"This is the world of Interpol- the International Police Organisation, a network uniting 63 countries against crime... and this is a story of the Man from Interpol. Crime is international, but so is the law. In constant touch with all the police forces of the world is the Man from Interpol."

3 Soul Pedlars
4 Odds on Murder
5 The Key Witness
6 Escape Route
8 No Other Way
9 The Trap
11 All the Dead Were Harrisons
12 The Man Who Sold Hope
13 The Murder Racket
14 Death Via Parcel Post
15 Out Of Thin Air
16 The Case Of Mike Krello
17 Killer with a Long Arm
19 The Front Man
20 The Last Words
21 Maharajah Of Den
22 Murder Below Decks
23 Diplomatic Courier
24 Tight Secret
25 International Diamond Incident
26 Inside Job
27 A Woman In Paris
28 Man Alone
29 Mistaken Identity
30 Missing Child
32 The Big Thirst
33 Death In Oils
34 Multi Murder
36 The Art Of Murder
37 Child of Eve
38 The Big Racket
39 The Golden Shiri

In this 1960 series made by the Danziger Brothers, starring as Inspector Anthony Smith was Richard Wyler, with his boss Superintendent Mercer portrayed by veteran star John Longden. Man from Interpol has a period charm with even the most hardened criminals quite genteel in their language. The series had the distinction of being the first British one since Robin Hood to be networked in America. NBC showed the first story on Saturday January 30th 1960 at 10.30pm. Sadly it quickly flopped. Not surprising as it's really a kind of B movie for telly. It was never a success in Britain either as Associated Rediffusion bought it up only to show it to insomniacs. After lying dormant for over 25 years, satellite channel Bravo bought some bootleg copies and screened all the episodes listed above, numerous times from 1989 to 1996. Since then Man from Interpol has dropped back into forgotten obscurity. There is however one fan, me!
A report in 'The Stage' for October 8th 1959 reads, "for the past 8 weeks, Tony Crombie has been occupied full time writing original music and arranging and conducting it... The Danziger Brothers were looking for fresh musical talent for Man from Interpol. Persuasion from Tony's friend and manager Jeff Kruger, who played every one of Tony's big band discs until three o'clock one morning to the Danzigers, convinced them that in Tony they had the very top talent they were searching for. In the short space of eight weeks Tony has viewed 39 half hour films and written an entire original score."
My favourite episode: 6 Escape Route- a wonderful part for James Hayter, a fine example of a British B film, taut, well constructed, fun
Best moment: 14 I like the simple opening location scene in Death via Parcel Post- effective, peaceful and yet it has slightly sinister overtones
Best acting: Peter Vaughan in 17 Killer with a Long Arm. It proves there really is good acting in Danziger series!
Funniest moment: Unintentional, but in 20 Last Words, the improbable searching for a clue that has been overlooked is appallingly executed
Dud episode: 37 Child of Eve, not Lisa Daniely's finest hour- tho' it's not her fault the script is so poor
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