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Home Addresses
The British Film and Television Year Book published contact details of those advertising in it. A few included their home details. What follows is a gathering of data from the 1955/6 edition- now well over 60 years out of date.
Famous names mingle with the less familiar: suffice it to add, contacting these addresses is not encouraged.
I am listing those in the London area.
This month Postal districts in London South West (roads in alphabetical order)
Janet Brown/ Peter Butterworth 107A Belgrave Road
Cathleen Nesbitt 182 Brompton Road
Sally Ann Howes 49 Cadogan Place
Moira Lister 31 Cadogan Square
Andrew Cruikshank 33 Carlisle Mansions Carlisle Place
Edward Chapman 30 Catherine Place
Joyce Carey 12 Chesham Street
Richard Wattis 80 Chester Square
John Gielgud 16 Cowley Street Westminster
Marjorie Fielding 803 Nelson House Dolphin Square
Rex Rienits (script) 622 Rodney House Dolphin Square
Thorley Walters Keyes House Dolphin Square
Faith Brook 18 Bray House Duke of York Street
Sandra Dorne/ Patrick Holt 40 Eaton Mews North
Dennis Price 90 Eaton Place
Joan Heal 1 Eaton Square
Christopher Lee 35 Eaton Terrace
Cyril Frankel 80E Eccleston Square
Noel Coward 17 Gerald Road
Brian Desmond Hurst 24 Grosvenor Crescent
Cyril Raymond 3 Kinnerton Place South
Oscar Quitak 45 Lennox Gardens
George Baker 43 Lower Belgrave Street
Anthony Havelock-Allan Flat 12 20 Lowndes Square
Heather Thatcher 4 Pont Street
Michael Bates 105 St George's Square
Phyllis Calvert 73 Sloane Avenue
Elizabeth Welch 1 Cottage Walk Sloane Street
Carole Carr 138 Sloane Street
Robert Helpmann 3 Trevor Place
Vic Oliver 66 Westminster Gardens
Patricia Marmont 22 Witton Place
Brian Weske 37 Brixton Hill
Eric Ambler 16 Pelham Crescent
Alan Gifford 1 Beaufort Gardens
Mary Clare 48 Beaufort Gardens
Nicholas Phipps 5 Egerton Place Brompton Road
Nora Swinburne / Esmond Knight 35 Bywater Street
Dorothy Bromiley 59 Cadogan Lane
Mabel Constanduros 10 Egerton Gardens
Anthony Hulme 31 Emperor's Gate
Joyce Grenfell 149 King's Road
Athene Seyler 79 Manor Street
Olga Edwardes 44 Markham Square
George Benson 67 Oakley Gardens
Constance Cummings 66 Old Church Street
Thorold Dickinson (director) 18 Ovington Street
Beatrice Campbell 54 Ovington Street
Fabia Drake 2 Royal Avenue Chelsea
Hugh Sinclair 11 Royal Avenue
Brian Worth 14 The Gateways
Daphne Anderson 21 The Vale
John Mills 9 Watton Place

(more SW address in a future mag)

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