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Toon- the biggest soccer team not to have won a trophy for half a century.... and not likely to for the foreseeable, sadly. No proper trophies at all for 52 years.
PS make that 53 in the coming months, indeed 54 and 55...

Sept 25th Watford...1 Newcastle...1
Got a point, though after taking the lead, it might have been better as we dominated for a while. But it might have been worse when Watford got a second, thankfully and rightfully ruled offside

Sept 17th- home draw versus Leeds. Boris Johnson has some Plan A for the country, and apparently The Duffer has a plan for Toon: this would seem to me to play, in the absence of Wilson, 40 million pound man Joe up front. even though we know he can't score. True to form, he missed his chance to put us level, though he did fire in a cross which enabled Maxi to finish brilliantly. But when he squandered another golden chance, why did he remain on the pitch for a futher 35 minutes. Instead, it was the ever eager Miggy who was subbed, explain that one! If it hadn't been for Maxi, who knows what the score might have been. For me, the telling picture of Toon's woes came during a break in play when both The Duffer and his assistant were talking to a couple of players. It sure looked as though they were giving conflicting advice!

Sept 11th - a 4-1 defeat against ManU was hardly a surprise, the only surprise was that we scored one very good goal! The Duffer's record as manager against his old club remains at zero wins, which is one less than the points we have amassed this season. Maybe his taking a holiday during the international break was not the perfect preparation

Aug 28: Newcastle 2 Southampton 2 - A dire first half performance considerably improved after the interval, but although we led twice, twice we were pegged back. First point of the season, but we need a few more to reach safety

Match three provided us with our traditiomal first round exit from the League Cup. Though The Duffer claims we "didn't lose on the night," my feeble understanding is that we did lose the penalty shootout. This was shown live on tv, and there was a dread inevitability about the process, once Maxi had failed with the first kick.
So that's three losses to start the season, and it's not down to the players. A player can have talent, but a good coach brings that out. Take Wor Sean for example, once touted as a million pound Man U possibility. Now worth how much? Rafa developed him, The Duffer unnurtured him, if there is such a word. Similar stories with most other players, it's time to admit (well it's way past time to admit again) that the basic fault is the naff management at Toon. They might eventually scrap The Duffer, but until they scrap their own parsimonious practices, our team will never improve.

Match day two- depresion already setting in. Early chance to take the lead squandered, then it was downhill once more. Late penalty call for us refused, sealing another dismal afternoon for the Duffer

The new season began, offering remarkable parallels with the old. The big difference was the fans!
But the team was just the same. The only cheering news was that, against the odds, Joe Willock has returned, this time as a genuine Toon player. That's all to the good, and it offers some hope that we might escape our usual relegation battle. Yet otherwise so little has changed, sadly. Same bumbling Duffer in charge, same owner leading us careering in no direction.
Our opener was as last season against West Ham. But this time round it was us the losers. Despite a fine start with Maxi outfoxing the Hammers and producing the perfect cross for Wilson to head home, despite going in at half time 2-1 ahead, we wilted. What went wrong?
Well, firstly I'd put it down to the soft penalty we conceded, though well saved by Woodman, our defence was a poor second to the rebound. Then it was down to the Duffer's substitutions. I thought Shelvey had a better game than usual, but was first off. Then why bring off our goalscorer Wilson?? For me, though Ritchie created a fine cross for Murphy to score our second goal, both these players ought to have been subbed.
Meanwhile, over at Goodison, Rafa started off with a win. I wonder how he might have got us to hold on to that precious half time lead? If only, eh? Despite having promising attacking options, millions spent since Rafa was forced out, The Duffer needs urgently to seek how to harness their skills much much better

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