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ALFRED HITCHCOCK PRESENTS - my comments on a few of them:
5 "Into Thin Air" (1955) - A variation on The Lady Vanishes, a motif Hitch explains which has been borrowed "profitably." This one only fails with its explanation. At the Hotel Madeleine Mrs Winthrop and her daughter Diana book into Room 342. Mother is unwell and is prescribed medicine which Diana fetches, only to return and find her mother not here, nor has anyone has any recollection of her! With the aid of Mr Farnham from the Embassy (Geoffrey Toone), she tries desperately to work out what's happened. Hitch concludes on a note of high cynicism
6 "Salvage" - Danny (Gene Barry) has served time for Richie, his brother. Lois is mighty scared now Dan's out, cos she squealed on him and caused Richie's death. But instead of revenge, Dan puts up the cash for her to run a dress shop, and her world changes from despair to joy. But there's an evil glint in Danny's eye: "I want you to be happy." "That's life I guess," concludes Hitch offhandedly, but the ending sure is too predictable
46 "Alibi Me" (1956) - Georgy riddles arch enemy Lucky with bullets. Now he needs an alibi. Uncle Leo refuses, then ex-girl Goldie nearly obliges, but sees thru him. Blackmail ensures his landlady's co-operation. Inspector Larkin is almost beaten, until he gets a lucky break, unlucky for Georgy though
86 "Last Request" (1957) - Introduction- Hitch in a cauldron! A condemned man's last request is to be allowed to type a letter to the press protesting his innocence. He admits being a conman, preying on women, and even killing a jealous husband, and an eyewitness to this killing. But now the DA is anxious to get him, framing him for the murder of a bookie to whom he only owes $500. He's innocent, but in a nice twist, he gets what he deserves
140 "I'll Take Care of You" Nostalgia as youths look round an old car lot wanting a car for $50. The owner's dad does sell them one, but he knows his son John has deliberately run down his wife with it. The cops dish up a final ironic twist
154 "Arthur" - 1959 classic about a confirmed bachelor (Laurence Harvey) on his self sufficient chicken farm. Helen (Hazel Court) wants to renew their engagement and later the police (Patrick MacNee) try to find where she's disappeared to. Macabre Hitch
220 "The Pearl Necklace" - 1961 story of a woman (Hazel Court) who is persuaded by her fiance to marry a man with eleven millions, as he only has a year to live. Nice twists
268 "The Sorceror's Apprentice" - (1962) Victor, a magician, takes pity on Hugo a homeless simpleton. Victor's wife (Diana Dors) persuades the naive lad to kill Victor. But with Victor's magic wand, Hugo believes he now has the power to saw her in half...
299 "Run for Doom" - (1963) Floyd (Scott Brady) has a 'Boomerang Baby' (Diana Dors) who keeps coming back to him after affairs with rich young lovers. However this time he senses it might be different, and he's jealous....
354 "Thou Still Unravished Bride"- (1965) Overlong and tedious, this is set in a US London where 4 girls are strangled. Sally (Sally Kellerman) who's to be married this day, is daft enough to go for a lonely walk. As her fiance (Ron Randell looking bored and sleepy) is a policeman, he follows her trail. Even Homer nods