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Home Addresses
The British Film and Television Year Book published contact details of those advertising in it. A few included their home details. What follows is a gathering of data from the 1963/4 edition- now well over 50 years out of date.
Famous names mingle with the less familiar: where the person is not in front of the cameras, this is shown in brackets.
Suffice it to add, contacting these addresses is not encouraged.
This month, I am listing more counties:
Cookham: Leslie Mitchell (tv) Chestnut Cottage.
Newbury: Neil McCallum, St George's Farm.
Wargrave: Robert Morley. 'Fairmans.'
Windsor: Frederick Piper, 104 King's Road.

Arkley: Trevor Howard, Rowley Green House.
Barnet: Liz Fraser, 106 Church Hill Road, East Barnet. John Neville, 92 Hadley Road, New Barnet.
Bushey: Hilda Fenemore, Finch Lane.
Carpender's Park: Zena Walker, 24 Maigenholes.
Elstree: David Hughes, 6 Barham Avenue.
Radlett: Cliff Owen (director) Arrochar, Goodyears Avenue.
St Albans: Alan Prior (writer) 60 Stanley Avenue.

Ashford: Alan Tarrant (tv producer) Stoakes Cottage, Hastinglea.
Borough Green: Richard Hearne, Platt Farm.
Chislehurst: Sid Green (script) The Bewdricks, Elmstead Glade. Joan Regan, Felix Manor, Old Perry Street.
Hawkhurst: James Hayter, Tates, Highgate Hill.
Kilndown: Peter Wyngarde, Conifer Tree.
Sheerness: Michael Crawford, 6 The Crescent.
South Darent: Peter Glaze, Whitefields, Dean Bottom.1
West Wickham: Dick Hills (script) 9 Addington Road.

Ingatestone: Martin Woodhouse (script) Common Side, Stock.
Loughton: Jack Watling, Alderton Hall.

Chinnor: Daphne Slater, Thatched Cottage, Wainhill.
Henley: Alastair Sim, 'Farrigan' Newnham Hill.
Nettlebed: George Cole, Newnham Hill Bottom.
Oxford: Iris Russell, 16 Apsley Road.

Blunham: Quentin Lawrence (tv) Blunham Court.
Luton: Joe Gibbons, 12 Blundell Road.

Avington: Ivor Slaney (composer) and Dolores Ventura: Pipits Hill - phone Itchen Abbas 363.
Petersfield: Alec Guinness, Steep Marsh.

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