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CANNONBALL (TPA (later ITC) 1958/9)
starring Paul Birch as Mike
and William Campbell as Jerry.
Two truckers and their incredible adventures. Set in Canada, they rove about North America.

3 'Small Cargo' - A little boy and his sister fleeing from Nasty Uncle Fred stowaway in "Uncle Mike's" truck. Fred chases them round dangerous railway yards but this was always going to be sentimental, but nicely so
7 Shock- No14 "with a bum line" is Mike and Jerry's assignment, plus one passenger, new employee Ben, a drunken bum. He comes into his own however when they help a badly injured driver. With a surgeon's skill, Ben operates successfully in a remarkable character change, even though "I've lost faith in myself." Heartening if entirely unconvincing
24 Fall-Out - Load is radioactive Radium 192, "no danger" the drivers are assured. Whilst they take a break at the Midway Cafe, a hitchhiker steals the 192, resulting in a desperate search, though it's Jerry who finds him in a snowy landscape
35 'Racket' - a sneaky racketeer pretends he's been attacked to divert suspicion that he's the brains behind a truckers' protection racket