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DECOY with Beverly Garland (1957)

4 To Trap A Thief - A woman armed robber is trapped in Penn Station, $7,250 found on her person. But the victim claims over $10,000 more was stolen. Casey poses as the thief to trap the unlikely villain, who however turns out to be innocent. More a soap, this one

20 Across the World - Some largely unsuccessful sound on location shooting results in a disjointed story of gun runners who fall out amongst themselves

25 High Swing - A sad case, as Casey goes undercover as 'Doris' when a girl dies of a dope overdose. The killers are a man and his crippled wife who need the money for her addiction. Casey wistfully concludes: "A routine case, that's what it started out to be. Yet.. when you come into somebody's house, you also get into their lives, and when that happens, it's very hard to remember it's a routine case"

37 The Come Back (1958) - Betting slips have been stolen by Fred (Peter Falk). Casey gets in with the gang to set a trap