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Perry Mason
Series 7 (1963-4)
182 The Case of The Nebulous Nephew 5* (no Tragg)
The Victim: Ernest Stone who had plotted to make "pixilated" Aunt Nineveh and Aunt Sophia believe
The Accused: John Brooks is really Caleb Stone IV, heir to their fortune. His mother had been a maid who offered only a forged marriage certificate.
Question by Perry: "Did you kill Ernest Stone?" Aunt: "yes I did"
183 The Case of The Shifty Shoe-box 7* (no Tragg)
The Victim: Joe Downing, partner in a trucking business with Frank Honer. His cousin Bill is the swindling branch manager.
The Accused: Sylvia Thompson who works for them. With her no-good brother 'Flick' she fosters 8 year old Miles (Billy Mumy) who has hidden Flick's gun that was used in a robbery at the firm. Milers bursts into court to get a cuddle from Perry.
Quote: Client to Perry- "You must think I'm innocent, or you wouldn't be willing to help me"
184 The Case of The Drowsy Mosquito 1* (no Tragg or Burger)
The Victim: Jim Braddison, body found by Paul Drake, who is pretending to have found the lost Boler mine, but hasn't.
The Accused: Banning Grant of the Grant Mining Company: two attempts had been made on his own life.
Quote: Della to Perry- "there's still one thing that isn't clear." Only 1! Paul Drake admits later similarly.
Unusual bit: The case is heard in a coroner's court in a saloon bar
185 The Case of The Deadly Verdict 7*
The Victim: Amanda Barton whose niece and heir is
The Accused: "a bird with a snake" Janice Barton.
The Unusual Bit: The story commences in court, Perry's client sentenced to death! Surely not! I liked the newspaper front page with a photo of "Successful Prosecutor" Berger. He should be so lucky!
Philosophical quote: Perry- "Janice, do you want to die?" Janice- "it's something that happens to everybody sooner or later."
Usual Bit: Not in court, but at the end Perry explains to the family how the crime was really done. It's a subtle way of flushing out the real killer
186 The Case of The Decadent Dean 7* (no Tragg)
The Victim: Tobin Wade, ex-friend and assistant dean to
The Accused: Dr Aaron Stuart, dean of Manzana Prep School.
Novel Bit: The body had been pushed into the sea. Perry and Paul make a movie of what happened.
The Usual Bit: Perry gets his client off since no corpse has been found. But later Wade is found murdered and the dean is arrested again.
Quote: Dean to cop- "I've just killed a man"
187 The Case of The Reluctant Model 7*
The Victim: Colin Durant who had suggested that Otto Olney's Gaugin was a fake.
The Accused: Model Maxine Lindsey, through whom Durant had spread the accusation.
Quotes: Perry- "I've just been tagged as the world's prize booby!" Tragg, when Perry tells him he's lost Olney as a client- "oh, I'm bleeding for you"
188 The Case of The Bigamous Spouse 6* (no Tragg)
The Victim: Frank Gillette aka Felton Grimes a bigamist.
The Accused: Miss Gwynn Elston, a close friend of Nell, one of the two wives. A compact GE is found by the corpse.
Quotes: Client- "Yes of course I trust you Mr Mason." Paul to Perry- "Are you out of your mind?" Perry to client- "why didn't you tell me?"... answer "it didn't seem important." Paul to Perry- "I'm afraid you've been barking up a tree that doesn't exist."
A Record: Perry's questions to Baxter, a witness, receive a total of 4 objections from Burger- "sustained" all of them!
189 The Case of the Floating Stones 3* (no Tragg or Burger)
Victim: Ralph Iverson who had stolen diamonds inherited by
The Accused: Julie Eng whose granddad had planned to smuggle out of Hong Kong.
Suspect: Gilbert Tyrell (Victor Maddern) a suave professional smuggler
Quote: Iverson to Eng's assistant: "You're the kind of man I could cheerfully strangle"
190 The Case of the Festive Felon 4* (no Tragg)
Victim: Justin Grover lawyer of the late Bebe Brent. She had handed him a gift of $1m for her nurse Hetty Randall.
Accused: Hetty's daughter Madeleine, though the reason for the gift, which is not passed on, becomes apparent.
Quote: Hetty- "You're the best lawyer I know. You'll get her off"
191 The Case of the Devious Delinquent 6* (no Tragg)
Victim: Chick Montana, a young hoodlum who was blackmailing one of his mates,
The Accused: Tim Balfour III, due to inherit his grandad's millions. Housekeeper Edith stole $2,000 from her employer to help Tim pay off Chick.
Quotes: Luke (Tim's rival for the fortune)- "Mason, you're about as subtle as a poke in the eye." Client- "I think maybe I'm in a mess Mr Mason"
192 The Case of the Bouncing Boomerang 3* (no Tragg or Burger)
Victims: 1 Nelson Barclift (Alan Hale Jr) who had pretended to buy a worthless ranch with the connivance of victim 2 Eula Johnson, belonging to
The Accused: Grover Johnson. Eula is his reclusive wife who wants to get away from her lonesome existence.
