Thou swell (Mickey Rooney)Manhattan MGM199 1.7 3

Jussi Bjorling Slut dina ogon Jag drommer varje natt om dig HMVX3993 RC nap 2.5 20

Kahauanu Lake Pua lilia (J Kahaulelio)Holoholokaa Island312 1.5 8

Kaiser Cornet Quartett Der kleine Vogel Abschied vom Walde GramConcert48073/4 2.2 5

Kalama's Hawaiian Quartet Hilo march Hapa haole hula girl ParE6136 2.3 5

Karol Szreter Suite orientale ParR678 1.3 5

Kate Carney Ten days leave Are we to part like this Ecl200 2.6 10

Kathie Kay - House with love in it To be sure HMVPOP265 2.3 5

Kathleen Destournel Scenes that are brightest I dreamt that I dwelt in marble hills VocR6112 2.6 3

Kathleen Joyce Speak music (words by AC Benson) Unforeseen ParR3804 2 3

Kay Kyser Little girl little boy In the market place of old Monterey ColFB3473 1.7 3

Kay Starr For better or worse Foolishly yours HMVB10864 2.1 7

Kelly Brothers After you've gone Hot hula lips HMVN4248 2.5 4

Ken Colyer Goin home Isle of Capri DecF10241 2.3 6

Ken Colyer Goin home Isle of Capri DecF10241 2.1 7

Ken Griffin Cuckoo waltz You can't be true dear Br03968 1.5 0.20

Ken Mackintosh Orchestra Highway Patrol (TV theme) Soft summer breeze HMVPOP270 2.2 6

Kenneth Walters Come back to Erin Up from Somerset RegG8077 1.8 1

Kid Ory Oh didn't he ramble Maryland my Maryland GTJ GV2186 2.2 5

Kilima Hawaiians 9 Ajoen Imp19287 1.3 9

Kilima Hawaiians Krnotjong potpourri PhilP17207 1.5 6

Kilima Hawaiians Schone Insel ambon Marchen von Tahiti PhilPH4083 1.5 6

Kilima Hawaiians Paradies im Ozean Lebe wohl du schwarze Rose PhilP44332 1.9 5

Kilima Hawaiians Wer Hawaii liebt Fruhling in Texas PhilP44613 1.4 7

Kilima Hawaiians Blume von Hawaii Rose von Honolulu PhilP44182 1.7 5

Kilima Hawaiians Kilima Herinneringen 3 PhilP17012 1.6 6

Kilima Hawaiians Hula samba Hol den Rappen Old Jim PhilP44331 1.9 5

Kilima Hawaiians Hilo Marsch Yonder on the hill Imp19284 original sleeve 1.3 9

Kilima Hawaiians Komm mit mir nach Tahiti Si senorita PhilPH4125 1.3 7

King's Military Band Landing of the British in France With the fleet in action- Off Heligoland RegalG6813 3 5

Kirkby and Hudson You'd never know that old home town of mine Where the black eyed Susans grow Win3170 2.2 5

Kirkby and Hudson Oh Johnny Oh Where do we go from here Win3206 2.5 6

Kolner Mannergesangverein Lorelei Annchen von Tharau ParDPW92 2 7

Kunz When my dream boat comes home Here's love in your eye Rex8964 small nd 2 2

L Brooks/H Payne If you were the only girl in the world Another little drink RegT1645 2.2 4

Lani McIntire Hearts are never blue in blue Kalua Dreams of old Hawaii Decca1942 1.8 5

Larry Adler Solitude St Louis blues RegMR1883 2.2 2

Larry Adler Some of these Days + Dardanella Japanese Sandman + Somebody stole my gal DecF6491 2.4 3

Larry Cross Place in the sun Sweet violets ParR3420 2.5 5

Larry Cross My love and devotion Hangin around with you ParR3465 2.1 5

Laughing Record (Bands)Washington post ParE5078 2.5 2

Laurie London He's got the whole world in His hands Cradle rock ParR4359 2.2 2

Lawrence Piano Roll Cook Too much mustard Freddie LonL1140 1.7 3

Layton and Johnstone In the middle of the night Then I'll be happy Col4024 1.6 1

Lea Piltti Kaiserwalzer HMVEG6481 1.5 2

Lee White Mammy's little coal black Rose (+Clay Smith)For me and my gal Win3181 2.2 3

Lena Machado Kuu baby Kaneohe mai Dec1644 2.2 6

Lennie Tristano Quintet Judy Subconcious-lee Mel1110 2.4 6

Leo Strockoff Gavotte Bach Minuet Beethoven Col2577 2.2 4

Les Allen Sweetest sweetheart of all Somebody's thinking of you tonight ColFB1978 1.9 2

Les Wilson Prairie Rose Yodelling cowboy RegG25315 1.9 5

Leslie Caron/Mel Ferrer Hi Lilli hi lo (Orch)Adoration MGM578 2.1 3

Leslie Holmes Letting in the sunshine I raised my hat Imp2877 2.3 2

Leslie Sarony Rhymes Ecl140 1.5 3

Leslie Sarony Ain't it grand to be blooming well dead Imp2688 1.9 3

Leslie Sarony On Ilka Moor baht'at Old sow Rex8145 2.2 7

Leslie Sarony Bunkey doodle i doh Jollity Farm Zon5513 2.4 5

Leslie Sarony Ain't it grand to be blooming well dead Imp2688 2.4 5

Leslie Sarony All by yourself in the moonlight Down by the old front gate Imp1994 2.3 4

Leslie Scott Friend o' mine In an old fashioned town VocX9087 1.8 6

Lew Stone Algernon Wifflesnoop John Gentleman obviously doesn't believe RegMR1672 2.5 3

Lew Stone Gimme crack corn I'll buy that dream DecF8615 2 3

Lew Stone My heart's desire Adorable DecF3676 2.2 3

Lew Stone Slipping through my fingers It's love again DecF5984 1.7 4

Lew White Whistler and his dog Down south Br1002 2.2 1

Lew White Underneath the weeping willow At sundown Br3599 2.2 2

Liberace Under Paris skies Sincerely yours PhilPB533 2.3 3

Light Crust Doughboys Little rubber dolly I'll keep on loving you Okeh05120 2.4 14

Lily Conners Chime bells All my thoughts ar eof you RegG25294 1.9 5

Lily Morris Old apple tree Don't have any more Mrs Moore RegG8897 bad dig end sd2 o/w 2.2 4

