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Mr Ed
One of the gentlest, nicest US comedies with Alan Young starring as Wilbur Post, playing his scenes with Ed the talking horse with real affection.
Connie Hines plays Wilbur's bemused wife, Carol. Larry Keating as neighbour Addison has some of the best moments in the first three series. His irritated banter with Ed is a splendid contrast with Wilbur's intimacy. When he sadly died, he proved irreplaceable.
My favourite episode: #1 First Meeting- the charm of hearing a horse talk for the first time, and Wilbur's amazed reaction
Best moment: #77 when Ed dreams he's operating on Addison
Dud episode: Sad to admit, but a few of the later stories are tired. Perhaps #109 is the dullest.
Review of Series One
0 The Wonderful World of Wilbur Pope- the pilot show, same plot as "First Meeting" below, but different cast
1 First Meeting:- Carol and Wilbur's new home comes complete with horse, who, claims Wilbur, talks. Is he crazy? Carol and neighbor Addison think he must be, for the wise horse will only ever talk to kind Wilbur
2 The Ventriloquist - Wilbur wants to impress Addison with his designs, but the latter overhears him chatting with Ed describing Addison as having "less personality than a dead mackerel." Wilbur persuades Addison he was merely practising his ventriloquism, because it couldn't be that his horse talks
3 The Busy Wife- Carol joins a committee, leaving Wilbur to do the shopping and other chores. That leaves Ed all on his ownsome. Wilbut fights back by taking up painting with a real live model Jane (Donna Douglas) to pose as Lady Godiva, an eye opener for Addison... and Carol
4 Kiddy Park- On Ed's seventh birthday Ed wants to go fishing with Addison, then the girls muscle in, so Ed has to be boarded at the Tally Ho Stables. He runs away to the kiddy park, and gives a ride to a lad who hears Ed talk. But of course, his mum doesn't believe him
5 Stable for Three- Carol and Wilbur fall out when Ed starts destroying the garden
6 Sorority Horse - Ed becomes a college mascot, hidden away in a steam room. However rival Brighton University kidnap him and Wilbur has to get into drag to rescue his horse, as he's being kept in a girls' college
8 Ed the Lover - Wilbur and Carol fall out over Ed earning his keep by appearing in a western movie. As if in sympathy Addison falls out with his 'doll' too. Ed finally agrees, but just has to alter the script
9 The Missing Statue- Wilbur trying to economise is thwarted by Carol buying a statue for $50. He returns it to the shop, but Kay buys it back on Carol's behalf. Roger returns it, Wilbur buys it back to please Carol. As for economy, Ed's long distance phone calls are paid by him, as his niece has won the big race
10 The Aunt- Aunt Martha comes to visit little 'Weebee' (poor old Wilbur). Her parrot is not a big hit with Ed either
14 Ed the Songwriter -Music publisher Paul admires the tune Wilbur is humming. Where did he hear it? From Ed, of course, "something I composed!" Paul wants the fellow "with the deep voice" to record it, and with a little subterfuge, the recording session goes ahead- in Ed's barn
16 Psycholanalyst Show - Ed's fear of heights leads Wilbur to calling in a psychiatrist (Richard Deacon), who finds in Wilbur a classic case for study. Less convincing is Wilbur's cure for Ed, which nearly brings on a punch up with two lovers
17 A Man for Velma- As Carol has sprained her wrist, Roger recommends Velma as a great cook, but her weakness is Men, or the lack of them. 'Walter' phones to beg her to stay on, as even Ed loves her cooking. "I hope you're handsome," she asks over the phone. "It depends on your point of view," replies Ed. But Wilbur catches 'Walter' on the phone, "if only Perry Mason were here to defend me"
20 Ed's New Shoes- Axel, a disaster-prone handyman "helps" Wilbur
21 Ed Agrees To Talk - but only on the phone! Carol wants a new car, Ed overhears and Wilbur is forewarned. Ed gets his comeuppance when a disappointed Carol decides to use Ed as a "workhorse"- "help, cries Ed, "it's the innocent who suffer." Mrs Adams of the SPCA is tipped off, by Ed, to witness this maltreatment
22 The Other Woman- Ed kidnaps Bernadette, an old workhorse
23 The Contest- Ed's learning French so he can go on a world tour, to be paid by winning the Giant Jackpot Contest. For the big final question, Wilbur is coached by Ed, who however feels sorry for the rival competitor and refuses to supply the correct answer
24 Wilbur Sells Ed - "Hi Princess, my name's Ed, you're gorgeous!" Ed falls for Princess Helen, though the course of true love never did run smooth. To be close to her, Ed persuades Wilbur to sell him, but Wilbur is heartbroken until Ed returns, a sadder but wiser horse
25 Ed cries Wolf- Wilbur buys earrings whilst Ed plays chess - guess who wins!
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