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Triumph Records
A pretty label, a cheap issue of old recordings. The design first appeared on Bel Canto discs, but I have also seen a Butterfly label, not surprisingly, with this logo also.
Date c 1914


Gala Records
were issued in Britain from 1961 to 1964. The 6 inch diameter Gala Goldentone were later replaced in the later 1960s by a 7 inch Gala Nursery Records label. They were manufactured by Selcol from their base in Long Melford Suffolk, and also at Braintree Essex. All records were made in unbreakable vinyl.

Gala Goldentone were issued in a bright orange colour with blue/yellow label plus an attractive cover with a picture relevant to the recording. The recordings all appear to be American, the earliest recorded as long ago as 1951. In this year Selcol had begun in the record business by issuing an album of three nursery records,.
Perhaps the most famous contribution by the firm wasn't a record at all. The final issues of the Goldentone label were advertised as played "with a Beatle Beat," and Selcol produced cheaply made Beatles guitars, which are now worth quite a lot.
A discography, USA control numbers in brackets where known:
Note: The cover of GG9 seems to identify The Sandpipers as Mike Stewart, Bob Miller, Ralph Nyland and Dick Byron. Mitch Miller's Orchestra accompanies The Sandpipers on all recordings (unless stated).
GG1 The Sandpipers with Mitch Miller Orchestra ... We're Off To See The Wizard (R50A R338B) / (also with Anne Lloyd) Over The Rainbow (R49A R338A)
GG2 Roy Rogers And Dale Evans With Mitch Miller Orch ... The Little Shoemaker / The Happy Wanderer
GG3 Roy Rogers And Dale Evans ... Happy Trails To You (R196A) / Roy Rogers: A Cowboy Needs A Horse (R176B)
GG4 Paul Tripp ... Tubby The Tuba (R257A, R257B)
GG5 Bing Crosby ... Ali Baba And The 40 Thieves (R339A) / They All Lived Happily Ever After (R339B)
GG6 The Sandpipers With Mitch Miller ... Ring Around The Rosy/ Skip to my Lou (R273A) / Round And Round The Village (R273B)
GG7 Anne Lloyd/ The Sandpipers and Mitch Miller (Mitchell Miller on cover) ... Brahms' Lullaby (R28A-MF) / Twinkle Twinkle Little Star/ Rock-a-bye Baby (R28B-MF)
GG8 Anne Lloyd/ Gilbert Mack./ Sandpipers with Mitch Miller ... Three Little Kittens (R16A-2) /Anne Lloyd/ Bob Miller etc: Pop! Goes The Weasel/ Rain Rain Go Away (R16B, N50)
GG9 The Sandpipers With Mitch Miller ... Twinkle Twinkle Little Star/ Rock-a-bye Baby (GL272A) / Anne Lloyd and The Sandpipers: Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep (GL272B)
GG10 The Sandpipers With Mitch Miller ... Humpty Dumpty/ Jack and Jill (R23A-MF) / Anne Lloyd and The Sandpipers: Skip To My Lou/ Cock a doodle doo (R23B-MF)
GG11 The Sandpipers With Mitch Miller ... Three Blind Mice (R26A-MF) / Anne Lloyd and The Sandpipers: Little Bo Peep/Little Jack Horner (R26B-MF)
GG12 The Sandpipers With Mitch Miller ... London Bridge / Anne Lloyd, Ralph Nyland and The Sandpipers: Did You Ever See A Lassie?/ Baa Baa Black Sheep
GG13 Michael Stewart And The Sandpipers ... Oh Susanna (R17A-1) / The Sandpipers: Turkey In The Straw (R17B-1)
GG14 Anon ... De Camptown Races / Clementine
GG15 Dick Byron And The Sandpipers ... The Blue Tail Fly / Michael Stewart And The Sandpipers: Big Rock Candy Mountain
GG16 Roy Rogers with The Ranch Hands: ... The Old Chisholm Trail / Dale Evans with The Ranch Hands: Red River Valley
GG17 The Sandpipers With Jimmy Carroll Orchestra ... Swanee River (R554A) / My Old Kentucky Home (R554B-1)
