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Toon- the biggest soccer team not to have won a trophy for half a century.
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Is it farewell to Rafa?
Nobody wants it to be so- mebbes not even Ash***, who is so unfit to be an owner of Gateshead, let alone Newcastle. Sorry that's very unfair on Gateshead, make that Sunderland.
If you thought Bexit and Mrs May were inflexible, then surely Mike Ash*** is the footballing equivalent of the Prime Minister. Only one thing's certain to me, whatever your views on Brexit, this is one scenario where Toon fans want REMAIN!
None of us want to see Rafa leave, but certainly he would be mad to renew his contract without cast iron assurances that Ash*** will change his spots. That's so unlikely that we can only pray that Ash*** sells up double quick.
Rafa ain't indispensible. We will support a new manager, even a puppet, but how very very sad that we are losing a manager who could, with decent backing, have made Toon great agin! Thanks Rafa for making the very best of such a difficult job!