Linn Milford Oh Rosalita Hawaiian stars are gleaming RegMR349 2.2 5

Lionel Hampton Hamp's salty blues Chord-a-re-bop Br03732 2.1 3

Lionel Hampton How high the moon I'm minding my business Br04423 2.1 3

Lionel Hampton New Central Avenue breakdown Hamp's boogie woogie Br04244 2.2 3

Lizabeth Webb On such a night as this Finder please return ColDB2807 1.9 4

Lloyd Newton Sweet Jennie Lee (Albin)You're driving me crazy Imp2408 2.3 3

Lloyd Shakespeare Savoy Christmas medley Childhood memories Picc401 2.3 2

London Flute Quartet Scherzo, Flight of Bumble Bee Danc eof Elves, Prelude (Chopin), Norse Col4215 2.2 4

London Wind Quintette (Brain, L Goossens etc) Finale to suite (Lefevbre) Passacaille Winner3476 2.4 6

Lord Rockingham's XI Hoots mon Blue train DecF11059 2.1 3

Lorrae Desmond Where will the dimple be Don't DefF10510 2.3 3

Lorrae Desmond Wake the town and tell the people You should know DecF10612 2.2 6

Lotte Lehmann Standchen Traum durch die Dammerung ParRO20096 2.2 4

Louie Brooks Roses have made me remember Broken doll Zon1643 2.3 4

Louis Armstrong Dear old southland My sweet ParR1718 2.2 2

Louis Armstrong Trumpeter's lullaby Jazz pizzicato jazz legato Br05038 1.6 3

Louis Armstrong Home Exactly like you ParR2042 2.2 4

Louis Armstrong Memories of you (Boswells)Gee but I'd like to make you happy ParR854 2.5 8

Louis Armstrong Ain't misbehavin (TDorsey)Tiger rag ParR462 2.1 3

Louis Armstrong Shine If I could be with you one hour tonight ParR1100 1.9 5

Louis Levy Smoke gets in your eyes Smilin through HMVBD723 2.4 3

Louis Levy On the Avenue HMVBD452 2.6 3

Louis Revel (though not listed on label) Melody of popular airs Poet and peasant Synchrophone label no 178 3.2 6

Louise Edvina Qui te fait si severe L'amour est un vertu rare HMVDA447 2.1 5

Louise Edvina Qui te fait HMV7-33037 2.1 4

LPO/Lambert On hearing the first Cuckoo in Spring HMVB8819 1.4 2

LSO/Coates Dancing Nights valse ColDB2345 1.4 1

Lu Watters Sunburst rag Trombone rag VogV2175 1.9 4

Lucien Fugere Plaisir d'amour Ronde d'amour ColD13044 1.5 4

Lucienne Boyer Parlez-moi d'amour Dans la fumee ColDV61 2.1 4

Lucky Millinder Apollo jump Are you ready Br03519 1.9 4

Lucy Marsh My hero Victor60012 2 6

Luis Russell Saratoga drag (Rhythm makers)I would do anything for you Br02508 2.4 4

Lupino Lane Lambeth Walk HMVBD596 2 3

Lupino Lane Billy Williams songs HMVBD717 1.6 7

Lupino Lane etc Me and my girl selection HMVBD506 2.1 5

M Moise (flute) in trio Sonate Debussy Odeon165.243 1.4 7

Madame L Dews Promise of life G&T3622 3 3

Madame L Dews Woe unto them G&T3681 2.4 4

Maddox Bros and Rose Milk Cow Blues I couldn't believe it was true 4Star1185 2 12

Maggie Scott (The Singing Mill Girl) My hero Love will find a way Rex8518 2.3 2

Maidie Scott If the wind had only blown the other way Father's got a job Zon981 2.3 12

Malcolm Lockyer Orch On the waterfront My heart isn't in it MercMB3157 1.8 4

Malcolm McEachern You along o me Sittin thinkin Col4855 2.2 3

Malcolm McEachern My old shako Windmill ColDB4 1.6 4

Malcolm McEachern My old Shako Windmill ColDB4 2 2

Malcolm McEachern I am a friar of orders grey Drinking ColDB174 2 2

Malcolm McEachern/J Alexander My grandfather's clock Lucy Long ColDB1017 2.4 5

Malcolm Vaughan Every hour evry day of my life Miss you HMVPOP502 2 1

Mantovani I have lost my heart in Budapest At the cafe continental ColFB1480 2.2 4

Mantovani Goodnight angel Ti-pi-tin ColFB1959 2.1 3

Mantovani Play of the butterflies Cafe in the window Sterno1302 2.5 4

Marc Williams Boys in blue Little old sod shanty Pana25247 1.7 7

Marc Williams Willie the weeper Sioux Indians Pana25757 1.7 9

Marc Williams Little old sod shanty Boys in blue Pana25247 1.8 8

Marcel Bianchi Bing bang blues Petite fleur VogV3275 1.6 5

Marcel Wittrisch Stille Nacht O du frohliche HMVEG2362 1.4 5

Marcel Wittrisch Ich bin nur ein armer Wandergesell Rattenfanger HMVEG2195 2 6

Marcel Wittrisch Komm in die Gondel Wiener Blut HMVEG2545 1.4 7

Marek Weber Gern hab ich die Frau'n gekusst Zauberlied HMVEG297 2.6 9

Marek Weber Orch Wiener Zugvogel Frohsinn auf den Bergen HMVEG2342 1.4 2

Margaret McKee(whistler) Listen to the mocking bird Bird raptures Pathe1425 2.1 4

Margaret Whiting/Johnny Mercer Baby it's cold outside Conversation while dancing CapCL13158 1.8 3

Marguerite Long Two impromptus (Faure) ColLF126 2.4 6

Maria Jeritza Vissi d'arte Voi lo sapete HMVDA565 2 5

Marie Benson Oh what a day One girl one boy PhilPB555 2.2 6

Marie Bryant Tomato Rhumboogie Anna LyraJ701 1.6 12

Marilyn Monroe After you get what you want Heat wave HMVB10847 2.1 15

Mario de Pietro Czardas Tarantella giocosa DecF1952 2.2 6

Marjorie Hayward Melodie (Gluck) From the canebrake HMVB2832 2.2 2

Mary Evans Daddy (G Gibson)Mocking bird Twin182 2.3 2

Mary Law Mignon gavotte Serenata ZonGO40 sl RS o/w 2 3

Mary Law Mignon gavotte Serenata ZonGO40 2.4 4

Mary Law Love's pleading Berceuse ZonGO49 RC nap 2.3 5

Massed Bands/Geehl Supreme sacrifice For all the saints RegMR1031 2 1

Mattia Battistini Egli e salvo (+Hayes)Si vendetta HMVDA189 2 8

Maurice Winnick Little white lighthouse Smoke from a chimney DecF6631 1.9 5

Max Bygraves Red robin cantata (+Archie Andrews)Lovely dollar lolly HMVB10491 1.7 4

