Dinosaur Monty Magpie on Newcastle United
Toon- the biggest soccer team not to have won a trophy for half a century.
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Perhaps this transfer window was better than the last few, though that is not saying much. "Every Penny" Ash*** proved as penny pinching as ever, and instead of a stunning striker signing, we had to make do with some players who will vie with Jos for the striker's role. Kenedy and Dubravka are in, that's all to the good, but it was sad to see Wor Adam depart, as well as Merino, not replaced with better.
The best that Toon fans can do is to boycott Ash***'s new toy, House of Fraser, and hope it drives him to bankruptcy. Or is that possible, given all the Toon Premiership cash that might have been spent?

Aug 11th: Toon...1 Spurs...2
Opening day of the season, and the mild surprise that none of our new signings were starting was quelled by old hand Joselu who got our goal. Our two January loanees, now in the fold again, both impressed: Dubravka's save was world class, and Kenedy always looked likely to trouble Spurs. However after he missed a semi-sitter he did tail away. Diame hit the post and new number 9 Rondon had a shot deflected off the bar, but we couldn't quite clinch an equaliser. Our performance and application for the first three quarters was excellent, but the introduction of our two new bargain basement strikers hardly gave us the zest we badly needed, and, while there was much to encourage, luck was all on their side, with a first goal that barely looked over the line