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Perry Mason final Series 9
242 The Case of The Laughing Lady 7*
The Victim: Journalist Gerald Havens, uniquely, as the programme starts, already held in jail is
The Accused: hardened offender Carla Chayney. Perry is the third attorney taking up her case which, according to Burger is "open and shut."
Quote: A lofty Perry- "truth and justice should not be influenced by monetary gain." DA to judge- "The defense has been more than patient with Mr Mason... this is turning into a comic opera!" Judge to Perry- "you have completely lost me"
243 The Case of the Fatal Fortune 8*
The Victim: Ageing department store owner Max Armstead. An astrologer predicts he will marry
The Accused: Patricia Kean. After the marriage, Max, with his dying breath, accuses her of poisoning him.
Quotes: Perry- "everyone believes Pat married Max for his five million." Della replies to Perry- "everyone but you."
"It sounds awfully complex to me"
244 The Case of The Candy Queen 5*
The Victim: Cheap chiseler Harry Arnold, who held a credit note on the secret candy recipe of
The Accused: Candy Queen Miss Claire Armstrong, creator of the slimming candy, "eat sweet and thin." Her secretary Wanda is nearly poisoned by the candy
Quote: Perry to witness- "just tell the truth. The exact truth." But the bum witness does the opposite
247 The Case of The Carefree Coronary 9*
The Novel Bit: The case is heard in a coroner's court.
The Victim: "Natural born loser" Jacky David, who survived a heart attack, insured with the Safeline Insurance Co
The Accused: It can't be!!!- Mrs David to Perry: "You killed my husband. You and that insurance company."
Second Victim?: Paul Drake has a coronary himself, as he exposes the swindle.
Quotes: Reporter to Perry- "The David case could be the end of your legal career!" Impossible! Perry- "There are times when you have to fight"
248 The Hasty Honeymooner 4*
The Victim: young widow Millicent Barton, a perfect computer matrimonial match for
The Accused: Luke W Tolliver (Noah Beery Jr), who asks Perry to draw up Millicent's will, even before they marry. He is Perry's most disreputable client ever.
Quotes: "Like the book says: to forgive is the best revenge." Millicent- "I'm married to a murderer!" Perry to client- "I can't defend a man, I cannot trust... I'm beginning to wonder if you're capable of speaking the truth"
249 The 12th Wildcat 4*
The Victim: "drunken slob" Burt Payne, who antagonises one and all, and is co-owner of the Los Angeles Wildcats with
The Accused: his wife Ellen. The team is at sixes and sevens thanks to Bill's antics, he labels them as "a bunch of pussycats!"
Quotes: Client to Perry- "In a way, I was responsible." Perry to witness- "how well did you know Payne?" Answer- "well enough to dislike him." DA (not for the first time)- "the prosecution is not impressed with Mr Mason's party tricks"
250 The Wrathful Wraith 5*
The Victim: "a liar and a cheat," Jamieson Selff, who dies twice! Paul: "Perry, what's going on? Is Jamieson still alive?"
The Accused: his wife Louise Selff, who is acquitted of the first faked death, but charged with murder for the second.
Quote: DA to Perry after the first acquittal- "Blind Justice took a beating. I hope you sleep well"
251 The Runaway Racer 2*
The Victim: Harvey Rettig who had got a very one sided contract with
The Accused: racing driver Pete Griston.
Unusual Bit: no court scene, only an informal inquiry with Perry and Burger working almost hand in hand.
Quotes: Pete of Rettig- "I'll break every bone in his body." Suspicious looking quote- "if Rettig were still alive, I'd kill him myself"
252 The Silent Six 5*
The Victim: Joe Oliver, who had beaten up the sister of
The Accused: Sgt Dave Wolfe: even Lt Drumm begs Perry to "prove me wrong!" Joe, a cop of 9 years, had said of Joe, "he had it coming."
Quote: The killer addressing the other suspects- "you're all guiltier than I am. You didn't care, but I did!"
253 The Fugitive Fraulein 6* (no Burger)
The Victim: Franz Hoffer with whom Perry was negotiating the exchange of six year old Elke, daughter of
The Accused: Emma Ritter, in a swap for Prof Ritter, wanted by the commies for his scientific know how.
The Novel Bit: Perry is in an East Berlin Court, and has to triumph over their system of so-called justice.
Quotes: "Don't underestimate the German People's Republic, Mr Mason. Or more cornily, Prof Ritter- "a man must do what he must do"
254 The Baffling Bug 6*
The Victim: Horace Lehigh, who claims he had uncovered who had stolen $1 of Tryon Industries secret research and sold it to Coleridge Associates.
The Accused: Dr Todd Meade, a Tryon researcher who had previously worked for Coleridge and had an affair with Rhonda Coleridge.
