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Bindon Russell, London: "Ridiculously cheap. Thank you for your excellent service."
Sharon, Liverpool: Thank you thank you thank you so much for the fantastic cd- all I can say I will treasure it forever and make sure it is passed down the generations."
Ellie, Ashburton: "Thank you for your professionalism."
Marian Bock, New York: "Fabulous news! You, like, totally rock. And that goes for your brontosaurus, too. I shall praise you very highly."

78rpm Record Magazine 78rpm records for sale CDs- your own made to order Your 78's - I buy rarities and collections

I can provide you with:
* A Valuation of your 78rpm Record Collection - fee negotiable.
Contact me in general terms about what you have, and I will assess whether it is worth while providing you with such a service. In many cases it is not, and I would advise accordingly. However, if you have a case full, or a barn full, of rarities, then I will provide a fair written valuation, in as much detail as required.
* For Groups: An Illustrated Talk on 78rpm records
Exact subject according to what you want. eg Dance Bands, Music Hall Stars, History of Recording, World War Songs, My Collecting Life, etc
Fee: about 20-40 to be donated to charity, plus travel expenses (UK only).

David Moore
35 Lower Street Horning Norwich England NR12 8AA.

This is a postal service only- or you can phone 01692 631 540 between 8.30am and 4pm GMT, Mon-Sat.
You can also email. email me here. Please- NO attachments!
* * I've collected 78rpm Records for 55 years (I must have begun as a baby!) * *

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