Dinosaur Monty Magpie on Newcastle United
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Toon- the biggest soccer team not to have won a trophy for half a century.... and not likely to for the foreseeable, sadly. No proper trophies at all for 52 years.
PS make that 53 in the coming months, indeed 54 and 55...

Who are the best Toon managers in living memory?
Well listing the worst would be easy, so many to choose from, but here are my best three, probably you won't agree:
1 Rafa- I put him first because he was the complete professional, treating the club with respect - in contrast to Ash*** - his promotion of the club in the city was exemplary, and given a decent budget, he'd have restored our fortunes!
2 Wor Kev - no surprise here. He gave us The Entertainers, and played football we all wanted to watch. If only he'd have won us a trophy.... And he wasn't perfect (but then who is?), for he failed to developed any youth policy.
3 Wor Jack - I've put Jackie Charlton ahead of even Wor Bobby, because I really liked his style and attitude. He was never given a proper chance at Toon, but he was the thinking man's tactician, not afraid to put the boot in when needed

Another season looms, another dreary season with the familiar fight to keep out of the bottom three. Unless the owner changes, I fear the worst. Yep, I put The Duffer as the worst of all our managers, ahead even of Sam, Souness, Dalglish, Carver, oh the list is endless!