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Hey Jeannie! (1957)
Scottish born Jeannie Carson went to America to star in her own series.
My review of
1.2 The Witness
We start with a travelog of New York as Jeannie sees the sights. She also witnesses a road smash. "Justice must prevail," so lawyers for both parties quiz her.
Hornblower wants Jeannie to say his client was travelling at 25mph, in contrast to that other "reckless" driver. "He was driving very carefully," insists Jeannie, who very irritatingly keeps sidetracking the issue. But smiles from Hornblower. He also went thru a stop light, she adds. Smiles wiped away.
The other lawyer Saunders is so pleased to hear his client was the victim of a driver who failed to stop at a light.
The courtroom scene. Judge Larkin (Addison Richards) presides. His genial disposition gradually assumes more of a frown as the two lawyers present their cases. When Jeannie gives her testimony, the poor judge slowly disintegrates. As Jeannie's voice, as recorded by Saunders, fills the court, she sings Just a Wee Deoch an Doris. However this second half of the story never really gets off the ground.
On the way home, Al is involved in a traffic accident.....