ITN (Independent Television News)
sound clip: ITN Headlines 1963
The first chief newscasters: Robin Day, Ludovic Kennedy. Huw Thomas, Anthony Brown.

In July 1956 on the announcement of the death of Violet Loraine, Robin Day stepped over to a horn gramophone and played part of her famous song If You Were The Only Girl in the World. August 31st 1957, the ITN news came from Glasgow, to celebrate STV's opening. Ludovic Kennedy read the news, but incurred the wrath of one Scotsman, GI, "he ought really to have got Greta Lauder's name with the correct pronunciation." Another minor scandal occurred on Wednesday December 23rd 1959, when a piece about Christmas parole from Belfast prison was shown. "Faked ITN film cause of big row," headlines read. Protests in Stormont claimed that warders had taken the part of prisoners, because the identity of the latter could not be revealed. ITN admitted that the film had been made a few days beforehand, but was "a true representation of the Christmas parole system." There was a debate in Stormont over the issue on December 29th 1959.
ITN's most controversial and popular newscaster, to use ITN's favourite term, was Reginald Bosanquet, stories of whom are as entertaining as they are apocryphal.

ITN's first important series, apart from The News, was Roving Report, a 25 minute world ranging programme that started in 1957. In Nov 1964 it was renamed ITN Reports (details).
Dateline, was, claimed Geoffrey Cox, head of ITN, "the first regular late night programme in depth," that covered topical news stories. It had begun in Autumn 1961 on Rediffusion as News from London, a five minute late evening bulletin. This turned into ten minutes when it was renamed Dateline London. Finally with some regional stations taking the programme, usually after the late Headlines, it became Dateline Westminster, then simply Dateline. Anglia, Southern, and TWW all took the series. However it was only ever partially networked. It ran until the introduction of:

ITN's big moment of glory came on Monday July 3rd 1967 when News at Ten was launched, "a new style half hour of up to the minute news." The main newscaster was Alastair Burnet, the first night's programme actually billed as "Alastair Burnet with the News at Ten," also in the studio Andrew Gardiner, Reginald Bosanquet and George Ffitch." Andrew Gardiner with the News at Ten first came on Wed July 5th. This was the first in depth British news bulletin, though, perhaps rightly, it only went out on Mondays to Fridays. Reporters needed time off perhaps, or more probably, the weekend schedules would never permit such an intrusion of time.
When ITN launched this radical new thirty minute bulletin, did they expect to achieve such good ratings?
The first bulletin on Monday July 3rd pulled in 6.9m homes, this contrasted with BBC's Twenty-Four Hours which was timed to started at 9.55pm, and rated 2.15m. Figues inevitably dropped after the novelty had been seen once, Tuesday 4th News at Ten rated 5.45m with Twenty Four Hours closer behind at 3.55m. By Friday July 7th News at Ten had 4.45m homes, while Twenty Four Hours had 3.7m. In the National TAM Top Twenty, the very first News at Ten came fifth

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Roving Report
A weekly report by ITN, normally lasting around 25 minutes, focussing on a specific area of the world, sometimes two reports made up programmes. "The most wide ranging programme in television history," one 1961 byline proclaimed. That it was a world ranging programme is evidenced by this listing, the type of programme that current itv executives would turn pale at the very notion.
The first series of 14 films were all were all introduced by Robin Day. First producer was Michael Barsley.
Transmission dates: the series was sometimes shown in different regions at different times (sometimes not at all in some areas), so the exact dates are approximate. Normally ITV stations transmitted the programme during the week indicated, or occasionally up to a week in arrears. I have used TV Times where possible for details. A lot of detail is found on the ITN Source site, with transmission details, which may or may not be more accurate.
With the start of News at Ten in July 1967, ITN Reports/ Reporting '67 ceased, after over 500 editions. "The programme's spirit and skeleton will go marching on within the new format."

The first programme was screened Tuesday March 19th 1957 at 6pm and was Robin Day in America
Apr 9th 1957 6pm Programme Number 4 Liechtenstein. TV Times says a special report on the Budget was also included
Apr 30th 1957 George Ffitch in Malaya
May 20th 1957 Americans in Britain- the base in Upper Heyford
May 28th 1957 and June 4th Robin Day in Italy. Script: Robert Tyrrell
June 18th 1957 (last of series) Reports from 10 countries by Reginald Bosanquet, George Ffitch and John Hartley. Commentary Robert Tyrrell.
After a fortnight's break for Wimbledon, the series returned on July 11th 1957 as Roving Report from ITN with Robin Day and George Ffitch. Barsley again was the producer. Thereafter the programme was shown weekly.
Aug 1st 1957 Reginald Bosanquet in Majorca (where else?!)
