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Home Addresses
The British Film and Television Year Book published contact details of those advertising in it. A few included their home details. What follows is a gathering of data from the 1955/6 edition- now well over 60 years out of date.
Famous names mingle with the less familiar: where the person is not in front of the cameras, this is shown in brackets.
Suffice it to add, contacting these addresses is not encouraged.
I am listing those in the London area.
This month Postal districts in London North (roads in alphabetical order)

N6 (Highgate)
Cyril Luckham 13B Broadlands Road
Ronald Shiner Elm Cottage Fitzroy Park
Michael Hordern 29 North Road
Ian Wallace 27 Stormont Road

N10 (Muswell Hill)
Peter Sellers 72 Tetherdown

Ted/Andrew Ray Arklington Cannon Hill

NW1 (Regent's Park)
Alan Wheatley 53 Albany Street
Dulcie Gray 39 Chester Terrace
Irene Handl 130 Dorset House Gloucester Place
Martita Hunt 7 Fitzroy Road
Sydney Tafler 12B Oxford and Cambridge Mansions
Peter Barkworth 5 Park Village West
Robert Lynn (dir) 33 Regent's Park Road
Rosalie Crutchley 8 St Katherine's Precinct

Brian Oulton/ Peggy Thorpe-Bates 17 Burgess Hill
Geoffrey Hibbert 32A Dartmouth Road
Robert Rietty 117 Gladstone Park Gardens
Cardew Robinson 36 Llanvanor Road
Jack Melford 52 Pattison Road (phone HAMpstead 4648)

Andre van Gyseghem 12A The Priors East Heath Road
Tony Quinn 20 Eton Hall
Derek Twist (director) 6 Frognal Gardens
Dennis Vance (tv prod) 41 frognal Gardens
Francis Chagrin (comp) Garden Flat 6 Lancaster Drive
Bob Dougall (tv) 51 Netherhall gardens Hampstead
Naomi Capon (tv prod) Wildwood Cottage North End

NW4 (Hendon)
Jack Asher (camera) 27 Brampton Court
Dicky Leeman (tv prod) 15 Danescroft Brent Street
Suzanne Gibbs White Cottage 271 Great North Way

Alan Badel 3 Greystoke Court Hanger Hill

Robert Ayres 33 Cranfield Gardens
Stephen Murray 81 Cranfield Gardens
George Cole 17 Sandwell Mansions West End Lane

NW7 (Mill Hill)
Leslie Phillips 80 Barnet Way
Frank Pettingell Highfield Lodge Wise Lane

NW8 (St John's Wood)
Hugh McDermott 85 Neville Court Abbey Road
Walter Rilla 15 Old Manor Court Abbey Road
Ingeborg Wells 16D Abercorn Place
Ivan Samson 4 Acacia Road
Philp Harben (tv chef) 65 Acacia Road
Frederick Schiller 21 Belgrave Gardens
Jill Raymond 7 Boundary Road
Joyce Heron/ Ralph Michael 38 Carlton Hill
Michael Currer-Briggs (tv dir) 65 Carlton Hill
Jenny Laird 84C Carlton Hill
Terry Bishop (dir) 69A Clifton Hill
Frankie Vaughan 76B Hamilton Terrace
Edward Cast Flat 3, 27A High Street
Bernard Rebel 12 Langford Place
Peter Sallis 12 Loudoun Road
Desmond Carrington 67 Marlborough Place
Desmond Walter-Ellis 12 Northwick House St Johns Wood Road
Billy Thatcher 8 Townsend Road

Philo Hauser 51 Golders Gardens
Freda Jackson 9 Heath Close
Carl Jaffe 39 Wessex Gardens

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