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A long running (1949-1954) series mostly unmemorable for its loud organ music used to rack up the tension.
1.07 A Night at an Inn (1949)- "If you should hear anything irregular..." offers the sinister boss (Boris Karloff). Of course you will, at night on the misty Yorkshire moors! Even if it is only the studio. His gang have stolen a priestly ruby which the cult desires to get back- how the gang try to thwart them, that's the story, which is quaint and tedious, plus a touch of comic horror to finish
2.08 The Murderer (1950) - Molly is dead. Beside her corpse is her husband John, who relates the events leading up to this tragedy. John had guessed his wife was two timing him, all very straightforward until the denouement
2.13 Man In The House - Emily, though married, lives with her ailing "acid" mother. They are forced to reappraise their relationship when a gunman holes out in their home, "why are you letting your mother ruin your life?" Help comes via her husband and a shootout resolves all difficulties
2.24 The Suicide Club - an adaptation of the famous story- "a last carouse" by bored Prince Florizel who, incognito with his friend and Mr X apply to join the Club. Mr President sign them up "for the game." The one who draws the ace of clubs is to die. The prince resolves to destroy this evil, but he draws the dreaded card
2.28 The Parcel- A messenger boy (Conrad Janis) to Room 403, deliver Gunner's parcel at 5pm exactly- recipient will be the sender himself! But others are after this stolen payroll, including Barrow (Lee Marvin)
2.42 Wisteria Cottage- Richard has killed his employee Jenny, merely because she caught him "dipping" into the cash till. Now he's found a country cottage for a mother and her two daughters to buy, "you're a funny boy." Because of his vicious temper, they soon kick him out, but of course he returns to terrorize them
4.33 Alibi Me (1952)- Leo Whaley (a hoarse Rod Steiger) is enemies with Georgie, who will kill whom first? A cast iron alibi would be needed. Georgie meets with two refusals, then the sick Phil in his hospital bed obliges, however he dies. As a last resort, he tries his estranged wife
4.49 Woman In Love - Alexia Constancia (Gaby Rodgers) wants to marry Lars in Stockholm. But she lives in 1952 Budapest, and a commie face lurks in every shadow as she embarks on her journey, persuaded to carry vital underground information. Just who is her friend?
5.17 The Invisible Killer - Dan Crowley, pilot, is jealous of Tom his boss, as he is engaged to Mary, whom he thinks is his girl. In a mountain shack he frightens them and bores us, ending in a shootout
5.20 Vacancy for Death (1953)- Mysterious atmospheric opening with a paucity of dialogue in a house where the boarders have a one way ticket. Latest arrival Mr Addams is gassed. That's about it, with Joan Blondell her familiar femme fatale
5.26 The Kiss-Off - During a parade, a tax office is held up. The robber (Jack Palance) deliberately leaves a note signed Tom W. He's doing it for Ellen, who supported him while inside for something, he says, he didn't do. He's committed this crime as revenge on the DA. Eyewitnesses can't identify Tom as he had been in disguise. However a blind pickpocket recognises his voice and his hand...