Aug 8th 1957 John Hartley in Journey to Moscow
Aug 22nd 1957 commentary by Tom St John Barry
Sept 20th 1957 Adrian Cowell with the Mother Of Most Noble Rivers- the Chao Phya in Siam
Oct 16th 1957 The Road to Uranium- journey in Canada
Oct 23rd 1957 Inflation Boulogne- day trippers from Folkestone
Oct 30th 1957 Cost of Living in (West) Germany
Nov 20th 1957 Berlin Today
Nov 27th 1957 Robin Day in Ghana
Dec 4th 1957 Robin Day in Ghana, a second report
Dec 18th 1957 Paris - NATO summit
Jan 8th 1958 Malta - crisis over Britain sacking over 100 dockyard workers
Jan 15th 1958 Round the World No 1- by Qantas, journalists including ITN fly from Bonn to Rome, Athens, Pakistan, New Dehli and Bangkok
Jan 22nd 1958 Round the World No 3 - in Australia and New Zealand. Also: Reginald Bosanquet in Monaco- Princess Grace and her baby
Jan 29th 1958 Reginald Bosanquet in the Monte Carlo Rally- including the ITN car which broke down
Feb 5th 1958 Martin Gray and Ronnie Hubbard in Round the World No 4- Across the Pacific to Fiji, Peral Harbour and America
Mar 6th 1958 Tom St John Barry investigates French Railways
Mar 13th 1958 Birthday Album - compilation on first anniversary of the programme
Mar 20th 1958 Reginald Bosanquet with Kenya Today
Mar 27th 1958 Jamaica- sugar cane production
Apr 3rd 1958 Reginald Bosanquet in Kenya II on Safari
Apr 10th 1958 George Ffitch in The Bahamas
Apr 24th 1958 Michael Barsley on Israel's Tenth Anniversary
May 1st 1958 Michael Barsley in The Holy Land Today
May 7th 1958 Reginald Bosanquet in Road to Zanzibar
May 22nd 1958 James Morris in Iceland
May 29th 1958 Reginald Bosanquet in Vancouver
June 19th 1958 Lapland
Jun 26th 1958 Reginald Bosanquet in Cyprus
Jul 2nd 1958 Athens
Jul 9th 1958 Ostend
Jul 16th 1958 Expo 58- Brussels World Fair
Jul 31st 1958 America on 100
Aug 12th 1958 Lena in London
Aug 27th 1958 Belgrade
Sept 5th 1958 Arthur Clifford and Lynne Reid Banks on The French Riviera. Camera: Len Dudley and Archie Howell
Sept 12th 1958 Patrick O'Donovan on The America Khrushchev Will See
Sept 19th 1958 Reginald Bosanquet in Majorca (again!). Cameras: Len Dudley/ Archie Howell. Also France Faces the Future
Sept 26th 1958 Brian Connell with Germany Re-armed. Camera team: Peter Brown and John Pullen.
Oct 3rd 1958 Tom Barry in A Day in Lisbon
Oct 10th 1958 Morocco
Oct 24th 1958 To School in France- two families in Beauvais
Nov 7th 1958 Tom St John Barry in Italy
Nov 14th 1958 Tom St John Barry with Italy Today. Also Journey to Mexico
Dec 5th 1958 Michael Barsley in The Road to the Red Sea- starting from Tel Aviv
Dec 19th 1958 Edwin Morrisby at the Pan-African Congress in Accra
Dec 26th 1958 Reginald Bosanquet in Switzerland- Grindelwald and monastery of St Bernard. Camera team: Peter Brown and John Pullen
Jan 7th 1959 Edwin Morrisby with Guinea Goes It Alone
Jan 21st 1959 Brian Connell in Berlin- City Encircled
Jan 28th 1959 Monte Carlo Rally
Feb 4th 1959 George Ffitch in Egypt Now
Feb 11th 1959 Reginald Bosanquet with Do The French Like Us?
Feb 18th 1959 Egypt Goes Back To The Nile
Feb 25th 1959 Robin Day in Visit to Moscow
Mar 4 1959 Robin Day in From Ballet to Ballots, second report from Russia
Mar 11th 1959 George Ffitch in Cyprus. Also George Ffitch with My Republic for a Horse- rearing horses in Ireland
Mar 18th 1959 Anniversary in Tokyo- 100th edition and second anniversary of the series. Among the films: Neville Clarke's round the world flight by Comet and Britannia
April 1st 1959 Neville Clarke with Jet Flight - a trip all round the world
April 15th 1959 Monte Cassino Today- fifteen years after destruction
April 22nd 1959 Neville Clarke with Round the World Notebook- quick trip round the world (cp Apr 1st)
April 29th 1959 Grandeur of Egypt the tourist trade
May 6th 1959 Michael Barsley with Festival in Holland. Cameraman Cyril Page
May 13th 1959 Brian Connell with How Many Germanies?- ministers discuss in Geneva
May 20th 1959 Elizabeth Kenrick with Malta Marks Time. Camera team: Terry O'Brien and Frank McNally
May 27th 1059 Stanley Baron Goes on a Bus Trip. ITN Camera team: Len Dudley, Archie Howell, Ian Grant and John Collings (shown June 9th 1959 on Granada) Also: Robin Day on Eurovision News, How It Works
June 10th 1959 Bill King at The Kariba Dam
June 17th 1959 Tom St John Barry in Channel Cruise- on a 40ft 10 ton ketch from Southend to Ostend. Camera team: Cyril Page, Bill Best, Pat Fox
June 24th 1959 Bus Trip to Lucerne
June 30th 1959 David Lutyens in Looking Into Space- Britain's space programme: should satellites carry instruments, or men?
July 7th 1959 Poland Today
Aug 4th 1959 Elizabeth Kenrick on Young People of Europe- youth hostelling in Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany
Aug 18th 1959 Neville Clarke with Hide Tide in Holland - the Delta Plan
Aug 25th 1959 Reginald Bosanquet with Finland Today. Camera team: Len Dudley and Archie Howell
Sep 1st 1959 Elizabeth Kenrick in A Day in Stockholm. Camera team Len Dudley, Sound: Archie Howell
From Sept 8th Robert Ferrall was temporarily the producer.