Max Bygraves Big head (+Archie Andrews)Say si si HMVB10546 2.3 2

Max Bygraves Gotta have rain Little train DecF11046 2.2 3

Max Miller Entertains the war workers HMVBD980 1.7 9

McGuire Sisters Sugartime Banana split CoralQ72305 1.8 3

Mel Torme She's a home girl It's too late now CapCL13131 1.5 3

Mel Torme You've laughed at me for the last time A stranger in town Br03831 2 5

Melody Three My song of the Nile Pals forever Vict22028 2.1 3

Mena Moeria Minstrels Ticklin the strings Pua jka lani Omega35.112 original sleeve 1.5 6

Merilee My hawaiiana No keaha IslandA19089/90 many scrs sd2 2.5 5

Metro Singers Roll away clouds Love's old sweet song Metro1117 2.3 2

Metropolitan Op House Orch/Papi Carmen entr'acte act 3 Entr'acte act 4 Br15106 2.2 4

Mezzrow-Bechet Levee blues Saw mill man blues KJ144 2.4 4

Mezzrow-Bechet Jelly roll Gone away blues VogueKJ10 2.2 4

Michael Percival Truth on the march (singers)Salute to life TopicTRC10 2.7 7

Michele Fleta Si fuera un aeroplane/Manica si te dejares La calle Mayor de Jaca HMVDA598 2 12

Michele Fleta Te quiero HMV7-62034 2 8

Milton Charles (wurlitzer) Sonny boy There's a rainbow round my shoulder Col5250 2.4 2

Milton Hayes Do film actresses make good husbands Why every married man should have a wife Col4509 2.4 3

Milton Hayes Monty on bananas Monty meanders through the ads Col3801 1.6 4

Mischa Elman Traumerei serenade HMVDA428 1.8 2

Mischa Elman Kaleidoscope orientale (Cui) Souvenir HMVDA195 2.2 4

Mitch Miller Yellow rose of Texas Blackberry winter PhilPB505 2.2 2

Modernaires New juke box Saturday night Bugle call rag VogueQ2035 2.4 4

Molly Bee Kids who pay Tennessee tango CapCL13849 2.3 6

Montana Slim My ramblin days are through Rootin tootin cowboy RegME51 1.6 7

Montana Slim Preacher and the cowboy Roll on dreamy Texas moon RegMR3375 1.8 5

Mound Cuty Blowers Arkansaw blues Blue blues Br2581 2.6 5

Mr Mills (NOT Mrs M!) (whistling) Charm of love Bower of lover Colis181 2.5 2

Mrs Jack Hylton Little blue bird Alone Cr167 2.4 4

Mugsy Spanier Bluin the blues At sundown HMVB9092 2.2 2

Mugsy Spanier Tin roof blues Muskrat ramble TempoA36 1.7 5

Munn and Felton Works Band Harlequin Jamie's patrol RegMR2305 1.7 1

Murray Pilcer Kkkkaty Wild wild women Winner3288 3 7

Mutt Carey Cake walking babies Indiana Esq10-064 1.9 4

Myron Cohen Boiled beef (story) Banner2049 2.7 3

Nat Ayer Shufflin along Ma Col3124 2.8 4

Nat Gonella Ghost of Dinah Truckin ParF283 2.4 3

Nat Gonella Mama don't allow it Woe is me ParF414 2.3 3

Nat King Cole Mrs Santa Claus Little boy that Santa Claus forgot CapCL14016 2.1 2

Nat Star Jericho Sleepy valley Sterno183 2.2 4

National Folk Dance Orch/Vaughan Williams Grimstock/Hyde Park Oranges and lemons ColDB182 very minor LC 2 10

National Folk Dance Orch/Vaughan Williams cond. Oranges and lemons Hunsdon house ColDB2241 2.1 13

Nellie Walker Meadowseet Arise o Sun HMVB1598 2.5 5

Nellie Wallace Geranium Half past nine HMVB2906 1.4 5

Nellie Wallace Mother's pie crust Cuckoo HMVB3683 2 5

New LSO/J Ainslie Murray Four characteristic valses (Coleridge-Taylor) HMVB8378/9 (pair) 1.2 5

Ninon Vallin accomp Hahn Delaissee Lyde ParRO20134 2 10

No 1 Ballroom O Victry polka My heart tells me ParF2010 2.4 2

Noble Sissle You want lovin and I want love Recollections HMVB5723 2.4 4

Nobuo Nishimoto Japanese rumba (Grace Amemiya)Song of Arirang ColA1228 1.3 5

Noel Coward Lover of my dreams (Orch with Al Bowlly)Twentieth century blues HMVB4001 1.7 5

Norah Blaney and the Ramblers Sweet Suzanne Just like Darby and Joan Col4862 2.1 4

Norah Scott Danny boy Hills of Donegal VocX9101 2 7

Norman Allin Off to Philadelphia West country courting Col5432 2.2 2

Norman Allin Tommy lad King Charles ColDB300 2.3 3

Norman Long Oles We can't let you broadcast that ColDB1216 1.3 7

Odeon Dance Orch Trink Bruderlein Eulalia dud hast nen Schwips OdO2313 2.2 5

Olga Coelho Cordao de prata Dansa de caboclo/O rei mandou me chamar ParlRO20599 1.7 5

Olive Groves Rio Grande/Billy boy Shenandoah DecF3105 one scr sd1 o/w 1.8 1

Olly Oakley Ragmania Scala323 3 3

Orch Wedding glide Jolly Japanese Beka651 2.7 5

Orch Sinfonica Victor Anitra's dance In the hall of the mountain king Victor20245 2 1

Orch Theatre Royal Bruxelles/Bastin Gretna Green valse Hopjes et Hopjes- danse Americaine ColDF348 1.9 7

