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MARKHAM (1959)
Even with Ray Milland and a Top Ten in the ratings, this is a generally uninspiring effort.
0 Eye for Eye- Good opener about a lawyer's wife who's kidnapped so a man can be reconciled with his own wife
12 The Duelists - Millionaire Benjamin Miles is missing, presumed dead, after his poor wife had been taunted by him into shooting him
17 Deadline Date- Arson at the expanding Tower Studios Hollywood. Markham starts as a carpenter to find out who and why
25 Incident in Bel Air - Markham believes a suicide is murder. But is the murderess his lovely wife or his hip sister?
28 Candy Store Jungle- A reformed public enemy from "the horse and buggy days" asks Markham to help his estranged daughter. Markham fears he's "going to fight a bonfire with a holocaust"(!) Predictable tale, that improves as it goes along
29 The Altar - On vacation in Hawaii Markham helps an old pal Bert, who claims his wife is trying to kill him. Which is odd as she (Gena Rowlands) claims he's trying to do her in!
30 No Flies on Friday - It's really, says Markham, "The Case of the Decoyed Duck" as he flies to Europe to take the place of a threatened financier
49 Escorts a la Carte - In Rome reporter Sam gets a scoop, but too late! Markham finds him hanged. Small part for Mike ('Ghost Squad') Quinn
52 Cry from the Penthouse - "Alone with the frost and the cold" in an Arctic winter in New York, Markham is purposely locked OUTSIDE a quiet penthouse flat. And no mobiles in those days to call for aid! Regarded by many as a classic