Sep 16th 1959 Journey Through Sicily
Oct 14th 1959 Killarney USA? - Irish/American ownership of property and land
Oct 28th 1959 North Atlantic Journey- the state of Virginia
Nov 4th 1959 Roving the Range- cowboys and bullfighters in the Camargue
Nov 11th 1959 Turkey Today
Nov 18th 1959 Turkish Delight
Nov 25th 1959 Operation Atlantic
Dec 2nd 1959 More About Turkey
Dec 8th 1959 Neville Clark in Brasilia
Dec 16th 1959 Neville Clark in A Day in Rio
Dec 23rd 1959 The Holy Land
Jan 6th 1960 North West Frontier, The Khyber Pass
Jan 13th 1960 Mount Carmel by Underground- Haifa and Acre
Jan 20th 1960 The White Highlands- an all white African preserve
Jan 27th 1960 The Estuary of the River Plate
Feb 3rd 1960 Tim Brinton in Frejus, France, scene of a dam bursting
Feb 10th 1960 Africa Meets in Tunis- the All Africa People's Conference
Feb 17th 1960 Pakistan: President and Ourdah
Mar 2nd 1960 Up Country in Ceylon
Mar 9th 1960 Huw and Anne Thomas with Postcard from the French Alps
Mar 16th 1960 John Thompson with Third Birthday Album- highlights
Mar 23rd 1960 A Tale of Two Tunnels
Mar 30th 1960 Tom St John Barry in Hollywood Today
Apr 6th 1960 Sylvain Bardel with Bonjour London! A student from Beauvais is guest reporter. Producer: Robert Tyrrell (for next two programmes also)
Apr 13th 1960 Tom Barry wth Hollywood Tomorrow - tv's threat to the film industry
Apr 20th 1960 Jet Set - jet travel and plans for a supersonic jet
Apr 27th 1960 John Ardagh with Bridge Across the Rhine- Strasbourg
May 11th 1960 Tom St John Barry with South Africa: The Big Deep- gold mining. Camera team Len Dudley and Archie Howell
May 18th 1960 Joan Rodker in Rotterdam Today- how the city has been reborn after its destruction twenty years ago
May 25th 1960 East Germany Now
June 1st 1960 Tom St John Barry with The Gulf Between- tensions in South Africa. Camera team: Len Dudley and Archie Howell
June 8th 1960 John Ardagh in Grenoble, Boom Town of France. Camera team: George Richardson and Michael Doyle
June 15th 1960 Caviar in the Caspian- Iran and the Caspian Sea br>June 22nd 1960 Tim Brinton with Royal Persia- exclusive interview with the Shah of Iran and Farah Diba his queen. Camera team John Corbett and Derek Scott-Lesley
June 29th 1960 Huw Thomas with Off to Oberammergau. Camera team Cyril Page and Frank McNally.
July 6th 1960 Teheran Today
July 13th 1960 Reginald Bosanquet with Two Men in Africa- independence in Tanganyika and Nyasaland. Camera team: Len Dudley and Archie Howell
July 20th 1960 Ernest Eytle with Caribbean Cocktail with cameraman Ronnie Read
July 27th 1960 Tom St John Barry with A Look at Loch Ness. Camera team: Stan Crockett and John Collings
Aug 3rd 1960 Michael Barsley in A Day in Dieppe. A cheap day trip by British Railways and memories of a night trip in 1942. Camera team: Bill King and John Pullen
Aug 10th 1960 Transatlantic Tourist- "light-hearted survey" of American tourists visiting Britain
Aug 17th 1960 Huw Thomas with Cyprus The Next Phase. Camera team George Richardson and John Collings
Aug 24th 1960 Huw Thomas with Cyprus Observed - a second report on the country since independence
Aug 31st 1960 Island in the Sun- Cyprus and Malta
Sept 7th 1960 Brian Connell in A Day in Oslo. NATO, the Kon Tiki, and Bergen Fair. Camera team: Len Dudley and Archie Howell
Oct 5th 1960 Elba, Island of Napoleon
Oct 12th 1960 The New Nigeria. Script: Alan Hankinson. Camera: Ronnie Read.
Oct 19th 1960 Britain in Brittany
Oct 26th 1960 Wild Goose Chase- geese hunters in Canada, and the human migration to Canada
Nov 2nd 1960 Mexico Of The Plumed Serpent
Nov 9th 1960 Lynne Reid-Banks with Women of Israel. Camera: William Best. Sound editor: Alfred Wilson
Nov 16th 1960 Reginald Bosanquet in Sunday in Lusaka
Nov 30th 1960 Michael Barsley with Dan to Beersheba. Producer: Robert Ferrall
Dec 7th 1960 Reginald Bosanquet with The Next Step- independence in Africa
Dec 14th 1960 Adrian Cowell in Back of Beyond- Dutch New Guinea
Dec 21st 1960 Neville Clake with Conflict in the Alps. The disputed territory of South Tyrol. Camera team: Stan Crockett and Mario Rossetti, Sound: John Collings
Dec 28th 1960 Huw Thomas with Christmas in Paris- this follows a French father married to an Englishwoman
Jan 4th 1961 Libyan Journey - Benghazi and Tripolo
Jan 11th 1961 Morocco Without France
Jan 25th 1961 John Ardagh in Morocco Unveiled
Feb 1st 1961 Hunger in the Congo
Feb 8th 1961 Tom St John Barry in Transatlantic- a luxury liner to New York. Camera: George Richardson. Sound: Michael Royle. Producer: Michael Barsley
Feb 15th 1961 New York - case study of problems in Harlem
Feb 22nd 1961 The Hungry Hills- West Virginia mining recession
Mar 1st 1961 Visit to India- a royal tour
Mar 8th 1961 John Whale with Magic Islands - Capri and Ischia
Mar 15th 1961 A Fourth Birthday Album- highlights of the year.Producer Michael Barsley wrote in TV Times that the team had been to over 70 countries in that period, with a mileage approaching 500,000.