My Verdict: quite difficult to follow the subtleties of the plot, something to do with dentists and insurance
193 The Case of the Badgered Brother 3* (no Tragg)
Victim: Martin Baylor, stabbed in the back, business rival and brother to
The Accused: Todd Baylor. The pair were in dispute over contracts to fashion designer Joseph Rinaldi.
Quotes: a confident Lt Anderson to Perry- "with what we've got, a confession would only be icing on the cake." In court, his wish comes true... Joe- "I killed him!" Todd- "the witness is lying. I killed Martin." Burger wryly jokes, "who knows, we may get a third confession." Of course, Perry obliges
194 The Case of the Wednesday Woman 5* (no Tragg)
Victim: Insurance investigator Jack Mallory, out to recover the Djakarta Diamond, stolen by David Reid, partner of the firm Webber and Reid.
The Accused: Phillip Stewart. Mallory was murdered in a lift, no other persons had used it apart from them. Phil had been convicted of the voluntary manslaughter of Reid.
Quote: Phil to Mallory- "I'll kill you. I swear I'll kill you"
195 The Case of the Accosted Accountant 7* (no Tragg)
Victim: BK Doran head of Vero Plastics, who had accused his son-in-law of swindling the company.
The Accused: The son-in-law, Ed Lewis, another old friend of Perry's, who'd also accused BK of a swindle.
Quotes: Makes a change to hear this request- Perry to the DA- "Hamilton, I need your help." Later DA Burger asks- "Perry, I think now I need your help." The more ususal quote- "I just can't believe Ed killed BK Doran." In contrast, BK's daughter Gertrude who is Ed's wife offers- "he killed my father"
196 The Case of the Capering Camera 6*
Note: This was sadly Lt Tragg's final appearance in the series, even though he continued to be named in the credits.
Victim: Jacob Kadar who had taken Calendar Art photos which he claims had been stolen. Someone was blackmailing
The Accused: Fashion model Judith Blair. A compromising picture of her pointing at gun at camera is fatal.
Quotes: Judith to Jacob- "Shoot you? There's nothing I'd like better."
Then Perry approaches the DA- "I'm in a very difficult predicament." Burger- "That's a switch. Traffic ticket?!"
197 The Case of the Ice Cold Hands 8*
Victim: Marvin Freemont who alleged Rodney Banks had robbed him, handing most of the cash to his sister
The Accused: Nancy Banks, who had spent this on backing an outsider in a horse race, winning $14,250. This had then been stolen from her.
Quotes: Nancy to Perry- "Mr Mason, there's no need to know everything." And later- "I had to tell you some lies."
The Confession: in court Burger gets the judge to force Rodney who refuses to answer, to answer. He is dumbstruck when Rodney confesses to the killing.
The Real Killer declares: "If I was planning a murder as complicated as this one, I'd certainly do a better job of it"
198 The Case of the Bountiful Beauty 6*
Victim: Stephanie Carew who had been acquitted of killing her husband. Her stepson John (Ryan O'Neal) had related the true story to
The Accused: Barbara Dearborn, who had then written a best selling novel The Widow, based on his account. Stephanie threatened to sue her for libel.
Quote: Rubin, Deborah's agent- "Stephanie was one blackhearted witch who didn't even need a broomstick."
A First: though the judge stops Perry's questioning, DA Burger says he has no objection to Perry putting the question
199 The Case of the Nervous Neighbor 3*
Victim: William Bradley, second husband of
The Accused: 60 year old Alice Bradley, who has amnesia. The couple had argued over her son from her first marriage, Charles Fuller, whether he had swindled Bradley and Brown, investment brokers.
Verdict: Alice was unaware of her actions and is acquitted.
Second Victim: Henry Clement, who had been promoted to partner in this firm, ahead of Charles.
Second Accused: Charles Fuller, who was wild because Clement had tricked his simple mother into signing away her fortune in the business.
Quote: Charles- "The dirty chiseling blackmailer, I'll kill him"
200 The Case of the Fifty Millionth Frenchman 2*(no Burger)
Victim: Armand Rovel, "a Greek god down from Olympus," who falls asleep piloting his plane and crashes to his death.
The Accused: Philippe Bertain (David McCallum) in love with Armand's wife Lynette, to whom he lent $5,000. She'd given this to Armand to buy a share in a ski lodge.
The Complication: The death of former ski lodge owner McManus is tied up with this murder.
The Fatal Words: Philippe to Lynette: "I will kill your husband," and to Armand himself, "I'll kill you!"
Confession: "I was only sorry I couldn't kill him ten times."
