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Home Addresses
The British Film and Television Year Book published contact details of those advertising in it. A few included their home details. What follows is a gathering of data from the 1963/4 edition- now well over 50 years out of date.
Famous names mingle with the less familiar: where the person is not in front of the cameras, this is shown in brackets.
Suffice it to add, contacting these addresses is not encouraged.
This month, I am listing :
Addlestone: Ewen Solon 53 Hare Hill.
Ascot: Ambroisine Phillpotts Little Brookside House.
Ash Vale: John Ronane 21 Charthouse Road.
Betchworth: Ronald Marriott (tv) Nutwood.
Byfleet: CM Pennington-Richards (dir) Park Barn Farm.
Caterham: John Gabriel Three Chimneys Gravelly Hill.
Chipstead: David Nixon Innisfree Walpole Avenue.
Esher: Tony Hart (tv) Littleways Ember Lane. Heather Sears 112 Manor Road North.
Ewell: Julie Samuel Bride Way Banstead Road
Farnham: Albert Lieven Pine Tree Cottage Tilford.
Fetcham: Jimmy Hanley Tanglewood.
Godalming: Cecil Parker Old Lodge Eashing Lane.
Ham Common: Harry Fine (prod) 13 Milton Court. Dick Lester (dir) 8 Beechrow.
Kew: Vivien Merchant 6 Fairmead Court.
Kew Green: Eric Lander 1 Thetis Terrace.
Kingston: Jack Melford 6 York Court. Graeme Muir (tv prod) Mendip Cottage Renfrew Road.
Kingston Hill: John Paddy Carstairs (dir) Magnolia Cottage.
New Malden: Francis Essex (tv producer) 22 Cotsford Avenue.
Ottershaw: Jackie Rae and Janette Scott Dunford House Guildford Road.
Oxshott: Jack Whittingham (scr) The White House.
Oxted: TEB Clarke (script) Tanner's Mead.
Petersham: Geoffrey Keen Woodcote Bute Avenue.
Purley: John Jacobs (tv prod) 39 Peaks Hill. Bill Ward (tv prod) 37 Godstone Road.
Richmond: Earl Cameron 199 Sheen Court. Roy Castle 55 Sheen Road. Roy Ward Dickson (King of Quiz) 69 George Street. Walter Horsbrugh 36 Old Deer Park Gardens. Robert Kee (tv interviewer) 81 Kew Green. Ian MacNaughton (tv) 37 Rothesay Avenue. John and Hayley Mills The Wick. Brian Redhead (tv) 29 Ham Farm Road.
Shalford: John Kruse (scr) Poplar Road.
Shepperton: John Gregson Creek House Chertsey Road.
Surbiton: Allan Cuthbertson 15 Berrylands. Bill Hitchcock (tv dir) 1 Oakhill Grove. Russell Napier 11 Southborough Road.
Sutton: Edward Jewesbury 18 Sherwood Park Road.
Walton-on-Thames: Francis Durbridge (script) Moat House, Silverdale Avenue. Barrie Ingham Knighton Cottage Beecot Lane. Bill Lewthwaite (tv dir) Cairn Lodge Silverdale Avenue. Norman Williams (prod) 40 Ashley Road.
Warlingham: Graham Turner (tv dir) 55 Hillbury Road.
West Byfleet: Kieron Moore Morgaunt Dartmel Park.
West Clandon: George A Cooper Oak Cottage.
Weybridge: Glyn Houston and Shirley Lawrence 5 Kingswood Close. Francis Matthews 1 Norwood Lodge. Jack Taylor Small Pines Hamm Court.
Windlesham: Peter Graham Scott (dir) High Pines Westwood Road.
Witley: Terry Scott Greenacre Garden Copse.
Woking: Jack Gwillim Brackenlea Crastock.
Worcester Park: Kenneth Wolstenholme (tv commentator) 75 Salisbury Road.

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