Channel Television
started broadcasting on September 1st 1962.
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Certainly the smallest of the ITV companies! The company logo was based on a prancing Norman leopard, which was found in heraldic devices of the Islands and Normandy, the six hexagons representing the six inhabited Channel Islands.
Bidders for the original contract numbered only two: 1) Channel Islands Television. Nominal capital of 75,000, members included Dame of Sark Mrs Sybil Hathaway, Commander SP Herivel President of Alderney, RO Falla a member of the States of Guernsey, Jurat Guy Malet de Carteret a member of the Jersey Royal Court, Denis Ryan president of the Jersey Hotel and Guest House Association, Cyril Tanguy president of the Jersey Chamber of Commerce, and deputy Clarence Farley a member of the States of Jersey.
2) Channel Islands Communications Ltd, Nominal capital of 150,000, members included Arthur Harrison managing editor of The Jersey Post, Gervaise Peek managing director of the Guernsey Star, Jurat B Bartlett president of the Guernsey Committee of Agriculture and the Guernsey Island Reception Committee. It was supported by Senator George Troy and Senator Wilfred Krichefski senior members of the States of Jersey, Cedric Forbes-Cockell a stockbroker, Iain MacCormick, a television writer.
The winner, "the smallest television contractor in Europe," was announced in March 1960- the latter bidder headed by director Harold Fielding. He declared "We will have to run everything on a shoestring. We hope to screen original local programmes dealing with the various facets of island life. It will give us a chance of bringing the islands together." Delays meant that the original planned opening in 1961 had to wait until the following year. Problems included an Order in Council to hold an independent inquiry in Jersey. Criticism was based on these facts: that the company was a monopoly, that it had been appointed without local consultation, that Guernesey and the smaller islands were poorly represented, and that the winning company was politically biased, in that the chairman and his deputy were both Jersey senators.
Perfect reception of Southern TV on the islands perhaps explains why Channel TV eventually threw in their lot with Westward! General manager Kenneth Killip visited Westward's studios in October 1961 to discuss co-operation. Chairman George Troy and MD Wilfred Krichefski later made the trip to seal the deal.
Only sad that Channel lost their independence in 2011, just missing out on 50 'independent' years of existence.

In 1962 Channel Television introduced two announcers: Francis Hamon aged 23, educated at Victoria College Jersey, and June Allez aged 20, of Guernsey Ladies' College, who had studied French at the Sorbonne.
Early locally made programmes included a twice nightly news bulletin, directed by Ward Rutherford. A nightly news in French was also broadcast. Studio Tuesday and Studio Friday were half hour programmes but being screened at 10.45pm achieved limited viewing figures. Thus, from Nov 9th 1963 the Friday show moved to 8.30pm. The editor was Patrick Quinlivan. An early attempt to highlight The Arts in Jersey was a series of five interviews which included actors Colin Greene, and Kerris Jones. Island Farmer had a self explanatory title, while Island Forum examined topical local issues, one programme on slum clearance caused some controversy.
Brief details of the 1964 The Lonely Man.
One interesting programming experiment came in the summer of 1965, when Channel planned to show a programme from 9am to 10am each weekday, aimed at breakfast time holidaymakers. "Specially produced films interspersed with holiday advertising will suggest where tourists should go and what they should do in the islands and nearby France."

Channel Television TAM ratings
These were issued for four week periods.

4 week period to 14 Apr 1963
1 Eric Sykes (BBC) 63%
2 The Lucy Show (BBC) 59%
3 Moonstrike (BBC) 56%
4= Double Your Money 55%
4= Z Cars (BBC)
6 Take Your Pick 53%
7 Laramie (BBC) 51%
8 Compact (BBC) 49%
9 Sportsview (BBC) 47%
10= What's My Line? (BBC) 46%
10= Panorama (BBC)
10= The Third Man (BBC)

TAM ratings for Channel TV area 4 week period to July 7th 1963
1 Z Cars (BBC) 55%
2 Compact (BBC) 47%
3 Moonstrike (BBC) 43%
4 Here's Harry 42%
5 Compact (BBC) 40%
6 Ward Ten 39%
7= Lucy Show (BBC) 36%
7= Hugh and I (BBC)
7= Coronation Street
10 Dickie Henderson Show 35%


