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Home Addresses
The British Film and Television Year Book published contact details of those advertising in it. A few included their home details. What follows is a gathering of data from the 1963/4 edition- now well over 50 years out of date.
Famous names mingle with the less familiar: where the person is not in front of the cameras, this is shown in brackets.
Suffice it to add, contacting these addresses is not encouraged.
This month, I am listing two counties, firstly
Balcombe: Paul Scofield, The Gables.
Brighton: Don Arrol, 34 Bristol Gardens. Anita Sharp Bolster, 14 Chichester Terrace. Dora Bryan, 108 Marine Parade. Robert Flemyng, 6 Arundel Terrace. Nigel Green, 8 Chesham Street. Barry Langford, Royal Crescent Lodge. Alan Melville, 17 Clifton Terrace.
Buxted: Cyril Fletcher, Dove House, High Hurstwood.
East Grinstead: Guy Morgan (script) Courtlands, Tyes Cross.
Hartfield: Sir Michael Balcon (producer) Upper Parrock.
Hastings: Michael Golden, 83 St Helens Road.
Horsham: Donald Hewlett, Mulberry Place, Farthings Hill. Sarah Lawson, Orchard Cottage, Tower Hill.
Hove: Talbot Rothwell (script) Parkside, Hove Park Gardens.
Hurstpierpoint: Anthony Kimmins (director) Acres Gate.
Mayfield: William Hartnell, Old Mill Cottage.
Newhaven: Leonard White (tv producer) 40 Hill Crest Road - phone 473.
Petworth: John Bentley, Angel Corner- phone 3273.
Ringmer: Richard Doubleday (tv producer) North Road.
Robertsbridge: Malcolm Muggeridge (tv) Salehurst Farm House.
Seaford: Harry Andrews, Belgrave Road.
Wadhurst: Lyndon Brook, Thatched Cottage, Beechlands.
Worthing: Arthur Rigby, 209 Brighton Road.

Aston Clinton: Roy Baker (director) Minshulls.
Aylesbury: John Paul, The Old Duke's Head, Buckland Village.
Beaconsfield: Wendy Hiller, Spindles, Stratton Road. Percy Herbert, 19 Ledborough Lane. Peter Rogers (producer) Drummers Yard, Amersham Road.
Bourne End: Reginald Beckwith, Abney Court. Peter Bezencenet (director) Lockbridge House.
Chalfont Heights: John Laurie, 'Smithfield.'
Chalfont St Peter: Bernard Coote (producer) Chesham Lane.
Datchet: Donald Pleasence, 31 High Street. Peter Vaughan & Billie Whitelaw, 2 Riverside House, Windsor Road.
Denham: Charles Saunders (director) Shanskill, Tilehouse Lane- telephone 2106.
Gerrard's Cross: Robert Lynn (director) Thark, Kingsway. Albert Fennell (producer) Crumel, Chalfont Heights.
Iver Heath: Garard Green, 7 Wood Lane Close. Sydeny Hayers (director) 23 Wood Lane Close.
Jordans: Tenniel Evans, 'Candlemas.'
Little Chalfont: Melissa Stribling, Beel House.
Little Marlow: Bernard Ostrer (producer) Old Barn Cottage.
Mursley: David Tomlinson, Brook Cottage.
Penn: James Booth, Victoria House. Rupert Davies, 'Shearings.'

Note: next month I will return to more film reviews. Some more of these Home Addresses will continue in 2020.

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