Mar 22nd 1961 Tom St John Barry in Vacation Land USA- Miami. Camera: George Richardson. Sound: Michael Doyle
Mar 29th 1961 Easter Excursion - travelling by sea and air to the Continent. New series Producer: Derek Cooper
Apr 5th 1961 Tom St John Barry in Cuba
Apr 12th 1961 Water and Wine- Rhone Valley and the French Riviera
Apr 19th 1961 Bute Hewes in The Fortunate Islands- Gran Canaria and Tenerife.
Apr 26th 1961 Kenya - political uncertainty
May 3rd 1961 Algeria
May 10th 1961 Adrian Cowell in Land Beyond the Moon- Dutch New Guinea
May 17th 1961 Isreael Behind the Trial- Eichmann
May 24th 1961 Richard Dixon in Railway to the Moon- across the Andes in Peru
June 7th 1961 Tom St John Barry in The Divided City- Berlin
Jun 14th 1961 Nigel Ryan in Yugoslavia
Jun 21st 1961 Brian Widlake in The New Republic- South Africa, including a first interview with Nelson Mandela.
Jun 28th 1961 Nigel Ryan in Dalmatian Journey - Yugoslavia's tourist coastline
Jul 5th 1961 Kuwait - military assistance to prevent invasion by Iraq
July 12th 1961 John Whale with The Farmers' War- French farmers and the Common Market
July 19th 1961 Italian Adventure - Italia 61 exhibition in Turin
July 26th 1961 Return to the Congo a year after independence
Aug 2nd Jacqueline MacKenzie in The World of St Tropez
Aug 9th 1961 Tom St John Barry with A View of Vienna. Cameramen: Peter Brown and Cyril Page. Sound: John Pullen. (originally scheduled for July 5th)
Aug 16th 1961 Kenyatta and Kenya
Aug 23rd 1961 Nigel Ryan with Crisis in Berlin- the East German erection of a barbed wire barricade on Aug 13th
Aug 30th 1961 Nigel Ryan with Lebanese Holiday. Camera: Stan Crockett. Sound: John Collings. (originally planned for Aug 16th)
Sept 6th 1961 John Whale with Day of Rest- Greenock and Veulettes-sur-Mer
Sept 14th 1961 Reginald Bosanquet with Elephant Drought- drought in Kenya
Sept 21st 1961 Tom St John Barry with Irish Republic 1961
Sept 28th 1961 UN Dilemma In The Congo
Oct 5th 1961 Gateway to Italy - construction of the Mont Blanc tunnel
Oct 12th 1961 Portrait of Brazil
Oct 19th 1961 Nigel Ryan in Singapore at the Crossroads
Oct 26th 1961 Billancourt - home of Renault Car production
Nov 2nd 1961 Nigel Ryan in Malaya
Nov 9th 1961 Sierra Leone
Nov 16th 1961 Journey Through Malaya
Nov 23rd 1961 Neville Barker with Africa's Dollar Republic. The Queen's visit to Liberia. Camera: Ronnie Read. Sound recordist: Ronnie Hubbard.
Nov 30th 1961 Elizabeth Kenrick in Canary Islands. Camera: Terry O'Brien. Sound: Henry Collins. Producer: Edwin Morrisby
Dec 7th 1961 Ghana to Gambia- royal tour of West Africa. Camera: Ronnie Reede. Sound: Ronnie Hubbard. Producer: Robert Tyrrell
Dec 14th 1961 Vanishing Venice
Dec 21st 1961 Robert Tyrrell in Land of Two Christmases- Finland. Camera: Peter Brown. Sound: John Pullen
Dec 28th 1961 Tom St John Barry with Iron Curtain - a trip along the western side of Germany. Camera: John Corbett. Sound: Derek Scott-Lesley
Jan 4th 1962 John Whale with Paris Collection. Camera: George Richardson. Sound: Mick Doyle
Jan 10th 1962 Gibraltar 1962
Jan 25th 1962 Portugal Now
Feb 1st 1962 Neville Barker in Monte Carlo Rally 1962. Cameraman: Len Dudley. Sound Eric Vincent. Producer: Geoffrey Stephenson
Feb 8th 1962 Oldest Ally - Britan and Portugal's conflict over Goa
Feb 15th 1962 Richard Dixon in Boom Island Jersey. Camera: Ian Grant. Sound: Doug Wilkins. Producer: Edwin Morrisby
Feb 22nd 1962 Brian Widlake in Smugglers Coast- from Tangier. Camera: Cyril Page. Producer: Robert Tyrrell
Mar 1st 1962 Huw Thomas in Winter Wonderland- St Moritz. Cameraman: Ronnie Read. Sound Recordist: Ronnie Hubbard
Mar 8th 1962 Elizabeth Kenrick in Two Islands - Lanzarote and the Isle of Man
Mar 15th 1962 Peace In Algeria
Mar 22nd 1962 Robert Tyrrell with No Time for Strikes- Switzerland. Camera: George Richardson. Sound: Michael Doyle.
