Interpol Calling
starring Charles Korvin as Inspector Duval, with Edwin Richfield as Jean Mornay.

1 The Angola Brights
2 The Thirteen Innocents
3 The Money Game
4 The Sleeping Giant
5 The Two Headed Monster
6 The Long Weekend
7 You Can't Die Twice
8 Diamond SOS
9 Private View
10 Dead on Arrival
11 Air Switch
12 The Chinese Mask
13 Slave Ship
14 The Man's A Clown
15 Last Man Lucky
16 No Flowers for Onno
17 Mr George
18 The Thousand Mile Alibi
19 Act of Piracy
20 Game for Three Hands
21 The Collector
22 The Heiress
23 Payment in Advance
24 Finger of Guilt
25 The Girl with Grey Hair
26 Cargo of Death
27 Trial at Cranby's Creek
28 Ascent to Murder
29 Slow Boat to Amsterdam
30 White Blackmail
31 A Foreign Body
32 In the Swim
33 Three Keys
34 Eight Days Inclusive
35 Dressed to Kill
36 Desert Hijack
37 Pipeline
38 Absent Assassin
39 Checkmate
If you want a show which epitomises Fifties Television, this is it! When production ended in early February 1960, having cost over 500,000 to make, executive producer Connery Chappell was questioned about Rank's first TV series. "We have naturally learned a great deal," he answered. "The physical production went very smoothly keeping to feature film production values, we had no troubles, but of course we gave four and a half to five days for each film."
The impressive opening sequence showed a car smashing through frontier barriers to this lively commentary: "Crime knows no frontiers. To combat the growing menace of the international criminal, the police forces of the world have opened up their national boundaries. At their headquarters in Paris, scientifically equipped to match the speed of the jet age, sixty three nations have linked together to form the International Criminal Police Organisation- Interpol." I'm afraid it was, sadly, downhill after that!
Certainly, critical comment was negative, and rightly so, "a little slow", wrote one, while another, obviously yawning, declared "the atmosphere, content and characterisation is exactly the same as all the other whodunits." I have to concur with his comment on the star Charles Korvin: he "is unspectacular while the rest of the cast portray baduns and gooduns with equal amount of conviction." Despite this, surprisingly good TAM ratings were achieved..... for a piece of utterly Pointless information, you can't beat this- for the week ending 22nd May 1960 Interpol Calling was as high as seventh equal in the TAM Top Ten for the Tyne Tees area.
My favourite story: # 34 Eight Days Inclusive. Worst stories: perhaps #4, #20, #28- there are too many duds

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