Orch/Bruno Seidler-Winkler Im schonen Tal der Isar Seid umschlungen millionen HMVEG6152 1.7 1

Orch/Haydn Wood Village wedding Doctor Col3415 2 8

Orchestra Mascotte Dreaming bells A waltz for you ParR1860 1.8 2

Orchestra Mascotte Strauss and Lanner potpourri Japanese lantern dance ParR1713 1.6 2

Organ solo Elite Wimledon In a Chinese temple garden Bells across the meadows RegG8855 2.4 2

Original Zenith Brass Band Taint nobody's bizness if I do Bugle boy march Esq10-102 2 7

Oscar Petersen Trio Angel eyes Unforgettable ColLB10011 2.4 3

Oscar Rabin I'll be with you in apple blossom time Tropical magic Rex10113 2.7 3

Ossip Gabrilowitsch Shepherd's hey Passepied Victrola1095 2.2 16

Otto Fritz and his Syncopaters Elizabeth (von Geczy)Give me your little white hand ParR828 2.6 9

P/F Luther Never miss your mother till she's gone When the work's all done this fall Pana25041 2.5 5

Pat Flowers Bring me some money honey Texas and pacific HMVMH74 2.2 5

Patersons Orchestra (with vocal duet) When the bloom is on the sage Red river valley Pana25060 2.2 4

Patsy Montana Swing time cowgirl Leanin on the ole top rail Conq9424 2.6 13

Patti Forbes Mr Wonderful Chapel of the roses EmbWB242 2.4 5

Paul Rich Maybe baby Lollipop EmbWB283 2.5 4

Paul Robeson Deep desert My way HMVB8621 2.1 3

Paul Whiteman ..True (Garber)In other words we're thru HMVB6481 2.3 3

Paul Whiteman Lonely melody (Johnson)Just across the street from heaven HMVB5516 2.5 4

Pavilion Lescaut Orch Enchantment tango blues Jalousie ParR3529 2.1 2

Peggy Cochrane Concerto Mendelssohn excerpt Chanson Indoue Bcast5042 2.2 3

Peggy Wood Where are the songs we sung Deaest love HMVB8739 2 3

Penny Serenaders Kwela serenade Wipneusie ColDC726 1.4 13

Perceval Allen Because O flower divine Col 2641 2.1 3

Perceval Allen etc Oh who will o'er the downs so free Drink to me only with thine eyes HMVE112 2.1 3

Percival Mackey Ukulele lullaby Oh how i've waited for you Col3866 2 3

Percival Mackey Just a little drink When you and I were seventeen Col3709 2.1 3

Percy Grainger Shepherd's hey (C Sharpe)Paloma HMVE147 RC sd2 2.2 6

Percy Grainger Rosenkavalier fantasy ColDB28 2 9

Perry Como A you're adorable Forever and ever HMVBD1250 2.3 6

Pete Mandell March of the grenadiers Dream lover Imp2250 2.4 3

Pete Pyle Little blue eyed blond goodbye It's so hard to be jsut a pal to you VicB8581 2.1 15

Peter Dawson Blue dragoons HMV4-2229 2.3 7

Peter Dawson Sir Dare Little grey home in the west Zon1023 2.6 3

Peter Dawson Bandolero GC3-2857 2.3 5

Peter Dawson Bedouin love song GC3-2259 2.2 5

Peter Dawson Here's to the good old days Old man Noah HMVB8334 2.2 2

Peter Dawson Old flagged path Lackaday Zon1282 1.6 7

Peter Dawson North Sea skipper Pirate song Zon2453 2.1 8

Peter Dawson In God's own keeping Wait Zon1810 2 7

Peter Dawson (as Hector Grant) I love a lassie ZonX42380 3 3

Petula Clark Suddenly there's a valley With your love NixaN15013 2.1 2

Petula Clark Anyitme is teatime now Where did my snowman go PolygP1056 2.1 4

Phil Green Orch March of the herald Sons of the brave ParF1389 1.7 3

Philip Ritte Tell her I love her so Queen of my heart Rena1114 2.5 3

Pickens Sisters Sweet Georgia Brown San HMVB4250 2.4 8

Pierre Braslavsky Love for sale Muskrat ramble TempA56 2.6 5

Pieter de Jongh Champagner boogie Boser buben ColDCW31 2.33 7

Polyphon Orch Riberhus march Bouquet rotal galop Poly90248 2.1 3

Pontadurlais Choral Soc In memoriam Cwm Rhonnda QualitonRD3124 2.2 3

Popeye I'm Popeye the sailor man Blow the man down Rex8536 2 6

Prairie Serenaders Last of the Texas Rangers Goodbye Bronco Bill Pan25687 2 8

Quartette Onward Christian Soldiers Thomas Record 3754 rare early US label 1.8 15

Queene and David Laili Breeze Rose of Honolulu ParA2439 2.2 4

Queen's Hall LO/Williams I love the moon Voice of London ColDB2295 1.5 1

RAC Dance Me and my shadow (Murray)In a street of Chinese lanterns Win4715 2.3 6

Rachmaninoff Dance of the gnomes Etude tableau in A minor HMVDA827 2 3

Radio Revellers Breaker of hearts Don't ever say PolygP1081 2 5

Radio Revellers Breaker of hearts Don't ever say PolygP1081 2 2

RAF Band Colonel Bogey Marche militaire RegG9241 2.3 1

RAF Band/Amers Marche Lorraine Old comrades RegG6836R 2.2 1

RAF Central Band Dam busters march Lilliburlero HMVB10877 1.7 1

Raie da Costa Big Pond medley One night alone with you HMV B3591 2.3 4

Raie da Costa merry merry selection ParR321 2.4 5

Ramblin' Jimmie Dolan I;m alone because I love you Spider and the fly Cap1487 1.6 17

Ranch Boys Cowboy Jack + Red River valley Bury me out on the lone prairier + Cowboy's lament DecF7366 2.1 4

Ranch Boys Cowboy's dream + Strawberry Roan Chishom trail + Yellow Rose of Texas DecF7363 1.8 5

Ranch Boys Carry me back to the lone prairie Home on the range Pana26038 2.5 5

Randolph Sutton Jolly good company It always starts to rain Imp2577 2.2 3

Randolph Sutton My hiking girl Round the Marble Arch Imp2703 2 3

Randolph Sutton What's the matter Abie I'll have to tell my mother Imp2626 2.2 4

Randolph Sutton I want a little girl I took Jane walking in the rain Win5204 2.4 4