Note- the Birthday celebration of previous years around this date seems to have lapsed
Mar 29th 1962 Haiti- the Catro effect in its neighbour. Camera: Peter Brown. Sound: John Pullen
Apr 5th 1962 Rich Continent - Prince Philip's 60 tour of South America. Also David Holden in The Dominican Republic
Apr 12th 1962 The Swedes Have A Cure For It- smoking
Apr 19th 1962 Cloud Over Monaco
Apr 26th 1962 David Holden in Puerto Rico. Camera: Peter Brown. Sound: John Pullen. Producer: Edwin Morrisby
May 3rd 1962 Wild Fire - from the Sahara on capping the world's biggest gas jet fire
May 10th 1962 Puerto Rico
May 24th 1962 Michael Barsley in A Day in Naples. Camera: Jon Lane. Producer: Michael Barsley
May 31st 1962 David Holden in Panama, America's Suez. Camera: Peter Brown. Sound: John Pullen. Producer: Edwin Morrisby
June 7th 1962 Michael Barsley in Sea and Sardinia. Camera: Jon Lane. Producer: Michael Barsley (shown on Westward TV Dec 18th 1964)
June 14th 1962 Belize Affair - Britain's dispute with Guatemala
June 28th 1962 Robert Tyrrell in Eight Guinea Island- Manhattan. Camera: Bob Daly. Script and Producer: Robert Tyrrell
July 5th 1962 Algeria Faces The Future
July 12th 1962 Robert Tyrelll with Meet the Danes. Cameraman: Stan Crockett. Sound Recordist: John Collings. Producer: Robert Tyrrell Also: Virgins and Devils- two isles in the West Indies.
July 19th 1962 Michael Barsley with First Time Abroad?- a trip from Folkestone to Boulogne, and a French tripper from Boulgone to London. Camera: Jackie Howard. Sound: Frank McNally. Script and Producer: Michael Barsley
July 26th 1962 Reginald Bosanquet in Outlook Unsettled- Kenya
Aug 2nd 1962 First Tme Abroad- British and French holidaymakers crossing the Channel
Aug 16th 1962 Worlds Apart- Sailsbury Southern Rhodesia
Aug 23rd 1962 Czechoslovakia Today
Aug 30th 1962 Deadlock in Katanga also Reginald Bosanquet with Curse of Kariba- Operation Noah. Cameraman: Ken Taylor. Sound: Archie Howell.
Sept 6th 1962 Richard Dixon with Wheels Through The Alps- the Europe Bridge. Producer: Robert Tyrrell
Sep 13th 1962 David Holden with Beyond the Pale- Ireland possibly joining the Common Market. Camera: Len Dudley. Sound: Eric Vincent
Sept 20th 1962 Michael Barsley in The Town That Never Was- Dronten in Holland. Camera: Cyril Page. Sound: Archie Howell. Script and Producer: Michael Barsley
Sep 27th 1962 The New Italy
Oct 4th 1962 Spanish Holiday - Majorca
Oct 11th 1962 Michael Barsley in Munich Merry-Go-Round. Camera: Cyril Page. Script and Producer: Michael Barsley
Oct 18th 1962 Thaw in Spain?- its recent economic stability
Oct 25th 1962 John Whale in Pocket Princedom- Andorra. Cameraman: Len Dudley. Sound Recordist: Eric Vincent
Nov 1st 1962 John Whale with A New Look In Paris- urban renewal etc, interviews with Roger Vadim and Catherine Deneuve. Camera; Bill West. Sound: Doug Wilkins. Producer: Robert Tyrrell.
Nov 8th 1962 India Thinks Again- following the Chinese invasion of the Himalayas
Nov 15th 1962 Outlook for Sallal- Yemen
Nov 22nd 1962 Sheik Shakhbut's Oil- Abu Dhabi
Nov 29th 1962 Michael Barsley with Europe's Little Europe- Belgium and the Common Market. Camera; Stan Crockett. Script and Producer: Michael Barsley
Dec 6th 1962 Return to Tristan da Cunha, one year after the volcanic eruption
Dec 13th 1962 Mozambique - a multi racial society?
Dec 20th 1962 Andrew Gardner with Pestalozzi Christmas - from the children's village near Hastings. Camera: John Corbett. Sound: Doug Wilkins. Producer: Robert Tyrrell
Dec 27th 1962 Nick Barker looks at Vienna Capital of Music. Camera: Cyril Page. Sound: Frank McNally
Jan 3rd 1963 Edwin Morrisby with War in Angola
Jan 10th 1963 Tom St John Barry in Darjeeling. Camera: Jon Lane. Sound Recortdists: Archie Howell and Norman Hooper
Jan 17th 1963 Transkei: Experiment in Apartheid
Jan 24th 1963 Nigel Ryan in Swaziland. Camera George Richardson. Sound Michael Doyle and AC O'Donoghue. Producer: Edwin Morrisby
Jan 31st 1963 Estoril
Feb 7th 1963 John Whale with Deep Freeze Paradise- winter in the Scilly Isles
Feb 21st 1963 Operation Deep Freeze - bases in Antarctica. Cameraman: Ronnie Read
Feb 28th 1963 Malta Overcrowded Island
Mar 7th 1963 Tom St John Barry with Return to Algiers. Camera: Ken Taylor. Sound Recordists: Derek Scott-Lesley and Norman Hooper. (Advertised originally for Feb 28th)
Mar 14th 1963 The Strength of France. Script and Producer: Robert Tyrrell
Mar 28th 1963 Prince Rainier's Gamble
Apr 3rd 1963 Mr Wilson's Washington - the Labour leader in talks with President Kennedy
Apr 10th 1963 Big Strike for France- miners' strike. Also Germany Old and New
Apr 17th 1963 Reaction in Rhodesia - Britain's decision not to grant independence. Part 2 is titled Other People's Railways, modernising railways around the world.
