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Lone Wolf - One of several series by Gross-Kasne. Produced by Donald Hyde and made in the California Studios, based on the character created by Louis Vance. Louis Hayward infuses a presence into his stories which makes this fairly routine series eminently watchable.
My review of 18 Department Store Story
One of the best stories, a sweet little mystery with a satisfying finish.
"I didn't know you were on the train," Lone Wolf tells Agnes as they travel to Denver. "You seem unhappy," he adds. In the club car, they play gin rummy until her husband Frank, and brother-in-law Ned join them. They ask for Mike's help. Their late father had left his small house and furniture to his housekeeper, but although he lived frugally, there's no sign of his alleged fortune of a quarter of a million dollars. "In a repulsive way," Lone Wolf tells them, "your problem appeals to me."
From the bank in Denver, Lanyard finds out that old Benjamin Henshaw had saved and then withdrawn over the years such a large sum. Mike then talks to the elderly Mrs Kimbo, the housekeeper (Virigina Brissac), and he warms to her, as she takes a shine to him. "He never had any money," she explains, and his home certainly looks like it. It's almost empty.
Agnes calls by, "one of those women that won't take no for an answer," and demands, "what did that old fool do with his money?"
She tempts Mike with marriage if he'll find the cash for her, but this naturally annoys her husband, who vainly tries to give Mike some punches.
Mike is fairly certain he knows there is a fortune, and, indeed, where it is hidden, and that Mrs Kimbo knows nothing of it. But how to prevent the family getting their greedy hands on it?
He decides to bide his time. Mrs Kimbo gives him a picture of the thrifty old man; she would have married him, if he had asked. He wasn't very keen on the slimy Fred and actively disliked Ned. So, while they play Treasure Hunt, Mike treats Mrs Kimbo to a few of the good things of life, champagne even. "I haven't had so much fun for 40 years."
Frank can't find the dough, so he tries more rough stuff on Mike. Ned helps this time, but the result's the same, they are no match for Lone Wolf. They sign away all claims to the estate that they have decided is worthless, then Lone Wolf reveals the hiding place of the dollar bills. Mrs Kimbo counts it- "it's all mine"