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Perry Mason Series 8

212 The Case of the Missing Button 5*
Victim: Blackmailer Vince Rome, who kidnapped 7 year old heiress Button, over whom her separated parents are engaged in a tug of war.
The Accused: Dirk Blake, father of Button Blake.
Quote: Vince- "how are you going to stop me?" Lois, Button's foster mother- "if necessary I'm going to the police."
The Unusual Bit: At the end Button is nearly killed, pushed off a bridge by the murderer
213 The Case of the Paper Bullets (No Burger) 5*
Victim: law student David Cartwell whose step father Senator Randolph Cartwell is up for re-election against Jason Foster.
The Accused: Mrs Margaret Foster, Jason's wife. Perry and Paul both intend voting Jason in. Jason's 17 year old sister Susan wanted to marry David.
Quotes: Jason to Susan- "Never see him again." Jason to David- "stay clear of her, or you'll wish you were dead"
214 The Case of the Scandalous Sculptor 2*
Victim: model Bonnie Dunbar who worked for famous sculptor Hannibal Harvey, husband of
The Accused: Mona Stanton Harvey.
Quote: Della- "Perry, I don't see how you can get out of this."
Comment: played for laughs, unfortunately Hannibal is over the top, pity Stu Erwin is landed with a serious part, he looks somewhat bemused
215 The Case of the Sleepy Slayer 8*
Victim: Crusty old Abner Gordon, "even death despised him."
Obvious Suspect: Abner's niece Rachel who had cared for him for 15 years, and inherits his million. Why she even bought a gun and we see her shoot him dead.
The Accused: Bruce Jay, employee of Abner, who it appears was already dead when Rachel shot him, an overdose of adrenalin the real cause.
Quote: "I don't know what hell is like, but it can't be much worse than the hell Abner put her thru"
216 The Case of the Betrayed Bride 8*
Victim: Young Pierre Dubois, new husband of "wacky" middle aged Aunt Nellie.
The Accused: Marie Claudel, a new maid, here to seduce Pierre, only she is already his wife!
Obvious Suspects: Nellie's sponging relatives, or it just could be The Butler (Neil Hamilton) really did do it.
The Comedy Bit: the story is played for some laughs, Marie even steals Perry's auto.
Quotes: Client- "Mr Mason, why do you have to ask questions? Can't you just help me?" Later Perry turns the question on her- "Marie, why do you have to ask questions?"
217 The Case of the Nautical Knot 5*
Victim: Harvey Scott, "the rats' version of Santa Claus," uncle of Rick who had been recuperating in Acapulco while Harvey ran his business.
The Accused: Joanna Mumford, Rick's nurse whom he suddenly marries, "you poor little fool."
Question: "Didn't he tell you why he married you?" Answer from Perry: "Extra stock... that girl is not legally his wife."
The Novel Bit: DA Burger calls Perry as a witness, and despite protest, Perry has to take the stand
218 The Case of the Bullied Bowler 5* (no Perry!)
Victim: Dr Max Taylor, a health officer who had been ordered by The Duchess to close down a bowling alley run by
The Accused: Bill Jarvis, who is father of The Duchess' late daughter's child.
The defense: is conducted by a pal of Paul Drake's, Joe Kelly (Michael Connors), as Perry is said to be in Paris
219 The Case of A Place called Midnight 5* (no Della, Paul Drake or Burger)
Victim: Capt Joe Farrell, who had had an argument over Grete with
The Accused: Lt Frederic Ralston III, whose family just happened to have asked Perry to fly from Paris to Switzerland to look him up.
Second Murder: Dr Franz Kleinman, leader of a swindling gang after buried Nazi loot.
The Unusual Bit: Set in a studio Europe, and for just this once, no courtroom in sight
220 The Case of The Tragic Trophy 6*
Victim: Film director Tony Fry, who was short of a few bucks to complete his latest masterpiece.
The Accused: Kathy James (Anders), his fiancee, though she is in fact a publicity stunt- he had ruined her dad's career as a top cameraman.
The Facts: we see Kathy arguing with Tony and then "bash his head in." How can Perry possibly get her out of that?
Quote: Perry to client- "though there are probably 100 people with 100 motives for killing Tony, you were the one seen leaving his apartment"
221 The Case of The Reckless Rockhound 5* (no Burger)
Victim: Carl Bascom, once the unpopular joint owner of a mine. He went away but now had returned demanding his share from
The Accused: Mrs Reba Burgess, widow of Jim, the co-owner: "that stupid Bascom getting killed solved all my financial problems."
Another Quote: ".... Perry Mason?" Bascom: "No, I don't know him." What?! Not heard of Perry
222 The Case of The Latent Lover 9*
Victim: Mrs Sybill Pollard, who had asked her husband Eric for a divorce. He is having delusions, and is even accused of trying to rob a bank.
The Accused: Eric's Probation Officer, Roy Galen, who was in love with Sybill. Cries Eric: "When Ray Galen comes in, I am going to kill him."
Quote by Roy: "If anyone's going to kill you Sybill, it'll be me"
223 The Case of The Wooden Nickels 7*
Victim: George Parsons who was blackmailing cripple Homer Doubleday over fake coins he had made.
The Accused: Miss Minerva Doubleday, Homer's niece, "I loved him," she admits of Parsons.
Quote: Perry to Paul- "Sounds like a spy drama. I suggest you spend the afternoon buying a trench coat"
224 The Case of The Blonde Bonanza 4*
Victim: Harrison Boring, a clothes promoter who ran a missing heiress racket. He had commissioned
The Accused: model Dianne Adler, who had oddly been order to put ON weight.
