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Aco Records
A 1920's British label, a cheap offshoot produced by The Vocalion Company
Recordings also appeared on related labels, Scala, Coliseum and Guardsman, as well as other labels such as Meloto.
Pictured in one supplement are their mainstay UK dance band led by Leslie Jeffries. Vocalion did aspire to rival HMV in their classical repertoire, and used the Aco brand to promote lesser known concert artistes, such as those in the October 1925 supplement, see on the right.

Extra Articles

Phil Arnold
American Phil Arnold made records in the UK for a brief spell for about a year in 1928 and 1929 - the untimely "ban" on foreign musicians deprived us of one of the most way-out of dance band vocalists. Some band leaders allowed him to give his unique "solos"; especially recommended is his version with JAY WHIDDEN of "Didn't I tell you" on Imperial 1956.
(NB be careful to get the vocal version, there are non-vocal takes!!).
Below is a discography of this era of fruitful recording by Arnold.

17 May 1928 (vocal with Ray Starita Band)
A7389-1 I'm saving Saturday night for you Col 4910
A7390-1 (in trio) Our bungalow of creams Col 4910

c 2 July 1928 (vocal with George Fisher Kit Kat Band)
1049-2 My Pet Metropole 1081
1050-2 How long has this been going on Metropole 1081 Piccadilly/Curry 149

July 1928 (vocal with Ciro's Club Band)
525-2 How long has this been going on Broadcast 272
527-2 Stay out of the south Broadcast 273

c 3 August 1928 (vocal with George Fisher Kit Kat Band)
1125-1 Stay out of the south Piccadilly 106
1126-2 I think of what you used to think of me Metropole 1060
1127-1 Bluebird sing me a song Metropole 1074
1128-1 Together Metropole 1064

c 7 August 1928 (vocal with Ciro's Club Band)
565-1 That's my weakness now Broadcast 282

14 September 1928 (vocal with Jay Whidden Band)
4964-1 In want to be alone with Mary Brown Imperial 1957
4965-1 Just like Darby and Joan Imperial 1957

28 September 1928 (vocal with Jay Whidden Band)
4962-2 Tokio Imperial 1956
4963-2 Didn't I tell you Imperial 1956
4964-2 In want to be alone with Mary Brown Imperial 1957
4965-2 Just like Darby and Joan Imperial 1957

13 November 1928 (vocal with Geoffrey Gelder and his Kettner's 5 )
8091-1 My rock-a-bye baby Regal G9250
8093-2 I can't give you anything but love Regal G9250
8094-2 Jeannine I dream of lilac time Regal G9235

late November 1928 (vocal with Percival Mackey Band)
1349-4 I'd rather cry over you Metropole 1131
1412-1 Just a night for meditation Metropole 1120 Picc 209
1413-3 What a wonderful wedding that will be Metropole 1120 Picc210
1415-1 Spread A Little Happiness Met 1133, Picc 200, Oct 284

23 January 1929 (trio with New Mayfair Band dir Gibbons)
Bb15774-3 Casabianca HMV B5601
Bb15775-3 What a wonderful wedding that will be HMV B5601

24 January 1929 (vocal with Harry Hudson Band)
88483-1 It goes like this Radio 930

late January 1929 Phil Arnold (solo)
88495 Don't be like that Radio 937

February 1929 (vocal with Allan Selby Band)
1667-2 Mia bella rosa Piccadilly 295
1668-2 Evening star Piccadilly 295
1670-1 Ready for the river Piccadilly 329

19 February 1929 (trio with New Mayfair Band dir Gibbons)
Bb16014-2 I've never kissed a baby like you HMV B5606

27 February 1929 (with Debroy Somers Band - solo + chorus)
8606-2 Shinaniki Da Columbia 5303
(Rust also lists WA8607 Bogey Wail - as unissued)