Apr 24th 1963 Nigel Ryan in Italy Votes. In the second part: School for Black and White- Reginald Bosanquet visits a multi racial school in Salisbury Rhodesia
May 1st 1963 Fish War - from the Faroe Isles
May 15th 1963 The New Kenyans
May 29th 1963 State of Fantasy- Florida
June 12th 1963 To Shoot An Elephant- in Kenya
In the July 7th 1963 edition of TV Times Michael MacKellar wrote about a few hair raising moments the film crews had experienced. From this period TV Times did not advertise the content of the programmes, which were mostly in regional late night slots.
Aug 9th 1963 The Women of Rome
Aug 22nd 1963 Paris in August- today and the 21st anniversary of the failed Dieppe landings
Sept 4th 1963 School Without Tears- Camp Shohola in Pennsylvania
Sept 12th 1963 Red Seaside - Yugolsavia's Adriatic coast
Sept 20th 1963 A Tale Of Two Cities- Arad and Skopje
Sept 26th 1963 Moon Probe- the US space mission
Oct 11th 1963 Behind the Bamboo Curtain- Vietnam
Oct 25th 1963 The Country Between- Yugoslavia
Oct 31st 1963 The Wayward Island- Corsica
Nov 8th 1963 Lengede, the German Mine Disaster also Bulgaria, the last satellite
Nov 28th 1963 Oil Hunt in the North Sea on the survey ship Kyle Anne
Dec 5th 1963 Paris Preserved - the Paris Plan of decentralisation
Dec 12th 1963 The Spy Catchers- in West Germany. Also Seal Slaughter- the annual seal culls off the coasts of Britain
Dec 20th 1963 Welcome Winter - Christmas in Norway
Dec 27th 1963 Gateway to Europe- Rotterdam
Dec 31st 1963 The Year of Truth- review of 1963
Jan 2nd 1964 In The Path Of The Pope- the route Pope Paul VI will take in the Holy Land
Jan 10th 1964 Touchdown Madeira
Jan 31st 1964 High Dam Over Abu Simbei- the Aswan Dam
Feb 7th 1964 Sandy Gall on The Face of the Eiger
Feb 15th 1964 Royal Crisis in Holland- look at the Queen of Holland's daughter's marriage to a Spaniard. Also: the fighting in Cyprus
Feb 21st 1964 In China's Shadow- the states of Sikkim and Bhutan
Feb 28th 1964 Man Against de Gaulle- Gaston Defferre
Mar 6th 1964 Motorway Under Snow- the new St Bernard Tunnel
Mar 12th 1964 Congo Countdown
Mar 20th 1964 The Roving Years - celebrating seven years of Roving Report
Mar 27th 1964 Michael Weigall with The Two Worlds of Rome- the life of a Catholic student priest
Apr 2nd 1964 Dark Heart of Africa- the Congo
Apr 9th 1964 Nichael Barsley in Return to Tunis
Apr 16th 1964 Africa's Giant - Nigeria
Apr 23rd 1964 Sweden King & Parliament
Apr 30th 1964 The City Where The Beatles Got Their Break- Hamburg and the popularity of British 'beet-groups' in the Reeperbahn nightclubs
May 8th 1964 The Sun Seekers- the Costa del Sol
May 14th 1964 Sandy Gall with Channel Busters - hydrofoil and hovercraft
May 21st 1964 Michael barsley with Day Off in Denmark
May 29th 1964 Of Wine and Water- the Moselle Canal
June 5th 1964 Sellers at Home- interview with Peter Sellers after his heart attack. Also: Tal Ships Race- Plymouth to Lisbon
June 19th 1964 The New Irish- influx of West German industrialists in Ireland
Jul 10th 1964 A General Returns- General Grivas. Also Reginald Bosanquet in Calcutta
Jul 24th 1964 John Ardagh in Crisis in Ceylon
Aug 4th (sic) 1964 Forgotten Deserts - Egypt and El Alamein
Aug 7th 1964 Michael Barsley in Basque Country
Aug 13th 1964 Michael Weigall with Return to The Riviera
Aug 21st 1964 Convention City - Atlantic City's Dempctrat convention
Sept 4th 1964 Portrait of a Northerner- slum clearance in Nigeria
Oct 16th 1964 Olympic City - Tokyo
Oct 22nd 1964 Keith Kyle in Ghana on the leader Nkrumah
With no fanfare, on Nov 20th 1964 the title of the series was changed to ITN Reports. However it was the same programme covering world ranging issues, though more home based reports were now included. With a full 30 minutes, very often two different reports were included.
The July 17th 1965 edition of TV Times described a few memorable part programmes with photos from such diverse things as: US troops in Vietnam, Sandie Shaw interview with her manageress Eve Taylor, a new volcano in Iceland, Terry Downes in training, and Congolese troops. Since last November "ITN Reports are using the extra time," Steuart Hynd wrote, comparing it with a normal news bulletin, "to report more fully and vividly."
