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THE DETECTIVES starring Robert Taylor as Cpt Matt Holbrook
69 The Legend of Jim Riva (1961) - Edward G Robinson plays what he's best at, ex-gangster Jim Riva, "once strongest man in the gambling racket," but is he now "gettin' mellow" or is he planning a comeback? Big Jake tries to ensure he don't. "This is something I take care of myself," Jim tells Cpt Holbrook, when he and his wife are shot at. "We're going back to the old days," he warns, as he sets off for Jake in his big mansion. Perhaps there's one cliche too many ("sight for sore eyes" etc) in this nevertheless gripping drama
71 A Barrel Full of Monkeys - An attempt to show the many mundane cases of a comic nature that cops face. It's not a success. Main character is Percy Morton, with a parakeet on his shoulder, who confesses to killing his wife in his sleep! Arthur Malet is just too far fetched in his portrayal of a loony, who actually has devised a very clever scheme for bumping off his wife...
72 One Lucky Break - In a robbery at a finance office, the owner is shot by Sgt Steve Nelson. Suspended, Steve pursues unofficial inquiries to prove the owner was collaborating with the crooks, thus digging up a can of worms, being taken for "a nice drive in the country." Holbrook pointedly reminds him later: "being right's no excuse for being wrong"
73 A Piece of Tomorrow - "The world's most honest man" (Michael Constantine) hands in some of the proceeds of a bank robbery he's found and as a reward is offered the post of guard at the bank. But has he kept some of the loot back for himself? A sympathetic study of the tribulations of being a hero, culminating in the crooks returning for a second raid, for which our hero is framed
74 Beyond Reasonable Doubt - Study of small town prejudice when Sgt Ballard arrests a killer. Cpt Holbrooke probes deeper with him to uncover the truth in a routine story with at least a tense ending
75 Hit and Miss - A key witness is run down by a hit and run driver, Max, a professional who uses the car of an alcoholic Stanley Adamson (Joe Mantell). Cpt Matt knows he's not guilty in a story in which comedy sits uncomfortably with the tragedy as Stanley "watches the sun rise" with Max in the railway yards
77 Escort - Telly Savalas plays a cop, "born bachelor" Ben, who is assigned to accompany Nora on the long train trip to prison. Is it romance? After a serious crash he allows her to be thought to be dead and they settle down together only for old partner in crime Al to reappear. "You didn't want to hurt me?" Police swoop for the moment of truth
81 Crossed Wires - Accidentally, Eleanor (Diane Foster) overhears a killer's phone conversation. Police spend ages trying to decide if she's lying before racing to prevent another killing
82 Night on the Town - "No foolish notions," Walter's wife warns him as he sets off for the Big City. But soon he's with a woman whose job is to keep him entertained whilst a crook uses his hotel room to nobble a key trial witness, holed out in the room below. But of course Walter returns early, in a pleasing mix of fun and drama, providing a dream of a part for Arthur Malet
83 Pandora's Box - A Weepie about two babies who seem to have been accidentally switched. Det Russo and his wife engage in a tearful quest for their real son, now called Jason Lester. But it turns out he died last year of flu and Mr Lester naturally wants to know "you said you have my son. When are you going to hand him back to me?" So how does the writer devise a sensible ending? OK, go for the easy option, but add one nice twist in an often moving story
84 The Jagged Edge - That old chesnut, the man who boasts he can get away with an undetectable crime. The "oddball" Charles, one of those rather irritating characters who waste our screen time, boasts thus to detective Chris Ballard. He does admit he attacked a mugger who tried to rob him. Chris gets riled as the pair "have it out" as Charles' plan to murder Chris nearly succeeds. Yes irritating is the word
85 The Outsider - A "1495 violin" is smashed by a madman who then uses the case to carry his rifle with silver bullets in. He shoots several mailmen "like duckpins" and there are scarey moments when his little niece realises who her uncle is
86 Walk a Crooked Line - Steve is shot during a robbery at a pawnbroker's. Whilst Steve struggles with rehabilitation, the poor pawnbroker has to be silenced. And if Steve spots a vital link he'll be next... The crook turns out to be a bent cop- "you smell."
87 Night Boat - It's a foggy night on board a sleazy cruise, where the hunt is on for The Strangler. In an ironic twist, the killer is ask to treat his latest injured victim:" good Lord, he's posing as a doctor!"
89 The Con Man - A man seems to have been killed for a mere suit of clothes. The thief is a smooth talking con man who "squeezes every quarter" out of the poorest in the city
90 Never the Twain - Sombre study of three crooks who plan to rob an armoured car, holing out before and afterwards in a remote farmstead where lives a farmer and his young lonely daughter. A hint of romance is their downfall as Matt's men close in with a yukky ending
91/92 Three Blind Mice (1962)- Paul's sis (Vera Miles) tries to help Paul whom Cpt Holbrook's arrested. It leads to a numbers racket. "I'm not sure I exactly understand," admits Captain Holbrook- nor me neither. When Paul is killed, Holbrook looks after the sister "personally," essential as her husband is acquitted of his murder on a technicality. A shootout ends this overlong case
94 The Fourth Commandment - Ex-con Charles Banks lives in despair: "the days are gone when a man can make his own justice." Monte-Cristo-like, his son determines to clear his dad's wrongful conviction, and confronts those responsible: ex-partner Carter, and now he's to avenge himself on Cpt Holbrook himself. Though at times slow moving, there's a dramatic confrontation before the real truth triumphs
97 Saturday Edition - An editor wants to expose corrupt housing agent BJ Anthony, but reprisals terrorise his family. They say never work with children, and it's true for in this story little Suzanne Cupito as the editor's daughter Leslie upstages everyone. Leslie mysteriously disappears, but thankfully the series does end on a happy note
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