GG18 The Sandpipers Children's Chorus ... Children's Marching Song / Jimmy Carroll's Fife And Drum Corps: Children's Marching Song
GG19 The Sandpipers With Mitch Miller ... The Woody Woodpecker Song (R58A date 4.9.51) / Mitch Miller Orchestra: Woodpecker's Dance (Gavotte from Bach Suite) (R-58B, 4.22.51)
GG20 Anne Lloyd And The Sandpipers ... Train Songs
GG21 Anne Lloyd, Ralph Nyland and The Sandpipers: ... Little Sir Echo / Anne Lloyd and The Sandpipers: Bobby Shaftoe/ Hickory Dickory Dock
GG22 Anne Lloyd And The Sandpipers ... Little White Duck (R-365A) / When The Red Red Robin (R-365B)
GG23 Kurt Knudsen ... Little Red Riding Hood (adapted by Buchanan and Cella) (R634A, R634B)
GG24 Mike Stewart And The Sandpipers ... Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer / Mitch Miller And His Orchestra The Reindeers' Dance
GG25 "Original TV Voices" ... Songs Of The Flintstones (Meet The Flintstones/ Rise And Shine)
GG26 Golden Chorus And Orchestra ... Yogi Bear TV Theme Song(R663A) / Frank Milano: Before Yogi (R663B)
GG27 Gilbert Mack with Jimmy Carroll Orchestra ... Pixie And Dixie (R610A) / Iddy Biddy Buddy (R610B)
GG28 Jack Mercer ... I'm Popeye The Sailor Man / Mike Stewart, Gilbert Mack and The Sandpipers: Scruffy The Tugboat
GG29 Gilbert Mack And The Sandpipers ... Old MacDonald Had A Farm / Anne Lloyd: The Owl And The Pussycat
GG30 London Rhymers And Players with Four Mother Goose Songs ... Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater /Solomon Grundy (R678A) / Deedle deedle Dumpling/ Little Robin Redbreast (R678B)
GG31 Anne Lloyd And The Sandpipers ... The Farmer In The Dell / Sing A Song Of Sixpence/ Ten Little Indians
GG32 Mae Questel And Jack Mercer with Jimmy Carroll's Orch ... I'm A Little Teapot / The Glow-Tones Jim Timmens and His Orch: Polly Put The Kettle On
GG33 The Sandpipers ... The Happy Wanderer (R607A) / The Golden Children's Chorus: Polly Wolly Doodle (R607B)
GG34 Gil Mack - The Sandpipers ... The Animals Of Farmer Jones (R536A) / The Sandpipers: The Barnyard Song (R536B)
GG35 Anne Lloyd / Mike Stewart ... The Three Bears (Part I) (R274A-1) / The Sandpipers: The Three Bears (Part II) (R274B-1)
GG36 Anne Lloyd and The Sandpipers ... The Muffin Man- A Tisket A Tasket / Pussycat Pussycat/ Hot Cross Buns
GG37 The Sandpipers and Jim Timmens Orchestra ... My Pony Macaroni
GG38 Alan Reed with Jimm Timmens Orch ... Pebbles' Lullaby (78 140A, 78 140- B3)
GG39 Betty Clooney ... Fuzzy Wuzzy Wuz A Bear (78-728A) /Jack Arthur: Teddy Bears On Parade (78-728B)
GG40 Mike Stewart, Bob Miller, Ralph Nyland, Dick Barton, Anne Lloyd ... Hansel And Gretel
GG41 The Sandpipers And The Golden Orchestra ... The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting On an Open Fire) (78-731A) / We Wish You A Merry Christmas (78- 731B)
GG42 The Sandpipers And The Golden Orch ... Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush (78-732A) / Here We Go Loop De Loop (79-732B)
GG43 Golden Orchestra ... Instruments Of The Orchestra (Crumpet the Trumpet, Antoinette the Clarinet, Peter Percussion and Lucy Lynn the Violin)
GG44 Art Carney ... The Ugly Duckling
GG45 London Rhymers And Players ... Simple Simon (R-715B) / The Cat And The Fiddle/ One Two Buckle my Shoe (R-715A)
GG46 Danny Kaye ... The Big Oven
GG47 The London Rhymers And Players ... Five Songs Of Mother Goose (R-716A, R-716B)
GG48 Don Ralke's Orchestra ... Larry Harmon's Laurel And Hardy Theme Song 1 Together is 2 (LGR 748A, LGR 748B)
The remaining 78s were in the Nursery Beat Series, advertised on the covers as "with a Beatle Beat." The conductor and arranger was Milton DeLuugg.
