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Tom Ewell Show (1961) - A nicely observed little domestic comedy
12 Advice to the Lovelorn - Carol's boyfriend is a "perfect gentleman" but Tom Potter's still getting worked up about any romance. "I may never eat again." His "subtle" approach only drives them closer and when the pair get advance royalties of $5,000 on the Burton Button, an amazing remote control unit, what's to prevent them marrying? It's a common or garden plot, but very nicely executed
13 Try it On for Size - A better title is given in the program: The Rebellion of Tom Potter. At the Annual Clearance Sale, for once Tom wants to choose his own suit. Of his first choice, "it's so lumpy," complain the family so "Hurricane Tom" buys the worst one he can find and receives the cold shoulder treatment: "the ugliest suit you've ever worn." Nicely told from the viewpoint of the store manager (Robert E Simon): "I wasn't just fitting a suit, I was reshaping a man's dignity."
14 No Fun in the Sun - Tom's ordered by the doc to rest, and he can't get it at home so he and Fran plan a quiet weekend away. Fun in the Sun is exhausting: "my activity happens to be sitting." Anyway, Tom ends up worrying about the family he's left behind. Indeed, it's certainly more fun back home
15 Mr Shrewd - "Girlish giggles" are the family's response when Tom falls under the spell of Mr Shrewd's book 'Caveat Emptor.' He falls out with the butcher and a "sneaky" garage mechanic. Worse the book shows "our house is practically a slum." Nearly, but not quite very good
16 The Middle Child - Debbie is suffering from 'mid-childitis.' This story just avoids sentimentality as Tom encourages Debbie to edit a newspaper, but then his two other daughters start to feel neglected
17 The Trouble with Mother - Tom has a "natural curiosity" to see an old flame, hence a certain frostiness from Fran. But Mother believes she's to blame and starts dating hypochondriac Herbert. When she takes him to meet the family, they pretend to be "crazy mixed up"
18 A Fellow Needs a Friend - "Togetherness," proposes Tom, but no-one'll go to the football match with him. So he "kidnaps" Carol's boyfriend Paul and takes him, much to Carol's chagrin. To make amends Tom invites Paul round, Tom then having to watch the football in the closet. When Paul joins him, Fran walks out with Carol, off to the movies. There in the dark, Tom causes chaos trying to find his wife
19 Out of Left Field - Duff story of Tom overhelping a green baseball player
20 Storm over Shangri-la - Familiar plot of a developer thwarted by "a little old apartment house." Three sweet sisters live there and Tom Potter tries to negotiate with them. But when they only want to be friends, it's hard to push em out. Trust Tom to come up with a solution: "Potter, you're the greatest humanitarian."
21 I Don't See It - Lavinia's old "mausoleum" is one of the oldest houses in Las Palmas, but can she afford its upkeep? Her "primitive" paintings may be the solution
22 The Old Magic - Tom meets Jack (John Emery), an old fraternity brother, now a man of the world. His carefree lifestyle encourages Fran to get Tom out of his "rut." Not a success, until jealousy rears its head
23 Dynamite - What Tom needs is a secretary- his office papers are a complete mess. His savior is Peggy Rafferty who has Tom efficient again, a little too efficiently. Now she's all but in charge- "I took the liberty of making a few changes...." Here's a wonderful observation on human frustration building to a crescendo, for Peggy is "like clockwork... everything a man would ever want, in an octopus!" Admits poor Tom: "I'm a beaten successful man"
25 The Chutney Caper - Whirlwind Sister Polly comes and causes chaos- "Fran you sound irritated," notes Tom- and perhaps Polly is more irritating than fun
26 Put it On Take it Off - Fran "hasn't a thing to wear" to a dance- "what's complicated about buying a dress?" queries Tom naively. He soon learns! He brings home a $389 "creation" of Madame Defarge. But now Fran needs some $45 shoes to match, then what about a new wrap... and a new bag? Tom has to raise cash fast!
27 Big Brother - thankfully not the modern tv show, but an enterprising teenager from the orphanage who comes to stay and proves a genius inventor. Soon his miniature rocket 'Potter the First' is zooming into orbit
28 Handy Man - We all need a Harvey, one who does all the odd jobs round the home. Tom tries to cut corners laying the floor himself and offends his local handyman. This leads to that perennial problem of finding a new plumber- "let the shoemaker stick to his last"
29 Passenger Pending - Tom's to take a business flight to Montreal to land a big deal. "The early bird catches the plane" proves incorrect as his flight's delayed, Tom falls asleep and misses it. Next flight cancelled due to snowstorms but when Tom finally gets a plane he misses his client who flies in, just as Tom flies out
30 Never do Business with Relatives- "I'm the slick operator who's out to bilk an innocent mother-in-law," declares Tom tongue in cheek, when Fran's mother offers to buy Tom's old car. But buying a new auto from "man eating" salesmen is so daunting, Tom buys a wad of raffle tickets hoping to win a new car the easy way