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Playtime Records
a 1960s American kiddies' label made by Columbia:
309 El Capitan/ Semper Fidelis (marches)
334 Cinderella/ Sugar Plum Fairy (stories)
335 Little Red Riding Hood/ Mexican Clap Hands
336 Nursery Rhymes: Hey Diddle Diddle etc
337 Little Bo-Peep/ Tom Tom the Piper's Son
338 Nursery Rhymes: Three Blind Mice etc
344 Looby Loo/ Did You Ever See a Lassie?
345 Git along Little Dogies/ Big Rock Candy Mountain
346 Home on the Range/ Doney Gal
348 Turkey in the Straw/ Arkansas Traveller
349 Skip to My Lou/ Buffalo Gals
350 Today is Monday/Bear went over the Mountain/ A Hunting we will go
355 Three Little Pigs
356 Hansel and Gretel
357 Happy Birthday Record/ How Old are You?
358 Daisy Bell/ School Days
359 Night before Christmas
360 Snow White
361 Lazy Mary/ A-Tisket A-Tasket
362 Daddy wouldn't buy me a bowwow/ I don't want to play in your Yard
363 Jack and the Beanstalk
364 Chicken Licken/ Little Red Hen (stories)
365 Rumpelstitlskin
367 Parade of the Wooden Soldiers
368 I'm a Little Teapot
369 Baked a Cake/ Weevily Wheat
370 Tap Dance Record
380 Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer/ Jolly old Saint Nicholas
381 Frosty the Snowman/ Punkinhead
388 Silent Night/ Auld Lang Syne
389 White Christmas
390 Santa Claus is comin' to town/ Up on the Housetop
391 Peewee the Kiwi Bird/ Mocking Bird
392 Little White Duck/ Over in the meadow
393 I sawe Mommy kissing Santa Claus/ Christmas Chopsticks
394 Rock-a-bye Baby/ Brahms' Lullaby
395 Me and My Teddy Bear/ Little Kitty
396 Goldilocks (story with music)
397 Peter The Rabbit (")
398 Pinocchio, the Wooden Puppet (")
399 The Ugly Duckling (")
401 Three Little Fishies
402 I'm a Lonely Little Petunia/ I'm called Little Buttercup
403 Dennis the Menace
404 Tell me a Story
405 Playmates/ Jim Along Josie
406 Rocket Ranger Song/ Rocket Ranger march
407 Bimbo/ Bobby Shafto
408 The Jones Boy song
409 Roo Roo Kangaroo
410 Syncopated Clock
411 Smokey the Bear
412 Spooky Music for Spooky Occasions
413 Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy/ Chinese Dance
414 Little Shoemaker/ Pretty Little Susie
415 Skinnie Minnie/ Bring Back My Bonnie to Me
416 Suzy Snowflake/ Jingle at the Windows
417 Here comes Santa Claus/ Christmas Gifts


Extra Articles

Old Gramophone Societies: Hawick and Wilton (Roxburghshire)
This society began meetings in October 1920. They met fortnightly until closing for the season on March 21st 1921 with a concert of HMV and the new Vocalion records.
The Vocalions included A0118 Rosing Song of the Flea, C01005 George Baker Tempest of the Heart, C01002 Destournel Bonnie Mary of Argyle, A0144 D'Alvarez Habanera, J04007 Aeolian Orchestra Marche Hongroise, A0116 Caroline Hatchard Sweet Bird, J04011 Aeolian Orchestra Magic Flute Overture. "Special mention may be made of Rosing's realistic rendering of the Song of the Flea."
HMV records were by Alma Gluck (03467), Thorpe Bates (C441), Galli-Curci (2-053142), Peter Dawson (C459), John McCormack (02246) Walter Hyde (D107) as well as Zonophone A60 and A61 the complete William Tell Overture. "Galli-Curci was outstanding... this is a most marvellous record," wrote Mr R Riddell secretary, "the coloratura singing and the delicate shading of the voice of this famous soprano being hear to great advantage"- perhaps he was slightly biased as it was his own record!
Rather incongruously, somewhere among all this classical entertainment, the late Billy Williams "sustained the humorous element in his inimitable way"

Acoustic Recording Artists: Jeanne Jomelli
Born in Amsterdam, she made her operatic debut aged sixteen as Juliet in Romeo and Juliet. Initially her parents were opposed to her singing career, but her father's death soon after her first successes led to a change of heart, and she studied under Professor Stockhausen at Frankfurt.
Her tour of the Far East brought her fresh plaudits including personal appearances before the King of Siam. Back in Paris she came under the wing of Massanet who coached her for parts in his operas. Success in New York followed, and marriage, then tours of America, recitals, oratorios and concerts accompanied by orchestras such as the Boston Symphony.
She was tempted into the Edison Bell Recording Studio, mainly it seems, so that she could send relatives recordings of her voice. "My sister in India," Mme Jomelli revealed, " says that the beautiful reproduction of my voice almost brought tears to her eyes." While that sounds like a copywriter's fancy, there's no doubt that Edison Bell did well to capture her voice in 1911 and unusually initially issued her recordings on single sided Velvet Face records.
Her recordings:
VF 1085 and 1086: Ah Fors e Lui (in two parts)
VF1087: Depuis le Jour
VF1088: Annie Laurie
VF1089: Ave Maria (Gounod)

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