Dinosaur Monty Magpie on Newcastle United
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Toon- the biggest soccer team not to have won a trophy for half a century.... and not likely to for the foreseeable, sadly. No proper trophies at all for 52 years.

Congratulations on a miracle twelfth place finish!

Next season, we aspire to even higher!

However, under the present regime, that seems as likely as winning some kind of trophy. Until things change, if things change, we face yet another dreary season.

Question: can you take a jab to be vaccinated against Ash***?
Answer: that's what Toon needs, whatever that means.

(signed) an Ash***-weary Dinosaur Monty
PS- News that Rafa could be taking up a new managerial post is the Toon death knell, the very last vestige of hope drained from NUFC. That's the end. Good riddance to Ash** and all his rotten gang