GG49 Wynken Blinken And Nod And The Golden Rock-A-Twisters .. Old King Cole / There was an Old Woman Who Lived In A Shoe
GG50 Wynken Blinken And Nod And The Golden Rock-A-Twisters ... London Bridge / Hickory Dickory Rock
GG51 Wynken Blinken And Nod And The Golden Rock-A-Twisters ... Three Blind Moose / Georgie Porgie
GG52 Wynken Blinken And Nod And The Golden Rock-A-Twisters ... Little Miss Muffet / Jack And Jill (Chickenback)
GG53 Wynken Blinken And Nod And The Golden Rock-A-Twisters ... One Two Help Find My Shoe / Humpty Dumpty
GG54 Wynken Blinken And Nod And The Golden Rock-A-Twisters ... Hi Diddle Diddle (Twist) (646A) / Wouldn't It Be Funny (Bobby Bossa Nova) (646B) (this was the last issue of Goldentone 78s)

From The Stage March 17th 1960
Front page headlines announced that Prince Philip had joined the Water Rats, installed as a Companion, at the Mayfair Hotel on March 10th. Bud Flanagan opened proceedings with, "we would like you to take wine with all the layabouts who have never been to Buckingham Palace." Preceptor Clarkson Rose installed the Duke, and Jack Hylton presented the order's emblem. Tommy Trinder presented the Duke with a cheque for the London Federation of Boys' Clubs, and Ted Ray gave him a book from every available member, "some of our rock n roll singers have learned to write in order to sign the book."
The Water Rats were also out in force in Liverpool, hosted by former King Rat Ted Ray, and including tributes to Tommy Handley and Arthur Askey. Georgie Wood recalled the great Robb Wilton and presenting a bench in his memory to the mayor. Also present was Helen Trix.
The death was announced of Albert de Courville aged 73. Though he hadn't made records he had been stage manager at the London Hippodrome until 1920 and some of his great wartime shows were recorded by HMV and Columbia, including Push and Go, Shell Out, and Razzle Dazzle. His first wife had been musical comedy star and recording artist Shirley Kellogg.
Leslie Sarony was still active, writing a song sung by Stanley Holloway at the London Palladium TV show on March 13th. It was called Yer Gotta Get Aht.
Eve Boswell was in the news as the first Western artist to make it on to Hungarian television. She left England on March 10th with her husband in their new Jag, stopping off in Paris and Germany en route to her native Budapest. She was due back in London on March 31st for a Parlophone recording session.
Russ Conway explained his final 78, Royal Event, was the easiest title to dream up. The name actually refers to the Royal Lowestoft where Russ' friend Richard Armitage was running a workshop. So the 'Royal' in the title refers to the Theatre Royal at this town.
Paul Robeson's tour of Britain was announced with dates in Glasgow St Andrew's Hall (Mar 20), Edinburgh The Usher Hall (Mar 22), Dundeed Caird Hall (Mar 24), Hanley Victoria Hall (Mar 29), Exeter Savoy (Apr 1), Portsmouth Guildhall (Apr 3), Blackburn King George's Hall (Apr 5), Cardiff Prince of Wales (Apr 8), Coventry Theatre (Apr 10), Birmingham Town Hall (Apr 13), Preston Public Hall (Apr 20), Stockton Globe (Apr 22), Hull City Hall (Apr 24), Nottingham Albert Hall (Apr 26), Leeds Town Hall (Apr 28), Bristol Colston Hall (Apr 30), Northampton Savoy (May 8), Liverpool Philharmonic (May 10), and Huddersfield Town Hall (May 12).
There's a review of the Anthony Newley Show at the New Victoria. This included his latest film Jazz Boat. "Don Lang and his Frantic Five offer a couple of zingy-swingy numbers in the stage presentation; Mike Winters, the compere, scores with his playing of clarinet before contending with Bernie in their familiar cross patter roles... Mr Newley sings a couple of songs, including Over and Over, (and) gives an entertaining magic lantern show with a recurring back-view-of-a-nude slide"

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