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Four Star Playhouse TV films featuring David Niven
9 "The Man on the Train" (1953)- 75,000 in cash is being carried by a fellow passenger. "Isn't that rather risky?" asks David Niven in his best upper crust voice
32 "A Man of the World" (1953) - When Andy takes his annual vacation, his alter ego emerges. Away from home and his wife he's different. Off on the train, to the envy of his fellow passengers, young Cathi (Barbara Lawrence) picks him up, but is it too good to be true....? Quite a nice study in male egoism
41 "The Bomb" (1954) - What starts as a light comedy ends in banal drama. In post war London, the eternal triangle consists of Richard, Janet and Charles. Janet has met her new man playing ping pong! But when the three are trapped in a ruined house complete with unexploded bomb, the fun turns to potential tragedy when the bomb starts ticking
49 "Village in the City" (1954) - The model of artist Thurston, "the world's greatest living artist" has been strangled. She had had a string of lovers, including clever dick Thurston himself, in fact she was "a very murderable girl." Thurston undertakes to solve the crime and goes straight to his chief suspect, a tycoon, who was the last to see her alive. But are Thurston's "spells" the real clue to the solution?
60 "Meet a Lonely Man" (1954) - A charming little tale of a lonely hotel clerk, "a man who spends his life handing out fancy rooms and messages, never has any himself." Then he's mistaken for Texas oil man Bart, and what's more, by the attractive Jan. Romance blossoms, but how can he ever tell her the truth? Room 1102 is fictitious Bart's new hotel suite. Result: fifteen years life savings quickly disappear. Finally, out comes the truth. She runs away and he ends up a hit and run victim, knocked down by Jan herself. That was actually where we started this story, but good news- it isn't quite the end
67 "Breakfast in Bed" (1955) - Chas hoped to be a great artist but how he's only " a guy who paints highlights on baked beans." Young model Germaine (Gloria Talbott) convinces him to put off his paid engagements to paint her and enter the Art Prize. His wife Nina (Barbara Billingsley) shows him that Van Gogh may have painted his best pictures when he was starving, but it's not much fun going hungry, even for the Sake of Art
92 "Full Circle" (1955) - Acerbic theater critic Maxwell (DN) "clubs" a "mish-mash" play, Geraldine's Necklace, "to death." Leading actress Terry (Joanne Woodward) by way of revenge, confronts him at his home. "This is almost as bad as Geraldine's Necklace," he comments, but there he's wrong. Full Circle is much more predictably, awfully mundane. You know what's going to happen, you can't alter that, and it all happens just as any fool could predict. "Where's the magic?" queries Maxwell. And my acerbic Response is- Not Here