201 The Case of the Frightened Fisherman 8* (no Della)
Victim: Natalie James, who was offering her controlling shares in her husband's antibiotics firm to rival Hudson Bradshaw.
The Accused: her husband Randolph who had developed a new antibiotic with Dr Hans Lang.
The Fun Bit: An elderly eyewitness identifies Perry as the killer!
Quotes. Unusually, those not accused had threatened the dead person. Hudson of Natalie- "Maybe I know a better way of dealing with her." Lang of Natalie- "A woman like this should never be allowed to exist"
202 The Case of the Arrogant Arsonist 6*
The Victim: Tommy Towne ace tv reporter being sued for over $1m for having accused of arson
The Accused: 70 year old Carey York, retired deputy fire chief, owner of a torched warehouse, in which his manager Otto perished.
The Novel Bit: Perry uncovers a Commie plot to nick industrial secrets, "of all the crazy senseless mularky." Not much courtroom action for once.
Quote: The defendant- "I'll make Towne eat his words"
203 The Case of the Garrulous Go-Between 7* (no Della)
Victim: Victor Bundy, aka Zachary a former stage partner of Madame Zillia, clairvoyant.
The Accused: Amy Scott (Stiller), "set up for a beautiful fleecing." Her dad had committed suicide after getting involved with the medium.
Quotes: Witness who has been handed a subpoena by Perry- "of all the cheap dirty..." At the end when Paul remarks that he and Perry are a couple of cupids, Perry replies- "I can't see you with a bow and arrow"
204 The Case of the Woeful Widower 7* (no Della)
Victim: Miss Elizabeth Bain, invalid wife of Newton Bain. He had accused nurse Nellie Conway of stealing from her, but Perry had got her off, naturally.
The Accused: Mary Douglas. Elizabeth's will had recently been altered in her favor, "something she told Elizabeth Bain to write," according to DA Burger
205 The Case of the Simple Simon 7* (no Burger)
Victim: Ex theatre critic Ogden G Kramer: "vicious."
The Accused: temperamental actress Miss Ramona Carver. The identity of her son is a factor in this case.
Quotes: Ramona- "I'll kill him in cold blood." Actor Guy Penrose (Tom Conway)- "keep blunt objects out of Ramona's reach." Ramona to Perry- "I'm just a liar, that's all"
206 The Case of the Illicit Illusion 6*
Victim: Kirk Cameron, his suicide note claims he swindled clients of the firm Ambrose and Garrett. Perry proves he was murdered, then has to defend
The Accused: Roseanne Ambrose, "on the verge of insanity," separated from her husband Hubert (Ron Randell) who is accused of swindling then murdering a rich client.
The Novelty: DA Burger has to give evidence.
Quote: Perry to client- "why haven't you told me this before?"
207 The Case of the Antic Angel 9*
Victim: Lynne Bowman- is she Ruth? if so she was supposed to have died in a plane crash, once wife of
The Accused: alcoholic salesman William Sherwood, who having made a date to meet her, then finds her corpse in a car.
Quote: Ruth's sister Maggie to Perry- "how can a man of your reputation lend yourself to such a gruesome business?"
208 The Case of the Careless Kidnapper 3*
Victim: Thought originally to be Michael da Vinci, but later established as Joe Velvet, who was blackmailing
The Accused: Dr Gregory Pelham, whose son David had supposedly been kidnapped by this Michael, who is probably Joe's son. Susan, Greg's wife, had hit the dead man with her handbag.
Quotes: Gregory Pelham to Susan- (say) "even to Perry, you have not left the house this evening." Perry to the Pelhams- "well, would someone care to tell the truth for a change"
209 The Case of the Drifting Dropout 4* (no Burger)
Victim: Mort Lynch, standing for mayor, scrap metal merchant, employer of
The Accused: Barry Davis, nephew of Mort's former partner. Mort is "a boil on the town," a counterfeiter.
Quote: Unfamiliar Judge- "Mason, what's the point of this line of questioning?"
210 The Case of the Tandem Target 4*
Victim: dental supplier Sumner Hodge, stepfather of Irma who is "mentally a child," engaged to
The Accused: Con Bolton, singer at the Lone Pine Club.
Quotes: Irma of her stepfather who threatens not to pay her late father's inheritance- "if he does, I'll kill him." Con to Irma- "if we're gonna do it, we're gonna do it now." Though he is talking of eloping, his words might be referring to Hodge's fatal car crash
211 The Case of the Ugly Duckling 7*
Note: Unusually, at first there seem no nasty characters worthy of being bumped off.
Victim: invalid Harry Trilling, boss of Trilling Toys and uncle of
The Accused: angry young woman Alice Trilling, who inherits. Several times Harry had tried to match her with a suitable husband.
Quotes: Alice- "don't you honey me, I'm going to kill you Uncle Harry." The confession- "I could have killed him a thousand times"