Sell to me - I buy old 78 rpm records

I do buy collections in Britain of 1,000+ 78's if containing enough very rare discs of interest. If you have a large collection of this size or bigger, please contact me without obligation, to discuss possibly proceeding further.

I also buy the very rare individual 78s as listed below:

Prices offered depend on condition.
1. pre 1914 MUSIC HALL artists....:
30-120 Alice Lloyd on anything (except her medley)
30-75 Wilkie Bard on G&T
80-250 George Lashwood on Berliner
80-150 Tom Leamore on Berliner
100-300 Sam Mayo ONLY on Neophone
60-90 Billy Williams - ONLY on the Odeon label
10-100 Vesta Victoria on Victor, Beka, also Columbia (but not medley)

Top prices for really rare EARLY Music Hall records (pre 1908) on
Berliner (see also above)
some Gramophone and Typewriter
Green single sided Columbia label
2. pre 1914 RARE LABELS: Minimum 3 to 10 in fair condition eg Britannic, Sovereign, Besttone, Syrena Grand.

3 RADIO ARTISTE: Dorrie Dene: Vocalion and some Piccadilly recordings: minimum 8 in fair condition

4. 1920's UK DANCE BANDS: 10 mint for Arthur Roseberry on Parlophone .
Also Bands on obscure labels (Teledisk etc). Sorry- 'no' to Jack Hylton, Billy Cotton et al

5. Original JAZZ from the 1920's: Guardsman label, catalogue 7000 series (30-100).
(Sorry NOT Louis, The Duke etc, however good they certainly are!)

6. Late commercial 78's dated 1960, even some late 1959 items also.
Anything (!!!) 1. Better prices of course for rock items. Your price for desirable rarities.
Asian/ South African 78's from the 1960's of Western rock 50+, (Beatles 250+).

Email your list here! or phone David Moore on (UK) 01692 631 540.
NB include NO attachments.. If you have a lot, we suggest you send a sample of what you have; it's a lot easier than typing out a huge list. I have been collecting 78's since 1961.

IF YOU HAVE RECORDS TO SELL - please check here as I DO NOT (repeat NOT!) buy Gracie Fields, Bing Crosby, Charlie Kunz, Harry Lauder, Mantovani, Symphonies and sets of classical music, or indeed anything between 1939 and 1958, even Glenn Miller, Benny Goodman or Bill Haley, unless part of a large collection of goodies