Quotes: Client to Perry- "you're not angry with me Mr Mason?" DA- "it's obvious Mr Mason cannot read a watch"
225 The Case of The Ruinous Road 8*
Victim: Joe Marshall, an engineer trying to cut costs on a road construction project. Under him is
The Accused: Adam Conrad, whose girl Hilary is against the bulldozing of the historic house of old Miss Keith. Adam is accused of embezzling by Joe:
Quotes: Joe- "there's a crook in this firm, and I can prove it." Then in court Perry surprises us all by saying, "we will not present the defense." Of course this is a ruse to flush out the murderer, who confidently asserts, "not an adequate performance, not for the renowned Perry Mason"
226 The Case of The Frustrated Folk Singer 7*
Victim: Harry Bronson an agent in financial difficulties, who wheedled $30,000 out of his new protege
The Accused: Amy Jo Jennings, an ingenuous singer from the South, "a sweet simple kid with no talent."
Quote: "Right now he (Bronson) is worth more dead than alive"
227 The Case of The Thermal Thief 4* This is another story like 218, with Perry absent, apparently in Europe again, Perry International??
The Victim: Maxine Nichols, a thief who returns the stolen handbag of
The Accused: "ear splitting" Lona Upton, who befriended Maxine. She lives with her step sister, the rich Amy Reid.
The defense is conducted by Ken Kramer, played by Barry Sullivan: "all you are doing is swinging wildly." Ah, sounds like the Great Man
228 The Case of The Golden Venom 8*
The Victim: Journalist Ralph Day, who two years ago had killed Dick Forrest, according to
The Accused: his mother Mrs Lucille Forrest, "richest widow in town."
Quotes: DA- "I don't know what you're talking about Mr Mason... why on earth ask all these ridiculous questions?" Judge to Perry- "Sorry Mr Mason, you really will have to confine yourself to proper questions."
Bonus bit: As well as getting his client off, as usual, Perry also solves the mystery surrounding Dick's death
229 The Case of The Telltale Tap 7*
The Victims: 1 Glen Holman disgraced private eye, hired by
2 Vera Wynne, who had swindled her firm to help gain promotion for the man she loves.
The Accused: Clyde Darrell, new accountant whom she learns later is in love with Nancy, niece of the boss.
Quotes: Accused to Perry (overheard by a witness)- "I just killed somebody."
A sacked accountant to Perry- "don't try running your courtroom bluffs on me."
The accused after he is cleared- "that's hard to believe"
230 The Case of The Feather Cloak 7* (No Della or Burger)
The Victim: beachcomber Douglas Kelland, whose hut is right where a group want to build a hotel. He was engaged to
The Accused: Anona Gilbert, "a complication" is that she owns the hut's land.
Note: Set in Hawaii, the cop who bungles the arrest this time is Lt Kia, played by veteran Jon Hall.
Quote: Perry to Anona's aunt- "I expect you to tell the truth, no matter how damaging it may seem"
231 The Case of The Lover's Gamble 8*
The Victim: Dr Philip Stark who had crashed into a truck causing severe injuries to his wife, Frances, heir to $2m.
The Accused: Art student Betty Kaster, "a blind little pinhead" who was caring for Frances, and who believes Philip wants to murder her.
Perry's Payment: for once is not a fat fee, but a (rather poor) portrait of him by his client.
Quote: Della- "Betty, why not tell your troubles to Mr Mason. He's really quite good"
The Twist: one of the best, in Burger's office.
232 The Case of The Fatal Fetish 4*
The Victim: Carina Wileen, an "alcoholic floosie" who had been out to destroy
The Accused: trainee lawyer Larry Germaine. His mother (Fay Wray) believes this anyway. He works in DA Burger's office and has been accused of accepting a bribe. It results in the curious situation of Perry defending Burger's man.
Quotes: Carina- "kill me? There's an experience I haven't had. Be my guest." DA- "Larry, this isn't a traffic citation"
233 The Case of The Sad Sicilian 2*
The Victim: Enrico Bacio, the original godfather, who is worried be will be bumped off by
The Accused: Paolo Porro, on account of their blood feud: "it don't stop until everybody is a-dead"
234 The Case of The Murderous Mermaid 7*
The Victim: Victoria Dawn (Patrice Wymore), once a famous swimmer, who now employs a stand-in
The Accused: stunt girl Miss Reggie Lansfield. The stunt seems to go wrong when her support boat explodes.
Quotes: Paul Drake to the accused- "Reggie, when you do something, you do it good." Victoria the victim, on what Lilian her sister says- "now we'll be rid of Victoria for good!" They were too!
235 The Case of The Careless Kitten 6*
The Victim: Henry J Leech, who was supposed to be Franklin Shore, who had run off ten years ago from his wife Matilda, "everybody thought he was dead."
The Unique Bit: no courtroom scene, though Perry performs his usual antics in front of Burger, to expose the swindle which involves Franklin's inheritance.
Quote: Paul- "Perry, could you please get yourself down to two thoughts at a time?"
236 The Case of The Deadly Debt 3*
The Victim: Gangster Steve Radom, who was owed $10,000 by Ed Talbert, whose son is
The Accused: Danny Talbert, an LA cop. His younger brother Carl is a bad sort, a nightclub pianist. An improbable storyline.
Quotes: Perry to client- "Now is all that happened?... I don't think I believe you." Also, Charlie Judd, Radom's attorney to Perry- "You fishing?" Perry- "You dig for worms before you fish"