8 March 1929 (vocal with Harry Hudson Band)
88732-2 High up on a hilltop Radio 977

25 March 1929 Phil Arnold (solo)
88740 I ain't never been kissed Radio 937 (vocal with Harry Hudson Band)
88741-2 How about me Radio 977
88742-2 I lift up my finger and say tweet tweet Radio 940
88743-2 I faw down and go boom Radio 940

c 8 April 1929 (trio with Jay Wilbur Band)
1192-4 Umtcha umtcha da da da Dominion A98
1193-1 I faw down and go boom Dominion A98
1194-2 Hello sunshine hello Dominion A101

19 April 1929 (trio with New Mayfair Band dir Gibbons)
Bb16443-2 Mia bella rosa HMV B5639
Bb16444-3 Halfway to heaven HMV B5639

26 April 1929 (trio with Bidgood's Band)
917-1 My little fella and me Broadcast 388
918-1 Good little bad little you Broadcast 389

c 1 May1929 (trio with Jay Wilbur Band)
1245-1 Ever so goosey Dominion A124
1246-2 The heart of the sunset Dominion A123

15 May 1929 (trio with New Mayfair Band dir Gibbons)
Bb16494-1 Do something HMV B5660
Bb16495-1 Lonesome road HMV B5660

c 16 May 1929 Phil Arnold (solo)
1286-3 Do something Dominon A169
1287-1 Huggable kissable you Dominion C315
1288-1 That's you Baby Dominion A182

29 May 1929 (vocal with Harry Hudson Band)
88816-2 I'll never ask for more Radio 997
88817-1 Blue hills of Pasadena Radio 997
88818-2 Sweet music Radio 1226
88819-1 That's the good old sunny south Radio1226

c 30 May 1929 (vocal with Jay Wilbur Band)
1312-1 Breakaway Dominion A138
1313-2 That's you baby Dominion A138
1314-2 (in trio) Is Izzy azzy wozz Dominion A136

8 June 1929 (trio with Bidgood's Band)
975-2 Jericho Broadcast 413
976-2 I'll always be in love with you Broadcast 413
977-2 Breakaway Broadcast 421

11 June1929 (trio with New Mayfair Band dir Gibbons)
Bb16493-5 Just plain folk HMV B5661
Bb16585-3 Blue hills of pasadena HMV B5661

(Phil Arnold is also listed in Rust/Forbes as part of a trio with Ambrose Band unissued on HMV. Acknowledgements to their British Dance Band Discography for recording dates.)

Horse Racing on Record

Horse Racing has always featured prominently on 78's with the Derby a special favourite.
One of the earliest sketches was "The Jockey" in 1906 by the grating talent of Will Evans. Ben Albert and others performed a music hall sketch "Derby Day" whilst Billy Williams has a great song "When Mother backed the Winner of the Derby", which includes references to the 1914 race. Inevitably there was a song called "The Ragtime Jockey"! Comedian Charles Austin featured his character 'Parker' in various locations, including Parker at the Derby, whilst Those Four Chaps issued a record on Broadcast 616 called "The Derby of 1930." Jimmy James had a 1930 sketch on Winner 5139 A Day at the Races, while George Mozart is featured on another sketch of the same name on Winner 5448. In 1931 Flanagan and Allen's sketch At The Races was issued on Sterno 800, so popular that it was reissued on 1018. The climax of these records was the 1932 Decca F3027 issue of Tom Walls and Jack Hylton talking to the winning jockey, who speaks so fast it's hard to decipher his words! A song "I'm bettin' the Roll on Roamer", in a version sung by Fred Douglas with Jay Wilbur's Band on Imperial 2710 included a topical reference to the 1932 winner April the Fifth, saying it was a cousin to "Roamer."
And later of course Sandy Powell cashed in with his "Sandy the Jockey".
And to illustrate the popularity of the sport, we have of course The Winner record label, which in its first incarnations featured a picture of the finish of a race.
The betting side of Horse Racing features in several betting games, which utilised the mutli-track record. The way it worked was simple. There were usually 6 tracks on one side of a disc. The needle was randomly placed at the outer rim, and depending exactly where it was placed one of the six tracks would be played. It was up to the punters whether you bet with beans or the real thing! I wonder if anyone made or lost a fortune as a result of one of these records?
Back Your Fancy is on HMV B4085 with a timely warning by Ray Noble's Band on the reverse, 'The Punter's Lament'!

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