Ras Prince Monolulu I got an orse (Multi Track Disc-)Back your Fancy Race Game RegMR812 2.4 3

Ray Kinney Hawaiian hospitality Meleana e Dec858 2.4 4

Ray Kinney Do the hula Moku kia kahi Dec855 2.5 4

Ray Kinney Sweet Hawaiian moonlight Pagan love song Dec3402 2.4 4

Ray Kinney Not pau White blossoms of Tah-ni HMVMH116 1.7 5

Ray Kinney Coral isle Mauna kea Dec1781 2.2 4

Ray Kinney Leimana Honolulu harbor Vic27971 1.8 4

Ray Linn Eastside jump Mad monk ParR3186 2 5

Ray Miller Who wouldn't be jealous of you (Bernie)Imagination Bruns3920 2.2 4

Ray Miller Anything you say If I have you Br3892 3 3

Ray Noble I don't believe in signs In a moment of weakness ColFB2236 2.7 3

Ray Noble Let's swing it Chinatown my Chinatown HMVBD5186 2.1 4

Ray Starita Fancy our meeting (F Rich)Chirp Col4798 2.3 4

Raymond Scott Twilight in Turkey Toy trumpet ColDB2300 2.1 3

RC Marshall On the Norfolk Broads I'll stand by Test dated 1950 small flaking 2.5 7

Red Foley/Ernest Tubb Chicken song So long Dec46297 2.3 3

Red Heads (Red Nicholls etc) Brown Sugar Alabama Stomp Perf14703 2.4 6

Red Murrell Ernest Tubb's talking blues If you've got the money CapCL13443 1.6 6

Red River Dave Death of Floyd Collins I wish I had my first wife back Musicraft286 2.2 15

Red Rodney Coogan's bluff Smoke gets in your eyes Esq10-379 1.7 5

Reg Lindsay The 57 that rolls to my home town My baby doll RodeoR119 1.5 11

Regal Dance O Whispering Omaha RegG7628 2.3 2

Regent DO Medley of song successes (nos.1 and 60 Win4528 1.8 3

Reginald King Orch Desert song selection Rose Marie selection Ster5020 2.5 6

Renato Carosone Ricordate marcellino Lazzarella ParR4366 2.2 5

Rhonda Fleming When is sometime (+Bing)Once and for always Br04072 2.2 4

Rhythm Willie and his Gang New block and tackle blues Bedroom stomp Okeh05856 1.9 11

Ria Martin Somewhere in the moonlight I'm lucky I have you HMVB10255 1.3 2

Ricci and Dearing (violin/flute) Baracarolle Hoffman (Sgt Dudley cornet)Post in the forest Scala91 2.3 2

Richard Tauber My dreams Goodbye ParDPE18 2.1 3

Richard Tauber My most romantic memory For this I pray ParRO20544 1.2 4

Rikki Henderson Kewpie doll Tulips from Amsterdam EmbWB286 2.4 3

Rinaldo's Accordeons In a little gipsy tearoom When I grow too old to dream Pana25773 2.2 2

Robb Wilton Home Guard ColFB2960 2.2 6

Robert Carr On Shanks's pony Roses remind me of you Winner4575 2 3

Robert Earl My special angel There's only you PhilPB767 2.1 2

Robert Easton Time to go If ever I meet the sergeant Col5257 1.8 4

Robert Howe Onward Christian soldiers Eternal father strong to save Col2463 2.2 2

Robert Howe Admiral's broom (F Cox)Clang of the forge RegG6082 2.1 3

Robert Howe Toreador song Calf of gold RegG6304 2.3 3

Robert irwin Oyster girl One-eyed Riley HMVB9523 1.3 1

Robert Mitchum O-he-o-hi-o-ho (+Gray)Just like me Bruns04059 1.8 6

Robert Radford O Isis O star of Eve ZonGO17 2 3

Roger Williams Autumn leaves Take care LonHLU8214 2.2 3

Ron Goodwin Orch No other love Headless horsemen ParR4162 2.2 3

Ronald Murgatroyd In your arms tonight Love forever I adore you ColDB1456 2.5 5

Ronnie Carroll Women in love Dormi PhilPB856 2.4 3

Ronnie Hilton Day the rains came Do I love you HMVPOP556 2.1 2

Ronnie Hilton One blade of grass Magic moments HMVPOP446 2.1 3

Ronnie Hilton Two different worlds Constant and true HMVPOP274 1.3 2

Ronnie Hilton Overnight Hey there HMVB10930 1.7 1

Rosa Raisa/Giacomo Rimini La ci darem la mano La dove prende Bruns15135 1.8 8

Rosemary Clooney Hey there It just happened to happen to me PhilPB494 1.8 4

Rosemary Clooney Open up your heart Lord is counting on you PhilPB409 1.8 6

Rosemary Squires Where you are Band of gold DecF10685 2.4 8

Rosita Rosano Down in the Indies Admiral's daughter Melo1308 1.5 8

Rotorua Maori Choir He moke Po atarau ColDO63 1.6 3

Roy Barbour Old Sam Bcast3224 2.3 4

Roy Eldridge/Benny Carter Moon is low Close your eyes ColLB10008 1.8 8

Roy Fox Lousiana lullaby Did you ever see a dream walking DecF3804 2.1 2

Roy Fox Love locked out Happy and contented DecF3731 2 3

Roy Fox Love you funny thing It ain't no fault of mine DecF2864 2 3

Roy Fox Indian love call Rose Marie HMVBD5058 2.1 2

Roy Fox Big Ben is saying goodnight Twas only a summer night's dream DecF3274 2.2 2

Roy Fox Wish me good luck Old mammy mine DecF5384 2 5

Roy Nichols They cut down the old pine tree Wrapped in a red red rose Sterno469 2.5 1