Perry's Dodge: Since he knows his office is bugged, he stages a conversation to lure the villain. A film of the results is shown in court.
Quote: Judge- "Mr Mason, you will confine yourself to proper questioning.... Mr Mason, I believe Mr Burger's comments are justified!"
255 The Golden Girls 5*
The Victim: "Vulgar brash" Stacey Garnett, boss of Golden Bear, a club and magazine which he has changed from a literary mag to "a dirty book."
The Accused: His business partner Victor Montalvo, who has to deal with two blackmailers.
The Novelty: Three times Perry interrupts the bemused DA's questioning to confirm... that he agrees!
256 The Bogus Buccaneer 4*
The Victim: Grace Knapp, a fan of the tv show Buccaneer, blackmailing the star, to whom she was once married.
The Accused: Tony Polk, who, dressed as a pirate, brought a free sample to the victim. "A clear cut case," insists Lt Drumm, as usual.
Quote: Perry to client- "noone could be in more trouble than you are."
The Novelty (this time by Della): she bashes Grace's first husband with a frying pan.
257 The Midnight Howler 6*
The Victim: Radio station owner Kevin Steele, worth $10 million, who is shot on air. Once he was married to
The Accused: Holly Andrews, who said of her ex, "the world exists only for his benefit."
The Novel Bit: Perry is the key witness. Lt Drumm to Perry- "you've just clinched the case for the DA!"
Quote: DA in court to Perry, "I'm so used to your brilliant incessant interruptions."
The Confession: "I had it so perfectly planned"
258 The Vanishing Victim 8*
The Victim: Chemist Stacey Fielding killed in a plane crash, "there was only one area where he came up short- as a human being."
The Accused: his "considerate loving tender wife" Miriam, who nevertheless was having affairs. She had stated (of course) that she'd like to see Stacey dead.
The Novel Bit: Perry proves in court that Fielding was not killed in the crash. Case (temporarily) dismissed.
Quotes: DA to judge- "your honor, I don't need a refresher law course." Lt Drumm to our hero- "Perry, you're aiding and abetting a felony." DA in court- "legal hocus pocus that reaches a new low" (of Perry naturally)
259 The Golfer's Gambit 6*
The Victim: Chick Farley, golf pro at Pine Hills, who beats by one shot in a competition
The Accused: Jim Harrell, a young pro. But victory is only on a technicality.
Note: The victim is of the most unpleasant, Alma his wife he calls "a sorry lush." His married girlfriend describes him as "a fourteen carat boob." Her husband labels Chick "a big slob." The club manager says he is "a disgrace to the game."
The Novel Bit: On the phone, Burger hears the murder being committed. So he has to be a witness in court.
Quote: Perry to client- "you couldn't have done a much better job of building a case against yourself"
260 The Sansalito Sunrise 2*
The Victims: Harry Marburg, cop. Also Olaf Deering, haulier involved with a hijack fraud.
Murder Weapon; A gun found hidden in an artist's case belonging to Miss Bobbi Dane.
The Accused: Francis Clune, art gallery owner- Marburg was shot on his premises. And Miss Dane who'd bought a painting from Clune for a snip.
Quotes: The police to Perry: "you're using legal tricks, playing with Harry Marburg's murder."
When the guilty party is exposed, he admits to Perry, "I figured you was a guy to watch."
261 The Scarlet Scandal 2* (no Burger)
The Victim: Elaine Bayler, wife of Dick, local newspaper owner, and patron of Don Hobart, "a coffee house bum."
The Accused: his girlfriend Cynthia Perkins.
The Eccentric: Aaron Chambers, who knows everything about everyone, and is thoroughly irritating
Quotes: Perry to client- "why didn't you tell me the truth?" Judge to Perry- "it's not suitable for an attorney to drive tin tacks with a sledge hammer." Later the judge comments, "this is the longest preliminary hearing I can recall!"
262 The Case of the Twice Told Twist 3* (only CBS story shot in color)
The Victims: Femmes de Gogo singer Robin, and Bill a crook, working with Ben (Victor Buono), "a twentieth century Fagin," whom Lenny was threatening to expose.
The Accused: Lenny, a member of their juvenile gang of car thieves. Though this "modern day Oliver Twist" had stripped Perry's own auto, Perry had forgiven him, even to the extent of defending him on the murder charge.
Tributes to Perry: "Mr Mason, he's smart." "You're a man of rare judgement."
The Confession: "Senor Mason, I have not told you the whole truth."
263 The Case of the Avenging Angel 4*
The Victim: "Less than exemplary" agent and blackmailer Clete Hawley (Richard Carlson), who grooms and then turns down
The Accused: British pop star Sandy Chester, who is facing "Nowheresville." He sings Surfing Moon with little charisma, but it's better than his acting
Quotes: Perry- "They've a pretty strong case against him." Perry: "I want to help that boy. The only way I can do it, is to implicate his father." Burger: "I am satisfied the state has proved its case"(!). Satirical quote from Perry to agent: "you mean you have to pay them to play his records?"
