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Home Addresses
The British Film and Television Year Book published contact details of those advertising in it. A few included their home details. What follows is a gathering of data from the 1955/6 edition- now well over 60 years out of date.
Famous names mingle with the less familiar: where the person is not in front of the cameras, this is shown in brackets.
Suffice it to add, contacting these addresses is not encouraged.
I am listing those in the London area.
This month Postal districts in London West (roads in alphabetical order)
June Clyde 8 Charles Street
Elizabeth Sellars 58 Chesterfield House Chesterfield Gardens
Anatole de Grunwald 45 Clarges Street
Darcy Conyers 8 Clifford Street
Simon Lack 9 Cork Street
Eddie Byrne 28 Cork Street
George King The Manor Davis Street
Frank Lawton Dorset House Dorset Square
Eamonn Andrews 4 Montague Row Dorset Street
George Howe 41 Frith Street
Bee Duffel Flat 1 108 Great Portland Street
Avril Angers 26 Hallam Street
Kynaston Reeves 24 Montague Mews South
Robert Flemyng 26 Park Crescent
Patrick Waddington 12 Portman Street
Jimmy Edwards 201 Regent Street
Gerald Campion 8 St George's Square
Vernon Sewell 32 Saville Row
Jack Hulbert 15 South Audley Street
Frances Day 17 Three Kings Yard
Zena Marshall 16 Upper Brook Street
Elton Hayes 19 Upper Montague Street
Reginald Beckwith 4 Weymouth Mews
Miles Malleson 60 Wigmore Street
Michael Balfour 16 Albion Mews
Melissa Stribling 34 Albion Street
Margot Grahame 26 Barrie House
Joan Kemp-Welch 11 Chilworth Mews
Walter Fitzgerald 26 Gloucester Square
Bonar Colleano and Susan Shaw 47 Gloucester Terrace
Greta Gynt 16 Inver Court
Leonard Sachs 10 Kildare Terrace
Thora Hird and Janette Scott The Old Loft 21 Leinster Mews
Duncan Wood (tv prod) Flat 1 10 Orme Court
Esma Cannon 13 Radnor Mews
Barbara and Richard Lyon 8 Southwick Street
Marjorie Rhodes 189 Sussex Gardens
Harry Towb 123 Stephen Court Talbot Square
John Harvey 13 Victoria Grove Mews
Mavis Villiers Flat 10 22 Westbourne Street
Rachel Kempson / Michael Redgrave Bedford House Chiswick Mall
Henry Oscar 48 Esmond Road Bedford Park
John Paddy Carstairs Mulberry Cottage Netheravon Road Chiswick
Brian Tesler (tv prod) 89 Watchfield Court Sutton Court Road
Leslie Gilliat 8A Montpelier Road Ealing
Sydney Cole (tv prod) 40 Warwick Road
Pennington Richards 10 Hammersmith Terrace
Gordon Wellesley 107 Latimer Court
Max Varnel 361 Latimer Court
William Lucas 57 Abingdon Road Ruth Dunning 4 Aubrey Walk Campden Hill
Richard Leech 56 Campden Hill Court
Arnold Ridley 9 Campden Hill Gardens
Barry Jones 4 Campden Hill Square
Frederick Leister 32 Campden Street
Lewis Gilbert 8 Cope Place
Belita 24 Cope Place
Dora Bryan 9 Hillgate Place
John Penrose 25 Iverna Court
Anthony Keary (tv prod) 27A Kensington Court Gardens
Maureen Pryor 2 Lucerne Mews Kensington
Elsie Wagstaff 3 Observatory Gardens
June Elvin 115 Chatsworth Court Pembroke Road
Ursula Howells 4 Prince of Wales Terrace
James Eastwood (script) / Paul Tabori (script) 14 Stafford Terrace
Arnold Marle 4 Castellain Road
Benny Hill 16 Cunningham Court
Alan Tilvern 75 Elgin Mansions Elgin Avenue
Anthony Pendrell 46 Clarednon Road
Mary Hinton 19 Landsdowne Walk Holland Park
Patricia Laffan 29 Notting Hill Gate
Ada Reeve 29 Stanley Gardens
Josephine Douglas (tv) 24 Colet Gardens Barons Court
Ann Todd 1 Ilchester Place
Sam Kydd 2 Melbery Road
Helena Pickard Top Flat 11 Aldwych
Val Parnell (tv) Cranbourn Mansions Cranbourn Street
Eliot Makeham 45 Burleigh Mansions Charing Cross Road

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