Roy Rogers Rock me to sleep in my saddle I can't go on this way RegMR3786 1.4 10

Roy Rogers Pecos Bill Blue shadows on the trail RegG25268 2.2 10

Roy Rogers You can't break my heart You should know RegMR3787 1.9 10

Royal Artillery Band Home Guards on parade DecF7625 2 2

Royal Hawaiian Serenaders Manowaiopuna Kealoha Bell537/6 2.2 6

Royal Horse Guards Band Butterfly Grasshopper's dance HomD1395 2.2 2

Royal Marimba Band My heart belongs to the girl Serenata Jewel5973 3 2

Royal Marines Massed Bands Sea songs medley Ship Ahoy ColFB1579 1.6 1

Ruby Murray Pretty Mr Wonderful ColDB3933 1.7 1

S Burchall There'll always be an England Homeland DecF7135 2 5

S Ross and J Sargent How's your uncle Sweet and lovely ParR1092 2.6 4

Sal Mineo Lasting love You shouldn't do that PhilPB733 2.4 6

Salon Orch Serenade d'amour Tatjana Scala435 2.5 1

Sam Browne I nearly let my love go slipping through my fingers Would you HMVBD362 2.3 3

Sam Browne Kiss me goodnight What's going to happen to me Win5404 2.4 5

Sam Browne Tell me with a love song With all my love and kisses Zon6122 2.25 6

Sam Carson Macnamara's band Masher and the monkey RegMR3732 2.4 3

Sam Lanin Big city blues Louise Imp2109 2.2 3

Sam Nichols Who puts the cat out when papa's out of town Keep your motor hot MGM225 2.2 4

Samehtini (cello) Broken melody Salut d'amour Picc403 2 3

Sammy Davis Don't let her go You're sensational Br05617 1.9 3

Savoy Tango orch El misionero Valentino HMVB5008 some damp spots o/w 1.6 2

Savoy Havana Wait a bit Susie Naughty baby Col 3496 2.5 3

Savoy Hotel Orpheans Introductory record ColCO29 2.7 4

Savoy Orpheans My romance On the air ColCB525 2.3 2

Savoy Orpheans Riding on a camel Lonesome little doll DomA229 2.3 5

Savoy Orpheans I want a lovable baby Brown eyes why are you blue HMVB2252 2.7 3

Savoy Orpheans What do you do Sunday Mary Alibi baby Col3478 2.2 4

Savoy Orpheans Looking on the bright side After tonight we say goodbye ColCB511 2 5

Savoy Orpheans Picardy Sunshine of your smile HMVB5178 2 3

Scala Light Orch Morning (Peer Gynt Suite) In the hall of the mountain king Melba1020 1.4 2

Schutt and Cornell Canadian capers Flapperette Br1134 2.4 4

Scots Guards Band Sussex by the sea Triumph of Argentina Belt115 1.8 2

Scots Guards Band Trumph of Argentina Sussex by the sea Belt115 2 3

Scott Wood Chicago Beale Street blues ColFB1666 1.7 7

Scotty McHarg To each his own DecTEST10786-2 2.4 7

Serge Kalnoff (piano) Rondo capriccioso Rustle of spring Melba1008 2.3 6

Sergei Rachmaninoff Liebesfreud (2 sides) Victrola1142 2.2 8

Seven Hot Air Men Harlem madness Navy blues ColCB53 minorLC sd2 2.2 5

Sgr Tapiero (ocarina) Mattchiche (G King)Dance of the pierrots Twin96 2.2 3

Shep Fields I must see Annie tonight Good evenin good lookin RegMR2967 2.5 4

Shirley Thomas Australia land of my dreams Rodeo in the west RegG25075 2 17

Sid Phillips Together (Orch)Nursery rhyme medley Victory5 2.5 2

Sid Phillips Copenhagen Hearts of stone HMVBD6193 1.7 3

Sidney Bechet Muskrat ramble (Dinah Shore)Mood indigo Victor27302 2.2 6

Sidney Bechet High society Honeysuckle rose Esq10-034 1.6 5

Sidney Burchall There'll always be an England Homeland DecF7135 1.8 3

Sidonie Goossens Song of the volga boatmen Largo Col5436 2.2 4

Sidonie Goossens Spring fancies To a water lily HMVB1753 2.1 5 (a wonderful rare acoustic)

Sidonie Goossens Song of the Volga boatmen Largo Col5436 some scrs 2.3 3

Sinatra 5 minutes more (Gene Krupa)How high the moon ColDZ445 2.6 6

Six Swingers Black coffee Lulu's back in town RegMR1864 2.3 2

Skitch Henderson Daddy's little girl Far away island CapCL13301 2.8 2

Slim Dusty Sunny northern rose Rutland rodeo RegG25449 2 4

Slim Whitman North wind Darlin don't cry LonL1226 2.5 3

Smoky Dawson Riding down the dream trail Yearning for Over the Range RegG24940 1.8 5

Snug Fisher Out on the open range Texas plains Cap48021 2.2 7

Sophie Tucker Life begins at forty Man I love ParR3181 1.4 4

Sound Effects Weather effects HMVE580 1.8 3

Spencer Carlton One alone Desert song Sterno874 2.2 2

Squadronaires In old Santa Fe Maharajah of St Gabriel Chor O du frohliche, o du selige Stille nacht HMVEG1336 1.6 0.80

St Hilda's Band Rienzi overture Sterno1213 1.9 5

Stan Freberg Rock around Stephen Foster Yellow rose of Texas CapCL14509 2.3 4

Stan Kenton Termopolae Journey to Brazil CapCL13152 2 2

Stanley Kirkby Ammoniated tincture of quinine Don't do that to the poor puss cat Radio862 2 2

Stanley Kirkby Beautiful garden of roses (SW)Jack Briton JBullB30 2.7 2

Stanley Kirkby Cheer up Molly Farewell Isabelle RegG6804 2.5 3

Stanley Kirkby Gentlemen the King (2 sides) JBull 2.8 20

Stanley Kirkby Father sings the same old song (Barrett/Thompson)Marrow's a banana's father(!!) Win4494 2.4 4

Stanley Kirkby Why Robinson Crusoe got the blues Felix kept on walking Win3936 2.5 3

Stanley Kirkby Whose issy is he Sarah Win4050 2.5 3

Stanley Kirkby It's the same old Tommy and the same old Jack (Latimer)John Bull's catechism RegG6851 3 5

Stanley Lupino That just gets me out on the day Could Lloyd George do it Col3718 2.8 2