TAM ratings for Channel TV area 4 week period to Aug 4th 1963
programmes must be screened a minimum of 3 weeks for inclusion

1 Steptoe and Son (BBC) 48%
2 Taxi (BBC) 45%
3= Zero One (BBC) 39%
3= Take a Letter
3= Candid Camera
3= Compact (Thursdays)
7= Sir Francis Drake 38%
7= Morecambe and Wise Show
7= Sergeant Cork
10 Coronation Street (Weds) 37%

Ending Sept 29th 1963
1 Z Cars (BBC) 49%
2= Double Your Money 42%
2= Take Your Pick
2= Morecambe and Wise Show
5 Checkmate 41%
6= London Palladium Show 40%
7 Coronation Street (Mondays) 39%
8= No Hiding Place 38%
8= Sportsview (BBC)
8= Compact (Thursdays BBC)
8= Sergeant Cork

Ending Oct 27th 1963
1 Z Cars (BBC) 54%
2 Maigret (BBC) 51%
3 Take Your Pick 50%
4 Coronation Street 47%
5= Mister Ed 46%
5= Double Your Money
5= The Saint
5= London Palladium Show
9= Here and Now
9= Discs-a-Gogo
9= Dr Finlay's Casebook

TAM ratings for Channel TV area 4 week period to Nov 24th 1963

1 Take Your Pick 63%
2 Double Your Money 54%
3 London Palladium 53%
4 Mr Ed 52%
5= Coronation Street (Weds) 51%
5= Espionage
7= Coronation Street (Mons) 50%
7= Maigret (BBC)
7= Take a Letter
10 The Flintstones

4 week period Jan/Feb 1964
1 Steptoe and Son (BBC) 77%
2 Dick Powell Theatre (BBC) 64%
3 Take Your Pick 58%
4 Double Your Money 56%
5= Mister Ed 50%
5= Crane
5= The Flintstones
5= Cannonball
9= Treasure Hunt (Westward) 49%
9= Roundup (Channel)

TAM ratings for Channel TV area 4 week period to June 12th 1966

1 Crossroads (Fridays) 56%
2 Crossroads (Weds) 55%
3 Coronation Street (Weds) 54%
4= Midweek (Channel) 52%
4= No Hiding Place
6= Crossroads (Tuesdays) 51%
6= Sports Roundup (Channel)
8= Crossroads (Mondays) 50%
8= Mrs Thursday
8= Double Your Money

Ending Aug 29th 1966
1 Crossroads (Fridays) 52%
2= Crossroads (Mondays) 48%
2= Channel Report
4 Criss Cross Quiz 47%
5 Crossroads (Wednesdays) 46%
6= Crossroads (Tuesdays) 44%
6= Coronation Street (Wednesdays)
8= Coronation Street (Mondays) 43%
8= Peyton Place (Mondays)
8= Crossroads (Thursdays)
8= Cinema
Top BBC: Ken Dodd Show 31%

TAM ratings for Channel TV area 4 week period to Oct 2nd 1966

1= Crossroads (Weds) 54%
1= Crossroads (Thurs)
3= Crossroads (Mons) 52%
3= Crossroads (Tues)
3= Crossroads (Fris)
6= Sports Roundup (Channel) 50%
6= Criss Cross Quiz
8 Coronation Street (Weds) 49%
9= All About You 48%
9= Gardneing Forum (Channel)
Top BBC: Sherlock Holmes (35%)

TAM ratings for Channel TV area 4 weeks during Feb/Mar 1968
1 Coronation Street (Wed) 62%
2 Treasure Hunt 59%
3= Coronation Street (Mon) 58%
3= Take Your Pick
5= Double Your Money 54%
5= Channel Report
5= The Saint
8 Crossroads (Wed) 53%
9= Crossroads (Tues) 52%
9= Channel Sports Roundup
Top BBC was Francis Durbridge (48%)


TAM: Channel TV's local news (6.05-6.15pm) in the 5 week period to 3rd October 1965
Based on the 28.000 homes able to receive ITV and BBC, TAM provided these ratings- Channel TV figure first, then the BBC:
Monday 49%, 8%. Tuesday 45%, 6%. Wednesday 50%, 7%. Thursday 48%, 9%. Friday 51%, 4%.

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