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Pathe Records issued January 1920
with some comments from the trade paper Talking Machine News

Pathe 5377 12 inch Price 12s6d.
Claudia Muzio: Pace Pace, Mio Dio! / Oh the Light Cloud
"A vast amount of charm in her singing. It is not a particularly powerful voice, but it is one of great range, and its tone beautifully pure." The first side merits less approval: "she is a little lacking in fire, but the limpidity of the tone makes up for any other deficiency."

Pathe 5382 12 inch Price 6s0d.
Rudolph Ganz: Scarf Dance / Polish Dance
"Scarf dance is a dainty trifle which our present instrumentalist plays with great skill, but we like him better in the Polsh Dance by Scharwenka- in that the touch is firmer and the technique more brilliant."

Pathe 5389 10 inch Price 3s0d. Eubie Blake: Sarah from Sahara / American Jubilee
"This partakes of the fashionable jazz abomination, but as the majority of the dancing population seems to have gone wholly crazed over it, we must let it have a place in our reviews. All we can say is that this is exactly the sort of thing to please the multitude who have lost their senses in this direction. There are millions of them, and therefore the record is bound to be successful, but what are we coming to?"

Pathe 1153 10 inch 3s0d.
Lily Morris: None of your 1914 Tricks With Me / Why am I Always the Bridesmaid?
"In the two examples of her style, she will be greatly admired by hundreds of gramophonists. She has a good telling voice, and knows how to make a record."

The Duncan Sisters
were an American vaudeville duo who achieved stardom in the 1920s with their act Topsy and Eva.
Rosetta (1894-1959) and Vivian Duncan (18971986) started in showbiz in 1911 in Gus Edwards' Kiddies' Revue. They had some success at the Palace New York in 1917, and first appeared in Britain in 1921 in Albert de Courville's Pins and Needles which ran for 248 performances from May 11th 1921. Their big break came in 1923 with their act Topsy and Eva, written for them by Sam H Harris at his New York Theatre, numbers they sang included I Never Had a Mammy and the big hit Rememb'ring. They returned to Britain in 1928 to star in Clowns in Clover at the Adelphi which ran for 508 performances from December 1st that year. They also toured Britain again in 1937/8.
In the 1950s they played clubs in San Francisco, Los Angeles, etc and at the time of Rosetta's death in a car crash, they were the star attraction at Palumbo's Club in Chicago.
Recordings made in Britain included:
Bull Frog Patrol/ Music Patrol, on HMV C1093
Oh Sing-a-loo/ The Argentine,Portuguese and Greek, on HMV B1419
from the late 1920s: Bullfrog Patrol/ Prune Song, on Columbia 5182
and from their 1930s stint in Britain: Adam and Eve/ Ti-Pi-Tin, on Parlophone F1156.
In the 1950s they also recorded some numbers in America for the Recording Guild Inc.
They had their own radio show in 1925, and also appeared in several films and on tv.

HMV Artistes' Engagements in November 1920

An interesting press release gave the venues for HMV's artists. They included

Isolde Menges: Torquay (10th), Rochdale (16th), Swansea (18th) and Queen's Hall London (21st).
Irene Scharrer: Birmingham (2nd), Wigmore Hall Lndon (6th), Aeolian Hall London (12th), Albert Hall London (21st).
Mark Hambourg: Warrington (3rd), St Leonard's (6th), Sheffield (8th), Barrow (9th), Wakefield (10th), Wimbledon (11th), Malvern (13th), Wolverhampton (16th), Lincoln (17th), Dewsbury (18th), Doncaster (22nd), Leyton (23rd), Bournemouth (24th), Chatham (25th), and Cambridge (26th).
Beatrice Harrison: Northampton (11th).
Marjorie Hayward: London (7th, 14th, 28th and 30th), Oxford (9th), Aeolian Hall London (11th and 26th), Reading (24th).
Margaret Cooper: Bournemouth (3rd and 5th), Queen's Hall London (10th, 13th and 27th), Lewisham (12th), Bromley (18th).
Harry Weldon: Glasgow (1st), Liverpool (8th), Wolverhampton (15th), Sheffield (22nd), and Portsmouth (29th). These doubtless week long bookings.
Muriel George/ Ernest Butcher: Pontypridd (8th), Birkenhead (15th), Sunderland (22nd), and Manchester (29th).
Charles Tree: West Bromwich (2nd), Sheffield (4th), Cardiff (5th), Liverpool (6th), London (11th and 15th), Walsall (20th), Ashton-under-Lyme (22nd), Cockermouth (24th), Queen's Hall (27th), and Felstead (30th).
Walter Hyde: Manchester (6th), Carlisle (11th), Carshalton (13th), Croydon (15th) and London (20th).
Robert Radford: Edinburgh (2nd and 3rd), Hull (5th), Glasgow (11th, 15th and 16th), Leamington (18th), Bristol (20th), Nottingham (25th), Bradford (27th), Manchester (28th), and Croydon (29th).
Stella Power: Newcastle (3rd), Sunderland (4th), Middlesbrough (5th), Huddersfield (8th), Derby (10th), Halifax (11th), Leeds (12th), Nottingham (16th), Plymouth (18th), Cardiff (20th), and Bristol (22nd).

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