Dinosaur Monty Magpie on Newcastle United
Toon- the biggest soccer team not to have won a trophy for half a century.... and not likely to for the foreseeable, sadly.

No trophies at all for 50 years. Now to the future... I'm afraid this is what we have got to look forward to:

Sunderland v Toon in 2020/1.

With Steve 'Head Patsy' Bruce in charge, we have hit a new low. The only certain thing is that we have not yet hit rock bottom. It's a pain to write that.

We hope Toon survive this season. That's the very best we can hope for. Any laudable ambition is very sadly only in cloud cuckoo land.

In the past, I have included match reports here. That is ceasing. For me, as for many Toon diehards, the club has ceased to exist until the despised Ash*** has gone, quit, left, resigned, bought out, never darken our doors again.

Rafa, we miss you

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