Stargazers Whistling kettle and a dancing cat Tell me you're mine DecF10086 2 6

Stargazers/Claviolines My pretty one Any old time DecF10025 2.6 4

Stubby Kaye Sit down you're rocking the boat Oldest established Br05098 2.1 7

Sullivan Operatic Party If you want to know who we are GC4606 2.5 3

Sunshine Boys I'm checking out Monkey business Okeh06195 2.4 13

Suzy Solidor Escale Petit rat Lond62011 1.9 8

Svend Asmussen Get up those stairs Five minutes more OdeonD5273 2.2 6

Sybil Sanderson Fagan Bird and the saxophone (Metro Dance Players)Bummel petrus VocM1078 2.1 3

Syd Lipton Happy go lucky you Masquerade Zon6185 2.2 3

Sydeny Coltham Ancient custom (+P Dawson)Gog and Magog HMVB1737 1.7 4

Sydney Coltham I hear a thrush at eve Love you have made me a garden Zon1247 2.2 2

Sydney Coltham If I might only come to you Parted Zon1759 2.6 3

Sydney Coltham For ever and for ever Only you Zon2159 2.2 4

Sydney Lipton Breeze and I When shall we two meet again ColFB2481 2.4 2

Tabby Calvin I cam back to say I'm sorry False alarm CapCL14640 1.9 7

Tad Dameron Casbah Sid's delight bop CapCL13152 1.8 3

Talbot O'Farrell Tears of an Irish mother Muldooney's christening Win3611 2.2 4

Talbot O'Farrell Every morn every noon every night Tired hands Imp1825 2.6 3

Talbot O'Farrell Mother O'Grady Dear little Irish mother Imp1723 2.5 4

Talbot O'Farrell That old fashioned mother of mine So blue Imp1759 2.2 4

Talbot O'Farrell Charmaine Souvenirs Imp1815 2 3

Talbot O'Farrell My angel mother (H Richards, piano)Chiffon classique Vic271 2.3 5

Tau Moe's Tropical Stars Weekend in havana Tropical magic HMVNE596 2.5 5

Teddy Brown Il bacio Les Patineurs Imp1794 2.2 2

Teddy Grace Low down blues Hey lawdy papa Br02920 2.1 3

Teddy Powell In Pinetop's footsteps Sans culottes RegMR3598 2.2 4

Tennessee Ernie His hands I'm a pilgrim CapCL14261 2.1 4

Tennessee Ernie Give me your word River of no return CapCL14005 2.3 1

Tennessee Ernie Ford Farewell Ballad of Davy Crockett CapCL14506 2.2 5

Tennessee Ernie Ford His hands I'm a pilgrim CapCL14261 2.3 6

Tennessse Ernie?M Bee Don't start courtin in a hot rod We're a growin up CapCL13942 2 5

Terance Casey Organ imitations ColDB100 1.8 2

Teresa Brewer Bo weevil Tear fell CoralQ72146 2 3

Teresa Owens Kerry dance Danny boy DomA112 2 3

Terry (The Irish Minstrel) Peggy O'Donovan My way HMVB9917 1.3 2

Terry Gilkyson Man you don't meet every day Fond affection Br04974 2 3

Terry McGovern After tonight we say goodbye Same old moon Sterno1073 2.8 6

Terry McGovern Every day's a lucky day Five minutes to twelve DuriumEN20 (cardboard record) 1.6 4

Tex Morton Big rock candy mountains My sweetheart's in love with a Swiss mountaineer ColFB1948 1.9 4

Tex Morton Rose of Shenandoah Valley Waiting for a train Rodeo10-0010 1.7 9

Tex Morton Martins and the Coys Move along baldy RegG23529 2 10

Tex Morton Big Rock candy mountains My sweetheart's in love with a Swiss mountaineer ColFB1948 1.7 5

Tex Morton/Harry Thompson When it's nighttime in Nevada Red River Valley RegG23416 2.2 9

Tex Ritter He's a cowboy auctioneer Boogie woogie cowboy Cap928 2.2 8

Tex Ritter Hills of Old Wyomin Melody from the sky Dec5922 2 small blisters o/w 2 7

Tex Ritter Singin in the saddle Viva tequila DecW5131 minor dig sd2 1.7 7

Tex Williams and His Western Cavemen Suspicion That's what I like about the west CapCL13065 1.5 6

Texas Drifter Tramp's mother Mother-in-Law blues Pana25108 1.5 9

Texas Drifter Cowboy's lullaby Yodellin teacher Pana25663 1.5 9

The Elliotts Pucker up and whistle I sailed away from Bantry Bay Win3651 2.3 4

The Forwards A Football Match After the match DecF3182 2 6

The Georgians Barney Google (Columbians)That red head girl Col3325 2.4 4

The Goldman Band On the alert On parade Pana25793 1.8 2

The Nocturnes Malaguena Lucky me MGM378 1.8 3

The Pickard Family She never came back (Otto Gray)Suckin cider Pana25040 2.2 6

The Platters My dream I wanna Merc156 2.3 5

The Tune Twisters Here come the British Pardon my southern accent Br02016 2.4 3

The Velvet Voice No more love Waltzing in a dream RegMR912 1.7 1

Thom Denijs Psalm 73 Psalm 42 HMVB5801 1.5 5

Thomas Mills xylo Donnybrook fair (Marshall P Lufsky)Nightingale and thrush Col D49 2.3 4

Tino Rossi Cherie sois fidele Joli mois de mai ColGF1022 2.1 5

Tino Rossi Chant d'amour de Tahiti Reginella ColDB1917 1.9 4

Tito Gobbi Occhi di fata A vucchella HMVDA1887 2 1

Titta Ruffo Quand ero paggio HMV7-52224 2.2 6

Tod Slaughter Maria Marten or the Murder in the Red Barn RegMR611 2.3 3

Tod Slaughter Sweeny Toddy (parts 1 and 2) RegMR716 2.3 6

Tom Burke Love's last word is spoken Peu d'amour Imp4012 2 5

Tom Foy My girl's promised to marry me Courting Zon578 2.3 5

Tom Foy Wot's t'time My bunker bump Zon963 2.8 3

Tom Gilbert Wait till tomorrow night Oh how I've waited for you RegG8538 2.5 3

Tom Jones and his orch Demande et reponse Poupee valsante Bcast5186 2 0.20

Tom Kinniburgh Star o Robbie Burns Bonnie Gallowa' Pathe1812 2 5

Tom Kinniburgh Only a rose Song of the vagabonds Imp1733 1.9 4

Tommy Dorsey Boogie woogie Tin roof blues HMVB8854 2.3 3

Tommy Kinsman Tell me tonight Here comes Annie Lee Sterno1083 2.7 5

Tommy Sargent's Range Boys Night train to Memphis Ridin down the canyon Corax1084 2.2 13

