. . . . . . . . Dinosaur Discs Magazine December 2018 No. 125
Wishing you the compliments of the season! This is a special festive edition, with my traditional record quiz
1... Look at Santa on the British Vocalion catalogue on the right. Which decade would the catalogue have to date from?

2... On Winner 3922, what was in the title of the song that Ernie Mayne claimed 'I do like a little bit of .... at Christmas Time'? Choose from: Turkey, Pudding, a Cuddle, Cheer

3... The Little Boy that Santa Claus Forgot- what a tragic title for a song! Ambrose's band recorded it on Decca F6519, but who was the very well and much loved vocalist on this recording?

4... Who sang the dreadfully titled 'I'm Gonna Lasso Santa Claus'? Choose from: Bing, Brenda Lee, Louis Armstrong, Roy Rogers

5... Which well known jazzy pianist sang his own version of Jingle Bells, and later recorded also Swingin' them Jingle Bells? Your choice is: Bing, Nat Gonella, Charlie Kunz, Earl Hines, Fats Waller

6... Name the Australian music hall star who recorded An Xmas Wedding Breakfast on the Imperial label. Choose from: Albert Whelan, Florrie Forde, Billy Williams, Nellie Melba

7... What was Santa Claus doing in the title of Jimmy Durante's well known song?

8... Who is helping Santa in the title of Joe Lynch's 1956 record? Your choice is: Rudolph the red nosed reindeer, Winston Churchill, Robin Hood, Bing Crosby, Davy Crockett

9... Who had a big hit in the 50's with a song written 40 years earlier "Give me the Moonlight, give me the Girl" Clue: Stanley Kirkby sang the original on record, but FV's livelier 1950's version is the song this singer is best known for.

10... Who sang "My hat's on the Side of My Head?" I don't mean your uncle either, but which star sang it in a film? Clue: He was married to Cicely Courtneidge.

11... Thinking of Christmas Fayre, what did Dick Henderson want in his pie? Clue:The answer is one of these: A Sixpence, A Plum, A Fairy.

12... Edison first recorded his voice in which year? The words were perhaps not the most profound: "Mary had a little lamb."

13... "His records made the gramophone." So wrote Fred Gaisberg, of an artist he first recorded in 1902. But of whom was he speaking?

14... The development of the record industry was bedevilled by litigation in America. A famous court decision gave this extraordinary ruling: "The Gramophonic Art may be said to have fairly begun with the invention of Bell and Tainter, letters Patent No 341,214 dated May 4, 1886." Which company held this patent?

15... Edison continued making cylinder machines, despite the popularity of the disc machines. In 1908 he introduced his latest improvement, which doubled the length of a cylinder to 4 minutes. What was the trade name of these cylinders called?

16... "A strange ceremony is to take place in an underground passage of the Opera House Paris. A record of ....'s beautiful voice will be solemnly buried to remain silent and undisturbed for a hundred years. To Alfred Clark, belongs the credit of thus preserving those dulcet notes." Who did you think was the artiste chosen in 1909? Clark was an HMV man, so naturally he chose a prominent HMV singer! Your choice is: Caruso, Jenny Lind, Marie Lloyd, Tetrazzini

17... "The gramophone had ... arrived as an infant prodigy and then entered on a dreary transition as an enfant terrible associated with blatancy and cacophony. Now it was beginning to emerge as something more than a reproducer of vulgar music." Which gramophone impressario wrote this in his "Story of Sound Recording"?

18... Which Hollywood star recorded We'll gather Lilacs for the Philips label? He also starred in the film featuring this song with Anna Neagle.

19... Give the correct title of this John Zacherle record issued in UK on the London label. Which of these was it: "Breakfast with Zach", "Lunch with Laura", "Dinner with Drac"

20... Easy one to finish! What was Bing's surname?!
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Here are the Answers:
1: 1920s
2: Turkey
3: Vera Lynn
4: Brenda Lee
5: Fats Waller
6: Albert Whelan
7: Santa Claus is comin' to Town
8: Davy Crockett
9: Frankie Vaughan
10: Jack Hulbert
11: Plum
12: 1877
13: Caruso
14: American Graphophone Company, later to become Columbia
15: Amberol
16: Tetrazzini. Anyone know if the record was exhumed in 2009??
17: Joe Batten
18: Errol Flynn
19: Dinner with Drac
20: Bing Crosby

All the answers correct?
Amazing! Have a drop of Christmas cheer.

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