Memorable programmes included, flying with American combat pilots in Vietnam, patrolling the Malacca Straits with the Navy, Chinese shelling on the island of Quemoy, and British commandos in the Radfan mountains in Aden. Arlis II the melting iceberg, the rail crash at Elm Park, the Tonypandy mine explosion, IRA volunteers, West End drug addicts, and the export of Irish horses. Reporters singled out were Sandy Gall and Peter Woods. Others included Peter McIntyre, Gerald Seymour, Alan Hart, John Edwards, Michael Nicholson and Adrian Porter.
Production team producer David Nicholas. Associate producer Donald Horobin. Film editor Reg Spragg. Sound editor Alfred Wilson
First programme of ITN Reports:
Nov 20th 1964 Sandy Gall In Congo War- with mercenaries fighting Lumumbist rebels. Also: Peter Woods in Dallas A Year since Kennedy. Also: Gerald Seymour with Terry Downes the Boxer
Nov 27th 1964 Stanleyville Massacre
Dec 4th 1964 John Edwards with the US 7th Fleet in the Gulf of Tonking
Dec 16th 1964 Sandie Shaw. Also River Severn Floods.
Dec 23rd 1964 Michael Nicholson in Whisky Train- theft of whisky. Also: Zurs Ski-ing Resort
Dec 30th 1964 London Shootings- gun crime in North London. Also: Chelsea's Boxing Day football match- fly on the wall footage
Jan 6th 1965 Malaysia- British involvement against threat of attack from Indonesia. Also: Pirate Radio Stations
Jan 13th 1965 Peter Snow with London Dock Dispute- on the SS Indus. Also: Malaya-Indonesia Phoney War. Sandy Gall in Mount Kenya Safari Club
Jan 20th 1965 Peter Snow with Beagling- hunting in North Essex. Also the annual report on the Monte Carlo Rally
Jan 27th 1965 IRA Prisoners- from Portlaoise in Eire. Also: Welsh Coal Miners' Absenteeism. Also: Malaysian War- from Borneo. Also Germany Protest Against SS Meeting
Feb 3rd 1965 Aden- National Liberation Front against the British in Yemen. Also: Flu Epidemic in Russia
Feb 10th 1965 Immigration Control- immigration into Britain
Feb 17th 1965 Diamond Thefts- from Hatton Garden. Also: Yemen- dissident tribesmen. Also: Milan- premiere in Milan of the film I Tre Volti
Feb 24th 1965 Drug Addiction- Peter Snow in Britain and Peter Woods in USA report on two drug clinics. Also Irish Horse Export
Mar 3rd 1965 Vienna Opera- the state ball
Mar 10th 1965 Charing Cross Hospital. Also: Bugging USA
Mar 17th 1965 London Nude Murders- six prostitutes murdered by Jack the Stripper. Also: Bechuanaland- return of Seretse Khama
Mar 24th 1965 Selma Marchers- from Alabama on viting rights for all Americans.Also: M4 Motorway- extension in Chiswick . Also Gerald Seymour with Cyrpus UN Troops
Mar 31st 1965 Sandy Gall with De Gaulle's Bodyguard. Also Independence in Zambia
Apr 7th 1965 Alan Hankinson with Racehorse Flu Epidemic- from Newmarket. Also: Peter Woods with Strategic Air Command- in Nebraska
Apr 14th 1965 Prssed Steel Strike- and its effect on the UK car industry. Also: New West Germany Army
Apr 21st 1965 Bank Holiday Accidents- a recreattion of a car crash in Northants. Also: Malawi- newly independent
Apr 28th 1965 Vivisection- Mill Hill Medical Research Establishment. Also: Channel Traffic- at the Straits of Dover
From May 1965 many of the films were introduced by Nigel Ryan.
May 5th 1965 Vietnam- 197th Helicopter Unit. Also: Surtsey- a new volcanic island
May 12th 1965 Car Insurance- car accidents in the UK. Also: Steel Dispute- nationalisation
May 19th 1965 Oxford Union Debate- the motion This House will not fight for Queen and Country. Also Coal Mine Disaster- Cambrian Colliery
May 26th 1965 Arlis II- Arctic Research Laboratory
June 2nd 1965 South Wales Miners' Strike
June 9th 1965 Skye Ferry- protests that it is to be used on a Sunday
June 16th 1965 Klu Klux Klan in Britain (from April 21st?) Also: French Socialist Congress
June 23rd 1965 Danube Floods
June 30th 1965 Congo- missionary Margaret Hayes caught up in the war
Jul 14th 1965 Alfred Hinds on Jail Breaks. Also Mont Blanc Road Tunnel
Jul 21st 1965 Greece Political Crisis- the dismissal of the Prime Minister
During August 1965 Andrew Gardner began hosting the series.
Aug 4th 1965 USA Spansh Galleon- salvage operation off the Florida coast
Aug 11th 1965 Maginot Line- its new use as a NATO nuclear deterrent and bunker
Sept 1st 1965 Aden Terrorist Campaign
Sept 15th 1965 Peter Woods in Colombia- guerilla campaign. Also Drought in New York
Sept 29th 1965 Sikkim= military tension on the Chinese border. Also Emergency in Aden.
