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MARTIN KANE starring William Gargan (some reviews of Gargan's 1957 British series)
Live 1951 stories complete with interminable sponsor's messages for tobacco:
1st March - Amazing that the series kept on, when this sort of trash was shown! Thomas Randall (Frank de Kova) is facing the electric chair. In a fairly dramatic confession, he exonerates his alleged partner in a hold-up killing some two years previous. His prosecuting DA O'Donnell was his partner! Kane investigates, with the climax a special court session where he accuses the real killer in a scene quite unworthy of Perry Mason
24th March - Much improved, with a well executed opening scene of a safecracker at work, seen thru his own eyes. Three hours later at this same place, inventor John Bixby is shot. Chief suspect is chief beneficiary of his will, his secretary Shirley West. The line up of other suspects - A masseur who gets a quarter of the estate, nephew Carl who receives $10,000, friend Henry who collects $25,000 and a night club singer who gets the residue
31st May - At the Wabash Hotel, Warren Smith loses his life savings whilst transferring his money to a new bank on the advice of a fortune teller. Then his girl friend, who had evidently been very drunk, is found dead in the same hotel. "Looks like she slept thru her own murder!"
28th June - This story is really quite good! The three Sloane sisters, two a bit potty, the third completely weird, face eviction from their family home. Their attorney disappears. The police call round and find his body chopped up in the cellar. Agnes, who's "a little strange" offers the offending knife. But an autopsy shows he died of cyanide poisoning, so whodunnit?

starring Lee Tracey
11th June 1953 Subway Switch - Miller keeps $75,000 in cash in the room in his boarding house. Obviously he's bound to be robbed. The thief is found murdered, and it's down to Kane to expose a deep swindle, "sounds so incredible"

starring Mark Stevens
8th April 1954 Shoestring Murder - Shoeshine boy Davy witnesses a poker game stabbing. He's so scared he ends up on the window ledge of an apartment block in a much overused scenario, but at least this has a nice climax when the killer gets in a place where he can have a cosy chat with the boy. Watch for apartment walls wobbling when Davy finally clambers to safety
20th May 1954 Gambling Murder Witness - Frankie in apartment 3B is stealing the major's milk bottles each morning. On the trail of the thief, the major witnesses Frankie's murder, and the killer locks the major in a cupboard. A rigged gambling house is at the bottom of this vendetta with gangster Duran (Robert H Harris), who wears a resigned expression as though he knows he's never gonna beat Martin Kane