264 The Case of the Tsarina's Tiara 4*
The Background: Perry is acting for Madame Galinova over a worthless tiara that an expert amazingly declares is priceless.
The Victim: Nils Dorrow a thief.
The Accused: Gerard Van Ness, in the boot of whose car, the corpse is discovered. Perry shows that he was framed, because he had believed this tiara genuine- but then in court Perry tries to prove it a fake.
Quote: DA- "That's a very questionable theory, your honor"
265 The Case of the Fanciful Frail 7*
The Victim: Bruce Strickland, who had stood up at the altar
The Accused: Ethel Andrews, accused of stealing $50,000. She swaps places with a Peggy Sutton who then gets killed in a car smash. In the boot of Peggy's car is $50,000.
Quotes: Perry- "I have heard some strange stories, but this beats them all." DA wistfully at end: "A murderer is never safe"
266 The Case of the Unwelcome Well 4*
The Victim: Ruthless oil magnate Jerome Klee, who proposes to cap the newly discovered well on old Jason's land.
The Accused: oil prospector Allan Winford.
Quotes: Klee- "I know 40 people who'd like to knock me off, but not one of them has the guts." So there's a big choice of killers! Such as Mirabelle, Klee's ex-wife, "I want heaven to strike you dead." And the comedy figure of Jason, who says of Klee, "I'll take care of him myself."
267 The Case of the Dead Ringer 8*
The Victim: Otis Swanson, alleged to have stolen patents worth $7m from the father of
The Accused: Barbara Kramer, who loses this lawsuit, despite being defended by Perry. Gasp. Surely not!
Quote: Swanson's nephew Dan- "there's nothing can go wrong- we won."
Quote: DA (in magnanimous mood)- every defendant should have the chance to clear themselves."
The Novelty: The baddies have unearthed Perry's double, a "bumbling" slob named Grimes, "what a horrible sight!"
The Big Scene: Perry interrogates his double, who calls Perry Your Lordship. Good heavens, Perry proves his "playacting" double dunnit.
End Scene: The DA enjoys a laugh, maybe it might've been Perry going to San Quentin. A hidden Paul Drake teases, by imitating the voice of Grimes
268 The Case of the Misguided Model (no Burger) 8*
The Victim: Art Grover who had threatened to kill model Sharon, whose squeaky clean image depends on her winning the role of the White Snow Princess.
The Accused: Jake Stearns, a bum, "a chronic felon."
Perry's client: however, is Boxer Duke Maronek, Sharon's boyfriend, "I killed him," it was an accident.
Quote: Perry- "I've always wanted to know the truth."
Dilemmas: Perry, though he has promised his client Duke, feels obliged to reveal the truth to the judge. Sharon's problem is that if she reveals her part in the killing, she will not land her coveted job.
The Ending: Different this one. No trial of Duke. Perry bravely saves Duke in an armed stand off, "you didn't kill Art," Perry tells him. Did we ever doubt it?
269 The Case of the Positive Negative 5*
The Victim: Racketeer George Emory, who was blackmailing Laura, wife of
The Accused: General Roger Brandon (Brian Donlevy), who is invited, along with Perry, to head an Enforcement Commission.
Quotes: "Men like George Emory exist only because there are not enough good men." Brandon- "So help me Emory, I'll kill you"
270 The Case of the Crafty Kidnapper 5*
The Victim: Reporter Danny Shine, "a perverted sick mind," who worked for Alex Tanner, "a dispenser of riches."
The Accused: Greg Stanley, in line for Danny's job.
The Novel bit: Alex and Pat's 18 month old Bobby is kidnapped so Alex won't testify in Greg's favor. Thus Perry offers no defense. "I'm astounded," declares the judge.
Quotes: DA asks the jury to "distinguish between speculation and fact." The confession- "He was a pig- rotten"
271 The Case of the Final Fade-Out 7*
The Victims: 1 Barry Conrad, "hottest property" on tv, who refuses to sign a new contract drawn up by: 2 Jackson Sidemark, producer, whose reputation, thanks to Barry's refusal is in tatters: "I'm going to bury you."
The Accused: 1 Sidemark, innocent though believed guilty by 2 Miss Winifred Grover (the titles say Glover) who was "one of the great stars," and who gave Barry his first break. Now Barry has reneged on allowing the "washed-up old has-been" a comeback.
Quote: Winifred to Perry- "you're the last person I ought to trust."
The Novel Bit: Perry, in this final case, has two clients, and of course exonerates them both.