Oct 6th 1965 Taal Island Volcano
Oct 13th 1965 President Johnson's Gallstone Operation
Oct 20th 1965 Cuban Refgees to America
Nov 3rd 1965 Missing Persons. Also: Derelict Cars Disposal
Nov 10th 1965 Snowdons in Hollywood. Also: Motorway Crashes- in fog and the introduction of the 70mph limit
Nov 17th 1965 Rhodesian Diary- Ian Smith's UDI Dec 15th 1965 Noise Nuisances
Dec 22nd 1965 Robberies With Violence- London
Another new title for 1966: Reporting '66. Andrew Gardner once more introduced the programmes. Production team: film editors: Reg Spragg, and Gordon Hickey. Sound editors: Alfred Wilson and Colin Hugill. Associate editor: Nigel Ryan. Editor: Donald Horobin. Director: Robert Verrall
Jan 5th 1966 Alan Hankinson with Sea Gem Disaster- in North Sea/ Also: Sandy Gall i West Berlin- on the new inner wall
Jan 12th 1966 John Whale on Nigerian Commonwealth- conference on Rhodesia. Also England Pools Winners- Frank Wall who won 275,000. Also: Italy Pussies Galore- two English women in Venice
Jan 19th 1966 Nigeria After the Coup. Also: India Mrs Ghandi Elected President
Jan 26th 1966 Church Unity- in Britain. Also: Italy Leaning Tower of Pisa
Feb 2nd 1966 Bunny Girls- training in a Chicago club. Also West German Child Deported- a nine year old girl ordered to be deported to East Germany
Feb 16th 1966 Hungary Under Communist Rule
Feb 23rd 1966 En Route to Moscow- following Barbara Brooke whose husband is in a Moscow prison
Mar 2nd 1966 Snady Gall in Ghana After Coup
Mar 9th 1966 Air Traffic Dispute- over the legal limit separating flights
Apr 6th 1966 Cairo 10 Years After Suez
Apr 13th 1966 Egypt Abu Simbei- Aswan Dam (cp Jan 31st 1964)
Apr 20th 1966 Barotseland Chief. Also: Postmaster General-Tony Benn on surveillance devices
Apr 27th 1966 Clay Cooper Fight- preview of training. Also Douglas Bader Interview. Also: South Vietnam Dog Fight
May 4th 1966 Thailand Communist Threat
May 11th 1966 Pirate Radio
May 18th 1966 John Surtees
May 25th 1966 Yemen Prospects for Independence
June 1st 1966 Uganda Unrest
June 15th 1966 Cyprus- the UN presence
June 22nd 1966 Sausi Arabia Under King Faisal
June 29th 1966 Billy Graham's London Crusade
July 6th 1966 Ian Paisley. Also: Sukarno Stripped of Presidency
July 13th 1966 Kurdistan War
July 20th 1966 Wales Fight for Independence
July 27th 1966 Chinese Death in The Hague
Aug 10th 1966 Michael Barsley in Paris, An English Way of Life
Aug 17th 1966 Tanzania College of Wildlife Management
Aug 24th 1966 The Beatles Across America
Sept 7th 1966 They Rowed the Atlantic- Chay Blyth and John Ridgeway. Also: John Whale with De Gaulle Attempts to Devalue Pound
Sept 14th 1966 South Africa New President (Vorster). Also: Colombia Gorgona Island Prison
Sept 21st 1966 Rhodesia Under Sanctions. Also: Soccer in the USA
Sept 28th 1966 Nazi Prisoners in Spandau. Also: Peter Woods on New York Armed Police
oct 5th 1966 British Gas Campaign Against Air Pollution
Oct 19th 1966 Puffin Tragedy- a capsized Atlantic rowing boat. Also: Gibraltar to Remain british?
Oct 26th 1966 Aberfan- safety of coal tips. Also: USA Draft Dodgers
Nov 9th 1966 Peter Woods with Bugging Devices- in new York
Nov 16th 1966 Syrian Israeli Aggression
Dec 14th 1966 Dangerous Toys for Christmas. Also Sir Francis Chichester Arrives in Australia
Dec 21st 1966 Review of Year
Inevitably for 1967 it became Reporting '67.
Jan 11th 1967 Speakers' Corner- in Hyde Park
Jan 18th 1967 China Watchers- in Hong Kong
Jan 25th 1967 Bahamas First Negro Government. Also Sandy Gall in Macao
Feb 1st 1967 Apollo Moon Shot
Feb 8th 1967 Formosa Today
Feb 15th 1967 India Elections
Feb 22nd 1967 Car Insurance- cut price companies
Mar 1st 1967 Vietnam Chemical Defoliation- Operation Ranch Hand
Mar 8th 1967 Aden Terrorism
Mar 22nd 1967 Punta Arenas. Also Space Station
Mar 29th 1967 Vietnam Refugees. Also Torrey Canyon
Apr 5th 1967 British Migrants in Australia
Apr 12th 1967 Famine in Bihar- drought in India
Apr 19th 1967 San Francisco Hippies
Apr 26th 1967 Twiggy in America. Also: HMS Valiant Nuclear Submarine
May 3rd 1967 Berkeley University and Governor Ronald Reagan
May 10th 1967 Muhammed Ali Versus The Draft Board. Also Russian Tribunal on UA War Crimes in Vietnam
May 17th 1967 Sandy Gall in Sweden-change to driving on the right. Also Search for Martin Boormann
May 24th 1967 Middle East Crisis Israel
May 29th 1967 Egypt Mobilising for War
June 7th 1967 Middle East When The Fighting Stops
The series finally came to an end on June 28th 1967, after which ITN's efforts were channelled into News At Ten.

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