Tommy Whittle Zythum Debut Esq10-398 1.8 5

Tommy Whittle Archer's treat Pyramid Esq10-434 1.9 5

Tony Bennett Rags to riches Noone will ever know PhilPB216 2.4 7

Tony Osborne Group Scamp Jumpin the groove NixaN15097 1.7 3

Trix Sisters Ukulele lullaby I care for him and he cares for her Col3914 2 8

Tudor Davies (as Llewelyn Evans) In an old fashioned town I passed by your window Colis1330 3 3

Turner Layton On the Avenue seln ColTest16518-1 2.4 4

Turner Layton Shall we Dance seln ColTest16436-1 2.4 4

Two Gilberts Where does the candlight go (T Gilbert)I'm sitting on top of the world RegG8555 2 3

Two Gilberts Hay Farmer Gray High Street Africa RegG8436 1.6 4

Two Gilberts I've got a real daddy now Dear Matilda RegG8432 1.7 5

Two Leslies Audrey just laughed and laughed Prairie flower RegMR2277 slight nRs o/w 2.1 6

Ulysses Lappas No Pagliacci Vesti la giubba ColD1455 2.3 5

Unknown singer China night Nagasaki butterfly ColA93 1.6 9

USA Seventh Regiment Band dir Francis Sutherland Rocking horse parade Boy and the birds AcoG15412 2.3 6

Vera Lynn Wind cannot read Every hour every day of my life DecF11038 marks sd2 o/w 2 6

Vesta Victoria Medley RegMR414 2.1 5

Vesta Victoria Medley RegMR414 2.4 5

Vic Lewis West Indian ritual Sunday girl ParR3183 2.2 3

Victor Silvester Jive Pardon me pretty baby Crazy rhythm ColFB2989 2.6 5

Victoria Hopper Lorna's song Love's wisdom HMVB8249 1.6 4

Victoria Hopper Lorna's song Love's wisdom HMVB8249 2.4 7

Vienna SO/Kerby Peer Gynt Suite ColDB1268/9 (pair) 1.9 1

Viennese String Orch Bunch of roses Thousand kisses Colis363 (blue label) 2.7 3

Vincent Tildsley's Mastersingers Along the winding road Pedro the fisherman ParF1993 2.5 3

Violet Essex If winter comes Dear little garden I love HMVB1417 2.3 4

Vivian Bennett's Choir Christmas service Win3183 2.3 3

Vivian Foster The parson pleads for happiness ColDB696 2.4 3

Vivian Foster Parson in defence of parsons Col4116 1.9 5

Vivian Foster Parson and the collection Col3505 2.1 4

Voice of the Stars No5 Bogart Formby etc Boyer Laughton etc RegMR2722 1.8 6 (the rarest of the five main Regal Zono issues)

W Lee O'Daniel Everybody kiss your partner Rhythm and romance Voc03412 steeling sd2 o/w 2 7

Wally Bishop All over the place Half way down the street RegMR3389 2.5 4

Walsh and Barker Ding dong ping pong Daisy Tessie and Mabel RegMR1493 2.2 9

Walsh and Barker Daisy Tessie and Mabel Do you believe in dreams RegMR1493 1.5 6

Walter McHarrie Sheep under the snow (Choir)Manx Fisherman's evening hymn Win4840 2 4

Walter Rehberg Rhapsody Op79 Brahms Polyd90015 2 6

Walter Schumann Paddlin Madelin home Goodnight waltz HMVB10757 1.4 3

Webster Booth Heavenly night Along the road of dreams HMVB3778 2.3 1

Weist-Hill Trio Cavalleria Rusticana intermezzo Braga's serenade Jumbo1030 2.4 5

Western Brothers Lord Haw Haw of Zeesen Bad show chaps ColDB1883 1.4 7

WH Berry We had to carry Carrie to the ferry My word if you're not off ColD101 bad dig sd2 3 4

White Military Band Kaiser Frederick march Sunnyfields RegG8835 1.8 1

White Stars Syncopaters Rhymes Picc881 2.1 3

Wilf Carter How my yodelling days began Covered wagon headin west RegG23449 2.3 5

Wilf Carter Preacher and the cowboy Won't you be the same old pal RegG24256 1.9 5

Wilf Carter My dreams come true Cowboy's airplane ride RegG23986 2 6

Wilf Carter My faithful pinto pal Smoke wen tup the chimney just the same RegG23713 2 6

Wilfred Alderton (silver bells) Alice where art thou G&T9369 RS 2.2 6

Wilfred Pickles Good luck good health God bless you Get well soon ParR3902 2 6

Wilfred Virgo/S Kirkby etc Flowers thta bloom in the spring Mikado madrigal Win2436 2.2 3

Wilkie Bard Medley HMVB4132 2.2 6

Wilkie Bard I want to sing in opera Will you sing this glee with me Scala405 3 15

Will Evans Building a chicken house Ariel 9740 3 3

Will Evans Arnessing an orse Home sweet home Zon778 2.3 6

Will Evans Reading a novelette WINNER Laughing Record Win3789 2.1 7

Will Ezell Barrelhouse woman Heifer dust JazzCollL63 2.3 5

Willie the Lion Smith/Sidney Bechet Magic island Mayotte Var8399 1.4 15

Winifred Atwell Highland boogie Concerto for romance PhilPB410 2.5 1

Winifred Atwell Asia minor Vendetta PhilPB332 1.4 5

Wladyslaw Ladis Lolita Tu ca nun chiagne ParR2227 2.2 3

Woodie Brothers Chased old Satan through the door Likes likker better than me Zon4348 1.5 15

Woody Guthrie Ballads from the dust bowl Disc5010 2 45

Xmas Chimes of the Homeland O faithful pine Sacred night, holy night Col3815 2.3 2

Yehudi Menuhin Minuet in D Romance HMVDA1861 1.5 1

Yelli d'Aranyi Rondino Melodie Col5427 2.2 4

Yovanovitch Bratza Serenade Basque Serenade Espagnole Col5029 2.3 3

Yvonne Printemps Les Trois Valses HMVDA4903 2.4 8

Zez Coonfrey I love her she loves me (Orch)Can you forget HMVB1422 3 3

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